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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Burgundy Oversized Cappuccino Mug

It's hot out now, but in 80-90 days there will be a chill in the air again. On those crisp Autumn Nights you need a large mug for soup, hot chocolate, coffee or cappuccino. A durable stoneware mug that can hold double    what other mugs can hold is just the right vessel for Autumn and Winter Nights. The Burgundy Oversize Cappuccino Mugis the perfect mug for chilly nights. 

Order Burgundy Oversize Mugs
These Burgundy Oversize Mugs by Swan have been discontinued in this style and color. What remains in stock are your last opportunity to purchase this work horse of a mug in a soothing burgundy color. If you've been looking for these Burgundy Oversize Mug, this may be your last chance to purchase them. 

This Burgundy Oversize Cappuccino Mug is just like the mugs used at the coffee shops. This Burgundy Over sized Cappuccino Mug is 1.5 pounds and is 4 inches Wide and 3 inches tall with a 7 inch span including the handle. These Over sized Mugs make great soup mugs as well as Cappuccino Mugs. If you love an extra large cup of coffee or tea, this is the mug for you, the Burgundy Oversize Cappuccino Mug.
The Burgundy Over sized Cappuccino Mug is a heavy stoneware mug and is durable and dishwasher safe. The Burgundy Over sized Cappuccino Mug is shipped via UPS from the florist in New Jersey. Please be aware of time in transit if you are ordering as a gift.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Lavender Beauty Vase

The Newest addition to the Decorative Vase Section of LAROSE.COM is The Lavender Beauty Vase. Introduced for Mother's Day 2013, the Lavender Beauty Vase features a unique shape in a true lavender colored glass.
Order a Lavender Beauty Vase
The Lavender Beauty Vase is a hand blown glass vase that is a stand alone piece of art, as well as a perfect flower vase. The looks like cut amethyst and has a large water capacity, holds 4 cups of water, to keep flowers happy. With an usual shape and sharp cut lines, the Lavender Beauty Vase is truly a show piece empty as well as filled with flowers. 
The Lavender Beauty Vase is a perfect vase for a Wedding with a Lavender Motif. Filled with a single type of flower such as lavender roses or white lilies, the Lavender Beauty Vase becomes an elegant centerpiece for even the most formal of Weddings. The Lavender Beauty Vase is for any formal event as well as your home table. With a heavy base for stability, the Lavender Beauty Vase, can be filled to the brim with fresh flowers without worries about tipping. The Lavender Beauty Vase measures 9.5 inches high by 4.75 inches wide and has a 2.5 inch opening. Order the Lavender Beauty Vase as a gift or treat yourself to this exquisite vase. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July from LAROSE.COM

On this 237th Birthday of America, the Management and Staff of LAROSE.COM wishes everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July.

Untired States Flag

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sweet Birthday Flowers

Order Sweet Birthday Flowers
With 4th of July, vacations, school closing and hot days, it is easy to forget about someone's summer birthday. While you're reading this think about all the people you know who have a summer birthday that you might miss. It is easy to wish someone a Happy Birthday even though you might be on vacation,. Send a Simply Sweet Vase of Birthday Flowersa very affordable way to send someone Birthday Wishes and a Birthday Present all in one.

Order Birthday Flowers with the striking yellow, pink and yellow flowers of the Simply Sweet Vase of Flowers from Teleflora. The Simply Sweet Vase of Birthday Flowers hand designed by a local floral designer in a plastic yellow vase using a delicate combination of pink, yellow and lavender fresh cut flowers. These Birthday Flowers are a Simply Sweet way to wish someone a Happy Birthday
When you send birthday flowers by ordering the Simply Sweet Vase of Birthday Flowers online, your birthday flower order is freshly created specially for your delivery, then hand delivered to express your birthday wishes. The Simply Sweet Vase of Birthday Flowers measures approximately 14 inches wide by sixteen inches high. The safe plastic yellow vase can be used over and over for cut garden flowers or flowers purchased from your local florist.
No matter where in the world you are you can log in to LAROSE.COM on any computer or Smart Phone and send Birthday Flowers to some one, even if they are on vacation.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Send Colorful Get Well Flowers

Even during the Summer Months, and sometimes especially because of the Summer Months, we all hear of someone who is sick. When you can't be there to visit, you can be there in spirit when you send a Colorful Basket of Get Well Flowers

Send Colorful Get Well Flowers
Change someone's sick Summer Day into a cheerful Summer Day when you send a Hand Delivered Basket of Fresh Colorful Flowers. These fresh Get Well Flowers are hand designed in a wicker basket by a professional florist in the area of your delivery. This Colorful Basket of Flowers for a Get Well is designed in a traditional centerpiece style to brighten the day of anyone who is on the road to healing. The vivid colors used to create this Colorful Basket of Flowers will add a bright reminder that you are thinking of them when you send this get well gift of flowers.

