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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Heat Wave Flower Arrangement

Even when it's a heat wave you can order flowers and have them hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada free of service fees. The Heat Wave Flower Arrangement is designed by a Professional Florist in the neighborhood of your delivery using a jewel toned mixture of fresh flowers representing the colors of the summer. The Heat Wave Flower Arrangement is approximately 12” wide by 16” tall and is designed in a glass vase.
 The Professional Florist designing your flowers will use the freshest flowers available on the day of your delivery replicating the pictured arrangement as closely as possible. Send Flowers for any occasion with The Heat Wave Flower Arrangement.
 Send the Heat Wave Flower Arrangement

The pictured Flower Arrangement is an image of the Teleflora Corporation, the Professional Flowers by Wire Service serviced by independent professional florist throughout the world.  The local delivering florist will replicate the pictured arrangement within the constraints of the available fresh flowers available to them on the day of your flower delivery. Any substitutions made will maintain the value and theme of the flower arrangement that you are sending while using the freshest flowers in the region of your delivery. Delivery times can not be guaranteed, however, suggested delivery times requested are accommodated to the best of our abilities. When you order Flowers to Jersey City, NJ and the surrounding area, LAROSE.COM will hand deliver the flowers from the Florist in Jersey City NJSend Flowers throughout the USA and Canada and LAROSE.COM will have your flowers delivered by selected members of the Teleflora Network.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Order Flowers Online Free of Fees

When you order flowers online you can save up to $14.99 per order when you order flowers online through LAROSE.COM. Other online Flowers by Wire Web Sites claim to have FREE delivery, then charge you a $14.99 service fee to order and expect the local florist that fills your order to take the $10 delivery fee from the price of the flowers, thus you get less flowers and pay a $14.99 fee. When you order Flowers through LAROSE.COM, you pay the price of the flowers plus a $10 local delivery fee, all of which is given to the local florist to fill your order. 

 Order Flowers and Save

Order Flowers in A Vase from LAROSE.COM Online Florist. Order flowers in a vase, fill out the order form yourself and save up to $15.99 over other National Flowers by Wire Services. When you order flowers from LAROSE.COM and fill out the order form online there you save the service charge that you would pay elsewhere. Order flowers that are hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada. Order flowers today and save money. (Telephone Orders are subject to a $6.95 service charge). LAROSE.COM is based at La Rose Florist, a Jersey City, NJ  Florist serving flower customers since 1981. LAROSE.COM orders are handled by the floral designers of La Rose Florist..
When you order flowers online through LAROSE.COM, your order is created and delivered locally through a Network of over 19,000 Florists throughout the USA and Canada.
When you order flowers online free of service fees for hand delivery throughout the USA and Canada, your order is processed by a floral designer who selects a member florist throughout the USA and Canada to hand deliver your flowers with your free enclosure card. Order Flowers for BirthdaysGet Well, Anniversary, Sympathy or any occasion online free of extra fees, save up to $14.99 every day when you order flowers online.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes - Case of 12

For larger events, weddings or any project that requires lavender glass cubes, you van purchase wholesale lavender glass cubes in cases of 12 through LAROSE.COM 

The Lavender Glass Cube is a popular color in Modern Glass Cubes for contemporary floral designs. These 4 inch by 4 inch Lavender Cubes weigh two pounds and hold 2.75 cups of water. The base of the Lavender Glass Cube is thick weighted glass.

These Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes, sold in cases of 12, are perfect for formal events, wedding flower arrangements or Lavender and white themed parties. Add a formal look to any decor with these Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes. Please be aware of time in transit when you order Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes. These Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes are shipped to you via UPS from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ 07305. You may check the UPS map below for an estimated time in transit when you order Wholesale Lavender Glass Cube, sold in cases of 12.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pumpkins for the Autumn Wedding

If you're looking for a unique seasonal floral container for your Autumn Wedding Centerpieces, the Ceramic Pumpkin might be just the container for you. These Ceramic Pumpkins are large and well painted giving them the look of a real pumpkin. In days gone by, the local florist would hand carve real pumpkins to create a floral container for Autumn Weddings, although intriguing, no two were the same, and they did not make a good keepsake. The Ceramic Pumpkin is a perfect replacement for a real pumpkin. These ceramic Pumpkins can be purchased Wholesale in cases of 12. 

