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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Order Jewelry For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching, this year, 2012, it is May 13th, save gas and shop for Mother's Day at LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts. For Mother's Day Flowers, Plants, Jewelry, Ceramic Containers and unique Decorative Vases, you can shop from the comfort of your home or office online for Mother's Day Gifts.

Since 1995 internet shoppers have relied on LAROSE.COM for all occasions, and Mother's Day is one of the biggest of those occasions, but you have to order early so that the Mother's Day Gift that you select can be shipped on time. Flowers and Plants ordered online at LAROSE.COM are hand delivered locally by members of the Teleflora Network of independently owned and operated professional florists. Mother's Day Jewelry, Decorative Vases and Ceramic Gifts are shipped from the New Jersey Florist Home of LAROSE.COM, most are shipped throughout the USA via UPS.
Mother's Day Jewelry

With only a couple of weeks left till Mother's Day 2012, you should order now so that you can receive your Mother's Day Gift in time for Mother's Day. In 2012 LAROSE.COM is re-introducing a Jewelry Section, with a new Jewelry Buyer who looks for the best value in Jewelry with unique looks that will compliment a variety of fashion. As the Jewelry Section is expanded piece by piece, the LAROSE.COM Jewelry Section is featuring two Mom Pendants with Free Chains, Free Gift Boxes and FREE SHIPPING for Mother's Day. Order your MOM Jewelry Necklace Pendants today so that you can present Mom with a Mom Pendant in a classy gift box on Mother's day.

Order Jewelry Pendants online from the LAROSE.COM Pendant Collection. The LAROSE.COM Jewelry buyer is currently having a variety of jewelry pendants made to offer you, the online Jewelry Customer, a choice of quality made affordable jewelry pendants for all occasion gift giving or to buy for yourself. 

The Mom Heart Jewelry Pendant will be the first to arrive, and is currently on sale at a special pre-order price. The second Jewelry Pendant to arrive will be the Mom Rose Jewelry Pendant, which is now also available to pre-order at Special Price. Both the Mom Heart Pendant and The Mom Rose Pendant will be ready to ship in time for Mother's Day 2012. Follow us on Twitter @LaroseGifts to be informed when a new Pendant is added to the LAROSE.COM Jewelry Pendant Collection. 

While we introduce our new Jewelry Collections, all Jewelry will have FREE SHIPPING throughout the USA. Each new piece of Jewelry that goes into production will be offered at Special Discounted Pre-Order Price. Order during the Pre-Order period and receive an extra 20% off the already low discounted Jewelry Prices that will be offered throughout the LAROSE.COM Jewelry Department.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ceramic Tulip Pitcher For Mother's Day

The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher can make a Mother's Day Gift. This classic looking pitcher in a retro motif is a distinguished looking pitcher that can be used as a serving pitcher, as a decorative accent or as a cut flower vessel. The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher can be on your Mother's Day Gift List, but you have to hurry and order soon. Mother's Day 2012 is May 13, the Ceramic Tulip Pitcher is shipped via UPS from zip code 07305 in New Jersey.  Order a Ceramic Tulip Pitcher for Mother's Day today, so that you will receive it in time for Mother's Day.

The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher is reminiscent of pitchers from the late 1940's to early 1950's. This ceramic pitcher has a base of tones of greens that were popular in the decor of the time with a a depiction of pink tulips. The combination of Pink Tulips against the shades of green on this glazed ceramic pitcher make for a rich color contrast. The Tulip Pitcher glazed ceramic pitcher measures seven inches high by 6.5 inches with with the handle and has a 2.5 inch opening. The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher  is FDA approved for food and also make a great vase for presenting fresh cut tulips. 

The glazed ceramic Tulip Pitcher is ideal as a floral vase for garden parties, weddings or kitchen table flower bouquets. It is the perfect height for cut tulips purchased from your local florist, or for your fresh cut garden flowers. As a planter The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher  makes a refreshing container for a live plant.