The fragrant carnations used in creating this Colorful Basket of Flowers will add just the right touch to anyone's room who is recovering or on the mend. Send this Colorful Basket of Flowers for a Get Well or a Speedy Recovery.
No matter if you are near or far, you can wish someone Get Well Soon with fresh colorful flowers arranged in a basket and hand delivered with your message of cheer and Get Well Wishes. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Black 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapter for iPhone 5

Black 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapter for iPhone 5

The premiere of the iPhone 5 also came with a new 8 Pin Connection for the charging and data cable. Apple is calling their new 8 Pin Charging and Data Connection,Lightning.  The new iPhone 5, iPod and iPod nano all require this new lightning connector. If you have the older 30 Pin Connector and need to convert it to the Lighting, which is an 8 Pin Connector, the iPhone 5 conversion adapter can cost up to $29.99 from Apple. The after market has already begun producing a compatible conversion adapter at half the price. Basically you are converting your old 30 Pin Adapter to the new 8 Pin Adapter that is able to charge your device and execute data transfers at the same time. True, the after market adapters do not have the Apple name on them, but they do serve the same purpose with the the same reliability.
Here is the new Charging and Data Transfer Adapter for iPhone 5 that is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 connections for maximum data transfer speeds and allows for charging and data transfer at the same time. This 30 Pin to 8 Pin Adapter imported by is tested and guaranteed to work to optima performance.
Other than the Apple name on the Apple Lighting to 30 Pin Adapter, the difference is that the generic Black 30 Pin to 8 Pin Adapter  is less than half the price of the name brand adapter by Apple. Save on your conversion from a 30 Pin to 8 Pin Adapter with this Black Generic 30 Pin to 8 Pin Adapter.
When you buy the Black 30 Pin to 8 Pin Adapter, it is shipped vi USPS from New Jersey. We are an Authorized Seller of compatible after market products for cell phone repairs and accessories for  BrokeMyCell.Com.
Apple, iPhone, iPod, and iPod nano are registered trademarks of the Apple Corporations. The product represented for sale here is Not associated with Apple.  

Sunday, June 30, 2013



The logistics of moving an 18 Year Old Web Site to a new server and platform did not go as smoothly has had hoped, but the NEW LAROSE.COM went live on June 6, 2013. A process that began on March 29,2013 and continues even today has meant tedious hours of redirecting, and reprogramming links that have existed since 1995 has had its ups and downs. 

Although we are still in the process of redirecting old URL's, updating content, choices and prices, LAROSE.COM is live and available for the Internet Customer. The plan was for the move to be seamless, but as all plans go, there have been obstacles, miscues and things that were overlooked. 

In the coming weeks the NEW LAROSE.COM the revamping will be completed and the small details will be fixed. The New LAROSE.COM offers the Customer an account that can store all their information for easy checkout as well as an address book of their favorite gift recipients to make checking out and faster and easier process. 

The New LAROSE.COM will feature expanded choices in all sections, a New Cell Phone Accessories Section, Discounted Bulk Purchasing Options, Gift Certificates, a Flower of the Month Club and a Gift of The Month Club. 

The LAROSE.COM Blog also has to have every link corrected to point to the new URL's, and this is also an ongoing process that should be completed in a matter of weeks. New Daily Posting for the LAROSE.COM Blog are Scheduled to begin on July 15,2013, that will explain the new features of the Web Site, and feature the new Flower Arrangements, Plants, Holiday Gifts, Floral Containers, Decorative Vases, Wholesale Floral Supplies, and Cell Phone Accessories

When all is completed we hope you will enjoy the new look, and have an easier shopping experience on the new LAROSE.COM 

The New LAROSE.COM has also been Mobile enabled for Smart Phone Users. 

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