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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wholesale Large Gold Mercury Julep Vases

The New LAROSE.COM Web Site will be expanding the Wholesale Floral Supplies Section to offer more products by the case. You will now be able to buy vases and floral containers by the case at a quantity discount for your formal events, weddings, and parties. The newest addition  to the Wholesale section is the popular is the Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold.  This vase is extremely popular with brides for their cocktail tables. The brilliant gold finish of the Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold turns any event table into an elegant table. Just added to the Wholesale Section of LAROSE.COM, this brilliant gold vase can now be purchased by the case.
Buy Wholesale Large Gold Mercury Julep Vases

These replica Wholesale Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold Vases are a reproduction of the Mercury Glass Technique first used in the 1840's in England. Creating a mirror like surface, a double glass was hand blown and a Golding solution was sealed in between the two walls, which created this look. The Wholesale Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold Vases are  manufactured to resemble an original antique Mercury Glass Vase, with a special painting technique to accomplish the look of an unearthed treasure.
These Wholesale Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold Vases measure 7 inches high by 4.5 inches wide with a 3 inch opening on a clear glass pedestal. Manufactured in India for the Teleflora Corporation, these Wholesale Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold Vases are an elegant way to present a plant or flowers. These Wholesale Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold Vases ARE NOT FDA approved for food use and ARE NOT dishwasher safe. These Wholesale Large Mercury Glass Antique Gold Vases do not contain mercury and is a replication of  Mercury Glass Folk Art. Available to you by the case for your Special Events,Parties or Weddings, these Wholesale Large Gold Mercury Julep Vases are directly shipped via UPS.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pink and White Cell Phone Ear Buds

New in the new Cell Phone Accessories Section of LAROSE.COM are Pink and White Ear Buds for Cell Phones. Designed to work with iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S, these Pink ear Buds are universal and will play music with almost any cell phone that has a 3.5 mm sound plug.
Buy Pink and White Cell Phone Ear Buds
These Pink Earphones have a 3.5 mm plug, and are compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. With a comfortable fit these Ear Buds have a remote that allows for volume control, pause, skip forward and skip back. These Pink and White Earphones are the kind recommended by audiologists, the kind that fits securely into the ear without penetrating the ear canal. Buy these Universal Ear Buds  as a spare for your new iPhone 5 or to replace old and worn Ear Buds that originally came with your iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S or iPod. Molded after the 5th Generation Apple Ear Buds, these Universal Pink and White Ear Pods are compatible with IPod TouchNano 7 and iPod mini.
The new Universal Pink and White Ear Buds with Remote and Microphone allows you to answer and end calls and adjust the volume. They are currently sold in white only with a hard plastic white storage case.
These Universal Pink and White Ear Buds are individually packaged in a hard plastic case that can be used as a storage case for transporting your Ear Buds wherever you go. At a fraction of the price of name brand Ear Buds, these universal Ear Buds provide the same durability and lasting sound. You can buy multiple quantities of these universal Ear Buds and save on both the price and the cost of shipping. There is no need to go without Ear Buds when you can have a set of high quality Pink and White Ear Phones with Remote and Microphone at a third of the price of brand name Ear Buds
Apple, iPhone, iPod, and iPod nano are registered trademarks of the Apple Corporations. The product represented for sale here is Not associated with Apple.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vincent Van Gogh Roses Ceramic Mug

During the decade of his painting years, Vincent Van Gogh painted series of paintings depicting his interests at the time. Their are landscape paintings, portraits, and still life among others. His series of paintings depicting flowers in vases produced one of his most recognized works, Sunflowers In a Vase. There are many other paintings of flowers in vases from this period, one of which is Roses In a Vase.This lesser known but equally quintessential Van Gogh painting has been reproduced on a high quality mug that enables any Van Gogh fan to enjoy the work of Van Gogh along with their favorite cup of tea. 

Buy a Vincent Van Gogh Roses Ceramic Mug

The Vincent Van Gogh Roses Ceramic Mug is a heavy, one pound ceramic mug which accommodates 14 ounces of liquid.  This Ceramic Art Mug has a copy of the classic Vincent Van Gogh painting of Roses around the mug and handle. Start your day with a classic work of art with this four inches high art mug with a 3.5 inch opening

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pre-Order the 2013 Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel

We are ready to begin taking pre-orders for the 2013 Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel, the Teleflora 2013 Thomas Kinkade Christmas Feature. The 2013 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel is sure to sell out, pre-order yours now and you can be one of the first to have one. It is estimated that they will begin shipping on November 1, 2013, last year those who pre-ordered their 2012 Kinkade Winter Wonder Cottage received them before Halloween when the estimated ship date was November 1, 2013. Once the shipment of the 2013 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapels are received, the price returns to the regular retail price. 

