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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Save on Prescription Drugs In the Medicare Donut Hole

Save on Prescription Drugs In the Medicare Donut Hole
How to save on prescription medicine when you fall into the Medicare Donut Hole:
The Medicare coverage year is the calendar year beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31.The Medicare Part D coverage gap is referred to as the "Donut Hole". It is during this period when Medicare Recipients are responsible for paying all drug costs out of pocket. It is during this coverage gap that the Free Rx Discount Card can help Medicare Recipients.When a Medicare Recipient reaches the Donut Hole, they should register their Free Rx Discount Card with their Pharmacy, it is fully activated and they do not have to enroll. When they receive a Free Rx Discount Card, they do have to call an 800 number, register or provide any personal information, their Free Rx Card is their membership card. To receive member discounts of up to 75% on their prescription drugs the Medicare Recipient simply presents their card to the pharmacist of their choice as a secondary form of payment just before falling into the Medicare Donut Hole and they receive discounts on all their out of pocket drug expenses. 

To begin the Medicare benefit year, the recipient pays the deductible which is $310.00, they should not use the free Rx card during this period, even though it will save them money, it will take longer to fulfill their Medicare deductible. After the $310.00 Medicare Drug Benefit Deductible, the Medicare Recipient pays 25% of the next $2840 of drug costs, continue to use  Medicare Benefits during this period. It is during the next period when they enter the "Donut Hole" that it is time to use the Free Rx Discount Card.

Once the Medicare Recipient has reached the$2840 in prescription drug costs they must now pay 100% of the next $1710 in prescription Drug expenses, this is when it is time for Medicare Recipients to use their Free Rx Discount Card that will save them up to 75% on the cost of Generic Medications. While a Medicare Recipient is using their Free Rx Discount Card, from $2840 to $4550 be sure they submit all of their out of pocket prescription drug receipts to their Primary Medicare Drug Benefits Provider because once they reach a total of $4550 in prescription Drug Expenses, the Medicare Recipients Catastrophic coverage begins and prescription Medication is again a covered expense, at this point they should stop using their Free Rx Discount Card.

Another Time When Medicare Recipients Should use the Free Rx Discount Card:
There is another time during Medicare Coverage when a Medicare recipient would benefit from the Free Rx Discount Card. Occasionally Medicare Recipients will come across prescriptions that are not covered under Medicare, this is a time when the Free Rx Card will benefit them. When the Pharmacists says that this prescription is not covered under Medicare, how would you like to pay for it? The Medicare Benefits Recipient should ask the Pharmacist, " What is my discount with my Rx Card?". The Pharmacist will then enter the Member # RXC963313, Rx Group Number: RXC08190, RX Bin : 013824, RxPCN: RXCUT and the the automatic savings will be generated by the computer cutting the price of the prescription up to 75%.

With the Extra Help of the Free Rx Discount Card Medicare Recipients should be able to get through the Donut Hole with very little financial difficulty. The Free Rx Discount Card is free to use, does not need to be registered and provides automatic benefits even to Medicare Recipients.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Order Flowers Online and Save

Order Flowers Online and Save
LAROSE.COM went live on the Internet in March of 1995, and became a fully functional e-commerce online florist soon afterwards giving the flower sending public the option of placing their flower order online and saving on the service fee that is normally charged to send flowers across the USA and Canada. In 1995, the Service Fee was $6.25 to send flowers throughout the USA and Canada, in 2011 most Internet Flower Ordering Web Sites and 800 flower phone numbers that are staffed by telemarketers charge you up to $14.99 to send flowers no matter where in the USA and Canada they are being sent. Over 15 Years later you can still order flowers online and save money by placing your order for flowers at the online florist of LAROSE.COM.

You do the when you order flowers online and fill out the order form yourself. Your order form is sent securely with encryption to the Florist of LAROSE.COM where it is reviewed by a Floral Designer who determines how best to have your flowers hand delivered. If your order is being delivered in the region that is directly serviced by LAROSE, your Floral Designer will create your fresh flower arrangement and have a delivery driver hand deliver it to your flower gift recipient along with your free card message. If your flower delivery is being sent outside of the LAROSE immediate delivery area, your Floral Designer will determine which trusted member of independently owned and operated Florists who are part of the Network will best fill your order and transmit the order to them to have it professionally designed and hand delivered. No matter where in the USA or Canada your flower delivery is going, when you order flowers online at the online florist of LAROSE.COM, you never pay a service fee, saving you up to $14.99 that other flower web sites and 800 flower numbers charge you in service fees for every flower order you place.

