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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Green Glass Cubes for St. Patrick's Day Tables

Buy Green Glass Cubes for St. Patrick's Day Tables

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th, just around the corner. If you or your Community Organization has been looking for a floral vase for your St.Patrick's Day tables, the Green Glass Cube may be the perfect fit.These 4 inch by 4 inch green glass cubes offer a  true shade of green that fits in well with the green of St. Patrick's Day. The Green Glass Cubes make it easy to create a simple, yet elegant floral centerpiece for a St. Patrick's Day table. You can fill the Green Glass Cubes with the traditional green carnations for a combination of the old and new, or stop by your local professional florist for fresh quality daffodils or tulips to offer a different and unique look to your St.Patrick's Day Dinner Tables. 

To create an St.Patrick's Day Table centerpiece using the Green Glass Cubes with the traditional Green Carnations is easy. If you are going to use less than a dozen carnations in each cube, first fill the cube with floral greens such as baker fern,  then cut the green carnations to the desired length (no more than four inches above the cube will work best), insert your carnations starting in the middle and working you way around the edges of the green glass cube. Add a touch of babies breath, monte casino or  solidago, then top your St.Patrick's Day arrangement with a small Irish Flag to create a complete centerpiece for the St. Patrick's Day Table. Use a dozen green carnations in each cube and you can eliminate the greens and filler flowers, just cut all your carnations a equal length, two inches above the cube works best, and fill the cube for centerpiece that offers a modern look with the traditional green St. Patrick's Day Carnation.

The Green Glass Cube is great for displaying fresh spring daffodils or tulips. When you get your fresh daffodils from your local florist, you can ask them to cut them down so they they are a perfect fit for the green glass cubes. A simple arrangement of daffodils or white and yellow tulips in the green glass cubes will create a modern floral table centerpiece for your event or dinner table. 

Of course the green glass cubes are not just for St. Patrick's Day, they can be used throughout the year for events that feature a green motif. Backyard parties, wedding cocktail hours or just about any event where a rich green glass will enhance the fresh cut flower centerpiece. The Green Glass Cubes are available year round and are shipped to you directly from the Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the home to LAROSE.COM.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Large Traditional Palm Cross

Large Traditional Palm Cross
Order a Classic Palm Cross for Palm Sunday. This is the twenty eight inch handmade palm cross made with all Palm. This traditional Palm Cross begins with an twenty eight inch wooden frame, then loops of fresh palm are attached to create the palm cross. This Twenty Eight Inch Palm Cross is made the old fashioned way without bows or decorations.

The Palm Cross is a traditional symbol used in the Christian Faith to commemorate the return of Jesus to Jerusalem. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday. The Palm Cross is placed at the cemetery as a commemoration. When you order a Palm Cross from LAROSE.COM, it is shipped via UPS to your destination. Only order a Palm Cross to be shipped to the Cemetery if you have made arrangements with the Cemetery Management to receive your delivery and place your Palm Cross on the appropriate grave site. 

The Palm Cross is made and shipped each year from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday.

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