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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Save on Glimepiride Tab 1 MG -FREE RX Discount

Use your FREE RX Discount Card from LAROSE.COM to save on all your Prescription Medications at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. Get your Free RX Discount through LAROSE.COM and begin saving today. Once you have a Free RX Discount Card, you only have to present it along with your Prescription to your local Pharmacy to begin saving. There is no registration required,  the Free RX Discount Card is valid and ready to use. It has no expiration date, use it over and over to save on Prescription Drugs at your local Pharmacy. There is never a FEE to use your FREE RX Discount Card, LAROSE.COM sponsors your card giving you negotiated savings of up to 75% on Prescription Drugs throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. The savings percentage is different on each drug. 

During Feburay 2013 a Free RX Discount Card Holder used their card to receive 53.53% discount on Glimepiride Tab 1MG, paying only $7.76 for a prescription that lists for $16.70. Using their FREE RX Discount Card this card holder saved $8.94 off of their prescription for Glimepiride Tab 1MG. 

Glimepiride Tab 1 MG is prescribed along with a proper diet to control Type 2 Diabetes. Most likely a prescrition for Glimepiride Tab 1 MG will be needed on a monthly basis. By using the Free RX Discount card month after month to fill their prescription of Glimepiride Tab 1 MG, the Free RX Card Holder will save over $100 per year. You don't have to register your Free RX Discount or provide any personal information, there is no spam mail or fees with your Free RX Discount Card, just Print One, Download One or obtain one in the mail and begin saving instantly on all your prescription drugs at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Spring Azalea Plant

The beginning of Spring is welcomed by the the Blooming Azalea Plant. Throughout most of the USA Azaleas are cultivated in the Greenhouse to prepare them for sale in early spring. The natural blooming period for an Azalea is mid to late Spring. The Azalea is one of the most popular Blooming Plants during Mother's Day, but are also popular throughout the Spring for any occasion.

The traditional Potted Azalea Plant is a gift that brings long lasting flowers indoors. In most regions of the country the Potted Azalea Plant may be kept indoors to enjoy the blooms and then transplanted into the garden for year after year enjoyment. Potted Azaleas are now available throughout most of the year in most temperate regions of the country. Potted Azaleas that are greenhouse propagated are not hardy and not meant for outdoor use in climates that have a frost. 

The Potted Azalea Plant is available in most regions of the country, but availability is affected by weather conditions, containers will vary by region. The Potted Azalea Plant is best sent throughout the spring months in the USA and Canada. Potted Azaleas for indoor display are temporarily beautiful, but not always the best choice if you are looking to send a plant that will last for years.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

iPhone 5 Charging Adapters

8 Pin Adapter
Price: $11.99

Adapter With Cable
Price: $13.99

Charging Kit
Price: $14.98

Ear Buds
Price: $8.99

Buy Cell Phone Accessories in Cell Corner at LAROSE.COM. As an Authorized Reseller of Cell Phone Accessories for BrokeMyCell.Com, Cell Corner at LAROSE.COM features generic cell phone accessories for the most popular cell phones, including the iPhone 5 by Apple.

The introduction of this new section of LAROSE.COM, Cell Corner, currently features three essential iPhone 5 Accessories, with more on the way. The unveiling of the iPhone 5 by Apple also saw the premiere of the new 8 Pin charging connection, dubbed Lightning by Apple. The older iPhone, iPod, and iPod nano are a 30 pin charging connection. To sync your data or to charge these devices in conjunction with iPhone 5 an adapter  is needed to change your 30 Pin connection into an 8 Pin Connection.
Cell Corner at LAROSE.COM currently features two adapters that will convert your 30 Pin Chargers into an 8 Pin Lightning connection with adapters made for Each of the currently featured adapters will allow you to convert a 30 Pin Connection into an 8 Pin Connection so that your older cords and chargers do not become obsolete. Best of all for iPhone users is that these 8 Pin to 30 Pin Lightning Adapters are a fraction of the price of the Apple branded Adapters 

Along with the 8 Pin to 30 Pin Adapters currently featured in Cell Corner at LAROSE.COM is a 3 in 1 Charging Kit for iPhone 5 that gives you the ability to charge your iPhone 5 at home, work or on the go. The 3 in 1 iPhone 5 Charging Kit features a Wall Plug, a Car Plug and a USB Cable with an 8 Pin Connection on one end and a USB Plug on the other end. The 3 in 1 Charger Kit for iPhone 5 is offered in Cell Corner by LAROSE.COM at less than a third of the price of a comparable Apple branded kit. 