If you need fresh flowers for your home or to take with you locally when visiting someone or as a gift, visit your locally independently owned neighborhood florist for quality fresh flowers. When you need to order flowers to be hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada visit the online Florist of LAROSE.COM for quality, fresh flowers delivered throughout the USA and Canada free of extra wire service fees. Every time you order flowers online through a flower clearing house web site or through an 800 flower number staffed by telemarketers you are giving them $14.99 per order have a computer send your flower order to the shop that is next in line, and you are providing these corporate flower order gathering web sites the money to drive your local florist out of your neighborhood.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teleflora Falling For You Vase of Flowers

Teleflora Falling For You Vase of Flowers
Falling in love during Autumn is a  color filled experience, when in begins to happen let them know with the Teleflora Falling for You Vase of Flowers. This symphony of early Autumn Colors is hand arranged in a gathering style as if an arrangement of hand picked garden flowers. The Teleflora Falling for You Vase of Flowers is a symphony of color representing the beginning of the seasonal color changes, with the blues of summer intermingled with the oranges and yellows of early Fall.

Each Teleflora Falling for You Vase of Flowers is hand designed and delivered by a local professional floral designer in keeping with the value and look of the pictured arrangement using the freshest flowers available to match the pictured arrangement for your flower delivery. Send Autumn Flowers with the Teleflora Falling for You Vase of Flowers for any occasion throughout the season, a birthday, get well, thinking of you or because I'm Falling for You. 

Teleflora Professional Florists are your independently owned  neighborhood Professional Florists who are joined together to fill your flower delivery orders throughout the USA and Canada. Each Teleflora Florist who hand delivers your order knows the value and quality that you expect from your local professional florists and strive to meet your expectations with every delivery. Whether for Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer Occasions and events, you can order Teleflora Flowers free of any service fees online through the florist of LAROSE.COM, serving customers since 1981 and serving the Internet Customer free of extra fees since 1995. Order Autumn Flowers with the Teleflora Falling For You Vase of Flowers.

The Teleflora Falling for You Vase of Flowers will have them falling for the beauty of autumn with an abundance of fresh flowers, gathered up and presented in a glass vase. The Teleflora Falling for You Vase of Flowers is a bright bouquet of sunflowers, blue delphinium, red roses and more created especially for your flower delivery by a local professional floral designer in the region of your recipient.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl

Editors Note: The Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl is no longer available - Check The Floral Container Section of LAROSE.COM for other unique Floral Containers.

To create an Autumn centerpiece for your home or for an elegant affair begin with this Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl. The large opening of this rich chocolate colored Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl. The Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl provides an eight inch opening for creating large table centerpiece floral arrangements with fresh or silk flowers. Standing almost 5.5 inches high by 8.75 inches wide. the Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl makes a perfect fruit bowl or candy bowl as a keepsake gift of the affair.

The old fashioned deep rich wood look of this Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl  makes it able to be a complimenting base for almost any color scheme. It is especially elegant with the new greens of today, green Hydrangea, mint green carnations and roses along with the new greens in mums. With a bold arrangement of red carnations,deep blue iris and white mums, the Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl, compliments the look of rural Americana. Perfect Centerpieces for VFW Dinners or ceremonies commemorating or honoring the  Military of today.

As the floral container for an Autumn Wedding, the Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl  is a classic.With either the brighter colors of early Fall, the bronzes and browns of middle Fall or the darker richer colors of late Fall, this deep colored wood pedestal bowl will add a touch of another era in Americana. 

For any season begin with wet floral foam, secure it to the bowl with either removable glue on the bottom, or waterproof floral tape across the top. decide on the look you want, for a traditional round centerpiece use greens to cover the floral foam and create the height and shape of your flower arrangement. If you are using Autumn Leaves for a Fall Color Scheme, either preserved or natural, green sparingly and fill in the space with your leaves. When you finish greening you should see the shape and size of your flower arrangement. To create a traditional centerpiece using the quality flowers that have been opened and preconditioned which your ordered from your local florist, begin with your center flower.

The center flower becomes your point, use four more of the same flower ay four equal distance spaces around the edge of the Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl. At this point you should be able to turn your flower centerpiece to any side and see the three points of an equal triangle. Depending on what kind of flowers you have selected and how many different flower varieties you have chosen for your centerpiece, you would now begin to fill in equally around the arrangement never letting a flower come out beyond the points that you have created with the five original flowers. Add your filler flowers, such as Solidago,,Statice or Purple Monte, accent with dried wisps of curly willow stems of wheat or pencil cat tails, any dried plant material that will rise above the points of the centerpiece to add a special look. Of course you could bring your Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowls  to your local florist to have professional, centerpiece made to your specifications.

The Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl is a A throw back to American quality wood working, this Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl is the perfect centerpiece floral bowl for prestigious events, award dinners and even Autumn Weddings. With a traditional rounded pedestal spindle, the Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl is reminiscent of quality wooden furniture. For Banquet Halls that are dominated by old world wood elegance, a centerpiece in the Lacquered Wood Pedestal Bowl is a natural fit.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Burst of Autumn Bouquet

Order a Burst of Autumn Bouquet
Labor Day marks the end of Summer for many even thought is not officially Autumn, but it will be here soon. You can start the Autumn Cerebration by sending flowers with the Burst of Autumn Bouquet of fresh flowers. Even though the Autumn colors have not begun to show yet, you can send a vase of fresh flowers in Autumn Colors to cheer someone who will miss the summer. Start the Autumn off right with a bouquet of fresh Autumn Colored Flowers freshly arranged by a local Professional Floral Designer , then hand delivered with your free enclosure card message.

You don't have to break the bank to order Flowers in a Vase and hand delivered when you order online free of Service Fees. The Telemarketing Web Sites and 800 Flowers numbers charge you service fee of up to $14.99 for the privilege of using their Web Site or calling their number to have a telemarketer send The Burst of Autumn Bouquet. At LAROSE.COM order at the online florist free of Service Charges and have your flower order handled by a floral designer from start to finish. 

Send the Burst of Autumn Bouquet for any occasion throughout the Autumn Season, Birthdays, Get Well, Thinking of you, Happy Anniversary are all good reasons to send fresh Autumn Flowers in a Vase. You can send the Burst of Autumn Bouquet throughout the USA and Canada free from extra charges, you pay the price of the item and the price of hand delivery, no fee for placing your order like at other places. Even when they offer you a $10 off coupon, they are still charging you $4.99 more to send Autumn Flowers than if you order Autumn Flowers online at LAROSE.COM, where old fashion service and technology join together.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

In the United States Labor Day is a Federal Holiday currently celebrated on the first Monday in September. It is a Holiday that recognizes the American Worker, whose sweat, hard work, injuries and deaths have built the infrastructure and economy of the Nation. Labor Day was first observed in 1878 and became a Federal Holiday in 1894 by an Act of Congress with backing from then President Grover Cleveland. 

Labor Day is celebrated as a day of rest for the worker, but has become associated with parties, barbeques and now in recent years shopping. Labor Day has become known as the official end of summer  even though summer actually continues for a few more weeks. Labor Day marks the beginning of Football Season, and the School Year. Throughout the years it is forgotten that the Holiday is in recognition of the Pullman strike who were gunned down by the US Military and US Marshals. To appease the anger stirred up by these deaths of the men on the picket line, Grover Cleveland and Congress rushed through the legislation to create Labor Day as soon as The Pullman Strike was over.

Labor Day 2011 should be a pause for reflection as the American Worker is under siege being forced to give up the gains made by Labor Unions over the last 150 years. It is often forgotten that American Labor built the America that we know. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Awakening The Giant White Sweat Shirt

Buy an Awakening The Giant White Sweat Shirt
World events and the attack on the US has created an atmosphere where the USA has to use the might of its military to defend against incursions. The USA has for most of the late 90's been a sleeping giant, growing its economy, and furthering the policies that would benefit the homeland. On a bright Fall Day in September of 2011, the American Giant was awoken by an attack aimed at Americans on American soil, and things have never been the same since that fateful day. With the 10th Anniversary of the attacks of 9/11/01 and with the US Military engaged throughout the world, the phrase, "Awakening the Giant" has never had more significance. Since 9/11/01 the peacetime military of the USA has been on war footing. 

With the chill of Autumn nights on the way, the pull over Jerzees Sweat Shirt will not only protect you but also shows your feelings. With a vivid true color screen printing of the flying American Flag in the background and the face of an awakened Eagle in the forefront, this white Jerzees Sweat Shirt proclaims, "Awakening The Giant" in black block letters. The face of the Eagle shows the anger and determination of the American Bald Eagle in defense of his home. 

Throughout the Autumn this pull over white Jerzees Awakening The Giant White Sweat Shirt will keep you  warm. With its double sewn crew neck and cuffs, the Awakening The Giant White Sweat Shirt will last through many washes and wears without the shirt or the durable well made screen printing fading or shredding. This casual Awakening The Giant White Sweat Shirt is appropriate to wear at services commemorating the military and at memorial services.

This Awakening The Giant White Sweat Shirt is part of the product line offered through LAROSE.COM in the America Shop Section. All items from the American Shop Section of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts are shipped throughout the USA and Canada via UPS from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ.

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