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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Send Sympathy Flowers

When you need to send sympathy flowers to a wake, viewing or service to remember a person, the Remembrance Spray is an appropriate selection for either a man or a woman. The Remembrance Spray is a modern take on a Traditional Standing Funeral Spray. Designed in a modern style with lilies, the Remembrance Spray is a display that should be sent to the Funeral Home or Mortuary in time for the wake or viewing. 
Send Sympathy Flowers with the Remembrance Spray, a hand designed sympathy spray that expresses your tribute at the passing of a loved one, friend, neighbor or colleague. The Remembrance Spray is designed by a professional floral designer using the freshest available peach, cream and orange flowers on the day of the sympathy flower delivery, including such flowers as roses, Asiatic lilies, Bells of Ireland, gerberas and an assortment of fresh greens.
Send Sympathy Flowers that express your memories  to the viewing, wake or memorial service. Hand designed and delivered, this Teleflora Remembrance Spray is an artful expression of your condolences. Designed by a local floral designer in a modern expression of sympathy, the Remembrance Spray can be sent throughout the USA or Canada free from extra charges when ordered online at LAROSE.COM. This is a large hand designed and delivered sympathy spray that is not appropriate to be sent to a home. To send sympathy flowers to a home considered sending flowers in a vase or a floral arrangement in a container.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Send Flowers in Summer Colors

Throughout the summer you can send flowers in summer colors with the Teleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet. This vibrant arrangement of assorted colors can be for any occasion, birthday, get well, just because, anniversary or for no occasion at all. Surprise someone with flowers throughout the Dog Days of Summer, order the Teleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet, a hand made hand delivered vase of flowers in the striking colors of a summer garden.
Send The Teleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet
Order a Vase of Flowers with lots of colors with the Teleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet. This affordable Vase of Fresh Cut Flowers, the Teleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet, features flowers such as  red alstroemeria, orange carnations, miniature red carnations, yellow daisies and lavender chrysanthemums are arranged with bupleurum and oregonia and measures approximately 11 1/2" W x 12 1/2" H.
When you order a Teleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet, the local Professional Florist will use the fresh flowers of the day to replicate this colorful vase of flowers. TheTeleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet is a Vase of Flowers for any occasion or for no occasion at all. When you order a Color Me Yours Bouquet, it is created especially for your flower gift recipient by a local professional floral designer, then hand delivered along with a free enclosure card expressing your sentiments. You can order a Teleflora Color Me Yours Bouquet in two sizes.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Red Wagon

New in the Novelty Floral Container Section of LAROSE.COM is the Red Wagon Planter. This unique floral container is ready to haul candy, flowers, plants and anything you can imagine, just like your red wagon from childhood. There are no limits to how this Red Wagon Planter can be used to create gifts, centerpieces or enhance decorations.  To Welcome a Baby, for Children's Parties, a Gift of Nostalgia, it's up to you what this little Red Wagon Planter can haul.

Buy a Red Wagon Planter
The Red Wagon Planter is a unique setting for flower arrangements, gifts, plants and more. This replica metal Red Wagon Planter has rolling wheels, a pull down handle and measures 8 inches long by 4 inches high with a wagon bed that is 5 inches long by 4 inches wide by 2 inches deep. In all respects this is a miniature version of the classic Red Wagon.
The Red Wagon Planter can be filled with candy for a Children's Party centerpiece, or with flowers or plants for Christenings or Baby Showers. There are so many ways you can use this Red Wagon Planter to create unique centerpieces or gift sets 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wish a Happy Birthday With Roses

The most birthdays are in September followed closely by July and August, so the odds have it that you know someone who is having a birthday in the next 90 days.Wish them a Happy Birthday with Birthday Roses hand delivered from a professional florist. Birthday Roses come in many colors, choose one, fill out the card and Send Birthday Roses.  

