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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Send Plants for Grads and Dads

Celebrate June Graduations and Father's Day with the gift of a Green Indoor Plant, the gift that  keeps on giving. Green Indoor Houseplants add life and serenity to the indoor environment. Homes and offices both benefit from the peace that a living, growing plant brings to the indoors. For College Graduates or Father's Day, you can send the gift of a Green Indoor Plant.

Send Plants for Grads and Dads

Order Green Indoor Plants online through LAROSE.COM free of service fees to be hand delivered throughout the USA For those with plenty of windows in their home or office, you can select an Arboricola Plant, a Schefflera Plant or a Table Fern. For lower light environments you can select a Chinese Evergreen, Janet Craig Plant, or a Basket Garden. No matter which of the twenty five plants you choose from the highlighted plants in the LAROSE.COM Plant Section, your plant will be hand delivered by a local independently owned and operated local professional florist along with your Congratulations or Father's Day Wishes.

When you send a green plant for Father's Day or as a congratulatory gift to a college grad, your gift can be enjoyed for years, it is a living growing gift that will enhance their indoor environment. The Green Plants highlighted in the LAROSE.COM Green Plant Section were selected as the easier to care for indoor plants. Indoor Plants do not need water every day. They should be watered thoroughly and then allowed to dry out before they are watered again. Each plant will adapt to the environment they are placed in, using the water provided according to the amount of light. Indoor Green Plants should not be placed in front of Air Conditioners, or heating vents.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Crown Cross Pendant for Father's Day

Crown Cross Pendant for Father's Day
Order a Crown Cross Pendant for Father's Day complete with free 14 inch leather rope necklace with a two inch chain extender. This highly polished stainless steel Crown Cross Pendant is inlaid with a smaller modern cross in the center. The larger Crown Cross has a clear glass crystal chip at the tip of each arm of the cross as a centerpiece of the crown design, while the modern cross that is overlaid features a clear glass crystal chip in its center. The Overlaid Crown Cross Pendant represents the continuity of the Christian Faith, with the Crown Cross recalling the popular interpretation of the cross during the Middle Ages and the modern overlaid cross symbolizing the continuation of Christianity in the modern world. Looking for a Father's Day Gift with meaning, order a Crown Cross Pendant for Father's Day. Father's day is June 17, 2012.

The Crown Cross Pendant for Father's Day measures 2 inches long by 1 inch wide, with the center modern overlaid cross measuring 1 inch long by a half inch wide. When you buy this featured Overlaid Crown Cross Pendant with free leather necklace and free shipping, you will receive a finely crafted highly polished cross with a solid soldered eyelet that is large enough to accommodate a variety of chain sizes. Buy a Father's Day Crown Cross Pendant, gift that expresses the Christian Faith with a cross that is finely detailed and symbolic of the longevity of the Christian belief in Salvation as represented by the symbol of the cross.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Save on 1 MG Folic Acid with the RX Discount Card

Many physicians prescribe Folic Acid in 1 MG Tablets and patients fill these prescriptions at local pharmacies with and without prescription drug insurance. If you don't have prescription drug insurance you will save on you Folic Acid 1 Mg Tablets when you fill your prescription and present the FREE RX Discount Card from LAROSE.COM. Your RX Discount Card is free, ready to use, never expires and is accepted by over 56, 000 pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. Even if you have Prescription Drug Insurance using the Free RX Discount Card can save you money when your co-pay is $15 or more. 

Members using the Free RX Discount Card to fill their prescriptions for Folic Acid 1 MG Tabs throughout the USA save more using the FREE RX Discount Card than using their Prescription Drug Insurance. Our Free RX Discount Card Member using their card in Ohio save 38.84% on a retail price of $25.59 for a thirty day supply of 150 tablets of 1 MG Folic Acid. In New Jersey our Member using their FREE RX Discount Card saved 35.02% on a 30 Tablet Prescription of Folic Acid 1 MG Tablets. 

Everyone should ask , what is my RX Discount Price when filling a prescription with or without prescription drug insurance. In the case of Folic Acid 1 MG Tablets in both Ohio and New Jersey, the price of a prescription using the Free RX Discount Card from LAROSE.COM is less than a $15 Insurance Co-Pay

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Order A Father's Day Fruit Basket

Stumped for a Father's Day Gift? Order a Father's Day Fruit Basket to be hand delivered throughout the USA. Father's Day is June 17, 2012. Enough of ties, and gimmicks that will never be used. With today's new consciousness on health, order a Father's Day Fruit Basket for a gift that will be enjoyed this Father's Day. Fruit baskets are created locally by a local professional designer using ta variety of the fresh fruits of the season, decorated, then hand delivered along with your Father's Day Message.

