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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cocktail Table Vase

With its dainty footprint and motif, The Sweet Violet Vase is just the right vase for cocktail tables at receptions or events. The combination of violet colors on the vase will compliment pastel or spring floral arrangement. The Sweet Violet Vase looks great with a full arrangement or with a few flowers.

Buy Cocktail Table Vases
The Sweet Violet Vase is a hand blown glass vase with a flower applications featuring clusters of violets. The Sweet Violet Vase measures six inches high by four inches wide with a two inch opening and holds two and a half cups of water. The Sweet Violet Vase is the perfect vase for small cafe tables, restaurant tables or cocktail hour tables. 

For home decor use The Sweet Violet Vase is a dainty accent for many rooms in the house with or without fresh flowers. Perfect for parties, events weddings or rooms featuring shades of violet, The Sweet Violet Vase is a great setting for flowers to match the theme. Create delicate fresh flower arrangements with flowers purchased from your local professional florist to create an affordable fresh flower display at your next garden party, engagement party or wedding cocktail hour.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Vases for all Occasions

If your looking for a special vase for the centerpieces of your Wedding, Engagement Party, Baby Shower, Christening or any event, chance are you will find a vase that compliments your theme in the Decorative Vase Section of LAROSE.COM.

Buy Vases for all Occasions
Order Decorative Vases Online at LAROSE.COM Florist and Gift Shop. These unique decorative vases in a variety of materials are shipped directly to you or your gift recipient from LAROSE.COM in Jersey City, NJ via UPS. 

Decorative Vases featured in this section range from frosted glass to a 24 % crystal vase,  in a variety of shapes and sizes.  There is a vase for lots of occasions and for a variety of flower bouquets.  Purchase a couple of nice decorative vases for different rooms in the house and visit your local professional florist to purchase quality fresh flowers to fill your decorative vases. 

We stock many different types and styles of glass vases, ceramic vases, and crystal vases from the most current vase selections to the older styles that are no longer available elsewhere.  

To Order Flowers arranged in a Vase, visit our Flowers in A Vase Section at The Online Florist.
All the Decorative Vases at LAROSE.COM are shipped direct from Jersey City, NJ via UPS, please remember the time in transit when you order a vase from this section. New and unique vases are added as they become available.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Christian Floral Arrangement

The Sacred Grace Bouquet is featured in the Sympathy Flower Section of LAROSE.COM, however it is a flower arrangement that can be send for a variety of occasions. Featuring a White Porcelain Jesus Statue surrounded by fresh white flowers the Sacred Grace Bouquet can be sent for a Get Well Wish, a Happy Anniversary, Congratulations on Christenings or Christian Weddings. The sacred Grace Bouquet features a keepsake statue that will be a treasured reminder of your thoughtful floral arrangement. The Sacred Grace is available throughout most of the USA and Canada, where it is not the Jesus Statue can be shipped via UPS from the Jersey City Florist that is the home of LAROSE.COM.

Because Sympathy Flowers are time sensitive, if your Sacred Grace Sympathy Bouquet needs to be delivered in an area that does not stock the keepsake Jesus Statue, you will be called about a substitution, so that your Sympathy Flowers can arrive on time. 

Order a Christian Floral Arrangement
Teleflora's Sacred Grace Bouquet features a inspirational, porcelain, sculpture of Jesus designed by famed sculptor Stuart Mark Feldman. This stunning work of art is surrounded by a fresh assortment of fresh spring flowers designed by a Professional Florist in the area of your delivery. 

Order the Sacred Grace Bouquet to extend your condolences to the family of a deceased. The Sacred Grace Bouquet is appropriate to send to the home of a grieving family, or to the wake. The Sacred Grace Bouquet is a table size arrangement that measures approximately fifteen inches high by twelve inches long. The porcelain statue of the risen Jesus is a removable free standing statue which makes the Teleflora Sacred Grace Bouquet a long lasting expression of condolence. 

The Sacred Grace Bouquet is available throughout most of the USA and Canada. If it is not available in the region of your delivery, we will notify you via phone or e-mail to see if you would like an arrangement of equal value. Order the Sacred Grace Bouquet

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Send Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy Flowers express your condolences on the passing of a relative, friend, co-worker and sends a message of heartfelt sympathy. Larger Sympathy Floral Arrangements can be found at the LAROSE.COM Online Florist Sympathy Section. The Larger Sympathy Flower Arrangement are designed to be sent to the wake, viewing or memorial service and should not be ordered for homes as they are too large for a private home. 
Send Sympathy Flowers

When you send Sympathy Flowers please be aware of certain sympathy etiquette. The Sympathy Flowers presented by LAROSE.COM in this section are large sympathy flower arrangements and are designed to be sent to the viewing or wake at a Memorial Home, Funeral Home, Church or Chapel. When you send Sympathy Flowers from this section remember that they should be ordered for delivery before the services, not on the morning of the service.  When you order Sympathy Flowers we cannot guarantee early morning deliveries for services, please choose to have your delivery sent to the Funeral Home, Memorial Home, Church or Chapel for the viewing or wake.

Sympathy Sprays, Sympathy Crosses, Sympathy Hearts and Sympathy Wreaths are traditionally sent by anyone who would like to express their sympathies or condolence on the passing of a person. 

Casket Sprays or Casket Covers should only be sent by the family of the deceased unless you know that no one in the Family will send a Casket Spray. The Casket Spray is traditionally sent from the Children or Grandchildren of the deceased. Likewise, sympathy floral displays for inside the casket are customarily sent by the immediate Family of the deceased.

