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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hand Blown Magnificent Vase

The Magnificent Vase is a hand blown vase with a graceful curved shaped leading up to a scalloped edge in a a delicate pink glass. The Magnificent Vase measures nine inches high by slightly under five inches wide and has a two and a half inch opening for featuring premier flowers to compliment its unique shape and color. The Magnificent Vase hold three and a half cups of water and has a hand cut and polished opening. 
The Magnificent Vase is a home accent in itself, filled with fresh complimentary colored fresh flowers it is a highlighted work of natural art. The Magnificent Vase is an interesting vase for cocktail tables at weddings and celebrations where the color motif is pastel. The Magnificent Vase was selected to be the featured vase for the Faith Hill Flower Collection by Teleflora and is available directly to you.

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