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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Send A Green Plant Garden for Secretaries Day

You can send flowers for Secretaries Day or you could send a gift that will be kept in the office throughout the year with a Green Plant Dish Garden. A Green Plant Dish Garden for Secretaries Day is a miniature garden created in a ceramic bowl with green indoor tropical plants. A Green Plant Dish Garden for Secretaries Day is an ideal way to say Thank You on Secretaries Day with a gift that will become part of the office. Green Plants adds serenity to an indoor environment making a Green Plant Dish Garden a gift for the eyes as well as the soul. 

Studies have shown that Green Plants indoors have a calming effect and add oxygen, adding to a more productive work environment. When you send a Green Plant Garden for Secretaries Day, it will be created and hand delivered locally from a professional florist in the region of your delivery. The exact ceramic bowl and plant selection will vary, as each local florist creates the Green Plant Garden for your gift recipient. 

When you send a Green Plant Garden for Secretaries Day and order through LAROSE.COM, you never pay a service fee for ordering online like you do with Corporate Flowers Service Web Sites and 800Flower Numbers, saving you up to $14.99 in service fees. Even after they give you a $10 coupon to order from them, you will still save $4.99 extra by ordering your Secretaries Day Green Plant Garden online at LAROSE.COM free of extra Service Fees. Send a Secretaries Day Green Plant Garden online through LAROSE.COM, where customers have ordered Secretaries Day Flowers and Plants since 1995 FREE of extra Service Fees. Say Thank You on Secretaries Day and save money when you order a Secretaries Day Green Plant Garden online at LAROSE.COM.

Send A Green Plant Garden for Secretaries Day

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thank a Nurse with Flowers on May 6, 2012

National Nurses Week is Celebrated from May 6- May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is considered the founder of modern nursing. The story of Florence Nightingale is one of compassion and altruism, a story that is replayed everyday by Nurses around the world. Being a Nurse is for most more than a profession it is a calling to serve. You can thank a nurse any day of the year with a gift of flowers, but May 6, 2012 is officially Nurse's Day, a day to remember and thank a Nurse who has made a difference in your life.

You can send flowers for Nurse's Day in a variety of ways, you can order flowers in a vase, send flowers in an arrangement or with the Teleflora Bee Well Bouquet. National Nurse's Day is only once a year, but dedicated Nurses are on the job everyday, day and night all year. National Nurse's Day is the perfect day to send flowers to a nurse to tell them that their effort, care and concern is appreciated. 
Send Flowers throughout the week of National Nurse's Week May 6, 2012 - May 12, 2012 with hand delivered flowers free of service fees when you order flowers for National Nurse's Week online through LAROSE.COM.  Just think of how you will change the day of a hard working nurse when she receives Thank You Flowers from you unexpectedly. Send your Nurse's Day Flowers with a free enclouser card on which you can express your sentiments and tell the Nurse that touched your life how much it meant to you and your family

You don't have to wait for National Nurses Week to send Thank You Flowers to a Nurse, you can send flowers to a nurse any day free of service fees, making them feel special and appreciated and saving you money. Order Flowers for a Nurse Online for delivery May 6th or any day when you want to tell a Nurse how much they mean in your life.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buy a Mom Heart Pendant For Mother's Day

Buy a Mom Heart Pendant during the pre-order special with FREE Chain and FREE Shipping from LAROSE.COM. The new Jewelry Collection by LAROSE.COM is offering  a special price for those who order their Mom Heart Pendant before April 30, 2012. Currently in production the Mom Jewelry Pendant will begin shipping on May 1, 2012 throughout the USA. The Mom Jewelry Pendant will come in a FREE Gift Box with a FREE Chain and FREE shipping all for only $15.99 for those that pre-order before April 16, 2012. 

