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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Order Green Plants for Grandparents Day

Order Green Plants for Grandparents Day

Order Green Plants for Grandparents Day to remember your grandparents on September 11, 2011. The gift of a green indoor plant for Grandparents Day is a gift of life. A long lasting gift that will remind them of your thoughtfulness every day. Indoor Plants are beneficial in a lot of ways, they natural filter the air, release oxygen into the air, and green plants have proven to have a relaxing effect on people. You can find larger floor plants in the Plant Section of the LAROSE.COM Online Florist. Some of the easier care indoor tropical plants that don't require direct sunlight are, the Dieffenbaciha Plant (although this plant is not good around small children and pets as it produces a poison), Chinese Evergreen, an easy care plant that grows bushier rather than taller when not over-watered, and the Small Spathiphyllum, will withstand the lower light situations, but does like to be forgotten about, it requires watering more than most.

The easiest plant to care for in almost any light situation that you can send for Grandparents Day  is the Pothos Plant,a durable, easy grower that will adapt to less light or bright sunshine. The more light the Pothos is given the more water it will require, in lower light situations you have to be careful not to over water it, with less light it will use its water slower. A good rule of thumb for Pothos in lower lighter is to be sure that the soil is dry all the way to the bottom before it receives a through watering. 

The special Grandparents Day Section of the online florist of LAROSE.COM features a Green Plant Garden that is perfect for a table. The Green Plant Garden features a variety of indoor tropical plants in an arrangement planted in a wicker basket or ceramic bowl.

Order Green Plants for Grandparents Day through the online florist of LAROSE.COM free of extra service fees. Other online telemarketing web sites and 800 flower numbers charge you up to $14.99 in service fees when you order a plant for Grandparents day, at LAROSE.COM your service fee is zero. Customers have been ordering plants from LAROSE.COM free of Service Fees since 1995. When you order a Green Plant for Grandparents Day, your plant is hand delivered by a professional local florist, not shipped in a box. .

Friday, September 2, 2011

Order the Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher for Grandparents Day

Order the Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher for Grandparents Day

Teleflora is a clearinghouse for locally owned independent florists that allows them to have orders filled by each other and have the same keepsake containers and arrangements from Texas to Alaska, From New York to California. In the 1960's Teleflora was founded in the 1960's, their niche in the market as they challenged FTD was to provide keepsake containers for independently owned florists to arrange flowers in, thus enabling flower shops around the country to send flowers in the same keepsake container. Throughout the years Teleflora became the number one keepsake floral container producer for the flower industry, introducing new unique keepsake ceramic containers and glass vases for every Holiday as well as everyday flower arrangements.

For 2011, the Grandparents Day Keepsake Container is the Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher. The Grandparents Day feature is the Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher Bouquet. As each Teleflora Keepsake Container is introduced it becomes a part of the wider collection of keepsake containers that are offered by florists to send flowers for any occasion. The Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher Bouquet is the featured product for Grandparents Day, it is however already available to sent for any other occasion. You can send the Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher Bouquet for a Birthday, A Get Well Wish, An Anniversary or just because you feel like sending flowers to someone who loves butterflies.

Although you can send the Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher Bouquet for any occasion, don't forget to send it for Grandparents Day, September 11, 20111. Order Grandparents Day Flowers online free of service fees at the online florist of LAROSE.COM with the Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher Bouquet, Flowers for the week and a ceramic butterfly pitcher to keep. When you remember Grandparents Day by sending the fresh flowers in the Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher, your Grandparents will remember you every time they see their beautiful keepsake pitcher, then whenever you visit you can stop by the local florist to buy a bouquet for their Butterfly Pitcher.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Order Grandparents Day Flowers for 9/11/11

Order Grandparents Day Flowers for 9/11/11
Order Grandparents Day Flowers today. Sunday September 11, 2011 is National Grandparents Day, don't forget to wish your Grandparents a Happy Grandparents Day with a gift of fresh flowers. Order Grandparents Day Flowers online free of extra service fees at the online florist where technology an old fashion service join together. Before you forget order Grandparents Day Flowers today and select a delivery date of September 8, 9 or 10th, (not all regions of the country can provide Sunday deliveries). To Send Flowers for Grandparents Day you can select from any of the Fresh Flower Arrangements located in the Flower Arrangement Section , Vase Arrangement Section, Rose Arrangement Section, Flowers in a Gift Section or choose the featured Teleflora Butterfly Pitcher Bouquet

You can send Grandparents Day Flowers using our secure online ordering form that accepts all major credit cards and Paypal, select the delivery date, fill in your card message and your Grandparents Day flowers will be freshly made and hand delivered by a local professional florist free of any service charge. This will save you up to $14.99 per order over other online flower ordering web sites that charge you up to $14.99 per order to send Grandparents Day Flowers.

