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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Save on Azithromycin with a Free Rx Discount Card

Save on Azithromycin with a Free Rx Discount Card
Azithromycin is an antibacterial tablet used to prevent and treat a number of bacterial infections, including, but not limited to middle ear infections, strep throat and pneumonia. Azithromycin is a common;y prescribed drug throughout the winter months when more people are prone to contract illness related to bacterial infections.Azithromycin is most often prescribed in tablet dosages of 250 mgs and 500 mgs although it is prescribed as a liquid suspension in some cases. The dosage and form of the prescribed Azithromycin  depends on age, weight and the severity of the infection.

Without prescription drug benefits this essential, effective antibiotic has become beyond the financial means of most people with the price hovering above $50 for a course of treatment. LAROSE.COM offers you a way to save on the cost of Azithromycin with a Free Prescription Discount Card that you can either print, download to your mobile device or have sent to you. On October 28, 2011, a LAROSE.COM customer who obtained their Free Prescription Drug Card  saved 66.69% on a prescription of 250mg Tablets of Azithromycin. This Free Rx Discount Card Member saved $38.67 by using their Free Prescription Drug Discount Card. The Pharmacy located in Jersey City, New Jersey had a list price of $57.75 and after presenting the Free Rx Discount Card to the Pharmacy paid only $19.08 for their Azithromycin.

How can you save up to 66.96% on your Azithromycin Prescription, order Free Discount Prescription Cards from LAROSE.COM, your source for savings. By presenting the Free Rx Discount Card when you need a prescription you can save on all Prescription Drugs even without insurance. There is no cost to you to use the Free Rx Discount Card, it does not expire, you do not have to register or provide any personal information, just obtain a Free Prescription Discount Card and use it to save every time you need a prescription medication. Your free RX Discount Card does not expire and there is no ree or renewal fee, as soon as you use your Free Prescription Discount Card you are automatically a member and entitled to the negotiated savings on Azithromycin and all other prescription drugs.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Ficus Tree and You

Order a Ficus Tree
The Ficus Tree is a very traditional office gift. The Ficus Tree is a perfect business gift for a Grand Opening or a new office. The Ficus Tree is botanically known as Ficus Benjamina. The Ficus Tree is easy to care for once it is adjusted. In the beginning the Ficus Tree will shed leaves because it does not like to be moved. Once you know where you are going to put your Ficus Tree, try to leave it in the same place and it will acclimate to the location. Once the Ficus Tree gets accustomed to its new environment it will become a long lasting thriving tree which may be trimmed as needed. Order a Ficus Tree for delivery throughout the USA and Canada.

The Ficus Tree is an exquisite plant for large spaces in the home or office. Having a tree in the home or office brings a natural outdoor peacefulness inside. Although the Ficus Tree is a beautiful, hardy indoor plant it can be very finicky, which leads many people to thin k that it is not a hardy indoor plant. The Ficus Tree can tolerate medium to high light, and moderate temperatures, no lower than 55 Degrees Fahrenheit. It does not like drafts, hot or cold air blowing on it, so placement away from air conditioners and hot air heat is important in selecting where to put your Ficus Tree. 

Remember that the Ficus Tree is a tree, and think about a tree that has been growing outside for years, moving it will put it into shock, the same is true for the Ficus Tree, which leads the new Ficus Tree owner to make matters worse. When you order a Ficus Tree deciding where it it stay is very important. When delivered, the Ficus Tree will go into shock in its new surroundings, leaves will turn yellow, leaves will fall, sometimes excessively. The new Ficus Tree owner often thinks that falling leaves can be corrected by watering, it may need water, but if it doesn't over watering your new Ficus Tree will cause irreparable damage.

The Ficus Tree should be watered thoroughly, enough so that it comes out the drainage holes, but not so much that the drainage tree fills with water, you do not want the Ficus Tree sitting in a tray of water, but you do want to give it enough water so that the bottom roots are as wet as the top. After watering your new Ficus Tree, give it time to use up the water supply that you have provided. Depending on the size of the container, the temperature and the amount of light, it could take a Ficus Tree ten days or more to use up the water in soil. The best watering routine is no watering routine, your Ficus Tree can not be placed on a definitive watering schedule. Once you water it thoroughly, give your Ficus Tree a few days to use the water supply provided, then you will have to start feeling the soil to see how quickly it is drying out and you must be aware of the water at the bottom of the planter as well as the surface of the soil. It is best to get a thin stick that is longer than the planter, such as a hyacinth stick, place it in the soil down to the bottom and you will see where the water line is on the stick. Wait until the stick tells you that the soil is dry down to the bottom before you water the Ficus Tree again. 

