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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yellow Roses For Valentine's Day

Yellow Roses have traditionally represented Friendship. Sending a Dozen Yellow Roses for Valentine's Day might be the way to start if the person is not yet your Valentine. A Dozen Red Roses might be too over the top for a hopefully but not yet Valentine. Save the Dozen Red Roses for next Valentine's Day, when they are your Valentine. This year consider a Dozen Yellow Roses or a favorite color of the person.

Send A Dozen Yellow Roses Arranged in a Vase and brighten up a day. Yellow Roses are very fragrant, arranged in a vase a dozen yellow roses fills the air with the fragrance of a summer rose garden. One Dozen Yellow Roses hand arranged by a local florist is the best way to send a dozen roses and save money when you order here. LAROSE.COM does not charge you any extra service fee like other 800 flower services to send a Dozen Yellow Roses in a Vase

The traditional meaning of a Yellow Rose is Friendship, sending a dozen yellow roses not only proclaims your friendship but lets the recipient know how much you are thinking of them. A Dozen Yellow Roses Arranged in a Vase is a sensory experience that will warm the feelings of your flower recipient. A Dozen Yellow Roses is hand delivered with your enclosure card.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Send A Dozen Valentine Roses in Mixed Colors

Send A Dozen Mixed Color Valentine Roses to represent the colorful spectrum of Valentine Love. When you send a A Dozen Mixed Color Valentine Roses, a professional floral designer will hand select twelve florist quality roses and hand arrange them in a vase for your Valentine Rose Order. 

Your A Dozen Mixed Color Valentine Roses will be hand delivered to your Valentine anywhere in the USA or Canada free of extra wire service charges when you place your Valentine Rose Order online. Show the colors of your love when you send A Dozen Mixed Color Valentine Roses to your Valentine. Each Valentine Rose Order is hand created and delivered by a local professional florist in the region of your Valentine Rose Delivery.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Order a Dozen of Valentine Colorful Roses

Send A Dozen Roses In A Vase
Send a Dozen Roses in a Vase. Elegant hand selected florist quality, straight, , long stemmed roses are artfully arranged in a glass vase and presented in the traditional style of arranging a dozen roses in a vase. No matter what the occasion a Dozen Roses arranged in a vase always changes the day. When you order aDozen Roses in a Vase through LAROSE.COM for delivery throughout the USA and Canada, not only are you ordering a great gift of fragrant flowers, you are also saving money, at LAROSE.COM when you place your rose order online there is never any extra wire service charges like other National Flowers by Wire Services. 

Order a Dozen Roses in A Vase in the favorite color of your recipient or in a color that expresses your sentiments. Order a Dozen Roses in a Vase to the Jersey City, NJ area and your roses will be arranged by the designers of LAROSE.COM and hand delivered from our Jersey City Florist home. Order a A Dozen Roses in A Vase for delivery throughout the USA and Canada and our designers will transmit your rose order to a selected member of the Teleflora Network free of any extra charges.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When You Are Mad about Your Valentine

When one Dozen Roses just won't do it for you on Valentine's Day, and you are head over heals for your Valentine, send a Valentine surprise, three dozen roses arranged in a vase. 

Sometimes there are days when sending One Dozen Roses is just not enough, and ordering Two Dozen Red Roses just doesn't make the statement that you want to make,  so here it is, a large vase of Three Dozen Roses arranged in a vase and hand delivered to send your special message to a special person. This arrangement of Three Dozen Roses are long stem florist quality, hand selected roses, arranged in a vase by a professional floral designer in the region of your rose delivery.

Hand delivered along with your enclosure card, this presentation of Three Dozen Roses Arranged in a vase will be a gift of roses that are remembered.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Send Valentine Roses

Order A Dozen Red Roses Arranged in a Vase for any occasion. Sending a Dozen Red Roses is equated with sending love, but a Dozen Red Roses Arranged in a Vase can also represent a message of hope, sympathy, or congratulatory wishes. A Dozen Red Roses arranged in a Vase are not limited to Anniversaries, Birthday's or Get Well Wishes. Send A Dozen Red Roses just because it is Friday, or Monday. 

A Dozen Red Roses Arranged in  a Vase and hand delivered by a local florist along with your card message will turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary day. Sending a Dozen Red Roses through the Florist at LAROSE.COM is not only easy it is a money saver. Order a Dozen Red Roses Online, fill out the form and free yourself of extra service charges that you have been paying other florists to send a dozen red roses.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Red Carnations For Valentine's Day

The Red Carnation also has its place in Valentine's Day, the meaning assigned to the red carnation is, "my heart aches for you". The carnation has a history that spans  thousands of years and has played a part in everything from Coronations to street theater. As a gift of flowers for Valentine's Day, a dozen red carnations in a vase is most appropriate. The red carnation is a fragrant flowers that will last longer than the red roses in a cut vase arrangement when properly eater and kept away from heat and sunlight. A Dozen Red Carnations arranged in a vase for Valentine's Day conveys as deep a meaning as the red rose. 

Send Red Carnations Arranged in A Vase. Freshly arranged Red Carnations in a Vase are locally delivered by a professional florist in the region of your delivery. Red Carnations arranged in a vase is an affordable way to send your wishes with a fresh, fragrant floral gift. These Red Carnations Arranged in a Vase are hand designed and delivered locally by a flower shop in the area of your recipient. 

Send your emotional expressions with these rich red, fragrant carnations neatly arranged in a glass vase. Send a Dozen Red Carnations in a Vase through LAROSE.COM, the online florist since 1995. LAROSE.COM is headquartered at a real florist in Jersey City, NJ and staffed by real floral designers, not by telemarketers.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Valentine Heart for Mom

Order a Mom Heart Pendant with FREE Chain for Valentine's Day. The heart of this Mom Heart Pendant measures 7/8 of an inch wide by 7/8 of an inch high with a dainty chain that comes with an extra extender..This Mom Heart Pendant features the word MOM in a heart accented with a richly colored open rose and three pink glass beads. hooked to a solid clasp that will slip onto most chains. The word Mom is made in a gold tone color, the rose in a rich fuchsia and the heart itself in a highly polished silver. 

Order the Mom Heart Pendant and receive a complete gift, a Mom Pendant, a Free Chain, A Free Gift Box and SHIPPING THROUGHOUT THE USA. 

This Mom Pendant is ready to ship, a perfect gift for Mom on Valentine's Day. The Mom Pendant is a sparkling jewelry accessory that captures and reflects light, with its four colors, gold, silver fuchsia and pink, this Mom Heart Pendant is a richly dimensional colorful accessory that can highlight many fashion colors. Order a Mom Heart Pendant with Free Chain, Free Gift Box and Shipping for a complete everyday low price of only $15.99.

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