If your Grandparents are near or far, you can order Grandparents Day Flowers online to wish them a Happy Grandparents Day. By an Act of Congress and a Proclamation signed on August 3, 1978, by President Jimmy Carter, National Grandparents Day was established as a secular Holiday to be celebrated in the United States on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day. The Proclamation states that the day's purpose is to: "to honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children, and to help children become aware of strength, information and guidance older people can offer". Don't forget to honor your Grandparents and their contributions on National Grandparents Day, September 11, 2011. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Realistic Ceramic Pumpkin Cookie Jar

Order a Realistic Ceramic Pumpkin Cookie Jar
The days are already getting shorter, before you know it the harvest will be in full swing, the summer flowers will give way to the colors of Autumn, and the long hot days of summer will become the cool, crisp days of fall. Weekends at the pool, beach and lake will be replaced by weekends picking apples and pumpkins. Picking the perfect pumpkin can sometimes be fruitless, some pumpkins are the perfect colors, only to be turned over and have a flat spot. Some pumpkins are the perfect shape but the green stripes are unbecoming. Some Pumpkins are just perfect until you realize that the stem is broken or rotting. There is a way to get the perfect decorative pumpkin, that is also useful throughout the Fall. The Ceramic Pumpkin Floral Container is the perfect color, the perfect shape, and has a perfect stem with beautiful color.

This large Ceramic Pumpkin which is over six inches inches high by seven and a half inches wide pumpkin is so realistic looking you won't be able to tell the difference unless you touch it  With a snug fitting lid that locks in place with an a tongue and grove closure system, this Ceramic Pumpkin can be used as a cookie jar,candy jar, and any number of food items, it is FDA approved for food use because of its fine glazing inside and out. Painted perfectly from each vertical line to the colors and texture of the stem, the Ceramic Pumpkin Container can be used to create fresh flower centerpiece arrangements for home, gifts or affairs.

With plenty of room for water the Ceramic Pumpkin can accommodate large formal centerpieces, fresh garden flowers or a silk autumn floral creation. For Autumn Weddings and Affairs, the Ceramic Pumpkin is the right size and perfect shape for elegant Autumn Centerpieces. Filled with wet floral foam, the Ceramic Pumpkin offers plenty of room for a traditional Autumn centerpiece of Autumn Carnations and Mums, as well as high style arrangements of lilies and roses. The Ceramic Pumpkin Floral Container can easily become the Ceramic Pumpkin Planter, filled with a potted Autumn Mum it is a great way to bring the colors and look of Autumn indoors. As a Dish Garden Container, the Ceramic Pumpkin  offers the right depth and width to plant a dish garden arrangement of indoor tropical plants. Choose a tall plant such as a snake plant for the center, and work smaller plants around, with Spot of Gold Plants and and colorful Crotons, the Ceramic Pumpkin becomes am Autumn treasure for your living room table.. The accenting of the perfect pumpkin hue of the Ceramic Pumpkin, contrasted with the red, yellow and green leaves of the croton, and the green and yellow leaves of the spot of gold plant is a perfect Autumn blend of colors.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make a Halloween Treat with a Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish

Buy a Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish

Here's a Halloween Project you can start on now, make a special Halloween Treat with the Ceramic Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish. Begin with this interestingly crafted ceramic glazed candy dish made in the image of an extra large Hershey Kiss. This replica collectible Hersey's Candy Dish is named the Hersey's Hugs, and is produced under license from the Hershey's Candy Company. For children of all ages the Ceramic Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish be a part of a special treat for Halloween.

Start with the Ceramic Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish, fill it with the favorite treats of the person you are giving it to, wrap in in cellophane tied with a black and orange bow and you have created a very special Halloween Treat. Maybe you need something special for the grandchildren when they pay their  trick or treat visit. Fill this Hershey's Hug Candy Dish with Hershey's Kisses for the gift of Hugs and Kisses. The exquisite Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish measures 6 inches high by 6 inches wide with an almost 5 inch opening. The lid of the Hersey's Hugs lifts off to reveal the treasure of candy that you place inside.