Editor's Note 7-3-13: Since the publication of this Blog Post, the Ceramic Tulip Pitcher has sold out. You can see other unique Flower Vases in the Decorative Vase Section of LAROSE.COM. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Order Funeral Flowers Online

Order Funeral Flowers that are hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada through LAROSE.COM, managed by the Floral Designers of La Rose Florist, Jersey City, NJ. When you order Funeral Flowers at the Florist of LAROSE.COM, your order is handled by real florists every step of the way. After you place your Funeral Flower order, a floral designer at the florist reviews your order and transmits it free of service charges to a local independently owned florist in the region of your delivery. When you Order Funeral Flowers, your funeral flower order is handled by people who really handle flowers, not by telemarketers in an office cubicle. 

Send Funeral Flowers through this section of the LAROSE.COM Florist and choose from a selection of Funeral Baskets to be sent to the wake or viewing to express your condolences. You can Order a Funeral Basket at various price points and in an array of colors. All Funeral Basket orders are dispatched for hand delivery if ordered in time. 
Order Funeral Flowers Online

When you send Funeral Flowers remember to take into consideration where the flowers are being delivered. The large floor baskets of funeral flowers are designed to be sent to Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, Funeral Chapels, Memorial Homes, Churches or Chapels for the wake or viewing. These Funeral Flowers are not appropriate to send to a home. If you want to send sympathy flowers to a home, you should consider a vase of flowers,  flower arrangement, or a plant, not a funeral basket.

Please remember when you order Funeral Flowers, that they must be designed and delivered, they cannot be there immediately, these floral arrangements are handmade and delivered locally by a local professional florist.  

Sympathy Flowers should be sent in time for the viewing or wake, not for the morning of the services.  After the wake or viewing it is appropriate to send flowers to the home.   Please choose flowers from the Floral Arrangement, Vase or Rose Sections when sending to a person's home. Funeral Floral Displays should not be sent to a residence. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Follow LAROSE.COM ON Twitter and Win

Follow LAROSE.COM on Twitter, get previews of new products, find out about upcoming features and have a chance to win special promo codes. Every one hundred Followers @LaroseGifts on Twitter, a Special Promo Code is given for percentages off of any purchase. Since joining Twitter only a few short weeks ago, LAROSE.COM Twitter Followers @LaroseGifts have received eight promo codes.
Everyday the Twitter account of LAROSE.COM, @LaroseGifts, highlights a few of the over 1,000 choices offered on LAROSE.COM, and the over 300 Ebay Products for sale at the Ebay store maintained by LAROSE.COM, Larose Gits on Ebay. The Ebay auction are automatically updated to the @LaroseGifts on Twitter, letting you know when a new auction opens and when one is about to close.
 As of April 25, 2012, LAROSE.COM on Twitter under account @LaroseGifts is waiting for our 900th Follower who will win a Special Promo Code for 20% off any Purchase from LAROSE.COM. Follower # 1000 of @LaroseGifts on Twitter will be warded a prize of a Mom Rose Pendant along with a Special Promo Code for 20% off any purchase made from LAROSE.COM
Twitter accounts are free, password protected and have privacy settings, anyone can sign up for a Twitter Account and Follow @ LaroseGifts for a chance to win, and the opportunity to know about Special Offers, and new offerings before anyone else.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Did you forget Administartive Professional Day?

If you notice that it is a little chilly in the office on Wednesday, April 25, 2012, maybe it's because you forgot that it was Administrative Professionals Day and your Staff didn't. Lucky for you you found this article, and you know you can still Send Flowers and Plants to be hand delivered for Administrative Professionals Week. Forgetful bosses are exactly the reason that Florists Associations turned Administrative Professionals Day into a week, you can forget a day, but not a week. Especially in 2012, when you can go to LAROSE.COM and order Administrative Professionals Week Flowers, there is no reason to forget this week, your Staff certainly won't.

Administrative Professionals Week used to be known as Secretaries Week, but as duties and job titles have changed throughout the years, so too has this week of recognition for the staff keeps your work place running. week in and week out. Administrative Professionals Week is a more encompassing title for a week that is set aside to thank and let your staff know that their work and diligence is appreciated throughout the year.

So even if you didn't exactly remember the day, it is now in reality a full week of recognition, so you can still Send Flowers or Plants For Administrative Professionals Week and have them hand delivered before the week is out. You don't have to blame it on the florist, by saying they delivered it late, that you really ordered it for Wednesday, and you don't know why it is coming on Thursday or Friday, just change the card to read Happy Administrative Professionals Week, I appreciate you every week. A live plant is a gift that will say thank you, or I appreciate your efforts all year long.

