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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Buy a Jeep For Valentine's Day

You can fill this Replica Ceramic Jeep® Wrangler with all kinds of gifts to create a special, personal Valentine's Day Gift made by you. Begin with this Replica Ceramic Jeep® Wrangler and fill it with candy, lotions and makeup, tickets to a play, restaurant gift cards or  X-Rated toys, wrap it in cellophane, top it off with a red bow, add your gift card and you will have a very personalized Valentine's Day Gift.When you begin your Valentine's Day Gift with a Replica Ceramic Jeep® Wrangler, your only limit to a personal Valentine day Gift is your imagination. 

Here it is, a replica ceramic Jeep® Wrangler. Licensed by Jeep® Wrangler and produced for the Teleflora Corporation, this Replica Ceramic Jeep® Wrangler measures 5.5 inches high by 5.25 inches wide, it is 9.5 inches long and has a workable opening of 3.5 inches by 4 inches. This Replica Ceramic Jeep® Wrangler can be used as a gift container to create a personal Valentine's Day Gift and it is a keepsake gift that will be displayed throughout the year as a reminder of your Valentine's Day Gift. Painted in classic red and black this Replica Ceramic Jeep® Wrangler sports a roll bar, spare tire and the Jeep Logo.

Order a Replica Ceramic Jeep® Wrangler and start your imagination working to create a special Valentine's Day Gift. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Valentine Pendant for Mom

Buy a Mom Rose Pendant with Free Chain, Free Gift Box and Shipping throughout the USA for Valentine's Day. This silver colored Mom Pendant features cursive letter M and open pink rose for the O and and a cursive letter M to spell Mom. Under each M is a crystal chip that adds a dazzling light reflecting touch to this Mom Pendant for Valentine's Day. The Rose Mom Pendant is two inches long and one inch high, not counting the enclosed hook that is wide enough to fit on almost any other size chain. The Rose Mom Pendant comes with a silver tone chain that is twenty inches long and has a secure lobster clasp. 

Buy a Rose Mom Pendant for Valentine's Day.  This Mom Rose Pendant is an excellent gift for a proud new Mom, with its highly polished silver tone finish, open pink rose and clear crystal chips, this Mom Pendant is a jewelry necklace that can be worn casually or formally. Save time money and gas when you buy a Mom Pendant online through LAROSE.COM Jewelry. Order a Mom Pendant with Free Chain, Free Gift Box and Shipping.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Universal Ear Buds With Remote and Microphone

New at LAROSE.COM Cell Corner are Universal Ear Buds with Remote and Microphone. These new generation Universal Ear Buds with Remote and Microphone are compatible with any Cell Phone that accommodates a   3.5 mm plug, including the iPhone 5, Iphone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Buy Ear Buds with Remote and Microphone with a new design that offers a great fit.  These Earphones have a 3.5 mm plug, and are compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. With a comfortable fit these Ear Buds have a remote that allows for volume control, pause, skip forward and skip back. These Earphones are the kind recommended by audiologists, the kind that fits securely into the ear without penetrating the ear cannel. Buy these Universal Ear Buds as a spare for your new iPhone 5 or to replace old and worn Ear Buds that originally came with your iPhone 4, iPhone 4 S or iPod. Molded after the 5th Generation Apple Ear Buds, these Universal Ear Pods are compatible with IPod Touch, Nano 7 and iPod mini.

The new Universal Ear Buds with Remote and Microphone allows you to answer and end calls and adjust the volume. They are currently sold in white only with a hard plastic white storage case. 

These Universal Ear Buds are individually packaged in a hard plastic case that can be used as a storage case for transporting your Ear Buds wherever you go. At a fraction of the price of name brand Ear Buds, these universal Ear Buds provide the same durability and lasting sound. You can buy multiple quantities of these universal Ear Buds and save on both the price and the cost of shipping. There is no need to go without Ear Buds when you can have a set of high quality Ear Phones with Remote and Microphone at a third of the price of brand name Ear Buds.  

Apple, iPhone, iPod, and iPod nano are registered trademarks of the Apple Corporations. The product represented for sale here is Not associated with Apple.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Valentine's Day Puppy Love

In 1960 Paul Anka wrote a recorded a song titled, Puppy Love, it hit #2 on the charts and became a # 1 hit when re-recorded by Donny Osmond in 1972. The opening lyrics to "Puppy Love" 

And they called it puppy love 
Oh, I guess they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And why I love her so

Valentine's Day is a day when "Puppy Love" is in the air for all ages. You can celebrate or recall the days of Puppy Love this Valentine's Day with a vase that  brings the lyrics of Puppy Love to life. The Puppy Hug Vase is for all those who are in the midst of, or are recalling Puppy Love. Order a Puppy Hug Vase for Valentine's Day, fill it with fresh flowers from your neighborhood professional florist and hand deliver it to your Puppy Love on Valentine's Day 

Don't let the other lyrics of Puppy Love come true for you,

 I cry each night my tears for you
My tears are all in vain
I'll hope and I'll pray that maybe someday
You'll be back in my arms once again

Take action this Valentine's Day with the Puppy Hug Vase, so that your Puppy Love will be a lasting love. 

