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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Save on the Flu Shot

Save on the Flu Shot with Free Discount Prescription Cards
Get your Free Prescription Discount Card today and save on the Flu Shot. You see the signs on every Drug Store Chain, Super Market, Walmart and Target, "Flu Shots Every Day - Walk In" with an average advertised price of $29.97. Don't get a Flu Shot without getting a Free Prescription Discount Card which you can use to save on this year's Flu Shot and all your prescription medications. Right now the Flu Shot is in good supply according to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC). To see your savings on the Flu Shot with the free Prescription Discount Card use the Pharmacy Search Engine. Type in FLUVIRN 2011-2012, add it to your Medication List, then type in the Zip Code where you want to get your flu shot. A list of available Flu Shot locations along with the prices will be displayed in the zip code or area that you select from lowest to highest. 

Stop paying full price for your Flu Shot and prescription medications without a free prescription discount card. The average savings for members using our Prescription Discount Cards for this year's Flu Shot is 30%, saving members using the Prescription Discount Cards an average of $9.00 on every Flu Shot. Our Prescription Discount Cards keep an extra $9.00 in our members pockets when they get a Flu Shot. You, your family, friends and employees can all save by printing your Prescription Discount Cards online or by requesting bulk Prescription Discount Cards for free, with a minimal shipping charge. These free Prescription Discounts Cards are here to help you save as much money as possible on this year's Flu Shot, as well as all your Prescription Medications. The Prescription Discount Cards are valid and ready to use as soon as you print them or request them to be shipped to you. There is no registration required to use these Prescription Discount Cards, no 800 number to call and no personal information. Begin using your Free Rx Card and you automatically become a member, your Rx Card never expires and is good at over 56,000 Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico.

The CDC recommends that everyone get a Flu Shot but especially Pregnant Women, Children Younger then 5 years old, People over 50 Years Old, People who live in Nursing Homes and other Long Term Care Facilities, People with Chronic Medical Conditions, and People who live with or care for those who are high risk from flu complications. Everyone on the CDC recommendation list and everyone who wants a Flu Shot in the USA and Puerto Rico can get a Pharmacy Discount Card and receive the Flu Shot and all your Prescription Medications at the lowest possible price. Skeptical that something is free in America? The Pharmacy Discount Card is FREE to you, we guarantee you will not pay to use this Rx Card to receive the highest possible discounts on the Flu Shot and your Prescription Medication. The Pharmaceutical Companies pay for this Rx Card program. Every time you use the Rx Card, the Pharmaceutical Company pays an Administrate Fee to the issuer to keep this program running and to insure that you receive the lowest negotiated price on your Flu Shot and all your Prescription Drugs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Halloween Monster Candle Holder

The Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holder is a perfect accent to your Halloween decorations. Make it a spooky Halloween Party with these monster hand candle holders. The Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holder  is nine inches tall and six inches wide at its widest part. Very detailed and well painted, the Halloween Monster Candle Holder  is a spooky candle holder for Halloween Parties or dinner.
Buy The Halloween Monster Candle Holder
The Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holder is a spooky addition to any Halloween Night. Just image this realistic Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holder in a darkened Halloween Party Room holding a flicking candle, adding to the spooky feeling of the evening. Atmosphere is everything in creating a Spooky Halloween party, and these Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holders can certainly add to the atmosphere at any Halloween gathering. Well made, large and durable, these Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holders are the perfect Halloween Candle Holder for Spooky Monster Halloween parties. 

These Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holders are shipped from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ, please consider time in transit when ordering these Halloween Monster Candle Holders.Order the Halloween Monster Hand Candle Holder with enough time to arrive at your destination by Halloween. Order Two Halloween Monster Candle Holders and save on the item and the shipping.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Order Sweetest Day Flowers

Send Sweetest Day Flowers Online

Sweetest Day is mostly celebrated in the Great Lakes region of the USA,  however anyone can celebrate Sweetest Day by sending Sweetest Day Flowers to your Sweetest. Sweetest Day is October 15, 2011.

Send Sweetest Day Flowers and Gifts through LAROSE.COM the online florist and gift shop, where you buy Sweetest Day Flowers and save money. LAROSE.COM does not charge a flowers by wire service charge that you pay when you Send Sweetest Day Flowers and Gifts at other flowers by wire services.  LAROSE.COM is your one stop flower and gift shop online since 1995, where internet customers order flowers and save money.  Sweetest Day is the third Saturday in October. 

