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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Our Father Cross

The Our Father Cross combines the "Lord's Prayer" ,  an essential prayer in the Christian Faith, en-scripted onto a Cross Pendant. The Our Father Cross features a cut crystal at the center and a Spanish inscription of the Lord's Prayer. The Our Father Cross Pendant is a gift for Christians throughout the year, but it especially relevant during the Easter Season. The Our Father Cross brings together the symbol of the Promise of Christianity along with one of Christianity's most enduring prayers. The Our Father Cross Pendant is a unique representation of the traditional Cross Pendant.

The Our Father Cross Pendant is a truly unique Cross Pendant that represents the tenants of the Christian Faith. This stainless steel brown cross is engraved with the Spanish version of the Our Father, often referred to as the Lord's Prayer. The Our Father Cross Pendant measures two inches long by 1.125 inches wide and has a clear glass crystal in the center secured by a circular brace that is securely attached to the cross. 

The Our Father Cross Pendant features a securely soldered wide eyelet that will accommodate many size chains, it comes with a 14 inch leather necklace that features a two inch chain extension. The Our Father Cross Pendant is offered at an all inclusive price and can be shipped throughout the USA with or without a jewelry gift box. For yourself or as a gift the Our Father Cross Pendant is a visible sign of the symbols of the Christian Faith and is sure to become a favorite Cross Pendant

When you order an Our Father Cross Pendant, you can order it in a classic black and white jewelry gift box to make your gift of the Our Father Father Cross Pendant a complete gift.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Easter Cross Gift

Easter is the Commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the Tenants of Christian Faith, the Risen Christ is the promise of Salvation. Jesus was Crucified on the Cross, making The Cross the Symbol of the the promise of Salvation. The Cross is the Symbol of Easter. For those that celebrate the Promise of Easter and for those who have recently converted to or been born again in the Christian Faith, The Cross Pendant is a gift of the Easter Season.

Buy an Inlaid Cross Pendant with shipping throughout the USA. This Inlaid Cross Pendant is a highly polished silver tone cross that is inlaid with a black onyx look cross and accented with three crystal chips at the bottom to represent the trinity. This Inlaid Cross Pendant measures slightly over 1.62  inches long by 1.12 inches wide and is .12 inches thick. Each Inlaid Cross Pendant comes with a free fourteen inch leather necklace with a 1.5 inch chain extension. Each of these Inlaid Cross Pendants has a solid soldered clasp that can be placed on any other chain. 

Order an Inlaid Cross Pendant online for yourself or as a gift for any occasion. This Inlaid Cross Pendant with its highly polished silver tone, sparkling crystal chips and inlaid onyx look black cross is a modern interpretation of the traditional symbol of Christianity. The Inlaid Cross Pendant is complete for one low price, Cross Pendant, Leather Necklace and shipping are all included in the price when you buy an Inlaid Cross Pendant

When you buy an Inlaid Cross Pendant as a gift, you can order your Inlaid Cross Pendant in a classic black and white Jewelry Gift Box. The highly polished Inlaid Cross Pendant makes an awe inspiring gift in this classic black and white jewelry gift box with a double hand tied bow and a black velveteen insert.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Palm Sunday Crosses

There is one month till Palm Sunday, which is March 24, 2013. Traditionally in the Christian Faith, Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. On the day that is now commemorated with Palm, it was said that Jesus returned to Jerusalem and was hailed by the people with waving Palm fronds. Because of the story of the return of Jesus, Palm has come to represent the beginning of Holy Week, he week that marks the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, which is the promise of Redemption in the Christian Faith.

Christians often bring Palm to the Cemetery to place on graves to symbolize the promise of Christianity. North Eastern Italians would make wooden Cross decorated with curled Palm. This Tradition continues and is now available throughout the Country via LAROSE.COM

Order a hand made Palm Cross for Palm Sunday. This is the eighteen inch handmade palm cross with two plastic lilies and a bow. Each of these handmade Palm Crosses begin with an eighteen inch wooden frame, then loops of fresh palm are attached to create the palm cross. Every one of these eighteen inch Palm Crosses are decorated with two plastic Easter Lilies and a Bow, bow colors will vary..

The Palm Cross is a traditional symbol used in the Christian Faith to commemorate the return of Jesus to Jerusalem. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. The Palm Cross is placed at the cemetery as a commemoration. When you order a handmade Palm Cross from LAROSE.COM, it is shipped via UPS to your destination. Only order a Palm Cross to be shipped to the Cemetery if you have made arrangements with the Cemetery Management to receive your delivery and place your Palm Cross on the appropriate grave site. 

Palm Crosses are made and shipped each year from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spring Squirrel Planter

If you have a Spring event that needs centerpieces with a twist, try the Send A Hug Squirrel Planter. The unique Send A Hug Squirrel Planter is features a cute squirrel pushing an over sized acorn all in earthy shades of brown. The Send A Hug Squirrel Planter will enhance any spring color flower arrangement and provide a memorable keepsake of your event.

