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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ceramic Sailboat

Ceramic Sailboat
The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container comes complete with a canvas sail. The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container is hand painted with a blue exterior and a tan interior. The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container is a stand alone display piece but made for floral arrangements. This Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container can be used to display seashells or as decoration to complete a nautical theme. Ideal for pool party centerpieces of fresh flowers and perfect for Baby Boy Christening Parties or Baby Showers, the Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container  measures 2.25" H x 3.78" W x 8" L with an opening that measures 3.38" X 5.25". 

The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container can be purchased at discounted quantities for parties and events. Truly a unique floral container for your nautical themed event, the Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container has a white canvas sail with red pin striping and an embroidered anchor on the sail. When you Order the Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container it is shipped via UPS from Jersey City,NJ 07305. Please check the UPS Map Below for an estimated time in transit.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Order the Weber® Grill Planter Wholesale

You can now order the Weber® Grill Planter Wholesale in cases of 12. These unique popular planters are a natural for barbeque centerpieces.
Order the Weber® Grill Planter Wholesale in cases of 12. This miniature replica Weber® Grill Planter is back by popular demand. The metal Weber® Grill Planter features a removable lid, a grill and rolling wheels. The Weber® Grill Planter measures 8 inches high by 6.25 inches high with a 5.5 inch opening. This metal Weber® Grill is produced by Teleflora® under license by Weber Stephen Products LLC to replicate the classic Kettle configuration and Kettle Silhouette that is the registered trademark of Weber®You can order Wholesale Weber® Grill Planter in cases of 12 for your parties and events and use your imagination to create a unique centerpiece. You can use them with flowers, a plant or other decorations to create a centerpiece for pool parties, barbeques or even the retirement party for the grill master. Order your Wholesale Case of the Weber® Grill Planter.

The Weber® Grill Planter is a perfect container for summer events including summer weddings, backyard parties, graduation parties and much more. The Weber® Grill Planter will become a keepsake from the event. In the past the Weber® Grill Planter sold out and was discontinued for many years, it is now back and ready to ship. Order your Weber® Grill Planter now before they sell out again. This adorable miniature Weber® Grill can be used as a floral container, a planter or given as a gift by itself. Fill your Weber® Grill Planter with candies, wrap it in cellophane, top it with a bow and create a unique gift.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's Someone's Birthday - Send Flowers

The Summer Months have more birthdays than the rest of the months of the year, which means that there is someone you know that is celebrating a birthday soon. Help celebrate a birthday, send Birthday Flowers. No matter where you are, you can log in and send Birthday Flowers to someone you know that is celebrating another year. Order Birthday Flowers through LAROSE.COM and save up to $15.99 in service charges that other internet flowers by wire services charge you to send Birthday Flowers.

Send A Birthday Flower Arrangement 

Send a bright cheerful summer flower arrangement with A Basket Full of Wishes Flower Arrangement, freshly arranged and hand delivered by a local professional florist. The Basket Full of Wishes Flower Arrangement is a monochromatic flower arrangement featuring flowers in the shades of yellow, a bright cheerful arrangement that is perfect for a summer Birthday.

Send a bright cheerful Teleflora Basket Full of Wishes to say Happy Birthday. The Teleflora Basket Full of Wishes is a classic basket floral arrangement filled with hand selected yellow flowers by a professional floral designer. he Floral Designer that who creates your Basket Full of Wishes will hand select the fresh yellow flowers available on the day of your birthday delivery including yellow lilies, gerberas, roses, button mums, and carnations.

The Teleflora Basket Full of Wishes is a sunny way to wish someone a Happy Birthday with this natural basket filled with the shades of yellow. The Basket Full of Wishes is hand delivered to your birthday recipient by a local florist to insure freshness. The Basket Full of Wishes can also be sent for any occasion when a bright cheerful arrangement is prescribed.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Send Roses in A Vase

Sure you hear the radio commercials touting a dozen roses at a ridiculous low price, just click on the microphone and enter a code. Why are these roses so much cheaper than a Dozen Roses hand delivered in a vase from a Florist. These roses are delivered to your recipient via FEDEX or another overnight carrier. They are smaller, not cleaned, not hydrated and not arranged, what your flower recipient gets is the makings of a dozen roses arranged in a vase.

If you order a Dozen Roses in a Vase, what you get are Florist quality roses, cleaned, hydrated and arranged in a vase, a complete gift ready to enjoy. What are Florist quality Roses? A local Professional Florist orders their roses through local wholesalers that they have a relationship with for years. The Florist Wholesalers are professionals that have built relationships with rose growers who provide them with the best roses to sell to local wholesalers. The Florist Wholesaler receives roses that are freshly cut, sent directly to them in refrigerated trucks and delivered to the local florist.

