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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Green Cemetery Heart For St. Patrick's Day

This 18 inch Green Silk Heart is made using green and white silk flowers with a matching green all weather bow. This Green Silk Heart is weather resistant and comes with an easel for mounting. This Green Silk Heart is appropriate for placement at an outdoor graveside or at a Memorial.

The Green Silk Heart is completed with a White Silk Rose in the center of the bow. When you order a Green Silk Heart, please remember that it is shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist. Do not order to be directly sent to a Cemetery unless you have made arrangements with the Cemetery Office to receive your order and place your Green Silk Heart at the grave. Order a Green Silk Heart for a Memorial or Grave Site sent directly to you from the Florist Home of LAROSE.COM.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Shamrock Cemetery Memorial

This Silk Green and Cream Silk Flower Shamrock comes complete with a mounting easel for displaying at a Memorial or Grave. This decorative Green Silk Flower Shamrock is weather resistant and will keep its color and shape for months even outside. 

Each Silk Green and Cream Silk Flower Shamrock is finished with an Irish motif shamrock bow and a white silk rose. Perfect for a cemetery remembrance or memorial during St. Patrick's Day. Please remember that the Green Silk Shamrock is shipped from the Jersey City, NJ Florist via UPS. Only order the Silk Green Shamrock to be sent to a cemetery after you have checked with the Cemetery Office to be sure they will accept delivery and place your Silk Green Shamrock on the grave for you

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Order Valentine Flowers Today

Although there is 7 more days till Valentine's Day, you should order your Valentine Flowers today for a delivery by Valentines Day. Valentine Week is the busiest week for local florists who deliver your Valentine Flowers. It doesn't matter if you are ordering Valentine Flowers online or in person at your local florist, you should order today. Don't be fooled by the Telemarketers at 800 flower numbers and FTD, a company that used to be a florist co-op and is now a corporate order distributor, neither have the capability of having flowers hand delivered without the local florist.

Valentine Week for a local Florist is incomprehensible to the average consumer. Think about your job and image that you have to produce 10 times your normal weekly output in three days, that is what Valentine Week is for a Florist. The average local florist handles 2,000 roses a week, on Valentine Week, handling 20,000 roses in three days is normal. 

Behind the scenes at a local florist on Valentine Week is where everything happens. The normal dtaff must be supplemented with part time workers that more than triple the workforce. Although these workers are often unskilled, they still provide the necessary hands to unpack the roses, cut them, put them in water, clean them and prepare them for the skilled floral designers who create the arrangements. 

With staff working over capacity to diligently fulfill the volume of Valentine orders it is normal for the eraly orders to recieve the attention that is often given to each order throughout the year, but as the orders build and it gets closer to Valentine day, there is just not enough hours in the day for the designers to create arrangements for everyone and at some point, the shop reaches its maximum capacity and can no longer accept any more Valentine Orders. 

To insure fresh florist quality roses and Valentine flowers you should order Valentine Flowers now and scheule a delivery a day or two earlier than Valentine's Day so that your Valentine can enjoy fresh florist quality flowers throughout Valentine Week.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Send Four Roses in A Bud Vase

Send Four Roses in A Bud Vase. Four perfect roses arranged in a bud vase are hand delivered to your recipient by a local florist. hand selected and arranged this simple, yet elegant floral arrangement can say it all, I Love You, I'm Thinking of You, Smile, Get Well, Have a great day. No matter what the sentiment you want to express, you can express it with Four Roses in A Bud Vase.

Pink Roses are pictured, however you can also select, Red, Yellow or White Roses when you send this affordable gift of roses.Four Roses in a Bud Vase is hand delivered to your recipient from a local florist in the area of your rose delivery. Your flower order is handled by real florist every step of the way, from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ where your order is processed to the local professional florist who delivers your flowers

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Send the Dancing In Daisies Bouquet to A Valentine

Send the Dancing In Daisies Bouquet for Valentine's Day. Although the traditional flowers of Valentine's Day are considered the red carnation and the red roses, some Valentines would rather have daisies. The daisy's association with love dates back to Roman Mythology and their association with love was important during the Victorian Era. The Dancing In Daisies Bouquet is reminiscent of the innocence associated with the daisy as well as its prominence in its representation of love. Coupled with Alstroemeria and babies breath and arranged in a clear vase, the Dancing In Daisies Bouquet expresses love, innocence and modesty. 

Order the Dancing In Daisies Bouquet for your Valentine through LAROSE.COM free of extra wire service fees and have your Valentine receive a fresh bouquet of hand delivered roses in a vase. Aside from a break in tradition, the Dancing In Daisies Bouquet offers you a great value in fresh cut flowers, hand delivered to your Valentine throughout the Valentine month. It is so affordable that you can overwhelm your Valentine with a Dancing In Daisies Bouquet every week during the month of Valentine and beyond.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Order a Timeless Romance Bouquet for Valentine's Day

Send Valentine Roses and Lilies with the Teleflora Timeless Romance Bouquet. A clear glass vase is filled with hand selected red roses and lilies by a local professional floral designer, then hand delivered to your Valentine with your message of romance on a free enclosure card. The Teleflora Timeless Romance Bouquet captures the romance of Valentine with fresh red florist quality roses complimented with the elegance of lilies. 

Send Valentine flowers with a difference with the Teleflora Timeless Romance Bouquet. A hand arranged, hand delivered vase arrangement of fresh lilies and roses for your Valentine. Order fresh flowers for your Valentine, hand delivered locally by a professional regional florist in the tradition of Valentine, with this mixture of  red roses and and enchanting lilies. Order the Teleflora Timeless Romance Bouquet online at LAROSE.COM free of any service fees for delivery throughout the USA and Canada.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Order 18 Roses For Valentine's Day

To send a little extra for Valentine's Day, for a bigger gasp when the flowers are delivered, order 18 Roses for Valentine's Day. Any Valentine's Day Flowers are appreciated, but a Vase of 18 Roses is much appreciated.  Remember that Valentine's Day deliveries are booked fast, it is the single busiest day for the local professional florist, so if you want to order 18 Roses for Valentine's Day, order your Valentine's Day early and request a delivery from the 11-13, so that your Valentine can enjoy their roses throughout Valentine Week. 

Send a vase of love with Eighteen Roses Arranged in a Vase. Eighteen Roses hand selected by a professional floral designer arranged in a vase will be delivered along with with enclosure card to your recipient by a local florist in the region of your flower delivery. Artfully arranged in a glass vase these Eighteen Roses only need an admirer and water. Send Eighteen Roses in a Vase to someone today and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.

When you order Eighteen Roses In  A Vase through LAROSE.COM you can be assured that your order will be handled by a real florist every step of the way. From the order processing at the Florist in Jersey City, NJ to the delivery by a local independently owned florist your rose order is in the hands of florists not telemarketers.

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