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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Centennial Vase - Hand Blown

Buy a Centennial Vase - Hand Blown
This hand blown Centennial Vase was produced by Teleflora to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Mother's Day in 2009. The magnificent hand blown Centennial Vase is gracefully fluted to an elegant flared top. The Centennial Vase replicates the heyday of Art Glass Vases with a modern approach. The Centennial Vase stands 10 inches high, is 5 inches wide and has a 5" opening. Because the Centennial Vase is a hand blown work of glass art, no two are exactly alike. The Centennial Vase has a clear weighted bottom with a golden color working up into a radiant deep rich pink shade reminiscent of Victorian Color Schemes. Because of the weighted bottom the Centennial Vase can easily display  a few large Sunflowers, Birds of Paradise, or Ginger flowers without tipping or becoming unstable.

When you buy the Centennial Vase, it is shipped from La Rose Florist in New Jersey via UPS. Please check the UPS Map below for estimated time in transit when ordering this Art Glass Vase. Vase orders are shipped the next business day after the order is processed. Order multiple vases to enjoy extra savings.. Order multiple Centennial vases to enjoy extra savings on both the price of the vase and the shipping costs. This Hand Blown Glass Vase will make an elegant wedding centerpiece for the right color motif.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Galway Irish Crystal Vase

Buy Ta Galway Irish Crystal Vase
Licensed by Galway Irish Crystal the Galway Irish Crystal Vase produced by the Teleflora Corporation is a soft pinky lavender shade with an unusually crystal cut top adorned with embedded florets. The contours of the Galway Irish Vase adds to its natural beauty and enables it to be displayed even without flowers. 

The Galway Irish Crystal Vase weighs over three pounds lending to great stability even when displaying heavy stemmed flowers. The Galway Irish Crystal Vase is shipped via UPS from the Florist Home of LAROSE.COM to your home. Use the UPS Map below to check for estimated time in transit. Vase orders are shipped one business day after the order is processed from zip code 07305. Order multiple vases to save on both the product cost and shipping cost.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spiral Cut Crystal Vase

For elegant weddings, parties or for your home, this heavy Spiral Cut Crystal Vase is a quality made vase with detail cutting that adds to its sparkle and luster. The Spiral Cut Vase accents any theme, and will enhance the flowers that are being displayed.

Buy a Spiral Cut Crystal Vase
This 24 Percent Lead Spiral Crystal Vase has a spiral cut and is made in the Czech Republic. The Spiral Cut 24 Percent Lead Crystal Vase measures ten inches high with a 4 inch opening. The  24 Percent Spiral Cut Lead Crystal Vase weighs five pounds and is a beautiful clear cut crystal. Fill these Crystal Vase with a Dozen Long Stem Roses from your local florist and have an exquisite presentation for any occasion. This fine cut crystal vase can be left out even when empty. The Spiral Cut 24 Percent Lead Crystal Vase is shipped directly to you via UPS from New Jersey,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Sacred Cross Bouquet for Easter

Order The Sacred Cross Bouquet for Easter
The Sacred Cross Bouquet by Teleflora celebrates the solemnity of Easter with a Bouquet of White lilies arranged in the new Silver Cross Vase.  Over the years the white lily has become synonymous with Easter, The Sacred Cross Bouquet by Teleflora features this traditional Easter flower arranged in a trumpet shaped glass vase that sits inside a silver plated sleeve with a cut out cross representing the symbol of Salvation for the Christian Faith. 

You can send the Sacred Cross Bouquet by Teleflora throughout most of the USA to express your Easter sentiments to your flower gift recipient near and far. When you order the Teleflora Sacred Cross Bouquet online through LAROSE.COM free of extra service fees, a local professional floral designer will hand select white lilies of the season, arrange them in this stunning keepsake vase and have it hand delivered to your Easter Flower Gift Recipient along with with your free enclosure card that expresses your Easter Wishes. The Sacred Cross Bouquet by Teleflora is the gift of fresh flowers with a keepsake vase that will be treasured and used by your gift recipient for years to come.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vases for a Church Altar

