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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Send Fall Flowers

Order Fall Flowers
Send Fall Flowers with the new Teleflora Forever Fall Vase Arrangement for the Autumn Season. The Teleflora Forever Fall is designed in the new orange plastic serendipity vase by Teleflora. A harvest of fresh fall colors in flowers such as roses, gerbera, and mums are hand arranged in this orange vase by a Professional Floral Designer in the region of your flower delivery. To complete the Autumn look of the Teleflora Forever Fall Arrangement for Autumn, it is accented by preserved Autumn leaves and topped off with your message on an enclosure card, then hand delivered to your flower recipient. 

The Teleflora Forever Fall Vase of Flowers for Autumn can be sent throughout the USA and Canada during the Fall Season to wish some a Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or to send Get Well Wishes. With its already affordable price, The Teleflora Forever Fall Bouquet is even more affordable when you order online through LAROSE.COM where you never pay a service fee like you do at other Flowers Service Web Sites and 800 flower numbers. Order the Teleflora Forever Fall through the online Florist at LAROSE.COM and save up to $14.99 in fees that the telemarketing Web Sites and 800 Flowers Numbers charge you to send fall flowers online. If you order the Teleflora Forever Fall for three different people, with the money you save on fees you can order a fourth one almost free. Order Fall Flowers online for any occasion or for no occasion at all with the Teleflora Forever Fall Bouquet free of service fees any day during the Fall Season for hand delivery throughout the USA and Canada.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Send a Happy Halloween Bouquet

Send Halloween Flowers
The Happy Halloween Bouquet is designed in a keepsake fall orange glass votive bowl. The new brilliant orange glass votive bowl made of hand cut glass with light captivating dimples. For the Happy Halloween Bouquet, the orange glass votive bowl is filled with daisies, button mums and spray roses by a local professional floral designer creating a bright Halloween Flower Arrangement in a stunning translucent orange bowl. Black stick on decals which are easily removed are applied as the finishing touch before your card message is added and your Happy Halloween Bouquet is hand delivered to wish someone a Happy Halloween throughout the USA and Canada.

The Happy Halloween Bouquet is two gifts in one, the gift of fresh hand designed and delivered flowers for Halloween in a keepsake votive bowl. The Keepsake Votive bowl measures five and a half inches high by six inches wide and has a three inch opening. It holds four cups of water, providing an ample reservoir for fresh flower arrangement. With a votive or tea light candle the hand cut facets of the glass give a reflective orange glow throughout the room. The Happy Halloween Bouquet is a Halloween gift of flowers as well as a gift that will be used throughout the years.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teleflora Send A Hug Squirrel Away Bouquet

Send Flowers for Autumn with the Teleflora Send a Hug Squirrel Away Bouquet. Send a Hug for any Autumn Occasion with this new addition to the Flowers in A Gift Collection presented in a glazed ceramic FDA approved hand painted keepsake. The Teleflora Send A Hug Squirrel Away Bouquet can be sent for any Autumn Occasion, Birthdays, New Baby, Get Well, Halloween or Thanksgiving.

The Teleflora Send A Hug Squirrel Away Bouquet is designed in a ceramic container that features a whimsical squirrel pushing a large acorn. Filled with fresh Autumn Flowers by a local professional floral designer, the  Teleflora Send A Hug Squirrel Away Bouquet will be a welcome surprise for any occasion during the Autumn Season. After the joy of the flowers, the keepsake Squirrel Away Ceramic Container makes a perfect serving bowl for nuts and candy throughout the Fall. Send a Hug for Autumn with the Teleflora Send A Hug Squirrel Away Bouquet.

Editor's Note 7-24-13- Since this Blog Post was published, the Send a Hug Fetching Bouquet is no longer available, however you can still purchase the Send a Hug Squirrel Planter that was the container for the Send a Hug Fetching Bouquet. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunlit Beauty Autumn Vase

Buy a Sunlit Beauty Autumn Vase
The Sunlit Beauty Vase is nothing short of stunning. This hand-blown art glass vase is a showpiece in itself, filled with fresh flowers it becomes a living masterpiece of art. The Sunlit Beauty Vase is a vibrantly colored vase with thin stripes of oranges, browns, blacks, gold, and yellows and measures 9 inches high by almost six inches wide with a three inch opening. Put this Sunlit Beauty Vase on an end table, dinning room table mantle or pedestal as a work of art. When you receive fresh flowers, cut flowers from your garden or go to your local professional florist to buy high quality flowers use this rich colored vase as a artful display vessel. 

