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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why a Mother's Day Azalea

Mother's Day is celebrated in the USA on the second Sunday of May by a Presidential Proclamation signed by President Woodrow Wilson. Because Azaleas flower in the spring in a wide variety of colors they have become a Mother's Day Plant of choice to give as a Mother's Day Gift. An Azalea Plant can be a lasting memory of Mother's Day. After Mother's Day, the Mother's Day Azalea can be planted in the yard, in temperate climates, the Azalea will thrive and re-bloom every spring. Image if you gave a Mother's Day Azalea every year for thirty years and planted each one every year, in the spring the yard would look like a blanket of color, and each Azalea would be a reminder of a Mother's Day Gift. 

Almost all around the USA Azaleas are propagated and readily available around Mother's Day to give as a Mother's Day Gift, that will live long after Mother's Day is over. You can order a Mother's Day Azalea for Mom and have it hand delivered throughout most of the USA, whether she is near or far, you can send a Mother's Day Azalea online free of service fees.  
Order a Mother's Day Azalea

The traditional Potted Azalea Plant is a gift that brings long lasting flowers indoors. In most regions of the country the Potted Azalea Plant may be kept indoors to enjoy the blooms and then transplanted into the garden for year after year enjoyment.Potted Azaleas are now available throughout most of the year in most temperate regions of the country. Potted Azaleas that are greenhouse propagated are not hardy and not meant for outdoor use in climates that have a frost.

The Potted Azalea Plant is available in most regions of the country, but availability is affected by weather conditions, containers will vary by region. The Potted Azalea Plant is best sent throughout the spring months in the USA and Canada. Potted Azaleas for indoor display are temporarily beautiful, but not always the best choice if you are looking to send a plant that will last for years. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Order a Mother's Day Jewelry Gift

Order Jewelry Pendants for Mother's Day with a free chain, free shipping and free gift box. The complete Mother's Day Gift all for one price. Mother's Day is May 13, 2012.

Order a Mom Heart Pendant with FREE Chain for Mother's Day or any occasion. The heart of this Mom Heart Pendant measures 7/8 of an inch wide by 7/8 of an inch high with a dainty chain that comes with an extra extender..This Mom Heart Pendant features the word MOM in a heart accented with a richly colored open rose and three pink glass beads. hooked to a solid clasp that will slip onto most chains. The word Mom is made in a gold tone color, the rose in a rich fuchsia and the heart itself in a highly polished silver tone . Order the Mom Heart Pendant and receive a complete gift, a Mom Pendant, a Free Chain, A Free Gift Box and FREE SHIPPING THROUGHOUT THE USA. 

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift
This Mom Pendant is ready to ship, a perfect gift for Mother's Day, a Birthday or for a new Mom. The Mom Pendant is a sparkling jewelry accessory that captures and reflects light, with its four colors, gold, silver fuchsia and pink, this Mom Heart Pendant is a richly dimensional colorful accessory that can highlight many fashion colors. Order a Mom Heart Pendant with Free Chain, Free Gift Box and Free Shipping for a complete everyday low price of only $15.99.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Jewelry and Plants

Buy a Mom Rose Pendant
Rose Mom Pendant
Price: $19.99

Send A Potted Azalea Plant
Azelea Plant
Price: $35.00

Buy a Mom Heart Pendant
Mom Heart Pendant
Price: $15.99

Buy Mom a Pendant for Mother's Day and send her a plant. You can do both at LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts serving Mother's Day Customers since 1995. As part of the new Larose Jewelry Collection, there are two Mom Pendants featured, both come with a free chain, a free gift box and free shipping. Order now to have these new Mom Pendants arrive before Mother's Day. Jewelry from the new expanding Larose Jewelry Collection is shipped daily from Jersey City, NJ 07305, please be aware of time in transit when you order Jewelry as a gift for Mother's Day or any other occasion throughout the year. 

When you send a Mother's Day Azelea Plant, it is hand delivered through a network of independently owned and operated professional florists throughout the USA and Canada. When you order a Mother's day Azalea Plant online through LAROSE.COM, there is never a service fee like you pay at Nationally Advertised Flower Order gathering Web Sites and 800 Flower Numbers. For the privilege of having a Telemarketer type in your flower order at an 800 Flower number, you pay up to $15.99 in service fees, even if they give you a $10.00 coupon you are still paying up to $5.99 to have a Telemarketing clerk in a office send your flower order, even though the only flowers they see and touch are the flowers on the desks of their cubicles.