Send A Dozen Birthday Roses

Send a Dozen Birthday Roses in a Vase. Choose their favorite color, yellow, white, red, dark pink or pink birthday roses and have them hand delivered on their birthday. When you order a Dozen Birthday Roses arranged in a vase, a local floral designer will select the freshest long stem roses in the color you choose and hand arrange them in a vase. Your Dozen Birthday Roses will then be hand delivered to your birthday rose recipient throughout the USA and Canada. Although the Dozen Birthday Roses are featured in the most common colors, there will be days when that color is either sold out, not available are are just poor quality, so we suggest that you choose a second choice or place your order early to be sure the color you choose may be delivered on the birthday of your Birthday Rose recipient.
The Dozen Birthday Roses in a Vase is always made to order and hand delivered on the date you request, Monday through Saturday. Not all regions offer Sunday deliveries. Make a birthday special by sending a Dozen Birthday Roses in a Vase.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Send Some Tropical Punch

The newest featured flower arrangement that you can send throughout the USA and Canada ifs the Tropical Punch Bouquet. Designed using a color combination that interprets the colors of the tropics, the Tropical Punch Bouquet combines, pink, green, yellow and orange to make a color combination that is cool and refreshing like Tropical Punch.
Send the Teleflora Tropical Punch Bouquet
Send Flowers for any occasion with the Teleflora Tropical Punch Bouquet. Designed in a modern glass cube with flowers in the colors of the tropics, the Teleflora Tropical Punch Bouquet is a warm and soothing arrangement of fresh flowers. The Teleflora Tropical Punch Bouquet is hand made using flowers such as Soft orange roses, asiatic lilies and miniature carnations are arranged with yellow alstroemeria and green button spray chrysanthemums.
When you order the Teleflora Tropical Punch Bouquet, a professional local floral designer will replicate the Teleflora Tropical Punch Bouquet using the fresh flowers available that day, then hand deliver them to your flower gift recipient along with your sentiments on a free enclosure card. Send this delightful flower arrangement interpretation of the tropics for any occasion throughout the USA and Canada.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Prepare For Autumn Centerpieces

If you are preparing for an Autumn Wedding or any Autumn Event and are thinking about your centerpieces, consider the Orange Glass Cubes for your flower centerpieces. These Orange Glass Cubes are a rich Autumn Orange and are the right size for cocktail tables or smaller dinner tables of 6 - 8 people. 

Buy Orange Glass Cubes
The Orange Glass Cube is the newest color in Modern Glass Cubes for contemporary floral designs. These 4 inch by 4 inch Orange Cubes weigh two pounds and hold 2.75 cups of water. The base of the Orange Glass Cube is thick weighted glass. You can also buy these Orange Glass Cubes in Wholesale Quantities for Wedding Centerpieces or other special events in the Wholesale Floral Supplies Section of LAROSE.COM.
These Orange Glass Cubes are a great modern base for floral arrangement where the theme is Autumnal, Orange and Black, or for a Halloween Party. Add a modern look to any decor with these Orange Glass Cubes.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Order Funeral Flowers

The news of someone passing can come at any time, even while on vacation. When you are far from home or when the news is from afar, even if you can't be there you can send Funeral Flowers to express your sympathy. With the new LAROSE.COM Web Site ordering from your smart phone is as easy as ordering on your computer. No matter where you are when you receive the news you can choose from a varied selection of Funeral Flowers to have hand delivered to express your condolences.

Order Funeral Flowers through LAROSE.COM and choose from a selection of Funeral Baskets to be sent to the wake or viewing to express your condolences. You can order a Funeral Basket at various price points and in an array of colors. All Funeral Basket orders are dispatched for hand delivery if ordered in time.

When you send Funeral Flowers remember to take into consideration where the flowers are being delivered. The large floor baskets of funeral flowers are designed to be sent to Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, Funeral Chapels, Memorial Homes, Churches or Chapels for the wake or viewing. These Funeral Flowers are not appropriate to send to a home. If you want to send sympathy flowers to a home, you should consider a vase of flowers,  flower arrangement, or a plant, not a funeral basket.

Please remember when you order Funeral Flowers, that they must be designed and delivered, they cannot be there immediately, these floral arrangements are handmade and delivered locally by a local professional florist.  

Funeral Flowers should be sent in time for the viewing or wake, not for the morning of the services.  After the wake or viewing it is appropriate to send flowers to the home. Please choose flowers from the Flower Arrangement, Flowers in a Vase Section or Rose Section when sending to a person's home. Funeral Floral Displays should not be sent to a residence, they are too large and designed for display at awake or memorial service.

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