The Sunlit Beauty Vase holds seven cups of water and has a uniquely stylized shape. In over thirty years in the the floral business it is one of the most beautifully, stunning vases that we have ever offered for sale. The Sunlit Beauty Vase adds instant accenting beauty to a variety of rooms. Used as a vase for flowers at an event, it will turn any room into an elegant looking display.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Williamsburg Salt-Glaze Pitcher

Buy a Williamsburg Salt-Glaze Pitcher
Licensed by Colonial Williamsburg, the Salt-Glaze Pitcher is a ceramic reproduction of a 17th and 18th Century style of pottery making. Common salt was introduced into the kiln during the firing process to give the pottery a texture look and hardened surface. Using their Colonial Williamsburg license, the Teleflora Flowers by Wire Corporation selected a colonial inspired pitcher to be recreated in the style used by the Colonists. Measuring almost six inches high by 6.75 inches wide, including the handle, this replica Salt-Glaze Pitcher features a rustic leaf design with striping on top and bottom. 

The Salt-Glaze Pitcher can be used for the base of a floral arrangement, as a kitchen utensil holder, a rustic indoor planter or as a display piece to compliment a rustic decor. Weighing just over a pound, the Salt-Glaze Pitcher has the look and feel of an original colonial creation. The Salt-Glaze Pitcher adds the right touch to a bouquet of earth toned flowers.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase

The Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase is a large chocolate colored ceramic vase with a golden motif of falling leaves. This large Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase is an attention grabber with or without flowers. Order a Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase as a gift by itself or fill it with fresh or dried Autumn Flowers as a presentation for any occasion throughout the Fall Season. The Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase is a vase that will be treasured throughout the years. 

Buy a Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase
The Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase is without a doubt a showpiece with or without flowers. The Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase is beautifully crafted, painted in a rich brown with hand painted golden leaves then glazed for durability. Measuring almost nine inches high by six inches wide, the Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase has a three inch opening to accommodate a large bouquet of flowers. 

The Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase is a production of the Teleflora Flowers by Wire Corporation, and is one of their most stunning keepsake vases ever released for the Flowers in a Gift Collection.. The Falling Leaves Ceramic Vase has a glazed white interior and stable base for displaying alone or with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Send a Burst of Autumn Flowers

Autumn is Nature's Art Exhibit, a burst of colors takes over the landscape in preparation for reseeding for the following spring. You can send a burst of Nature's Art Exhibit with the Burst of Autumn Bouquet for any occasion throughout the Fall Season. Have Autumn hand delivered to someone in a vase with the Burst of Autumn Bouquet

Send the Burst of Autumn Bouquet
The peak of Fall is represented in this Burst of Autumn Bouquet, featuring the oranges and yellows that nature features in the middle of Autumn. The Burst of Autumn Bouquet is created in a clear vase with the a mix of fresh flowers such as Asiatic lilies, Viking spray chrysanthemums, roses and a miniature gerbera arranged with preserved oak leaves in a clear glass vase adorned with an orange satin ribbon by a local floral designer in the area of your flower delivery. Each Burst of Autumn Bouquet us hand designed and delivered to your flower recipient along with your free enclosure card expressing your wishes. 

Send the Burst of Autumn Bouquet for Halloween wishes, for any Autumn occasion, or just because. you want to send flowers. Save by sending your Burst of Autumn Bouquet through LAROSE.COM, the flowers by wire service that sends flowers throughout the USA and Canada free from extra wire service charges. save up to $14.99 in service fees over other online flower web sites staffed by telemarketers. Order your Teleflora Burst of Autumn Bouquet at the online florist of LAROSE.COM without a service fee, saving you up to $14.99 per order.

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