When you order Mother's Day Plants or Flowers through LAROSE.COM your order is handled by a floral designer, someone who actually arranges flowers throughout the day and creates the same type floral arrangements that are sent throughout the USA and Canada. If you want to buy insurance, you should talk to a Telemarketer in an office cubicle, but if you want to order Mother's Day Flowers, you should place your Mother's Day Flower or Plant Order Online at LAROSE.COM, where a Floral Designer will personally care for your order.

 LAROSE.COM is headquartered in a real, working, florist, where there are real flowers, and floral designers, and where your order for Mother's Day Plants or Mother's Day Flowers are always FREE of Extra Service Fees like those charged by National Floral Delivery Services and 800 Flower phone numbers. You wouldn't want someone working in an office cubicle diagnosing you you over the phone or through a Web Site for a fee, neither do you want anyone but a floral designer in a Florist designing your flowers and having them delivered free of extra fees. Order eraly for Mother's Day, Mother's Day Jewelry needs time in transit and Mother's Day Flower and Plant deliveries should be ordered as soon 's Day Flower Delivery. More Flowers are used throughout Mother's Day Week than any other week throughout the year. as possible to make sure there is room on the Flower Delivery vehicle for your Mother

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teleflora Gorgeous Gardens Bouquet for Mother's Day

Order Mothers Day Roses Online with the Teleflora Gorgeous Gardens Bouquet. Lavender roses are hand selected and arranged in a stunning purple glass pedestal vase that measures almost ten inches high is five and a quarter inches wide and holds four cups of water, to recreate the pictured Teleflora Gorgeous Gardens Bouquet. Every Teleflora Gorgeous Gardens Bouquet is created to order, then hand delivered to your flower gift recipient along with your free enclosure card expressing your wishes for Mothers Day or any Spring Occasion. 

When you order Mothers Day Flowers with the Teleflora Gorgeous Gardens Bouquet online at LAROSE.COM you save up to $14.99 over flower services and 800 flower numbers that charge you a service fee to order Mothers Day Roses. Since 1995 LAROSE.COM has been sending Mothers Day Roses FREE of Service Fees. Order your hand delivered Mothers Day Flowers with the Teleflora Gorgeous Gardens Bouquet online, send the gift of roses in a keepsake vase.

Editor's Note 7/3/13- Since this Blog Post was published  The Teleflora Gorgeous Gardens Bouquet
is no longer available.Each Year the featured selections for Mother's Day change and are only available for a short time. Every Mother's Day you can send Mother's Day Flowers through LAROSE.COM and view the current featured bouquets in the LAROSE.COM Mother's Day Section.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Angel Wing Cross Pendant - NEW and Modern

Order an Angel Wing Cross Pendant
Order An Angel Wing Cross Pendant. This unusually designed interpretation of the Christian Cross features Angel Wing side bars with a crystal chip inset of a more traditional cross outlined in electric blue. This Angel Wing Cross Pendant with free leather necklace measures 1 3/4 inches long by 1 inch wide and is 3/8 of an inch thick not counting the inset crystal chip cross. This Angel Wing Cross features a free 14 inch long leather necklace with a two inch chain extender.

Buy this Angel Wing Cross Pendant online with fully soldered eyelet that will fit any chain and receive free shipping throughout the USA. Each Angel Wing Cross Pendant is made of stainless steel is highly polished with cut angel wings on the side bar with arrow headed points on top and bottom. This Angel Wing Cross Pendant features three crosses in one to represent the Trinity, the Silver tone Cross with Angel Wings is overlaid with an electric blue cross and inset with a cross of crystal silver chips. Order an Angel Wing Cross Pendant for yourself or as a gift and display this modern interpretation of the Christian Cross with this truly unique Angel Wing Cross Pendant.
When you buy an Angel Wing Cross Pendant as a gift, you can order your Angel Wing Cross Pendant  in a classic black and white Jewelry Gift Box. The highly polished Angel Wing Cross Pendant makes an awe inspiring gift in this classic black and white jewelry gift box with a double hand tied bow and a black velveteen insert.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Order Mother's Day Flowers Free of Fees