Order the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel. We are now accepting pre-orders for the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel, the licensed Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Feature for Christmas 2013. Order the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel by September 15th, 2013 to get this special price on the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel. We expect to begin shipping the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel on November 1, 2013. Pre-Order the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel now through September 15, 2013 at a special Pre-Order Price of $21.75. After the pre-order, the retail price of the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel will be $29.75. 
The Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel by Teleflora is the 2013 release of an over decade long tradion of Licensed Thomsa Kinkade interpretations by Teleflora. Licensed by Kinkade Media Arts the 2013 Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Church features is a hand sculpted and hand painted resin with a plexi-glass backdrop that features a gold star of Bethlehem. As with the other Thomas Kinkade Christmas Cottage features by Teleflora, the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel illuminates with 2 AA batteries and has an on/off switch. 
Take advantage of the SPECIAL PRE-ORDER Price of only $21.75, a savings of $8.00 over the expected retail price of $29.75 when they are released. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gold Wedding Centerpiece Bowl

Picking the right bowl for a Wedding Centerpiece is as important as picking the right flowers. A wedding with an elegant theme needs a centerpiece bowl that captures elegance.  The Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl is an elegant choice for a Wedding Centerpiece, it is reflective, looks like a fine antique, has a large capacity and it is an affordable choice. The Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl can enhance flowers in a variety of seasonal colors, including Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. With gold accents the Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl is even the perfect choice for an all white Wedding Centerpiece. Weather you have 5 Tables or 50 Tables you can order Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl in bulk and save. 

Order Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowls

An additional to the Replica Mercury Glass Collection from Teleflora is the Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl. The Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl is a tapered square glass bowl that replicates the art of mercury glass with an antiquing finish that gives it the look of a treasure from the past. The Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl measures 3.5 inches high by 7 inches wide and has a 3.25 inch base. With sharp lines and a tapered design the Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl is ready for a variety of table centerpieces for any event as well as a decorative accent. The Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl is not FDA approved for food use and is not dishwasher safe.
Use the Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl for fresh flower centerpieces for weddings, holiday parties, engagement parties and any formal event where the look of antique gold glass will enhance the table setting. The Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl will work throughout the seasons and can be used for as the base for a variety of color motifs for weddings and parties. The unique shape and wide work area of the Harvest Gold Mercury Glass Bowl enables the floral designer the flexibility of design, shape and size for truly elegant floral centerpieces.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Send Anniversary Roses

There are many Anniversaries in the summer months, yours might be one of them. Even if you are on vacation, you shouldn't forget to Send Anniversary Roses. You can Send Anniversary Roses and have them hand delivered even on vacation. Now with the new LAROSE.COM you can order your Anniversary Roses from your smart phone, which means there is no excuse for not sending Anniversary Roses, even if you are on vacation. 

Send Anniversary Roses

Send Anniversary Roses arranged in a vase, even on vacation. One Dozen Long Stem Roses arranged in a vase is delivered by a local professional florist. When you send Anniversary Rosesthey are hand selected and arranged in a vase by a Professional Floral designer at a florist in the area of your delivery. When you order Anniversary Roses online at the Florist of LAROSE.COM, you save up to $14.99 in wire service fees. Other National Flowers by Wire Services charge you up to $14.99 to send Anniversary Roses online. To send Anniversary Roses online and save the service charge, fill out your online order for Anniversary Roses online and keep up to $14.99 to use on your vacation. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ceramic Sailboat

The newest in unique Ceramic Floral Containers offered in the LAROSE.COM Floral Container Section is the Ceramic Sailboat. The Ceramic Sailboat can be used to create floral centerpieces for pool parties, nautical themed parties, the yacht club dinner dance, the sail boat regatta brunch or as a centerpiece for a baby boy shower or Christening.  The Ceramic Sailboat is a new and unique ceramic floral container that not only makes a splashing centerpiece setting but can also be used alone as a home decor piece throughout the house.

Order a Ceramic Sailboat

The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container comes complete with a canvas sail. The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container is hand painted with a blue exterior and a tan interior. The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container is a stand alone display piece but made for floral arrangements. This Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container can be used to display seashells or as decoration to complete a nautical theme. Ideal for pool party centerpieces of fresh flowers and perfect for Baby Boy Christening Parties or Baby Showers, the Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container  measures 2.25" H x 3.78" W x 8" L with an opening that measures 3.38" X 5.25". 
The Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container can be purchased at discounted quantities for parties and events. Truly a unique floral container for your nautical themed event, the Ceramic Sailboat Floral Container has a white canvas sail with red pin striping and an embroidered anchor on the sail.

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