As Cell Corner at LAROSE.COM expands featured products will include other necessary cables, ear buds, memory chips and more the most popular cell phones by Apple, Samsung and more.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Save up to 60% on Albuterol NEB 0.083%

On 2/7/13 a Free RX Discount Card user filled their prescription of Albuterol NEB 0.083% at the Rite Aid Pharmacy in Bayonne, NJ and saved 60.81% off the retail price of $39.99, paying only $15.67. Albuterol NEB 0.083% is one of the most widely prescribed prescriptions for breathing disorders including asthma.  Also known as Salbutamo, Albuterol is used by most on a daily basis and refilled monthly. If like the Free RX Discount Card user in Bayonne, NJ on February 7, 2013 you refill your monthly Albuterol NEB 0.083% using your Free RX Discount card and save $15.67 per month, you will save $188.04 a year by using the Free RX Discount Card sponsored by LAROSE.COM. 

Whether you Print a Free RX Discount Card, or Save a Free RX Discount Card to your Smart Phone you will enjoy savings on Prescription Drugs at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. Your Free RX Discount Card is valid and ready to use, there is no registration required, no fee, no renewal. Get a Free RX Discount Prescription Card and use it over and over to save on the Prescription Drugs you need month after month.

The Free RX Discount can be used at most major Pharmacy Chains,  local neighborhood pharmacies and Supermarket Pharmacies. Remember you don't have to provide any personal information to use the Free RX

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lavender Love Vase

For the colors of Spring Flower, the Lavender Love Vase is the perfect setting. With its true lavender glass and modern cut, the Lavender Love Vase is a triumphant display vessel for the blooms of spring.Pinks, Lavenders, Yellows and Whites will all be complimented by the Lavender Love Vase.

The Lavender Love Vase is a vase that you can definitely make you say wow. Handmade with an a purple glass, this trumpet shaped vase weighs five pounds. The Lavender Love Vase is a pedestal vase that stands slightly under ten inches tall and five and a quarter inches wide with a five inch opening. Made in Poland by glass artisans, the Lavender Love Vase has fluent lines giving it a majestic appearance. This pedestal lavender glass vase holds four cups of water and is a gift in itself.

Buy the Lavender Love Vase for special occasions, such as as Weddings, Anniversary Parties or special birthdays where a lavender vase will accent the color motif of the flowers. This majestic Lavender Love Vase will compliment any formal dinning table, highlight a floral arrangement or become a decorative accent standing alone. You can buy the Lavender Love Vase individually for yourself or as a gift, or buy it in quantity discounts and save on both the price of the vase and on shipping. The Lavender Love Vase is a five pound vase, UPS rates are based on weight plus distance.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happiness Charm Bracelet

The Happiness Charm Bracelet is interspersed with ladybug colored beads and intricately etched pattered beads on an eight inch snaked chain with a lobster clasp. Among the designed beads on the Happiness Charm Bracelet are hearts and flowers. Complete with five charms that include a smiling sun, a panda bear, an I Love You heart, a teddy bear and a star, this Happiness Charm Bracelet is a bracelet of happiness and fun. 

Order a Happiness Charm Bracelet as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, or treat yourself to a little happiness with this specially priced Happiness Charm Bracelet. The Happiness Charm Bracelet is a special purchase by the LAROSE.COM Jewelry Buyer to introduce you to the new Jewelry Section of LAROSE.COM. Retailing around the Country at Department Store Jewelry Counters at a $59.99, you can order a Happiness Charm Bracelet online for only $32.49 and receive FREE SHIPPING throughout the Continental USA as an incentive to try the quality affordable jewelry of LAROSE.COM.

When you order a Happiness Charm Bracelet with FREE SHIPPING throughout the Continental USA, your Happiness Charm Bracelet is shipped to you via UPS or USPS from Jersey City, NJ. When you Order a Happiness Charm Bracelet as a gift, please be aware of time in transit. Your Happiness Charm Bracelet will ship within two business days and arrive at your destination in a few days. Use the UPS Map below to estimate time in transit when you order a Happiness Charm Bracelet.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Send Cheerful Simple Get Well Flowers

Sometimes simple is better, as is the case with a get Well Wish of flowers. Although considered by many to be a "common" Flower, the Daisy is one of the most long lasting and cheerful flowers. You can Send Get Well cheer with the bright Daisies in a Bubble Bowl arrangement and speed someone on the road to recovery with the cheer that fresh yellow and white daisies will bring to their recovery room.

Order Daisies in a Bubble Bowl. We've been selling flowers for over twenty five years, and you always have customers who say, I'd rather have daisies than roses. Well here it is, Order Daisies in a Bubble Bowl for a Birthday, Get Well or any occasion for someone who love daisies. For the Daisy lover in your life Order Daisies in a Bubble Bowl, a mixture of fresh daisies arranged in a bubble bowl by a professional floral designer, then hand delivered to your recipient.  

This Daisy Bubble Bowl is a great everyday floral gift. When you Order Daisies in a Bubble Bowl it is hand delivered by a local florist in the area of your flower delivery. Send Daisies in a Bubble Bowl through LAROSE.COM and save up to $14.99 that other online flower services charge you to send flowers.

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