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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thomas Kinkade Cottages Continue to Ship

If you didn't get the Thomas Kinkade Cottage that you wanted this year, or need to fill in your Thomas Kinkade Cottage Collection, LAROSE.COM continues to ship the Thomas Kinkade Cottages throughout the year. You might be surprised to learn that cottages from the Thomas Kinkade Christmas Cottage Collection are shipped every month of the year. In fact more Thomas Kinkade Cottages are shipped in the other eleven months of the year than are shipped in December. As long as they are available from the manufacturers, LAROSE.COM restocks Christmas Cottages throughout the year. 

2012 Thomas Kinkade Winter Wonder Cottage

Kinkade Winter Wonder
Price: $26.50
Not every Thomas Kinkade Cottage is available for purchase because they are produced in limited quantities, and once the supply runs out, the only place to get them is the secondary collectors market places. LAROSE.COM usually stocks three to four years of previously released cottages which you can order even after the Christmas Season. 
Thomas Kinkade Childhood Home

Kinkade Home
Price: $24.50
The Thomas Kinkade Cottages can be found throughout the year at LAROSE.COM in the Christmas Gift Section. If fact all the Christmas Gifts that are live online are available to ship throughout the year. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Send Your Christmas Wishes with Flowers

Send Your Christmas Wishes with Flowers
Send The Christmas Wishes Centerpiece across the USA and Canada to express your Christmas Greetings with the Christmas Gift of Fresh Flowers. The Christmas Wishes Centerpiece is a classic Christmas Centerpiece freshly made by a local Professional Floral Designer, then hand delivered to your Christmas Gift Recipient. With a base of fresh fragrant pine, topped with two red taper candles accented with pine cones and berries, this Christmas Centerpiece of red and white roses is an elegant seasonal centerpiece to complete the Christmas Table. With the beauty of roses, the fragrance of fresh pine and the glow of candle light, nothing says Merry Christmas like the gift of the Christmas Wishes Centerpiece

Freshly hand crafted at a local florist and hand delivered to your Christmas Gift Recipient, The Christmas Wishes Centerpiece comes complete with a free enclosure card for your Christmas message. Send Christmas Flowers with The Christmas Wishes Centerpiece online through LAROSE.COM and save up to $14.95 that other National Flowers by Wire Services and 800 Flowers number charge you to send Christmas Flowers. Since 1995, Customers at LAROSE.COM order Christmas Flowers and Flowers for all occasions free of extra wire service charges and have saved money every time they send flowers.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Order a Red Poisettia For Christmas

Order a Red Poisettia For Christmas
The Red Poinsettia completes the Christmas look and feel of the home decorated for Christmas, it is the finishing touch to the Christmas Home. When you can't be there to share Christmas in person, you can send a piece of Christmas with a Red Poinsettia.

Send a Red Poinsettia For Christmas. The traditional Christmas plant is the red poinsettia. When you send a Red Poinsettia from LAROSE.COM it will be hand delivered locally by a  Professional Florist or Greenhouse in the region of your gift recipient so that it isn't damaged in transit. 

Send a Red Poinsettia Plant for Christmas decorated for the Holiday season with your gift card attached with Holiday Greetings.  What could be an easier way to spread Holiday Cheer than to send a Red Poinsettia For Christmas. When you send a Red Poinsettia for Christmas, varieties and exact plant sizes will vary by region. Only at LAROSE.COM have people been able to send a Red Poinsettia for Christmas free of extra Wire Service Charges online since 1995. Save up to $14.99 over other National Flowers by Wire Services that charge you to send a Red Poinsettia online.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Order Christmas Flowers Now

It is getting close to Christmas, if you haven't ordered your Christmas Flowers to be delivered to your Christmas Gift Recipients throughout the USA and Canada, there is still time, although not much. You can still order Christmas Flowers to be hand delivered to your Christmas Gift Recipients for delivery on December 21st or 22nd. Order Christmas Flowers now through LAROSE.COM, where you never pay a fee to order Christmas Flowers, when your order is placed online. Other Internet Florist services charge you up to $16.99 per order to use their Web Site for ordering Flowers, there is never a fee to use LAROSE.COM. You can send hand delivered Christmas Flowers along with your Christmas greetings on a FREE gift card and save up to $16.99 per order, no coupons needed.