 Wholesale Ceramic Pumkins

These Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins are FDA approved for food use. They are beautifully painted with an orange matte finish and a light brown stem. These Ceramic Pumpkins measure over six inches inches high by seven and a half inches wide and are so realistic looking you won't be able to tell the difference unless you touch it. Even the stem of this Ceramic Pumpkin is so expertly hand painted that this decorative container will have everyone fooled into thinking that it is just a pumpkin until they lift the lid and they discover a treasure of cookies or candy.
This Listing is for a case of 12 Pumpkins 
These Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins can be used as a cookie jar, or candy bowl and are shipped throughout the Continental USA via UPS from New Jersey. These Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins are produced for Teleflora and shipped to you via UPS from the florist in New Jersey. Please use the UPS Map below to estimate the time in transit when ordering any product that is shipped through UPS by LAROSE.COM. These Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins are an ideal base for Fall Wedding Centerpieces, Autumnal Parties, Fall Anniversary Celebrations or Birthday Parties.
Ceramic Pumpkins are 6.25 Inches High by 7.5 Inches Wide with a 5 Inch Opening
 Pumpkins for and Autumn Wedding

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Best Way to Order Flowers

The best way to send flowers is to visit a local professional florist, but when you can't visit in person you can send flowers online free of service fees and choose The Florist Choice Vase Arrangement. You choose the price and let a local Professional Florist select the flowers. 

Florist Choice Vase Arrangement
Order Flowers for any occasion with a Vase Arrangement of Fresh Flowers selected by the Local Floral Designer. The best value when you order flowers for any occasion is to let the Floral Designer use their skills to select the fresh flowers of the day and their creative know how to create a flower arrangement for your flower gift recipient. Everyday flowers of different varieties and colors arrive at local florists. The Professional Floral Designer in each shop knows the flowers that are the freshest and creates flower arrangements for all occasions. The best value when you need to send flowers is to specify the price you want to pay and let the local Professional Floral Designer create your flower gift with the flowers of the day.

Choose a price point and send flowers for any occasion by letting the local floral designer select from the fresh flowers of the day to create a flower arrangement for any occasion. 

When you Send Flowers with a Vase Arrangement of Fresh Flowers selected by the Designer, you're gift recipient will receive a hand created floral arrangement using the fresh flowers of the day, artfully arranged by the local floral designer who will use their skills to create a Vase arrangement appropriate for the locale and occasion.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Pick Up Truck For Baby Boy Shower

The Replica Pickup Truck is a novel centerpiece base for the tables at a baby boy shower or christening. These popular Ceramic Ford Pickup Trucks are large, well made and well painted with plenty of room in the bed of the truck for a plant, flower arrangement, silk or fresh, or baby novelties to create an eye-catching centerpiece for the baby boy party. 

 Buy a Ceramic Ford Pickup Truck

This Replica Ceramic 1948 Ford Pickup Truck can be a complete gift when filled with candy, cigars, cookies flowers or a plant. Hand painted detailing makes this classic1 948 Ford Pickup the center of attention, complete with painted grill, the F1 and Ford Logo and old fashioned white wall tires. This ceramic Ford Pickup can be used in as many ways as you can imagine to create a gift that will impress. The Replica Ceramic 1948 Ford Pickup Truck is an exclusive product of the Teleflora Flowers by Wire Service offered to you through LAROSE.COM, the Online Florist and Gift Shop that has been serving the Internet Customer since 1995 free from extra service charges.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Send Sympathy Flowers

You may not be at home or able to attend when there is a funeral, you can however always extend your condolences with flowers. It doesn't matter where you are, you can log in to the Sympathy Flower Section of LAROSE.COM and have Sympathy Flowers hand delivered to the wake or viewing along with your condolence message. Sympathy flowers are available in a wide range of colors and styles and can be customized to your preference. 

Send Sympathy Flowers

Send Sympathy Flowers with Standing Sympathy Flower Displays.. The Sympathy Flowers presented by LAROSE.COM in this section are large sympathy flower arrangements and are designed to be sent to the viewing or wake at a Memorial Home, Funeral Home, Church or Chapel. When you send Sympathy Flowers from this section remember that they should be ordered for delivery before the services, not on the morning of the service. When you order Sympathy Flowers we cannot guarantee early morning deliveries for services, please choose to have your delivery sent to the Funeral Home, Memorial Home, Church or Chapel for the viewing or wake.

Casket Sprays or Casket Covers should only be sent by the family of the deceased unless you know that no one in the Family will send a Casket Spray. The Casket Spray is traditionally sent from the Children or Grandchildren of the deceased.  Likewise,  sympathy floral displays for inside the casket are customarily sent by the immediate Family of the deceased.

Bleeding Heart is most often sent by the spouse or children of the deceased.  Other styles Floral Sympathy Hearts may be sent from relatives and close friends of the deceased including the Broken Heart. When you order Sympathy Flowers remember that the viewing or wake is usually the day before the burial service.  Sympathy Floral Arrangements are made fresh and take hours to make and deliver.

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