The ceramic Send a Hug Squirrel Planter is FDA approved for food use, making it a great way to serve nuts or candy throughout the Fall. Beyond that the Send a Hug Squirrel Planter is an adorable base for flowers and plants that can be used for any occasion. A detailed ceramic squirrel is pushing a large acorn, happy with his Autumn Treasure. The Send a Hug Squirrel Planter measures 4.5 inches high by 4.75 inches wide and has a 3.25 inch opening. 

Fill the Send a Hug Squirrel Planter with candy, nuts or other goodies, wrap it in cellophane, top it with a bow and create an adorable, simple gift for any occasion. For Autumn Events, the Send a Hug Squirrel Planter makes an unusual base for the table centerpieces and will add the to the Autumn Theme. The Send a Hug Squirrel Planter is a hand painted glazed ceramic with many uses. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Send the Always Sunny Bouquet - Celebrate the End of Winter

It has been a long and trying winter throughout the Nation, Blizzards, Ice Storms and Tornadoes have made enduring the weather trying to say the least. Spring is almost here, twenty odd days may seem like forever if the storms and climatic weather continue. You can change the feel of a day for someone by sending them the Always Sunny Bouquet, a fresh hand delivered floral arrangements featuring the hues of yellow. Send the Always Sunny Bouquet to celebrate the end of Winter or for any occasion where the bright warmth of yellow is needed. 

Send Flowers for any occasion with the Always Sunny Bouquet freshly designed and hand delivered by a local professional Teleflora Florist in the region of your gift recipient. The Always Sunny Bouquet features the shades of yellow in a plastic frosted yellow hurricane vase. The Always Sunny Bouquet by Teleflora is approximately 12 inches high by 12 inches wide. 

Designed freshly with the flowers available to the floral designer on the day of your delivery, the Always Sunny Bouquet features the shades of yellow in flowers such as alstroemeria, gerberas, and mini roses in a bright yellow display of spirit lifting color. There isn't a single perfect occasion for the Always Sunny Bouquet by Teleflora, every occasion is the right occasion. To lift someone's spirits, send Happy Birthday Wishes, for a Happy Anniversary note or a thinking of you, the bright Always Sunny Bouquet by Teleflora fits the bill.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Save on Prescriptions at all Chain Pharmacies

The Free Prescription Discount Card sponsored by LAROSE.COM, is Free, Valid and Ready to use as soon as you get one. You can get and use a Free Prescription Discount Card easily, just Print a Free Prescription Discount Card or Save a Free Prescription Discount Card to your iPhone or other mobile device. There is never a fee to use your Free Prescription Discount Card which saves you up to 70% off the cost of Prescription Medications.

You can use your Free Prescription Discount Card at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. The Free Prescription Discount Card is accepted at Neighborhood Pharmacies as well as throughout the USA and Puerto Rico by major Drug Store Chains and Supermarkets with Pharmacies. 

Your Free Prescription Discount Card is accepted at CVS, Rite Aid, KMart, Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Shopr-Rite. Duane Reade, Kroger and every other major national or regional drug store, general merchandiser and supermarket throughout the USA and Puerto Rico.

Use your Free Prescription Discount Card over and over again, it does not expire, you do not have to activate, you do not have to renew it, you do not have to provide any personal information. Get a Free Prescription Discount Card and begin saving every time you need Prescription Medication.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Order Wholesale Palm Crosses from New Jersey

Throughout the Lenten Season Palm Crosses are traditional Cemetery Memorial in the North East. With many people migrating from the North East to other regions their ability to find Hand Made Palm Crosses is often limited, and when they do find them they are not made like the ones that they have purchased when they lived in the North east. Now you can offer Hand Made Palm Crosses to your customers when you purchase Hand Made Palm Crosses through LAROSE.COM

Order these 18 Inch Frame Wholesale Handmade Palm Crosses shipped to you via UPS for the Palm Sunday Season. These Wholesale Handmade Palm Crosses are ready to retail, for florists, nurseries, organizations, fund raisers, or non-profit groups. These hand made palm crosses come in individual bags for retailing. Each Handmade Wholesale Palm Cross comes complete and ready to sell with two plastic Easter Lilies. Please order early to insure you will receive your shipment of Palm Crosses in time to sell by Palm Sunday.. 

Wholesale Palm Crosses are shipped via ground UPS. These are 18 Inch Wooden Frames with palm and two plastic lilies individually bagged for retailing. These Wholesale Palm Crosses with two lilies are shipped from New Jersey via UPS Ground. When you order Wholesale Palm Crosses please allow 2-3 Days for them to be made and shipped.

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