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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Save on Endocet at your Local Pharmacy

Save on Endocet with a Free Discount Prescription Drug Card. Endocet is prescribed by Physicians for patients suffering from moderate to severe pain. Endocet is a compound drug consisting of a narcotic pain reliever (oxycodone) and a non-narcotic pain reliever (acetaminophen). It works on the brain to change how the body responds to pain. Endocet comes with many warnings and should only be taken as prescribed and monitored for side effects. If you understand all the warnings associated with Endocet and you and your Physician feel that it is the right prescription for your pain management you can save over 60% on your prescription of Endocet at your local pharmacy with a Free RX Discount Card sponsored by LAROSE.COM. Your Free RX Discount Card requires no registration, no personal information, is valid at over 56,000 pharmacies and offers you savings on almost all prescription medications. You can Print a Free RX Discount Card, Save an RX Discount Card or request that a Free RX Discount Card be be mailed to you. Use the Free Discount Prescription Drug Card to Save on Endocet.

Even with your Free RX Discount Card shopping local pharmacies for the lowest price can save you the most money. Use the Pharmacy Price Search Tool to find the best price on your Prescription Drug at a Pharmacy near you. In the case of Endocent if you were looking for the best price on Endocent TAB 10-325 MG, you will find that the price varies. If you live in Elizabeth, NJ 07201 and use the  Pharmacy Price Search Tool you will find that the price fluctuates tremendously from Pharmacy to Pharmacy even with your FREE RX Discount Card.The retail price of an Endocent 30 day supply of 120 tablets of 325MG is $239.83. If you bring your prescription and your RX Discount Card to Community Pharmacy, 1089 Elizabeth Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07201, Superior Pharmacy, 214 Second Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07206 or Margarita Pharmacy Dept, 62 3rd Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07206 you would pay $86.00 for a prescription that retails for $239.83 a savings of $153.83, 64.14%. If you bring that same prescription to CVS Pharmacy, 214 Rahway Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07202 or to Rite Aid Pharmacy, 25 South Broad Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07202 along with your Free Prescription Drug Discount Card you would pay $180.84, still saving $58.99 off the retail price of $239.83, 24.6% off retail. The above example shows the importance of shopping for the best price even with your Free Prescription Discount Card.
Save on Endocet
The first step towards saving on all your Prescription Drug Needs is to Print a Free RX Discount Card or Save a Free Prescription Discount Card to your iphone or other mobile device. The second step to savings money on your Prescrition Drug needs is to use the Pharmacy Price Search Tool to find the Pharmacy near you that offers the best discount with your FREE Prescription Discount Card. Whether you Print a Free RX Discount Card or Save a Free RX Discount Card to your iphone or mobile device, they are valid and ready to use. There are no 800 numbers to call, no registration required, no email, no personal information needed, get your Free RX Discount Card, shop and save the most off of Prescription Drugs. If you need Prescription Drugs, whether you have Prescription Drug Insurance or not, the RX Discount Card can save you more money than you have ever saved with a free discount card.Use your FREE RX Discount Card to Save on Endocet.


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