A Bleeding Heart is most often sent by the spouse or children of the deceased.  Other styles Floral Sympathy Hearts may be sent from relatives and close friends of the deceased including the Broken Heart.

When you order Sympathy Flowers remember that the viewing or wake is usually the day before the burial service.  Sympathy Floral Arrangements are made fresh and take hours to make and deliver

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome Baby Girl Flowers

Spring and summer baby girls can be welcomed across the USA and Canada with fresh flowers in a ceramic duck.

Order Welcome Baby Girl Flowers
Send the Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet to Welcome a Baby Girl. The Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet is an exciting bouquet of fresh flowers designed in a large ceramic duck that replicates the classic rubber ducky, a perfect choice to send your congratulations on the birth of a baby girl. The Just Ducky Bouquet to Welcome a Baby Girl has a pink cotton sailor hat on a bright yellow duck with detailed eyes and bright orange beak. The ceramic duck container, an exclusive Teleflora Flowers in a Gift Product, measures eight inches high by seven inches wide. 

Welcome a baby girl and congratulate the parents when you send flowers with the Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet for a Girl. The Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet is freshly designed when you order flowers for the birth of a baby girl, then hand delivered with your congratulations wishes on a free enclosure card. The perfect way to send your wishes on the birth of a baby girl is fresh flowers in a gift, the large ceramic duck that the Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet for a Baby Girl is made in, is a delightful addition to the nursery after the flowers have faded. Parents of the new baby girl will find many after uses for your throughout gift of flowers in a keepsake gift, from wipes, Q-Tips and wash cloths to a green plant, the Just Ducky Ceramic Container is ready to hold it all in the baby girl's new room.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Order a Silver Cross Vase

For your home or your Church, the Silver Cross Vase is an elegant way to display flowers. A silver platted outer casing with a cut out cross slips on to a clear glass vase to create this religious themed vase. Complimenting any color assortment of fresh flowers the Silver Cross Vase is a year round compliment to the Church Altar season after season. The Silver Cross Vase is a gift that expresses your sentiments to your Church or Minister.  The Silver Cross Vase is a gift with a Christian Theme that can be given for Christenings, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays or any occasion. The Silver Cross Vase will be cherished and displayed with pride throughout the year. 

Silver Cross Vase
Order a Silver Cross Vase for a gift of elegance with a religious motif. The Silver Cross Vase is a nine inch high glass vase enveloped in a silver plated sleeve with a distinctive cut out cross. The Silver Cross Vase is the perfect vase for Church Altars, a gift for religious occasions or for weddings. The modern cut of the glass vase with lends itself to a variety of floral arrangements from the simple to the extravagant. Fill the Silver Cross Vase with White Lilies or Cala Lilies to place on the altar for communion, weddings or confirmations. 

The elegance of the Silver Cross Vase will turn a simple dozen carnations into a beautiful work of art. The Silver Cross Vase can be a gift in itself for any religious occasion or person. The Silver Cross Vase is nine inches high by five inches wide and has an almost five inch opening for fresh flowers. Create a unique gift with this Silver Cross Vase filled with fresh cut flowers from your local florist. The Silver Cross Vase is a new addition to the Teleflora Flowers in a gift Collection. You can have the Silver Cross Vase sent to you or directly to your gift recipient  

The Silver Cross Vase is shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the home of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts. Please be aware of time in transit when you order the Silver Cross Vase.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Order Cemetery Flowers

The LAROSE.COM Cemetery Flower Section offers a variety of cemetery memorials created using long lasting, durable, weather resistant flowers made from material. The fresh flowers, plants and fruit baskets from LAROSE.COM are hand delivered through an affiliate network of independently owned and operated professional floral shop throughout the USA and Canada. Cemetery Flowers from LAROSE.COM are shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist home of LAROSE.COM. 

When you order Cemetery Flowers online through LAROSE.COM please be aware of the time in transit and remember that the Cemetery Flowers are shipped via UPS throughout the USA only. Cemetery Flowers should not be sent directly to cemeteries without contacting the Cemetery Office and insuring that someone will receive the package, unpack it, set it up and place it on the grave for you. The cemetery personnel is under no obligation to receive packages on behalf of grave sites. Unless you have made arrangements with the staff of the Cemetery, your Cemetery Flowers will not be placed at the grave. Ideally when you order Cemetery Flowers they should be sent to you for placement, or to a responsible family member who will receive your Cemetery Flower order and visit the grave to place your flowers. 

Part of Cemetery Flower collection is the Cemetery Wreath in Yellow. This fifteen inch round Wreath of  Yellow Cemetery Flowers comes with a ribbon sash across it with script in gold letters. You can order Wreath of  Yellow Cemetery Flowers with a script that says, Mom, Grandma, Aunt, Sister or Niece. Each Wreath of  Yellow Cemetery Flowers comes complete with a easel for displaying at a grave site or memorial. Each Wreath of  Yellow Cemetery Flowers is designed using a variety of weather resistant flowers in shades of Yellow accented with white flowers and a Yellow ribbon sash.

Order Cemetery Flowers

 The Wreath of  Yellow Cemetery Flowers is shipped directly to you from La Rose Florist, Jersey City, NJ, the Florist home of LAROSE.COM, via UPS. If you order a Wreath of  Yellow Cemetery Flowers to be sent directly to a Cemetery, please contact the Cemetery and be sure that they will accept your UPS delivery and place your Wreath of  Yellow Cemetery Flower.

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