When roses arrive at the Florist, they are cleaned and put in fresh water with anti-bacteria solution, hydrated, then refrigerated. When an order comes in for a Dozen Roses in a Vase, the Professional Floral Designer selects 12 roses that have been cleaned and hydrated and arranges them in a vase along with the card message, then has them hand delivered to the flower recipient. The Flower Recipient receives a gift of a Dozen Roses that are ready to enjoy for their Birthday, Anniversary or any occasion.  They don't have to clean, cut and arrange the roses that have arrived in a FEDEX Box and left at the door for hours. 

If you want to send the gift of roses, Send a Dozen Roses arranged in a vase ready for your Rose Recipient to enjoy, all they have to do is add water daily.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fall Wedding Ceramic Pumpkin Container

Preparing for an Autumn Wedding? Thinking about a unique centerpiece for your Autumn Wedding? The Ceramic Pumpkin Container makes the perfect Wedding Centerpiece Container for an Autumn Wedding. Realistically painted with a perfect pumpkin color and stem, this large Ceramic Pumpkin Container is the right size for tables up to 12 people. If you are interested in these Ceramic Pumpkin Containers now is the time to order them. These Ceramic Pumpkin Containers are in demand during the Autumn months and often become out of stock and back ordered. 

 Ceramic Pumpkin Containers
This realistic Ceramic Pumpkin is FDA approved for food use. It is beautifully painted with an orange matte finish and a light brown stem. This over six inches high by seven and a half inches wide pumpkin is so realistic looking you won't be able to tell the difference unless you touch it. Even the stem of this Ceramic Pumpkin is so expertly hand painted that this decorative container will have everyone fooled into thinking that it is just a pumpkin until they lift the lid and they discover a treasure of cookies or candy.
This Ceramic Pumpkin can be used as a cookie jar, or candy bowl and is shipped throughout the Continental USA via UPS from New Jersey. This Ceramic Pumpkin is produced for the Teleflora and shipped to you via UPS from the florist in New Jersey. Please use the UPS Map below to estimate the time in transit when ordering any product that is shipped through UPS by LAROSE.COM.
The Ceramic Pumpkin is 6.25 Inches High by 7.5 Inches Wide with a 5 Inch Opening

Monday, July 7, 2014

Just Ducky

Ceramic Duck With Pink Sailor Hat
The Just Ducky Ceramic Floral Container is a large ceramic interpretation  of the classic rubber ducks of childhood. There are so many ponds for this duck. The Just Ducky Ceramic comes with a removal cloth sailor hat om your choice of white,pink or blue. With a colored hat the Just Ducky Ceramic Planter becomes a natural for boy or girl baby shower, christening or birthday parties. 

The Just Ducky with a White Sailor Hat is the perfect centerpiece idea for all kinds of events. The Just Ducky Ceramic Duck has a large working area that can hold a plant, be the base for a fresh flower or silk flower arrangement. Fill the Just Ducky with candy, soaps cookies, the possibilities are endless, and create a unique gift for many occasions. 

Ceramic Duck With Blue Sailor Hat
 This Large Ceramic Duck brightly painted in a rich yellow with blue eyes and an orange beak measuring 10 inches high and 10 inches wide comes complete with a blue sailor hat made of cotton. The Ceramic Duck Planter with the blue sailor hat has a shiny glazed finish and comes and is the perfect ceramic container choice when making centerpieces of fresh or silk flowers for a Baby Shower or Christening.. This is the ceramic version of the classic rubber ducky. The Large Ceramic Duck has a large reservoir that can be filled with a fresh flower arrangement or used as the base for a gift set. Fill the Ceramic Duck with soaps and candles to create a spa gift set, or with baby boy novelties to welcome a new baby boy. The Ceramic Duck also makes the perfect ceramic container for a bathroom plant.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Night Before Christmas Teacup

Too Hot?!?! Think Christmas. Start making Christmas Gifts with the Night Before Christmas Teacup. Start thinking of all the things you can fill this adorable Night Before Christmas Teacup to make unique Christmas Gifts for children, teachers, neighbors or anyone on your Christmas list. Don't wait till the Night Before Christmas, order the Night Before Christmas Teacup now. 

 Night Before Christmas Teacup
The Night Before Christmas Teacup is a ceramic teacup attached to a matching saucer with a ceramic Christmas mouse sleeping on his pillow. Taking a line from the classic, Twas The Night Before Christmas, The Night Before Christmas Teacup brings it to life in this ceramic recreation. The Night Before Christmas Teacup is a rich Christmas Green outlined in red with a red handle, the mouse is a light brown with white facial features and he is dressed in his Santa suit while sleeping on a a white pillow. The Night Before Christmas Teacup has the words, The Night Before Christmas on it in red.
The Night Before Christmas Teacup is a versatile Christmas Decoration, give it as a gift, fill it with a gift and give two gifts in one. As a container for fresh Christmas Flowers or the gift of Christmas cookies or candy, The Night Before Christmas Teacup is the perfect cup for leaving Santa some milk and cookies on the night before Christmas.

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