Buy a  Mom Heart Pendant For Mother's Day
Buy a Mom Heart Pendant with FREE Chain for Mother's Day or any occasion. This Mom Heart Pendant is currently in production with an expected arrival date of April 18, 2012. You can order the Mom Heart Pendant now at a Special Pre-Order Price of only $15.99 with FREE Shipping throughout the USA. This Mom Heart Pendant features the word MOM in a heart accented with a long stem rose and three pink glass beads. hooked to a solid clasp that will slip onto most chains. 

When you order a Mom Heart  Pendant during this special pre-order period, you will be the first to receive these exclusive Mom Heart Pendants with Chain. Once the Mom Heart Pendants are in stock, the price will revert back to the low everyday retail price of  $19.99. Each Mom Heart Pendent will arrive ready to give as a gift in a Black Decorative Jewelry Box with a Free Chain, all included in the price whether you order the pre-order at $15.99 or at the regular price of $19.99 after the special introductory price ends.
The first delivery of these specially produced Mom Heart Pendants with Free Chains will be in a limited quantity, so don't miss out. Once the first shipment is sold out during the pre-order special or after, they will not be available again until after Mother's Day as the second shipment of these specially produced Mom Heart Pendants are not expected to arrive until May 25th, 2012. Mother's Day is May 13th, 2012, if you want to give the Mom Heart Pendant with Free Chain as a Mother's Day Gift, don't delay, order today.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Teleflora Perfect in Pink Bouquet for Secretaries Day

The name has changed from Secretary's Day to Secretaries Day to Administration Professional's Day to Administrative Assistants Day and back again. What ever you want to call it, it will be here on April 25th, 2012 and it's time to send flowers for Administrative Professionals Day, Secretaries Day and Administrative Assistants Day. The 2012 Teleflora featured Bouquet for Administrative Professionals Week is The Perfect in Pink Bouquet. 

Order Flowers for Secretaries Week with the Teleflora Perfect in Pink Bouquet. The Teleflora Perfect in Pink Bouquet is a part of the Teleflora Flowers in a Gift Collection. When you send flowers for secretaries week with the Teleflora Perfect in Pink Bouquet for Secretaries Day you are sending flowers in a keepsake gift that will show your appreciation for years to come. 

The Teleflora Perfect In Pink Bouquet is fresh hand selected pink flowers arranged by a professional local floral designer in a 4 inch by 5 inch glass vase brightly decorated with complimenting pink blossoms. Send the Teleflora Perfect in Pink Bouquet to say Thank you on Administrative Professionals Day. Order your Administrative Professionals Day Flowers online through LAROSE.COM and never pay an extra service fee for sending flowers throughout the USA and Canada.  

Order Flowers for Secretaries Day, Administrative Professionals Day and Administrative Assistants Day before you get busy with other things.Administrative Professionals Week begins on April 22, 2012 and ends on April 28, 2012, Wednesday April 25, 2012 is Administrative Professional Day.

Editor's Note 7-3-13: Since the publication of this Blog Post, the Teleflora Perfect in Pink has been discontinued. You can always view the current featured Secretaries Day Bouquet in the Secretaries day Flowers Section of LAROSE.COM

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What will You Have in The Jewelry Box for Mom?

Order Jewelry Online
What will be In The Jewelry Box for Mom this year? This year to introduce the new Jewelry Collection by LAROSE.COM, there will be a choice of two Mom Pendants. Being produced right now, the two new Mom Jewlery Pendants will be ready to ship out to Mom just in time for Mother's Day. Keep reading the LAROSE.COM Blog and join us on Twitter as we introduce a special preview price and give you a sneak peek at the two new Mom Pendants being introduced as part of the new LAROSE.COM Jewelry Collection.  

This year when Mom opens her Jewelry Box on Mothers Day, it can have an exclusive Mom Heart Pendent with a Free Chain from LAROSE.COM that you will be able to get at a special pre-order price that will include FREE SHIPPING throughout the USA. The two new Mom Pendants are scheduled to begin shipping by May 1, 2012, and once they do, the special preview price will be over. Once they arrive at LAROSE.COM and begin shipping for those who pre-ordered their Mom Pendants, they will be offered at their regular everyday low price. Order before they arrive, and receive a price on these Mom Pendants that won't be seen again before Mother's Day. 

