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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hot Pink Votive Glass Bowl

The Hot Pink Votive Glass Bowl is a versatile glass container for Spring Events, whether a backyard party or a formal event.  The Hot Pink Votive Glass Bowl is a faceted glass bowl that is both a candle holder or floral container. When you want to just use a candle on each table these Hot Pink Votive Glass Bowls are the perfect votive candle holder. The deep center of the Hot Pink Votive Glass Bowl allows the light from the candle to filter upward and outward through the faceted cut glass creating a dazzling effect. As a floral vase the bright color of the Hot Pink Votive Glass Bowl will compliment spring floral arrangements, and provide the perfect accent for an event with a pink motif.

The Hot Pink Glass Votive Bowl is part of the new Teleflora Collection of hand cut colored glass floral glass that doubles as votive candle holders after the flowers have faded. Each faceted hand cut reflects light creating a unique reflective vessel for votive candles. As a floral container the Hot Pink Glass Votive Bowl is a vividly colored base for fresh flowers, this Hot Pink Glass is a pure Hot Pink that will compliment a variety of color themes. It is a bright compliment to flower arrangements featuring pinks, fuchsia or bright spring colors.

The Hot Pink Glass Votive Bowl measures five and half inches high by six inches wide and has a slightly over three inch opening. Holding four cups of water the Hot Pink Glass Votive Bowl provides a sufficient reservoir of water for a full floral arrangement at events or weddings that last for long hours. With a votive candle or tea light the Hot Pink Glass Votive Bowl creates an almost kaleidoscopic reflective holder. Even displayed alone reflecting the various rays of morning, noon and evening light, the Hot Pink Glass Votive Bowl is a special reflecting glass faceted bowl with a heavy footed base for stability

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ceramic Baby Chick Planter for Spring

For Spring events, table centerpieces will be complimented by the Ceramic Baby Chick Planter. The ceramic baby Chick Planter can be used for Bay Showers, Children's Birthday parties and more throughout the Spring Season.

A Ceramic Baby Chick Planter is the newest addition to the Teleflora Collection of Keepsake Floral Containers. Named , My Little Chickadee by Teleflora, this Ceramic Baby Chick Planter measures five inches high by six inches wide and has a three inch opening to hold flowers a plant or gift items. The Ceramic Baby Chick Planter is a versatile keepsake that can be used as the base for table centerpieces at Baby Showers, Spring Events and gift giving for any occasion.  

The Ceramic Baby Chick Planter features a baby chick hugging a cracked egg, detailed down to the feet, the baby chick has an adorable face with wide eyes. The uses for this Ceramic Baby Chick Planter is limited only by your imagination. Fill the Ceramic Baby Chick Planter with jelly beans for Easter, a Plant for Mother's Day, Flowers for Baby Shower Centerpiece or to welcome the birth of a Baby.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rings of Spring Vase

Now that Spring is here, Spring Flowers are also on the way. The Rings of Spring Vase is the perfect vase to compliment the colors of Spring Flowers. You can order the Rings of Spring Vase individually or in quantity discounts for Spring Events.

This hand painted Rings of Spring Vase is a glass vase that is perfect for displaying fresh tulips or other mixed pastel flowers. The Rings of Spring Vase is 7 inches high by five inches wide and has a four inch opening. The Rings of Spring Vase fits any decor with its hand painted pastel rings. Hand painted rings of pink, lime, and yellow offer the perfect compliment to any spring floral bouquet. 

The Rings of Spring Vase is just the right size for cocktail tables, side tables or small centerpiece displays at weddings, christenings or other events. When you order a Rings of Spring Vase from LAROSE.COM it is shipped to you via UPS from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ. Order the Rings of Spring Vase in multiple packs for savings on both the vase and the shipping costs. Please be aware of time in transit when you order a Rings of Spring Vase

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hand Blown Magnificent Vase

The Magnificent Vase is a hand blown vase with a graceful curved shaped leading up to a scalloped edge in a a delicate pink glass. The Magnificent Vase measures nine inches high by slightly under five inches wide and has a two and a half inch opening for featuring premier flowers to compliment its unique shape and color. The Magnificent Vase hold three and a half cups of water and has a hand cut and polished opening. 
The Magnificent Vase is a home accent in itself, filled with fresh complimentary colored fresh flowers it is a highlighted work of natural art. The Magnificent Vase is an interesting vase for cocktail tables at weddings and celebrations where the color motif is pastel. The Magnificent Vase was selected to be the featured vase for the Faith Hill Flower Collection by Teleflora and is available directly to you.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Order a Fashion Charm Bracelet

Order a Fashion Charm Bracelet for yourself or for the fashion fan in your life. This complete colorful Fashion Charm Bracelet has colorful beads strung on a high polish snake chain with a safety lobster clasp. This eight inch Fashion Charm Bracelet includes charms that represent the accessories of the fashion conscious. A purse, a dress and a high heel shoe are among the charms that dangle from this beaded Fashion Charm Bracelet.

At retailers around the country you will see similar Fashion Charm Bracelets without all the intricate designs of this Fashion Charm Bracelet retailing for $59.99. The LAROSE.COM Jewelry Buyer has obtained a special buy on these beautiful eight inch Fashion Charm Bracelets to introduce you to the Jewelry Section of LAROSE.COM. Now you can order this Fashion Charm Bracelet at the discounted price of $29.99 with FREE Shipping throughout the Continental USA to introduce you to the expanding Jewelry Collection offered by LAROSE.COM.

When you order a Fashion Charm Bracelet, your specially discounted Fashion Charm Bracelet with FREE SHIPPING throughout the Continental USA will be shipped via UPS or USPS from Jersey City, NJ within two business days. Please be aware of time in transit once your Fashion Charm Bracelet is shipped, especially if it is for a gift.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Send an Areca Palm for Palm Sunday

The Areca Palm was one of the most common house plants during the Victorian Era brining a touch of the exotic to the large Victorian homes of the day. The Areca Palm is a horticultural hobbyists ideal plant, it is a bit of a challenge. Requiring just the right touch of watering, it never likes to go completely dry, yet never likes to be soaking wet. The Areca Palm is prone to brown tips even if well cared for. 

The Areca Palm requires bright indirect sunlight and a steady watering schedule. The Areca Palm is an excellent display plant, filling in a wide area as it spreads its fronds. Often used to dress up dull space in offices and homes, the Areca Palm is also a favorite as a decorative plant at Weddings and other celebratory occasions. The Regular size Areca Palm is delivered in an approximately 8 inch planter and stands about 3 feet tall, the Deluxe Areca Palm arrives in an approximately 10 inch container and stands about 4 feet high, while the Premium Areca Palm is delivered in an approximately 12 inch planter and stands over 5 feet tall.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Rainbow Vase

Order a Spring Rainbow Vase, a glass vase that says spring with a rainbow of color. The Spring Rainbow Vase is eight inches high by four inches wide with a neck opening that measures two and a half inches. The Spring Rainbow Vase holds 3.5 cups of water and makes a perfect vase for colorful motifs. Because of the rainbow of embedded colors in this glass vase, it can accent and compliment many colors. Each Spring Rainbow Vase features pink, purple, lemon, lime, green and hot pink.

The Spring Rainbow Vase has two side by side in the picture so that you can see the array of colors around it. This colorful vase is the perfect size for displaying fresh cut tulips or other flowers of a similar size. The Spring Rainbow Vase will also highlight colorful arrangements or monochromatic arrangements in shades of pink, shades of yellow or shades of purple. You can order the Spring Rainbow Vase individually or in quantity discounts for weddings, events or dinners. Save on shipping when you order the Spring Vase in quantity.

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