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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Centerpieces for the Fire Fighter Dinner

The wildfires this year are being kept at bay by thousands of volunteer Fire Fighters who work tirelessly to contain and extinguish them before they reach communities. At the end of the fire season, after they are rested and back to their normal routines, many communities honor the Fires Fighters with a thank you dinner or BBQ. Decorating committees will be looking for a way to make the event special while staying within budget. Table centerpiece add instant decorations that make a striking presentation. In keeping with the Fire Fighting Theme, you decorating committees can order Wholesale Replica Fire Engines, ready to be filled with fresh flower arrangements or plants for the table centerpiece.

This Floral Container is a Replica of the old fashioned metal petal fire engine truck that was  poplar in the 1950's - 1960's. This Replica Fire Engine can be used as the base for a floral arrangement, as a planter or as a stand alone decorative accent. The Replica Fire Engine Planter is an exclusive product of the Teleflora Corporation and is brought to the online wholesale market through LAROSE.COM. This Replica Fire Engine Truck measures eleven inches long by 6 inches high and is five inches wide. 

These Wholesale Replica Fire Engines feature all the details of the petal fire engines that were a popular children toy, complete with rolling wheels, bell, and ladders. With a bright red paint job and the Fire Chief Logo painted on, all the detail is built into these Wholesale Replica Fire Engines. These Replica Fire Engine Planters offers you many choices to create unique gifts, filled with flower arrangements, it can become a unique centerpiece for Fire Department Events. Fill these Wholesale Replica Fire Engines with Candy, Cookies, or other treats for any occasion. Use these Wholesale Replica Fire Engines as the centerpiece at Fire Department Retirement Parties or Annual Dinners. These Wholesale Replica Fire Engines come complete with plastic liners for plants or flower arrangements.

Editors Note: 6/15/14 - Today we were informed by the supplier that the production of the Replica Fire Engine has been discontinued. As of June 2014, the Replica Fire Engines are no longer avaialble through LAROSE.COM. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Save on Oxycodone Tab 5MG

When you are prescribed Oxycodone Tab 5MG for moderate to severe pain by your Health Care Professional you can save off the retail price with a FREE RX Discount Savings Card. Just Print your Free RX Card or save a Free RX Savings Card to your Iphone or Mobile Device and present it along with your prescription for instant savings.   

On June 25,2012 one of our Free RX Card Holders presented their card along with their proscription to the Walgreens Pharmacy in North Arlington, NJ and realized an immediate savings of 34.16% off the cost pf their 90 tablet prescription of Oxycodone Tab 5MG. The cost of a 90 tablet prescription of Oxycodone Tab 5MG would have been $38.99 without the Free RX Discount Savings Card, however with their FREE RX Discount Savings Card, this free Member of the program paid only $25.67 a savings of $13.32

With today high cost of Prescription Drugs and the higher co-pays and deductibles of Prescription Dug Coverage, even those with Prescription Drug Insurance can save. In the above example if your cost with your insurance is more than $26.00, it would benefit you to use the Free RX Discount Savings card rather than your insurance. This real life Oxycodone Tab 5MGexample is only one of the many examples of the savings realized by using the Free RX Discount Card. The savings percentage is a negotiated savings between the administers of the FREE RX Prescription Drug Card and the Drug Manufactures. On our real time reports we have seen saving surpassing 90% even though the RX Discount Saving Card is advertised as saving up to 75% off the retail cost of prescription drugs at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and PR.


There is nothing to buy, no fees to pay and no personal information needed to use this FREE RX Discount Savings Card sponsored by LAROSE.COM and available to you online. You can Print your FREE RX Discount Savings Card or save a FREE RX Savings Card to your Iphone or Mobile Device and use it at your local pharmacy to fill all your Prescription Drugs at a discount up to 75% off the retail price.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wholesale Dad Cemetery Plaques

Earn extra income at your store by stocking these popular Dad Cemetery Plaques. If your independent store is close to a cemetery these Wholesale Dad Cemetery Plaques will make an easy addition to your product line. No spoilage, complete, ready and easy to sell, the Wholesale Dad Cemetery Plaques sell themselves, just display them.  Wholesale Dad Cemetery Plaques retail for $10 -$12 each across the country which gives you a higher margin than most other products you sell. The Wholesale Dad Cemetery Plaques are easy to store and display, there is no spoilage to worry about and they bring you a competitive markup. Even when you sell a couple a week, it will improve your bottom line 

Wholesale Dad Cemetery Plaques

The 'Dad' Cemetery Plaque is a one piece metal frame that hold the word Dad surrounded by flowers made from a weather resistant material. The wire prongs of the Dad Cemetery Plaque frame can be securely pushed in to the ground. The one piece construction of the 'Dad' Cemetery Plaque assures a long display time at a grave site or memorial site. 