The newest religious theme vase offered through LAROSE.COM is the Silver Cross Vase. This well made trumpet shaped vase sits inside of a silver plated sleeve with a cut out cross. The Silver Cross Vase a gift for all Christian occasions. Featuring the cross, the symbol of Christian Salvation, the Silver Cross Vase is a gift for weddings, christenings, confirmations or communions. If you are looking for an affordable gift to donate to your Church or Minister, the Silver Cross Vase is well worth considering, it is a gift with representative meaning that is usable and practical throughout the year. The Silver Cross Vase can be placed on either side of the altar and filled with fresh flowers from your local professional florist for Sunday Services, Communions, Funerals, Weddings and other Church events.
Order the Silver Cross Vase
Order a Silver Cross Vase for a gift of elegance with a religious motif. The Silver Cross Vase is a nine inch high glass vase enveloped in a silver plated sleeve with a distinctive cut out cross. The Silver Cross Vase is the perfect vase for Church Altars, a gift for religious occasions or for weddings. The modern cut of the glass vase with lends itself to a variety of floral arrangements from the simple to the extravagant. Fill the Silver Cross Vase with White Lilies or Cala Lilies to place on the altar for communion, weddings or confirmations.

The elegance of the Silver Cross Vase will turn a simple dozen carnations into a beautiful work of art. The Silver Cross Vase can be a gift in itself for any religious occasion or person. The Silver Cross Vase is nine inches high by five inches wide and has an almost five inch opening for fresh flowers. Create a unique gift with this Silver Cross Vase filled with fresh cut flowers from your local florist. The Silver Cross Vase is a new addition to the Teleflora Flowers in a gift Collection. You can have the Silver Cross Vase sent to you or directly to your gift recipient  

The Silver Cross Vase is shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the home of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts. Please be aware of time in transit when you order the Silver Cross Vase.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Lilac Polka-Dot Vase

Perfect for the spring parties and cocktail hours, the Lilac Polka-Dot Vase is just the right size vase for smaller stem spring flowers, such as tulips. Depending on your motif and color scheme, the Lilac Polka-Dot Vase might be the vase you need to complete the look of cocktail party tables.   

Order a Lilac Polka-Dot Vase
This Lilac Polka-Dot Vase is a versatile vase for short stem blooms such as tulips or short daisies. The Lilac Polka-Dot Vase is the perfect size for small cocktail tables, end tables or seating tables. The deep lilac glass has a softly rounded shape and is decorated all around with soft lilac polka-dots. The Lilac Polka-Dot Vase measures five and three quarters inches high by four and a half inches wide and has a tapered two and a half inch opening.

The Lilac Polka-Dot Vase blends well with pink, lavender, or purple decor and flowers or can be used as a base for a bright spring flower arrangement. The Lilac Polka-Dot Vase is shipped to you directly from the New Jersey Florist Home of LAROSE.COM via UPS. When you order multiple vases for events you save on both the cost of the vase and the shipping charges.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Delicate Daisy Vase

This Unique Delicate Daisy Vase has a V-Shape tapering up to an oval opening. The Delicate Daisy Vase is a graceful glass vase that weighs one and a half pounds with a hand painted wild rose motif. The glass Delicate Daisy Vase stands 7.5 inches high, is 5.25 inches wide and holds almost two cups of water. This glass vase is an unusual accent piece. Arranged with delicate smaller blooms this Delicate Daisy Vase takes on a Victorian feel and look. Perfect for cutting roses from the garden and filling a room with the fragrance of fresh cut garden roses, the Delicate Daisy Vase perfectly compliments pink, and white fresh cut garden roses.

The Delicate Daisy Vase is shipped to you from the florist in Jersey City, NJ via UPS. Please check the UPS Map of estimated time in transit when ordering the Delicate Daisy Vase. Order multiple vases at discounted prices to balance the effect when displaying in bedrooms or on living room end tables.

Editor's Note -7-31-13: Since the Publication of this Blog Post, the Delicate Daisy Vase has sold out and been discontinued. You can view the currently available vases in the Decorative Vase Section of LAROSE.COM

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