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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Save on Levothyroxine for Underactive Thyroid

Levothyroxine is prescribed by Physicians in a variety of dosages for under-active thyroid, it replaces or provides more thyroid hormone that would normally be produced by the thyroid gland. Levothyroxine comes in both capsules and tablets in a variety of strengthens. If you are placed on a regiment of Levothyroxine by your physician, you can save money at your local pharmacy on your Levothyroxine Prescription by using a Free Pharmacy Discount Card sponsored by LAROSE.COM. The Free Pharmacy Discount Card requires no personal information, no registration, does not expire and never costs you anything to use at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. 

You can Print a Free Pharmacy Discount Card, or Save a Free Pharmacy Discount Card to your iphone or mobile device to present to your local pharmacy for discounts on Levothyroxine and any other prescription drug. Your Free Pharmacy Discount Card is already validated and ready to use, you do not have to call and 800 number to activate it, provide any personal information or pay a fee. Get your Free Pharmacy Discount Card and begin saving at your local Pharmacy on all your Prescription Drug needs. Even save on Insulin Syringes with your Free Pharmacy Discount Card with a Doctor's Prescription. Although the Free Pharmacy Discount Card is advertised as saving up to 75% on Prescription Drugs, some users of the LAROSE.COM Free Pharmacy Discount Card have enjoyed savings as high as 93.47% on their Prescrition Medication throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. 

The savings of each Prescription Drug  with the Free Pharmacy Discount Card is a negotiated savings and varies by drug region and pharmacy. You can shop from home to find the best price for your Prescription of Levothyroxine or any other Prescription Drug by using the free Pharmacy Price Search Tool, just type in the name of the prescription drug you are shopping for,save it to your medication list, put in the Zip Code where you want to shop and enter. The free Pharmacy Price Search Tool will give you a list of the Pharmacies near you and the price of the Prescription with your Free Pharmacy Discount Card.As an example if you are shopping to fill your prescription for Levothyroxine TAB 125MCG in Metamora, OH, your results would show that you could fill your Prescrition for Levothyroxine TAB 125MCG for a thirdty day supply at Rite Aid Pharmacy located at 8310 Sylvania Metamora Road, Slyvania, OH 43560 for only $10.60 with your FREE PHARMACY DISCOUNT CARD, a savings of 29.3% off the normal list price of $14.99. If you are looking to fill the same prescription of Levothyroxine TAB 125MCG for a 30 day supply in Santa Monica, CA, it will cost you $9.80 at CVS Pharmacy 1411 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA with your Free Pharmacy Discount Card for savings of $5.19 which is 34.62% off the retail price if you bought it without your Free Pharmacy Discount Card. imgalt=
As you can see by the above examples, whether you have prescription drug insurance or not , you can save on Prescription Medication with the Free Pharmacy Discount Card.  If you have Prescription Drug Insurance, using the Free Pharmacy Discount would save you money if your copay or deductible is $15 or more in Metamora OH or $10 or more  or $10 or more in Santa Monica, CA. Use your Free Prescription Discount Card just like an Insurance Card, put it on file when you fill a Prescription and always ask what is my RX Cut Price, for those without Prescription Drug Insurance you are guaranteed to get the best price, for those with Insurance compare the Free Pharmacy Discount Card with your co-pay or deductible and see which is the better bargain. Everyone who needs Prescription Medication needs a FREE Pharmacy Discount Card.


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