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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Send Get Well Flowers

Even if it's only a hangover, you still want to send Get Well Flowers to brighten a day, wish them well or put their spirits on the road to recovery. Flowers and Plants are medicine for the soul. When you know someone is sick or down an affordable way to help them on the road to recovery is to send Get Well Flowers.  

Order Get Well Flowers

Send Get Well Flowers online at LAROSE.COM and save money, there is NO SERVICE CHARGE like other online flowers by wire services that send get well flowers.. Order Get Well Flowers and have your get well wishes sent throughout the USA and Canada FREE from extra wire service charges, order get well flowers online, fill out the form and keep up to $14.99 in your pocket that other 800 flowers services charge you to order flowers online. Send Get Well Flowers that are fresh, professionally  arranged and hand delivered by a professional local florist. When you order Get Well Flowers through other services, they are often sent in a box via courier, your recipient then has to clean and arrange their own Get Well Flowers.  

Send Get Well Flowers throughout the USA and Canada online quickly and easily while saving money. When you order Get Well Flowers through LAROSE.COM, your order is handled by a professional floral designer no matter where it is going. . When you Order Get Well Flowers throughout  the USA and Canada, a floral designer will transmit your order to a selected independently owned florist through the Teleflora Network to assure that when you order Get Well Flowers they are hand delivered fresh to your recipient. 

Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't Forget a Birthday During the Holidays

Order Birthday Roses
Send a Dozen Birthday Roses in a Vase. Choose their favorite color, yellow, white, red, dark pink or pink birthday roses and have them hand delivered on their birthday. When you order a Dozen Birthday Roses arranged in a vase, a local floral designer will select the freshest long stem roses in the color you choose and hand arrange them in a vase. Your Dozen Birthday Roses will then be hand delivered to your birthday rose recipient throughout the USA and Canada. Although the Dozen Birthday Roses are featured in the most common colors, there will be days when that color is either sold out, not available are are just poor quality, so we suggest that you choose a second choice or place your order early to be sure the color you choose may be delivered on the birthday of your Birthday Rose recipient.

The Dozen Birthday Roses in a Vase is always made to order and hand delivered on the date you request, Monday through Saturday. Not all regions offer Sunday deliveries. Make a birthday special by sending a Dozen Birthday Roses in a Vase.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcome the New Year With Roses

In less than a week, 2012 will be in the History Books. Let the New Year begin with roses. Send Roses online for the New Year or for any occasion during the year. Don't wait for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day to send roses, you can send roses throughout the year for any occasion or for no occasion at all.
Welcome the New Year With Roses

Send Roses from LAROSE.COM Online Florist. Order Roses, fill out the order form yourself and save up to $14.95 over other National Flowers by Wire Services and 800 flower telemarketers when you send Roses. When you order Roses online from LAROSE.COM and fill out the order form yourself, you save the service charge. (phone orders are subject to $6.95 Service Charge). Other National 800 Flowers by wire services and internet order gatherers charge you up to $14.99 just to send roses for you. 

When you order Roses online through LAROSE.COM, your order is created and delivered locally through a network of selected local Florists throughout the USA and Canada. From start to finish your rose delivery is handled by real florists. Your order is processed at the Florist in Jersey City, NJ and transmitted to selected local independently owned florists throughout the USA and Canada to be hand designed and hand delivered to your recipient with your card message. LAROSE.COM has been servicing the Internet Flower Buyer since 1995 and has been serving the local Jersey City, NJ area since 1981.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Send Flowers to Express Sympathy

The Passing of a Relative or Friend is hard any day, but it is especially heart wrenching during the Holiday Season. During the weeks when we celebrate Christmas and the New Year, funerals seem to hit harder on those who are closely related. It is during these times that flowers extend a compassion and show that you are thinking of those affected. Red symbolizes not only the season, but also a deep compassion. You can send a Care and Compassion Spray of Flowers to express your Sympathies during a sorrow filled time.

Send Flowers to Express Sympathy
Send Sympathy Flowers with a Care and Compassion Spray. The Care and Compassion Spray of Sympathy Flowers features red roses and red carnations in a display that measures approximately twenty-three inches wide by forty-six inches high excluding the easel where used. Hand designed and delivered to the wake, viewing or memorial service. Send a Care and Compassion Spray of Flowers to extend your condolences to the family of a relative, friend, colleague or neighbor.

The Care and Compassion Spray of Sympathy Flowers features red, a symbol of love and comfort, it hand designed by a local professional florist using the freshest available red carnations and roses on the day of your sympathy flower delivery. Hand delivered to the services, wake, viewing or memorial along with your message of condolence, The Care and Compassion Spray of Sympathy Flowers is an appropriate symbol of expression of sympathy at a time of loss. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from LAROSE.COM

To all those who celebrate Christmas and to everyone who visits LAROSE.COM, LaRose Flowers and Gifts, and La Rose Florist, the Management and Staff wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful Holiday.
Merry Christmas From LAROSE.COM

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coming Soon to LAROSE.COM

La will be adding a new section for the New Year, which will feature Cell Phone Parts, Cell Phone Chargers and Cell Phone Accessories, in association with BrokeMyCell.Com, As an Authorized reseller for, the LaRose Cell Phone Section, Cell Corner will feature the latest after market Chargers and Adapters for the iPhone 5 at less than half the price that the Apple Store Charges. The hottest topic item right now is the Lightning Connection Adapters, that enables older Apple models with a 30 Pin connection to adapt to the new 8 Pin Connection that Apple has introduced with the newer models
Cell Phone Accessories

The new after market Lighting Adapters features all the advantages of the Apple Adapter minus the high price, they are able to charge and perform data transfers simultaneously.

This simple but very useful adapter will convert your old iPhone 30 pin Cable to the new 8 pin Lightning So now you will be able to connect to and use all of your previous connections.

New charging and data transfer adapter for iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th, Nano 7th & iPod Mini
  • New Adapter compatible with apple
  • Individually Packaged
  • Compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 for maximum data transfer speeds
  • Allows for charging and data transfer at same time
  • Color is White
  • Top Quality

The iPhone 5 adapter comes in individually packaged and is a generic model which is guaranteed to work for charging and data transfer with iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th, Nano 7th, and the iPod mini.

As the new Cell Phone Accessories Section of LAROSE.COM is Built you can currently purchase from the  through

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