If the conditions are right, and the watering is controlled, your Ficus Tree can become a friend for life, adding a peace and serenity to your living or working space that only living green plants are able to do.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Never Pay Full Price for Prescription Drugs

 LAROSE.COM is proud to offer another outstanding money saving opportunity to our customers and visitors with a Free Rx Discount Card. Continuing with the tradition of saving our customers money,  this Free Rx Discount Card  saves everyone money whether you have prescription drug insurance or not. If you are uninsured for prescription medication, this Free Rx Discount Card can save you up to 75% on prescription drugs, it is free, activated and ready to use, just present it to your participating pharmacist (there are over 54,000 Pharmacies in the USA and Puerto Rico that accept your free discount Rx card) with your Prescription and ask, ‘What’s my Prescription Discount Price?’.

We searched for a program that will save money on Prescription Medication for as many customers as we could and this Free Rx Discount Card is the one we selected. Even our Customers and Visitors who have Prescription Drug Insurance can benefit from this premium free Rx discount card. If your Prescription Benefit Insurance has a co-pay of $10 or more, you can save money by using our Free Rx Discount Card. Complied data of claims presented show that 21 of the 25 most frequently processed generic medications are less than an insurance co-pay of $10 or more. So, even if you do have Prescription Drug Insurance Coverage, you can still save with the fully activated free Rx Discount Card. Just print your free Rx Discount Card and have your Pharmacist put it on file with your Prescription Medication Insurance Card, when you need a prescription medication, ask your Pharmacist, “What is my Rx Discount Card Price?”, then select the lower price, your Insurance Co-Pay or the  Rx Discount Card.

 LAROSE.COM Customers and Visitors are located throughout the world, we haven’t found a Worldwide Rx Discount Card yet, but we are working on it. Our International Friends that are planning on visiting the USA and Puerto Rico can Print a Free Rx Discount Card and use it throughout the USA while they are here with us. 

LAROSE.COM Customers and Visitors throughout the USA and Puerto Rico can use their Free Rx Discount  Card at over 54,000 participating Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. Save on Prescription Medication at your local neighborhood Pharmacy as well as  pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico:

No matter which of the over 54,000 participating pharmacies that you choose, you have access to instant savings on brand name or generic prescription medication with no restrictions when you use the fully activated Rx Discount Card that never expires and requires no enrollment. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Send a Silver Reflections Bouquet

Send a Silver Reflections Bouquet

The Silver Reflections Bouquet by Teleflora is part of the Teleflora Flowers in a Gift Collection. A ceramic vase that is finished in a metallic silver is the base for this all white fresh flower bouquet. The Teleflora Silver Reflections Bouquet is suitable for many occasions and very appropriate to send as an Anniversary Wish, A Wedding Congratulations Gift, or as a First Communion Gift. Each Teleflora Silver Reflections Vase is custom made by a local professional floral designer when ordered, then hand delivered to your gift recipient for any occasion throughout the USA and Canada. 

When you order the Teleflora Silver Reflections Bouquet, a local professional floral designer will hand select the freshest available white flowers such as roses and lilies to recreate the pictured flower arrangement for your gift recipient. Complimented with the purity of white flowers, the keepsake Silver Reflections Vase, reflects the surrounding light adding to the radiance of this bouquet. Your Flower Gift recipient receives the gift of fresh florist quality flowers in a keepsake vase that will be used for years to come. When you send flowers in a gift, your gift recipient receives fresh hand delivered flowers in a keepsake vase that will alwys remind them of your thoughtfulness.

Whether across the street or across the Country, you can send the Teleflora Silver Reflections Bouquet by ordering online through LAROSE.COM, where there is never a service fee to send flowers throughout the USA, Puerto Rico or Canada. Other 800 Flower Web Sites, FTD and National Flower Order gatherers charge you up to $14.99 to order from their Web Site, LAROSE.COM never charges you a service fee to send flowers online. You can send the Teleflora Silver Reflections Bouquet or any other hand delivered flower arrangement, plant or fruit basket free of service fees when you order online at LAROSE.COM

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin

Buy a Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin

The Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin is an elegant pumpkin for the more sophisticated Autumn Events, such as Weddings, Engagement Parties or Charity Balls. The Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin is a centerpiece base that will enhance the beauty, color and texture of the fresh flower table centerpiece at your event. This Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin is in limited supply and out of production. When the remaining stock is sold, this Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin will no longer be available in the easy order quantities that are offered to you through LAROSE.COM

If you have your eyes on these spectacular interpretation of the classic Autumn symbol, the pumpkin, don't wait to order these Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkins. By the Fall of 2013, the remaining supply of these unique Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin will be depleted.