With it's large inside storage space, the  Hershey's Hugs Candy Dish can be filled with all sorts of Halloween Treats, from Hershey's Candy to crayons. You can create a special present for anyone of any age for a special Halloween Treat. Treat, fill it with two tickets to a basketball game, a play, a concert or a gift card among Hershey's Kisses, wrap it in cellophane, add a witch or ghost to the top, and you have a very special Halloween Gift to give to someone special.

Monday, August 29, 2011

America Sweat Shirt

Buy an America Sweat Shirt
With Autumn coming on fast, Sweat Shirt weather is almost here. This Autumn in America, early September will see many nighttime memorials for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11/01, a devastating day in American History. By September 11th even the day time could be Sweat Shirt Weather. For the Fall Season, The Hooded America Sweat Shirt will protect you from the chill of Fall. The America Sweat Shirt with hood and pockets is a Jereez Brand Sweat Shirt with quality screen printing that woon't wash out or fade.

In Red, White and Blue Block Letters AMERICA is blazoned across the chest of this warm, heavy duty hooded sweat shirt. Under the word AMERICA, over the heart is a waving American Flag in true bold colors. Under the American Flag in blue script are the words, "God Shed his grace on thee" This Hooded America Sweat Shirt sums in all up in a screen printing that is simply put in clear concise fonts that is not overbearing. 

The America Hooded Sweat Shirt may become your favorite sweat shirt for the cool weather, light grey, warm, comfortable cotton, a long lasting, color fast screen-printing, with a simple statement about America, with the symbol that most represents America around the world. A Sweat Shirt that can be worn to the park, as well as Memorial Services for 9/11/01, for Labor Day Picnics and even to walk with the kids on Halloween while they trick or treat. For two seasons a year for many years you will enjoy this cotton sweat shirt that will only get more comfortable the more you wear it and wash it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Send Grandparents Day Gifts

Send Grandparents Day Gifts
With National Grandparents Day approaching fast, September 11, 2011, today is the day to order a Grandparents Day gift so that it can arrive before Grandparents Day throughout the USA. Grandparents Day Gifts ordered through LAROSE.COM are shipped via UPS from zip code 07305. Ground Shipping can take as long as five business days to get to your Grandparents Home, and with Monday September 5, 2011 being Labor Day there will not be any UPS pick up on that day.

You can select from a variety of decorative gifts for Grandparents Day at LAROSE.COM by visiting the Decorative Vases Section, the Floral Containers Section or the featured Grandparents Day Gifts in the Grandparents Day Section. Featured Grandparents Day Gifts include the Lenox Gravy Boat, the Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher, Thomas Kinkade Collectible Teacups, the Peter Rabbit Teapot or the Jesus Light of the World Vase. All of these Grandparents Day Gifts as well as the gifts offered in the Decorative Vases Section and Floral Container Section are shipped directly to your Grandparents from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ 07305 via UPS, so you must plan on time in transit when you select one of these Grandparents Day Gifts. Included with your Grandparents Day Gift will be your card message on a free florist enclosure card. 

Also included in all Grandparents Day Gifts that are ordered through LAROSE.COM and directly shipped is a FREE Discount RX Card, the RXCut Plus Savings Card which will save them up to 75% off prescription Drugs if they don't have insurance, 50% off pet medication and 50% off of imaging and lab tests. If they are on Medicare, the Free Discount RX Card, the RXCut Plus Savings Card will help them through the Medicare Donut Hole. When you order your Grandparents Day Gift online at LAROSE.COM you will also receive this free prepaid Discount Prescription Card in the mail with your receipt.

Don't delay, the time to order direct shipped gifts for Grandparents Day is now, so that they will arrive before Grandparents Day. Grandparents Day Gifts other than flowers and plants are shipped via UPS directly from the Florist in Jersey City, NJ 07305, please review the estimated time in transit by clicking the UPS Map located on the bottom of each product page for products that are shipped via UPS for Grandparents Day. UPS does not deliver on Saturday or Sunday.  Fresh Flowers and Live Plants for Grandparents Day are hand delivered and can be ordered up until Saturday Morning 9/10/11.

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