Order Christmas Flowers online at the Online Florist of LAROSE.COM and save up to $14.99 in service charges by placing your Christmas flower order yourself. When you order Christmas Flowers online at The Florist you save over other National Flowers by wire services, and 800 flowers numbers which charge you up to $14.99 to send Christmas Flowers. At LAROSE.COM online florist, order your flowers online, and save the service charge (phone orders incur a $6.25 Service Charge). Order Christmas Flowers FREE from extra wire service charges.

Send your Holiday and Christmas Flowers today, order early, Holiday and Christmas Flowers in featured containers will sell out. We recommend that you have your Christmas Flowers delivered starting on December 15 so that your recipient can receive and enjoy their flowers before the Holidays get hectic. 

We do Not Deliver on December 25 and Deliver on December 24th in limited areas. Please request your Christmas Flower delivery before December 24 to ensure that your Holiday gift of Flowers will be enjoyed throughout the Holiday Week

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Star Bright Hurricane Glass

Star Bright Hurricane Glass
The Star Bright Hurricane Glass  is made of red ruby glass accented with a shooting star with a tail that wraps around from the bottom of the glass to the star. The Shooting Star on the Star Bright Hurricane Glass adds a dazzling touch to this elegant hurricane glass. The Star Bright Hurricane Glass comes with an attachable silver plastic base that can sit on any flat surface table as a centerpiece on its own or can be incorporated into a fresh flower arrangement to create a centerpiece with a elegant center.

The Star Bright Hurricane Glass can be used throughout the holiday season or for Wedding or Event Centerpieces with motifs that either incorporate a theme of a shooting star or have the colors of red and silver. The Star Bright Hurricane Glass itself measures eight inches high by three and three eights inches wide and has a two and a half inch opening.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Send a Holiday Plant Garden

Send a Holiday Plant Garden
A Holiday Plant Garden for Christmas is a mixture of tropical plants decorated for the Holiday Season with the classic red poinsettia added for the season.  This Holiday Plant Garden for Christmas  is a great gift to send when you want to wish Happy Holidays to a friend, or co-worker or relative. This Holiday Plant Garden will last long after the Holidays are over, if cared for, to remind them of your Holiday Thoughtfulness. 

Send The Holiday Plant Garden through LAROSE.COM and your Holiday Plant Garden will be hand delivered by a local Professional Florist in the region of your delivery. The pictured item is a depiction as these Holiday Plant Gardens are designed locally by each independently owned florist in the area of your delivery. Send a Holiday Plant Garden through the LAROSE.COM, the only online florist that has not charged an extra service charge since 1995. Sizes will vary by region.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Send Christmas Flowers with an Elegant Bouquet

Send Christmas Flowers with an Elegant Bouquet
Send an elegant Christmas Flower Arrangement with the Teleflora Holiday Elegance Bouquet. Hand designed in the new gold finished satin ceramic container, The Teleflora Holiday Elegance Bouquet brings all the colors of the season home for the Holidays. A local floral designer will hand arrange fresh pine, red roses and red carnations in this keep sake ceramic container and have it hand delivered with your free enclosure card to your holiday gift recipient. The Teleflora Holiday Elegance Bouquet is the fresh Christmas Gift of Flowers that can be delivered throughout the USA and Canada free from extra charges when you order online at LAROSE.COM. The Holiday Elegance Bouquet for Christmas is a one sided arrangement measuring approximately thirteen inches wide by 14 inches high.

For a round interpretation of the Teleflora Holiday Elegance Bouquet which measures 15 inches high by 15 inches wide and is a table centerpiece order the Teleflora Deluxe Holiday Elegance Bouquet for Christmas. No matter what size Holiday Elegance Bouquet you send, each one is a Christmas gift that is hand delivered and made fresh for your Holiday Flower Gift Recipient.

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