'Dad' Cemetery Plaques are shipped in a variety of colors. If you would like a 'Dad' Cemetery Plaque in a specific color you may state your color choice in the special instruction field of the order form when you order a Dad Cemetery Plaque. Please provide at least two color choices if requesting a specific color when you order a 'Dad' Cemetery Plaque. The common colors that these cemetery flowers are made in are: red, lavender, light blue, dark blue, and purple.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


DILTIAZEM (INWOOD) 240MG SA CAP is prescribed for indications such as Atrila Flutter, Tachycardia Supraventricular, Angina Pectoris Variant, Artial Fibrillation, Myocardial Infarction and Hypertension along with other symptoms. The usual dosage of DILTIAZEM (INWOOD) 240MG SA CAP is 1 per day with  monthly retail cost averaging $105 across the USA. If you are prescribed DILTIAZEM (INWOOD) 240MG SA CAP and you don't have Prescription Drug Insurance or have a  Prescription Drug Insurance with a high co-pay, you should not fill your RX without a FREE RX Discount Card from LAROSE.COM.

Our Free RX Discount Card Member paid only $38.27 for a 30 day supply of DILTIAZEM (INWOOD) 240MG SA CAP by using their FREE Prescription Discount Card at the Stop and Shop Pharmacy in Bayonne, NJ on 6/26/12. This Free RX Discount Card user saved $67.72 off the retail price of $105.99 for a 30 day supply of DILTIAZEM (INWOOD) 240MG SA CAP saving 60.22% just for presenting their FREE RX Discount Card when filling their Prescription.

Everyone can have a Free RX Discount Card sponsored by LAROSE.COM and save every time you need Prescription Medication. There is no registration required, no personal information needed, no 800 numbers to call,  the card is valid when you receive it, it doesn't expire and will never cost you a penny to use it. Even if you have Prescription Drug Insurance you can still save if you have a high co-pay or a co-pay that is a percentage of the cost of the drug. On the most prescribed medications in the USA, the Free RX Discount Card will save you money if your co-pay is over $20. Always ask, "What is my RX Discount Price", when filling your prescription, then decide is it cheaper to use my insurance or my FREE RX Discount Card.

You can Print a Free RX Discount Card now, or save a FREE RX Discount Card  to your Iphone or Mobile Device and use it every time you need a Prescription Medication. The FREE RX Discount Card is accepted at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. Don't take the chance filling your Prescription over the Internet with Drugs that come from India and China, that are unsafe and untested get your Discount Prescription Drugs at you local Pharmacy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Teleflora Summer Nights Bouquet

It's a Heat Wave across the Nation. Long hot days drain the energy from you. Send someone refreshment with a Teleflora Summer Nights Bouquet. Fresh hot orange flowers accented with vibrant yellow represent the colors of Summer. Cooled in a deep blue cube, the Teleflora  Summer Nights Bouquet will take the stress out of a heat wave with the colors and fragrance of fresh flowers sent for any occasion.

Send the Teleflora Summer Nights Bouquet
Send Flowers in Hot Summer Colors with the Teleflora Summer Nights Bouquet. Fresh Summer Flowers in Hot Colors are designed in a cool modern glass cube by a local professional floral designer to represent hot summer nights. Send the Teleflora Summer Nights Bouquet throughout the USA and Canada FREE from extra wire service charges when you order at the online florist that has never charged a service charge to send flowers for orders placed online. 

When you send flowers with the Teleflora Summer Nights Bouquet, your order is handled by professional floral designers every step of the way. Send Flowers and Save Money when you place your order for the Teleflora Summer Nights Bouquet online. A selected member of independently owned florist will be selected to send your flowers to your gift recipient.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lavender Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial

The Lavender Silk Butterfly Flower Display is appropriate throughout the summer months as a grave side memorial. Available in both Lavender and Pink, The Silk Flower Cemetery Butterfly Memorial comes complete with an easel for displaying on a grave, as a memorial or as a garden decoration.
Buy a Lavender Silk Flower Butterfly
This Lavender Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial is very detailed using faux carnations and accented with weather resistant. This Silk Flower Butterfly Memorial is finished with a bow and delivered to you with an easel for displaying at the gravesite or as a memorial. This Lavender Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial measures twenty six inches across from large wing tip to large wing tip and is sixteen inches from top to bottom. 

The Lavender Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial is shipped to you from the Florist in New Jersey via UPS. Please be aware of time in transit when you order a Lavender Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial. If you are ordering a Lavender Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial to be sent directly to a Cemetery, you must check with the Cemetery Office to be sure they will accept a UPS delivery and place your silk Cemetery Memorial Flowers on the appropriate grave site for you.

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