Order A Puppy Hug Vase for Valentine's Day. The Puppy Hug Vase is complete with a ceramic vase that measures 6.75 inches high by almost 4.5 inches wide with a 2.25 inch opening hugged by a 6.5 inch plush pink puppy with a heart around its eye. The Puppy Hug Vase is a rich shiny red and comes with the Velcro to attach the plush puppy to the vase. The Puppy Hug Vase can be used to create a puppy love bouquet, as a centerpiece for children's parties or for a sweet sixteen theme party. 

The Puppy Hug Vase can be filled with fresh flowers, balloons or candies to create a unique Valentine's Day Gift. The Puppy Hug Vase is a thick glazed ceramic vase that weighs one pound and offers a small footprint that won't take away needed space on party tables. The Puppy Hug Vase is sent directly to you or your recipient via UPS and may be purchased in quantity discounts. The Puppy Hug Vase ensemble is sure to spur on your creativity in creating the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for your Puppy Love with flowers, balloons or candy. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Heart of Hearts Ceramic Valentine's Bowl

Order the Heart of Hearts Ceramic Bubble Bowl for Valentine's Day and Create a personalized Valentine's Day Gift for your Valentine. Use the Heart of Hearts Ceramic Valentine's Bowl as a base for a gift of Valentine Candy, Makeup or flowers. Whatever your gift choice is for Valentine's Day you can start with the Heart of Hearts Ceramic Valentine's Bowl. Order your Heart of Hearts Ceramic Valentine's Bowl so that it will be there in time for your to create your special Valentine Gift for your Valentine.

The Heart of Hearts Bubble Bowl is a romantic twist on the classic bowl bowl. Made of ceramic with a high gloss finish this 4.75 inch high by 6 inch wide bubble bowl is whimsically decorated with decals of hand drawn hearts in white and pink on a red background. The Heart of Hearts Bubble Bowl makes an excellent floral container or base for a gift of candy. 

The Heart of Hearts Bubble Bowl can be the container for a romantic gift or it can be the gift itself. The Heart of Hearts Bubble Bowl is a rich looking floral container at an extremely affordable price. Please remember that floral containers ordered through LAROSE.COM are directly shipped to you via UPS.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hugs and Kisses Vase.

You can hand deliver your Valentine's Day Flowers in the most Valentine appropriate vase, the Hugs and Kisses Vase. It's nice to have flowers hand delivered by a professional florist, but on Valentine's Day isn't it better if you bring them yourself and enjoy the moment together? Order your Hugs and Kisses Vase now, on the day before Valentine's Day, go to your local florist, buy some fresh flowers or six roses and on Valentine's Day you will be prepared to personally deliver a romantic Valentine's Day Gift complete with kisses and hugs. 

Hugs and Kisses Vase

The Hugs and Kisses Vase is a a ceramic vase with a lustrous red satin finish that is 8,5 inches high by 4 inches wide and has an over two inch neck opening. The Hugs and Kisses Vase comes with a bracelet of silver colored XXX and OOO's that fits around the neck of the vase. The red satin finish of the Hugs and Kisses Vase adds an elegant touch to any flower arrangement of red and white flowers. With its hour glass shape and sturdy footing, the Hugs and Kisses Vase is an elegant vase for any party or wedding with a red color scheme. 

The Hugs and Kisses Vase offers a true red color with a muted satin finish. Simply fill the Hugs and Kisses Vase with six red florist quality roses to make a simply elegant centerpiece for cocktail parties, or table centerpieces for the main event. The Hugs and Kisses bracelet is removable if you just need an amazingly red finished vase to compliment your floral arrangement for any event. The Hugs and Kisses Vase works well with a display of a single variety of flower, like ten tulips, or six roses or 6 stems of lilies. The Hugs and Kisses Vase is a keepsake ceramic vase that will evoke memories of the party or event. The Hugs and Kisses Vase is available limited and will not be available when the existing supply sells out. Please be aware of time in transit when you order an Hugs and Kisses Vase as a gift or for a wedding or event.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish

Want to make a Valentine's Day Gift yourself? Use the Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish as your beginning. If your Valentine is partial to Hershey's Chocolate, begin your Valentine's Day Gift with the Hershey's Hug Candy Dish. Fill your Hershey's Hug Candy Dish with your Valentine's favorite Hershey's Chocolates (kisses would be perfect), wrap it it cellophane, tie it with a bow, add a Valentine Card and you have created a Valentine's Day Gift that will be remembered. Your Valentine will enjoy their chocolate and have a keepsake Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish to remember year after year.

Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish

The Ceramic Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish is the perfect way to offer Hersey's Kisses to your guests. The Ceramic Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish is produced for Teleflora under license by Hershey's, America's Favorite Chocolate Maker. The Ceramic Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish has a high gloss shiny finish to replicate the shiny foil of the Hersey's Kiss. Accented with Chocolate Brown swirls The Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish has a replica trademark tab that says, Hersey's Hugs, just like the classic paper tab on a Hershey's Kiss.

The exquisite Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish measures 6 inches high by 6 inches wide with an almost 5 inch opening. The lid of the Hersey's Hugs lifts off to reveal the treasure of candy that you place inside. Fill this Hershey's Hug Candy Dish with Hershey's Kisses for the gift of Hugs and Kisses. Alone or filled, the Ceramic Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish is a gift for any occasion.

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