You know you can't go wrong with food for Father's Day, and what could be better than fresh fruit for Father's Day to improve his health and give him a Father's Day Treat that he will actually use this year. Send A Father's Day Fruit Basket to be hand delivered Monday through Saturday, June 11, 2012 - June 16, 2012. A father's Day Fruit Basket is a great way to show Dad you care and wish him a Father's Day filled with health and vitality.
Fruit baskets for Father's Day are created and delivered locally, the fruits of the season will vary by the region of delivery. Each Father's Day Fruit Basket is created fresh to order and hand delivered to Dad at Home or Office. Because each Father's Day Fruit Basket is hand created especially for Dada, size and contents will vary by region of delivery, but they will all make a Great Father's Day Gift that expresses your Father's Day Wishes and shows that you care about his health and well being. 

Order A Father's Day Fruit Basket
Send a Father's Day Fruit Basket created with delicious fresh fruit and gourmet items arranged in a basket for any occasion. Each Father's Day Fruit Basket is made and delivered locally so that it will include the ripe fruit of the region plus local gourmet treats. 

Choose your size, fill in your card and you can send your wishes on their way with a gift of a Father's Day  Fruit Basket for any occasion. Fruit will vary by region of delivery. Your  Father's Day Fruit Basket will be made and delivered locally from a professional florist in the area of your delivery, not shipped in a box. Order a Father's Day Fruit Basket here and we will transmit your Fruit Basket order free of any extra service charges.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Memorial Day Cemetery Cone

Memorial Day in the USA is now celebrated on the last Monday of May, which in 2012 will be May 28. Before it was changed by an Act of Congress in 1968, Memorial Day was traditionally celebrated on May 30 of each year. The genesis of Memorial Day can be traced back to the US Civil War and although it has undergone both name and date changes it is still a day to remember those who served  in the US Military and especially those who gave their life in battle. 

Veterans Organizations throughout the Nation see to it that every known grave of a military person who died in war is decorated with a flag in Veterans Cemeteries.For those that are not buried in Military Cemeteries, commemorations are brought by the families. The Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone with an inserted American Flag is a traditional grave maker placed in remembrance on Memorial Day. 

Buy a Memorial Day Cemetery Cone
The  Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone is designed using a combination of weather resistant material carnations in Red, White and Blue and finished with a plastic American Flag. The Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone is perfect for grave side memorials on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day to commemorate Service Members, Police Officers, Firemen and others who have served the Country. The Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone is securely designed in a one piece spiked Cemetery Cone for secure displaying over a prolonged period of time. 

The Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone is suitable for displaying at Soldiers Memorial Sites or other National Memorial Sites. The Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone is shipped directly to you from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ, the home of LAROSE.COM. 

If you order a Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone to be sent directly to a Cemetery, please contact the cemetery office and be sure that they will accept your delivery and place it at the grave.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Christian Graduation Gift

May begins the Graduation Season. It is sometimes hard to decide what is the right gift for a Graduation, even if you are giving a card with money to the new Graduate, a small gift is appropriate. For the Christian Graduate, The Our Father Cross Pendant is a unique gift. 

Buy A Christian Graduation Gift
The Our Father Cross Pendant is a truly unique Cross Pendant that represents the tenants of the Christian Faith. This stainless steel brown cross is engraved with the Latin version of the Our Father, often referred to as the Lord's Prayer. The Our Father Cross Pendant measures two inches long by 1.125 inches wide and has a clear glass crystal in the center secured by a circular brace that is securely attached to the cross. 

The Our Father Cross Pendant features a securely soldered wide eyelet that will accommodate many size chains, it comes with a 14 inch leather necklace that features a two inch chain extension. The Our Father Cross Pendant is offered at an all inclusive price and can be shipped throughout the USA with or without a jewelry gift box. For yourself or as a gift the Our Father Cross Pendant is a visible sign of the symbols of the Christian Faith and is sure to become a favorite Cross Pendant

When you order an Our Father Cross Pendant, you can order it in a classic black and white jewelry gift box to make your gift of the Our Father Father Cross Pendant a complete gift.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rehabilitating the Hoodie

Recent news events have cast a shadow on an article of clothing know as the Hoodie, a sweatshirt with an attached hood. The Hoodie is unique because it is as versatile as the weather is changing. Sudden chills in the night spring air, thunderstorm bursts and wind gusts are all handled easily by the Hoodie. With a large front pouch that can protect personal property from the weather as well as your hands, the Hoodie is unique in its design, its versatility and its popularity.

At The America Shop of LAROSE.COM the Hoodie is offered in an All American Screen Printing.
Order a Hoodie
This hooded America Sweat Shirt is a light gray Jerzees Brand Sweat Shirt with America printed across it, underneath the word 'America' is the American Flag and under that are the words 'God Shed His Grace on Thee'. 

This is a durable and heavy America Hoodie for a gift or for yourself. Please remember time in transit when ordering this hooded America Sweat Shirt for as a  gift, check the UPS Map below for an estimated time in transit when buying this hooded America Sweat Shirt. This America Hoodie is shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, New Jersey Florist throughout the Continental USA.

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