When you pre-order your Mom Pendant, you will receive a free chain, a free Jewelry Gift Box, Free Shipping and be one of the first to receive one of the Mom Pendants currently in production for LAROSE.COM Customers. Regular Customers of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts have taken advantage of pre-order deals before, for Christmas 2011 smart LAROSE.COM Shoppers took advantage of a Pre-Order for the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village and got theirs for 20% less than the regular every day low price and were among the first in the Nation to receive this much anticipated first of a kind Musical Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Collectible.

In the next couple of days, you can be a smart LAROSE.COM Jewelry Customer and take advantage of the Special Pre-Order Price that will be announced on The LAROSE.COM Blog, Twitter Feed and in the LAROSE.COM Jewelry Section. Mother's Day is less than a month away, be ready to shop this week and  fill The Jewelry Box for Mom with one or both of the special production Mom Pendants. There will only be 600 pieces of each Mom Pendant by LAROSE.COM before Mother's Day, so the best time to order is on the pre-order. Over 75% of the first shipment of Teleflora 2011 Christmas Carolers Villages went out to those who pre-ordered, they were among the first in the Nation to receive their specially priced, pre-ordered Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Carolers Village, you can be among the first to receive one or both of the LAROSE.COM Mom Pendants, buy one for Mom and one for your Mother-In-Law, and they can both have a beautiful Mom Pendant in their Jewelry Box, yet each have a totally unique Mom Pendant.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder

With the sudden death of Thomas Kinkade on April 6, 2012 all things Kinkade are in demand. LAROSE.COM has always featured Thomas Kinkade licensed products including the Thomas Kinkade Country Cottage Teacup Display which was the first collaboration between Teleflora and Thomas Kinkade.The Thomas Kinkade Easter Egg Hunt Cottage, and the Thomas Kinkade Hometown Chapel, both of which are no longer produced are still available in limited quantities at retail price that they were when they were first introduced years ago. The Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder has always been available at La Rose Florist and was never featured on LAROSE.COM because of local demand. Do to the extraordinary amount of phone calls and emails in the last couple of days for this exclusive Thomas Kinkade licensed Votive Candle Holder, the remaining quantities will now be offered for shipping throughout the USA. The quantities are very limited, and this is an out of production product which can not be restocked, when the on hand quantity is sold,  it will not be offered for sale again.

Buy a Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder
The Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder is ,made of wood and securely holds a frosted votive candle holder that says, REJOICE, in gold letters. The backdrop and of the Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder is made of wood painted in an antique white with gold accents, that frames the replica of the Thomas Kinkade painting from 2009 title, Sunrise. Sunrise depicts a lone cross atop a rock formation that is overlooking a valley as the sun rises. When lit, the light of the votive candle reflects off the framed replication of the Thomas Kinkade Painting that is the background for the Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder.

The Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder measures 8 inches high with a base that is 5.5 inches at its widest point, the frame and image measures 3 inches across. The Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder comes complete with the stand, candle holder and candle. This is a licensed Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder, that is out of production with a copyright date of 2010. The front of the Thomas Kinkade Votive Candle Holder has a gold colored plaque attached that reads, THOMAS KINKADE, Painter of Light.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from LAROSE.COM

As LAROSE.COM celebrates its 17th Easter sending Flowers and Gifts online, the Management and Staff would like to wish all those who celebrate the Holy Day of Easter, and or the Holiday of Easter a Happy and Joyous Easter Day. Just as Easter represents a spirit of rebirth and renewal, it is the next step in the 18th year of LAROSE.COM on the Internet serving the Internet Customer who wishes to send flowers and gifts for every occasion.

Send Flowers and Gifts at LAROSE.COM

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