Order Mother's Day Flowers Free of Fees

Order Mother's Day Flowers Free of Fees LAROSE.COM. When is a discount coupon not really a discount When you order Mother's Day Flowers at Nationally Advertised Web Sites and through 800 Flower Numbers. Yes they offer you a $10 off coupon to order flowers through them, then they charge you a $14.99 Service Fee for using their service. No matter how they try to disguise the $14.99 Service Fee, it is $14.99 that has nothing to do with the value of your flowers. When you order Mother's Day Flowers online at LAROSE.COM, you will never pay a Service Fee for ordering Flowers Online for Mother's Day or for any day. When you order Mother's Day Flowers Online at, you pay the cost of the flowers and a $9.00 delivery charge, all of which is given in the order sent to the local filling florist. When you order at a Nationally advertised floral order gathering Web Site, You pay the cost of the flowers plus a $14.99 Service, and in some cases as high as $15.99. When they pass the order through to a filling florist, they give the florist the cost of the flowers and keep the $14.99 for the telemarketers, advertising and corporate profits.

Here's the difference, Order The Lavender Love Bouquet for Mother's day at LAROSE.COM, you will pay $78.00 plus a $9.00 Delivery Charge for a Total of $87.00. When a Floral Designer at LAROSE.COM sends the order to a local florist in the region of your Mother's Day Flower recipient, the order is given to the local florist for $87.00, the local florist knows they are getting $78.00 for the Flower Arrangement, and $9.00 to hand deliver the flowers for Mother's Day. On the other hand order the same Lavender Love Bouquet from a Nationally Advertised Floral Order Gathering Corporation and you will pay $85.00 for the flowers and a $14.99 Service Fee for ordering on their Web Site or through their 800 Flower Number, making your total $99.99/ They will offer you a $10 coupon in the newspaper or on the Site when you attempt to navigate away, this will bring your total cost of ordering Mother's day Flowers from a Nationally Advertised Web Site to $89.99. The $10 coupon will be taken off their Service Fee of either $14.99 or $15.99, o when the Telemarketers who sit in office cubicles and never touch a flower send your order to a florist to be delivered for them they will transmit the flower order for an $85.00 total leaving the local florist to determine how much of the $85.00 will go into the flowers that are delivered to your Mother's Day Flower Gift Recipient and how much will go towards the cost of delivering your Flower for Mother's Day.

 A discount isn't always a discount when the quality of your Mother's day Flowers are at stake. Order Mother's Day Flowers and all your Flowers for any occasion online through LAROSE.COM sending flowers Free of Fees since 1995/

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Inlaid Cross Pendant - New at LAROSE Jewelry

Just added to the LAROSE Jewelry Collection is an affordable, exquisitely looking, finely detailed Inlaid Cross Pendant with free leather necklace for men and women. This stainless steel cross features an black stone inlaid cross within the metal cross. The inlaid black stone cross has sharp line cuts to give it a three dimensional effect. Representing the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit are three sparkling crystal glass chips. With solid craftsmanship and design this  Inlaid Cross Pendant represents a new interpretation of the tradition plain cross pendant. With a solid soldered eyelet that will fit almost any chain thickness, this Inlaid Cross Pendant is sure to become a favorite jewelry accessory for both men and women.

When you buy this  Inlaid Cross Pendant from the LAROSE.COM Jewelry Collection, you will receive the Inlaid Cross Pendant, the free fourteen inch leather necklace with a two inch chain extender, and free shipping throughout the USA all for one low price. You can also add a gift box when you are purchasing the Inlaid Cross Pendant as a gift for a nominal fee. The classic black and white gift box with hand tied black and white polka dot double bows presents a great first impression. When your Inlaid Cross Pendant gift recipient opens the box and reveals the highly polished Inlaid Cross Pendant displayed against the rich black velveteen be of the box, their reaction will be nothing short of awe.

The Inlaid Cross Pendant is a gift for all occasions,but it does not have to be a gift for someone else, treat yourself to this great buy. The Inlaid Cross Pendant can easily be transferred to the chain of your choice to compliment different looks. With all the dimensions of the Inlaid Cross Pendant, the highly polished metal silver tone finish, the black modern cut inlaid stone and the sparkling crystal glass chips, this Cross Pendant can be worn with virtually any fashion, from casual to formal.

Buy a Inlaid Cross Pendant

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