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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wholesale Case of 12 of the 2014 Thomas Kinkade Kiss for Santa Cottage

Easy Christmas shopping. Buy a Wholesale case of 12 of The 2014 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage and get one for everyone on your gift list.

Buy a Wholesale case of 12 of The 2014 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage is here and ready to ship.. The 2014 Teleflora A Kiss For Santa Cottage is the newest addition to the over decade long collection of Thomas Kinkade Christmas Scenes produced for Teleflora. As always the Thomas Kinkade Teleflora Cottage, A Kiss for Santa, is hand sculpted and hand painted resin, it measures 6.5 inches high, by 7.5 inches wide and has a 6 inch depth. The Thomas Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage lights with 2 AA batteries and has an on/off switch.

The 2014 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage features a bay window through which you can view the inside and see a flickering fireplace a Christmas Tree with presents, and of course the woman of the house kissing Santa. The outside of the 2014 Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage has a snow covered yard with a decorated tree, a snowman and light post on either side the slate cobblestone walkway and a lighted entrance way window.

Order a Wholesale Case of 12 of the 2014 Thomas Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage today. The 2014 Thomas Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage is in stock and ready to ship throughout the USA via insured UPS.

You can order Master Carton of 12 of the 2014 Thomas Kinkade A Kiss For Santa Cottage by Teleflora in bulk and save, don't miss the opportunity to buy the 2014 Kinkade A Kiss for Santa Cottage at a discounted price.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Autumn's Not Over - You Can Still Pick a Pumpkin

Yes you can pick a perfect pumpkin all year with these realistic perfect Ceramic Pumpkins. The Ceramic Pumpkin is painted so well the only way to tell that it is not real is that there is not a blemish on it. The Ceramic Pumpkin is still available even if the Pumpkin Patches are barren

This realistic Ceramic Pumpkin is FDA approved for food use. It is beautifully painted with an orange matte finish and a light brown stem. This over six inches high by seven and a half inches wide pumpkin is so realistic looking you won't be able to tell the difference unless you touch it. Even the stem of this Ceramic Pumpkin is so expertly hand painted that this decorative container will have everyone fooled into thinking that it is just a pumpkin until they lift the lid and they discover a treasure of cookies or candy.
This Ceramic Pumpkin can be used as a cookie jar, or candy bowl and is shipped throughout the Continental USA via UPS from New Jersey. This Ceramic Pumpkin is produced for the Teleflora and shipped to you via UPS from the florist in New Jersey. Please use the UPS Map below to estimate the time in transit when ordering any product that is shipped through UPS by LAROSE.COM.
The Ceramic Pumpkin is 6.25 Inches High by 7.5 Inches Wide with a 5 Inch Opening

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Salt-Glaze Pitcher Licensed by Colonial Williamsburg

Licensed by Colonial Williamsburg, the Salt-Glaze Pitcher is a ceramic reproduction of a 17th and 18th Century style of pottery making. Common salt was introduced into the kiln during the firing process to give the pottery a texture look and hardened surface. Using their Colonial Williamsburg license, the Teleflora Flowers by Wire Corporation selected a colonial inspired pitcher to be recreated in the style used by the Colonists. Measuring almost six inches high by 6.75 inches wide, including the handle, this replica Salt-Glaze Pitcher features a rustic leaf design with striping on top and bottom.

The Salt-Glaze Pitcher can be used for the base of a floral arrangement, as a kitchen utensil holder, a rustic indoor planter or as a display piece to compliment a rustic decor. Weighing just over a pound, the Salt-Glaze Pitcher has the look and feel of an original colonial creation. The Salt-Glaze Pitcher adds the right touch to a bouquet of earth toned flowers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ceramic Harvest Stripes Vase

The Harvest Stripes Vase compliments many decors.The Harvest Stripes Vase is a 5.5 inches high by 5 inch wide ceramic vase with an almost 3 inch opening. hand painted stripes brings detail to this classic shaped cachepot Harvest Stripes Vase. Wood brown, yellow, black, orange, peach green and white are the colors of this uniquely painted Harvest Vase. The Harvest Stripes Vase has the colors that will compliment many kitchens. 
With its wide mouth and small footprint the Harvest Stripes Vase makes a great container for smaller table centerpieces at special events. The colors represented in this vase will compliment many color schemes, flower arrangement and decor. Although it is new for the Autumn Season, the Harvest Stripes Vase can cross over to other seasons because of the color blend of the hand painted stripes. You can order the Harvest Stripes Vase individually or for events order at quantity discounted prices and save on both the cost of the vase and on shipping.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wholesale Fleur-de-Lis Ceramic Pitchers

These Wholesale Fleur-de-lis Pitchers measure 6.25 inches high by 7 inches wide and has a 3.5 inch neck opening. This handcrafted ceramic Fleur-de-Lis Pitcher features an antiqued finish look with a strong wide handle for easy pouring, it is FDA approved for food use and has a glazed finished inside and outside. The Fleur-de-lis emblem is found throughout Europe on Royal Coats of Arms, and in North America in territories settled by the French. Translated from the French, Fleur-de-lis loosely translates to flower of lily. Variations of the Fleur-de-lis emblem can be found throughout the centuries in religious as well as political symbols.
The Fleur-de-Lis Pitcher brings back this classic emblem in a beautifully crafted ceramic piece that can be used to add royal and or religious connotations to fresh flower arrangements for any occasion or event. A favorite with brides, the Fleur-de-Lis Ceramic Pitcher, filled with lilies and roses adds a royal look to the reception table and offers a keepsake that guests can take home to remember the event.

These Wholesale Fleur-de-Lis Ceramic Pitchers can be the setting for dynamic floral arrangements for Christmas Parties.. These  Wholesale Fleur-de-Lis Ceramic Pitchers enable you to create the Royal look that you want for your table setting. With a neutral antique white finish with antique golden accents, the Wholesale Fleur-de-Lis Ceramic Pitchers  are ready to compliment any color motif and add a touch of elegance to your table setting.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Still Time to Order Thanksgiving Flowers

It, not too late, you can still order Thanksgiving Flowers online through LAROSE.COM and have them hand delivered on Wednesday November 26th if you place your order by November 25th. Don't wait send Thanksgiving Flowers now throughout the USA free of extra service fees when you order your Thanksgiving Flowers online through LAROSE.COM.

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