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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pre-Order the 2013 Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel

We are ready to begin taking pre-orders for the 2013 Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel, the Teleflora 2013 Thomas Kinkade Christmas Feature. The 2013 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel is sure to sell out, pre-order yours now and you can be one of the first to have one. It is estimated that they will begin shipping on November 1, 2013, last year those who pre-ordered their 2012 Kinkade Winter Wonder Cottage received them before Halloween when the estimated ship date was November 1, 2013. Once the shipment of the 2013 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapels are received, the price returns to the regular retail price. 

Order the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel. We are now accepting pre-orders for the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel, the licensed Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Feature for Christmas 2013. Order the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel by September 15th, 2013 to get this special price on the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel. We expect to begin shipping the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel on November 1, 2013. Pre-Order the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel now through September 15, 2013 at a special Pre-Order Price of $21.75. After the pre-order, the retail price of the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel will be $29.75. 
The Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel by Teleflora is the 2013 release of an over decade long tradion of Licensed Thomsa Kinkade interpretations by Teleflora. Licensed by Kinkade Media Arts the 2013 Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Church features is a hand sculpted and hand painted resin with a plexi-glass backdrop that features a gold star of Bethlehem. As with the other Thomas Kinkade Christmas Cottage features by Teleflora, the Thomas Kinkade Starry Night Chapel illuminates with 2 AA batteries and has an on/off switch. 
Take advantage of the SPECIAL PRE-ORDER Price of only $21.75, a savings of $8.00 over the expected retail price of $29.75 when they are released. 

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