The vacuum-metalized Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin is a new twist on an old favorite. With its Golden Stem, this ceramic pumpkin measures over six inches high, is seven and a half inches wide and has a five inch opening. .The Traditional Autumn Pumpkin in a Golden Bronze finish with a Golden Colored stem adds a new dimension to the autumn season. This vacuum-metalized Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin was produced for the Teleflora Corporation and is FDA approved for serving food. This stylish container has an after use  for candy, cookies, flowers, or plants. Filled with Candy and wrapped in cellophane the ceramic pumpkin becomes an elegant gift for any occasion This vacuum-metalized Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin is beautifully finished with a vacuum metalized shiny finish. 

As the last cases of these Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkins are sold, the quantity discounts will no longer be able to be offered on these unique classic interpretation of the pumpkin. These light reflective pumpkins add a glittering dimension to any catering hall affair.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Pompon Mums

Order Autumn Pompon Mums
The chrysanthemum a versatile flower which is durable and long lived. Available in a wide array of colors and variations, the chrysanthemum has been a staple of floral arrangements for all occasions. With an ever increasing selection of colors Unlike the potted mum used throughout the Autumn season for outdoor decoration, the professional florist uses a variety of mums that is commonly referred to as Pom-Pon or Pompon Mums. The Pom-Pon Mum offers the floral designer multiple flowers on each stem with long laterals making each floret usable in creating table centerpieces and other fresh flower arrangements.

Florist quality pompoms are grown in a variety of styles and colors for use by the flower industry. daisies, buttons, and cushion, with colors ranging from the traditional white, yellow and lavender to today's new and exciting colors that include wine, green and rust. The pompon is used in every season by professional floral designers and are available throughout the year. The pompon has become a staple of floral designing not only because of their versatility and color selection, but also because when properly placed in floral arrangements they are long lived, enabling the consumer to enjoy a fresh flower arrangement for a longer time.

During the Autumn your local florist will have a selection of pompons that include, dark brown, rust, beige, reddish-brown, gold and of course yellow to compliment the season and to create the floral arrangements for Autumn events and Holidays. When you order Autumn Flowers, Halloween Flowers and Thanksgiving Flowers, your local professional florist relies on the versatility and color selection of Pompons to create the table centerpieces and floral gifts of Autumn. Don't overlook this long lasting colorful flower when your order Autumn Flowers or stop in at your local neighborhood florist. The Pompon is a great value in fresh cut florist quality flowers. With the color selection available in pompons you can compliment any occasion or decor with a bunch of fresh cut florist pompons.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Send A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Send a Thanksgiving Centerpiece to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those near and far. The graceful beauty and dynamic fall colors of an Autumn Centerpiece turns the dinner table into an elegant setting for the Thanksgiving dinner. The Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece is one choice when you wish to send Thanksgiving Flowers.
Send A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

The Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece is a classic Autumn Table Floral Arrangement, Hand made using fresh autumn colored flowers such as roses, lilies, mums, and daisies, this Autumn Centerpiece is topped with two taper candles and decorated with wheat. Send the Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece for Thanksgiving to bring the harvest feeling to their Thanksgiving dinner table. This classic Autumn Centerpiece is the perfect flower arrangement to send for any dinner table throughout the Autumn, to celebrate a birthday, Anniversary or any special day that occurs during Autumn where a celebratory dinner is in order, the Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece will highlight the occasion.  

Order the Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece online without any service fees from the online florist of LAROSE.COM and have your Autumn Table Centerpiece hand delivered by a local professional independently owned neighborhood florist throughout the USA or Canada. Send Thanksgiving Flowers with the Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece to add the harvest look to the dinner table. Each Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece is designed as ordered and hand delivered to your flower recipient along with your greetings on a free enclosure card. You don't have to wait till Thanksgiving to send a classic Autumn Centerpiece, the Teleflora Graceful Glow Centerpiece is available throughout the Autumn Season from September till the end of November.

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