You can send flowers for Administrative Professionals Week or you can send a plant for Administrative Professionals Week, no matter which you select, hand delivered flowers or a hand delivered plant, with the right card message they say thank you and I do appreciate you. Even though by the time you are reading this you are late for Administrative Professionals Day, you are not late for Administrative Professionals Week, Take the chill out of the office by ordering flowers or plants for your Administrative Professionals online at LAROSE.COM and having your Thank You Flowers or Plants hand delivered before Administrative Professionals Week is finished, not only will your staff appreciate the fact that you remembered, you will feel a lot warmer in your office

Monday, April 23, 2012

Buy Wholesale Mom Heart Jewelry Pendants

For Retailers,  as a Fund Raising effort for Organizations, door to door cosmetic sales people or anyone looking to earn extra money, you can Buy Wholesale Mom Heart Jewelry Pendants at the LAROSE.COM Wholesale Jewelry Section. You can Buy Wholesale Mom Heart Jewelry Pendants in quantities as low as ten pieces to get started and increase your quantity and discount as you grow your sales. For larger stores and Organizations or Cosmetic Sales People with a larger customer base you can Buy Wholesale Mom Heart Jewelry Pendants in quantities of 100 pieces for the best wholesale price.

Buy Wholesale Mom Heart Jewelry Pendants
Order Wholesale Mom Heart Jewelry Pendants. These beautiful Mom Heart Jewelry Pendants feature an open rose and three sparkling pink glass chips with a gold tone MOM across the bottom of the heart along with a FREE CHAIN. These Wholesale Mom Heart Pendants retail for as high as $17.99, set your own price on these affordable Mom Heart Pendants complete with FREE CHAIN and ready to sell. 

This Wholesale Mom Heart Pendant, part of the Wholesale Jewelry Collection, is the perfect addition to your store, as a Fund Raising Product or as an additional item to your Mary Kay or Avon Cosmetic route. Order Wholesale Mom Heart Pendants in quantities of ten, the more you order the larger the Wholesale Discount. No matter how many of the Wholesale Mom Pendants you order, you will receive the FREE CHAIN and FREE SHIPPING throughout the USA. Get started today with your own low investment home Jewelry Business or as an addition to your already existing retail outlet, add easy, quick profits from Wholesale Jewelry that sells itself at an affordable price. 

Start with a Wholesale Mom Heart Jewelry Pendant from our Wholesale Jewelry Collection and add to your stock with our other Wholesale Jewelry. We also offer Wholesale Jewelry Gift Boxes to make your Jewelry Retailing easy and professional, you can charge addition for the gift box or build good will for your new Jewelry Business by offering the Gift Box Free

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Lavender Love Vase

This is an extraordinarily well made vase, the glass is flawless, the color perfect, the lines, style and details are nothing short of elegant. The Lavender Love Vase would be a great value at double the price. It is rare to find such an impressive vase at this price. The Lavender Love Vase is a 2012 introduction by Teleflora used for the Teleflora Faith Hill Lavender Love Bouquet for Mother's Day 2012.

Buy The Lavender Love Vase
The Lavender Love Vase is a vase that you can definitely make you say wow. Handmade with an a purple glass, this trumpet shaped vase weighs five pounds. The Lavender Love Vase is a pedestal vase that stands slightly under ten inches tall and five and a quarter inches wide with a five inch opening. Made in Poland by glass crafters, the Lavender Love Vase has fluent lines giving it a majestic appearance. This pedestal lavender glass vase holds four cups of water and is a gift in itself.

Buy the Lavender Love Vase for special occasions, such as as Weddings, Anniversary Parties or special birthdays where a lavender vase will accent the color motif of the flowers. This majestic Lavender Love Vase will compliment any formal dinning table, highlight a floral arrangement or become a decorative accent standing alone. You can buy the Lavender Love Vase individually for yourself or as a gift, or buy it in quantity discounts and save on both the price of the vase and on shipping. The Lavender Love Vase is a five pound vase, UPS rates are based on weight plus distance.

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