Sweetest Day Flowers are highlighted in the Sweetest Day section but you can send Sweetest Day Flowers from any Fresh Flower Section of LAROSE.COM free from any extra wire service charges. You can even order Sweetest Day Flowers with Paypal. 

The Sweetest Day Flowers and Gift Section of the LAROSE.COM Online Florist features unique gifts for your Sweetest on Sweetest Day. Gifts such as vases and teacups are shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist home of LAROSE.COM. Please consider time in transit for gifts that are shipped directly from the Jersey City Florist, when you order Sweetest Day Flowers and Gifts. Use the UPS Map at the bottom of each shipped product to estimate the time in transit for your Sweetest Day Gift Order.  

Send Plants for Sweetest Day or any day from LAROSE.COM Online Florist and Save money on the service fees that other National Florists charge for ordering online. At LAROSE.COM, you place the order, you keep the Service Fee, there is no service fee if you order flowers and plants online. So, treat your Sweetest to Sweetest Day Flowers, and put some savings in your pocket.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Send Spooky Sweet Flowers for Halloween

Order Halloween Flowers
It's time to order Halloween Flowers before you get tied up with costumes, makeup, costume changes, makeup changes, buying candy, taking the kids to Halloween Parties and on and on. You know on Halloween Week you will forget to order Halloween Flowers, and this year you really wanted to Send Halloween Flowers to the people you can't be with on Halloween. Take the time and look through the Halloween Flowers at the Online Florist of LAROSE.COM where you can order hand designed, hand delivered Halloween Flowers to be senbt throughout the USA free of any extra service fees, unlike those other 800 flower and telemarketers flowers by wire services where they charge you up to $14.99 just to place your Halloween Flower order. At the Halloween Flower Section of the Online Florist of LAROSE.COM, you can place your Halloween Flower online FREE of any service fees. One of the featured selections for Halloween is the Teleflora Sweet and Spooky Bouquet. 

Order Halloween Flowers that are Sweet and Spooky with the Spooky Sweet Bouquet by Teleflora. Designed in a quality Jet Black Glass Four Inch Cube the Teleflora Spooky Sweet Bouquet for Halloween features a cluster of flowers in shades of orange with a touch of green button mums toped by a handmade black widow spider with not so spooky eyes. Send a Sweet and Spooky Halloween Wish throughout the USA with the Teleflora Spooky Sweet Bouquet.

Each Spooky Sweet Bouquet by Teleflora that you send for Halloween is hand designed especially for your Halloween Flower recipient and hand delivered, not shipped in a box from a warehouse. Send Halloween Flowers the modern way online free of extra wire service fees at the online florist that has served the internet customer free for over twenty Halloweens and have them made and delivered the old fashioned way, by a local floral designer, hand delivered with your Halloween Message. The Teleflora Spooky Sweet Bouquet is a great way to wish anyone of any age a Happy Halloween and it combines the spookiness of a spider with the sweetness of fresh flowers. Send the Halloween Treat of Fresh Flowers in a modern black glass cube.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Order the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village

Order the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village
The Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village is ready to ship for Christmas 2011. Order the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village, it is in stock and ready to ship now. The Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village takes this collection to the next level, this year the Teleflora Christmas Carolers Village lights up, but in a first ever addition to the Thomas Kinkade Collection, the Christmas Carolers Village plays music. The Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village plays "Deck the Halls". The Lights and the music have separate switches 

As with all the previously featured Thomas Kinkade Teleflora Christmas Collectibles,  the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village is made from a durable poly resin, is finely detailed and well painted. The Teleflora Christmas Carolers Village features three buildings this year, a Church with two houses, all of which light up, surrounding the town square with Christmas Carolers in front of a large decorated Christmas Tree and a one horse open sled. The Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village is licensed by Kinkade Media Arts and meets their standards for Kinkade Collectibles. This Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village is the most exciting innovation in the long history of Thomas Kinkade Christmas Collectibles, it is the first to play music and have multiple buildings in the scene that light up. 

The Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Caroler Village is available to be shipped now throughout the Continental USA. Order the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Villages, they are expected to be a big seller like in previous years. Order yours today to lock in your addition to the Thomas Kinkade Collection by Teleflora. Because this is the largest Thomas Kinkade Collectable ever produced by Teleflora and now includes music, it expected to sell even quicker than usual.. Don't miss your opportunity to order the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers Village for yourself or as a Christmas Gift for someone.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Orange Glass Votive Bowl

Order Orange Glass Votive Bowls for Autumn
The Orange Glass Votive Bowl is part of the new Teleflora Collection of hand cut colored glass floral glass that doubles as votive candle holders after the flowers have faded. Each faceted hand cut reflects light creating a unique reflective vessel for votive candles. As a floral container the Orange Glass Votive Bowl is a vividly colored base for fresh flowers, this Orange Glass is a pure orange that will compliment a variety of color themes. It is a bright compliment to flower arrangements in yellow and white, the perfect match for Autumn Colors and earth tone floral centerpieces. 

The Orange Glass Votive Bowl measures five and half inches high by six inches wide and has a slightly over three inch opening. Holding four cups of water the Orange Glass Votive Bowl provides a sufficient reservoir of water for a full floral arrangement at events or weddings that last for long hours. With a votive candle or tea light the Orange Glass Votive Bowl creates an almost kaleidoscopic reflective holder. Even displayed alone reflecting the various rays of morning, noon and evening light, the Orange Glass Votive Bowl is a special reflecting glass faceted bowl with a heavy footed base for stability.

The color of this bowl is amazing, a true Orange with hand cut bevels that allows light to sparkle. Each hand Cut bevel of this  Orange Glass Votive Bowl magnifies and disperses light throughout the room. The diversity and functionally of this Orange Glass Votive Bowl  is equal to its beauty. As a floral vase for fresh flowers  the orange glass compliments Autumnal Colors as well as bright white and yellow flowers. As a Votive Candle Holder, the Orange Glass Votive Bowl is uniquely able to enhance the beauty of the candle flame and reflect its light throughout the room.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Order The Teleflora Golden Glow

Send Autumn Flowers
For any occasion during the Autumn Season order the Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet. This hand designed arrangement projects the deep, rich colors of fall designed in a classic terra cotta flower pot. The Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet can be sent throughout the USA and Canada, and is one of the most affordable hand delivery flower arrangements that you can send. When you order the Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet at the online florist of LAROSE.COM, you save up to $14.99 in service fees that other online telemarketers flowers by wire web sites and 800 flower numbers charge you to send flowers. Don';t be fooled by a $10.00 coupon, you are still paying $4.99 more than if you ordered the flowers online at LAROSE.COM, the online florist that has been sending flowers free of extra service charges since 1995.

When you order hand delivered flowers, a professional local floral designer creates an arrangement just for your recipient, it is not boxed in a warehouse waiting for a label and the Fedex truck. Order Flowers online free of service charges and a floral designer at LAROSE.COM will take care of your order. If your Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet is for delivery in Jersey City, NJ , Bayonne, NJ or the surrounding New Jersey Communities, your Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet will be created at La Rose Florist, Jersey City, NJ the home of LAROSE.COM and hand delivered. If your Teleflora Golden Harvest Bouquet is being delivered to a city or town throughout the USA and Canada that is not directly serviced by LAROSE.COM, a La Rose Florist Floral Designer will hand select a trusted member of the Teleflora Network to have your Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet created and hand delivered free of extra service charges.

The Golden Glow Bouquet is designed in a terra cotta pot to depict a garden arrangement of deep rich colors of an Autumn Day. Each Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet is hand designed in the region of your flower delivery and hand delivered with your card message. The Floral Designer creating your Golden Glow Bouquet will hand select the freshest blooms of the day such as gerberas, daisies and mums in the rich fall colors of golden brown, red and orange 

The completed Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet is approximately eleven inches wide by ten inches high. Each Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet is made and delivered by a professional local independently owned and operated florist who will hand design and deliver the Golden Glow to your flower gift recipient for any occasion. Send the Teleflora Golden Glow Bouquet through the online florist of LAROSE.COM free from extra service fees. Save up to $14.99 in service fees when you order online through LAROSE.COM, serving the internet flower buyer free of service fees since 1995.

Editor's Note 8-5-13: Since this Blog Post was published, the Teleflora Golden Glow has been discontinued. You can view current featured Autumn Flowers in the Autumn Flowers section of the LAROSE.COM Online Florist.

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