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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Free Prescription Discount Card

Free Prescription Discount Card
As a free benefit to the customers of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts, all mailed receipts and shipped packages will contain a Free Fully Activated Prescription Benefit Card that can be used at Pharmacies throughout the USA and Puerto Rico as a thank you for using LAROSE.COM. This Free Prescription Discount Card, The RXCUT Plus Card is no cost to you, it can only save you money every time you need a prescription. For those without Prescription Benefit Insurance, this Free Prescription Discount Card, The  RXCut Plus Saving Card can save you up to 75% on prescriptions. Even if you have insurance the FREE RxCut Plus Savings Card can offer you prescriptions that are lower than your insurance co-pays, if your co-pay is $10 or more..

Here's how it works, just bring your Free Prescription Discount Card, The RXCUT PLUS Card to the pharmacy the next time you need a prescription. The pharmacy will enter your LAROSE.COM Group Number RXC08190, the RxBin number 013824 and you will be given the RXCut Plus Card rate for your prescription. For those without any Prescription Benefits there is no decision, your rate will be up to 75% less than you would pay without your LAROSE.COM Free Prescription Discount Card, The RxCut Plus Card. The RXCUT Plus Card is here to help you pay the lowest you can for your prescription medication. Help is here for the uninsured, your Free Prescription Discount Card, The RXCUT PLUS CARD will save you a lot of money when you need prescription drugs, it is free to you and free to use. Don't go another day without prescription drug benefits, the Government won't help you, but the RXCUT PLUS CARD WILL!

For those who have prescription insurance, you have to weigh your co-pay against your Free Rx Discount Card, The RXCut Card Price, often the RXCut Plus Card will be less than your co-pay if your prescription co-pay is $10 or more. For those with Prescription Benefits with deductibles as high as 50% of the cost of the prescription, your RXCut Plus Card rates will beat your 50% deductible almost every time because the RXCut Plus Card Rate is up to 75% off  the retail price, while your 50% co-pay is only 50% off the retail price. If  you have Prescription Coverage, put your Free RXCut Plus Card on file at your Pharmacy along with your Prescription Benefit Card and always ask, "What's my RXCut Price?", then choose the one that saves you the most, your insurance card or your FREE RXCUT PLUS CARD. Over 200 million Americans pay a c0-pay or deductible that is HIGHER than the RXCUT PLUS CARD!!!

What is the PLUS of the RXCUT PLUS CARD? It is extra FREE benefits for the uninsured!! The RXCUT PLUS CARD will get you discounts up to 50% off the price of qualified lab work and imagining, such as MRI's and CAT Scans, in most States, this benefit is excluded by law in certain states. Don't pay more that you have to when you you need diagnostic work done and you are uninsured. The ranks of the uninsured is growing monthly, and what is the government doing to help you, NOTHING. The RXCUT PLUS CARD is here to help you pay less for diagnostic work as well as prescription medicine. Remember your RXCUT PLUS CARD is free from LAROSE.COM, and free to use, there are no fees to for using the Free RX Discount Card.

Among the uninsured in America are your pets, don't worry, another PLUS of the RXCUT PLUS CARD is 50% off Pet Medication, even those with the Cadillac of Prescription Coverage can't cover their Pet Medication with their Insurance Card, but you can with your Free Prescription Discount Card, The   RXCUT PLUS CARD

Friday, August 12, 2011

Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece

The 2011 Thanksgiving featured Centerpiece is the Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece. You can send the Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece throughout the USA and Canada free of service fees when you order Thanksgiving Flowers online at LAROSE.COM. Designed in a hand blown etched glass in a golden amber color with wavy lines of accent glass, this Amber Waves Bowl an elegant setting for the Thanksgiving Centerpiece. Each Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece is hand designed using fresh autumn flowers, decorations and two tapered candle to create the perfect Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece. The Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece is the perfect way to send Thanksgiving wishes in this keepsake art glass hand blown bowl that measures slightly over four inches high by eight inches wide an over sic inch opening. 

The Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece is two gifts in one, hand delivered fresh Thanksgiving Flowers in a centerpiece, plus a keepsake bowl that will be used for years to come to serve candy, nuts or fruit throughout the Autumns' of the future. You can send the beautifully crafted Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece free of service charges throughout the USA when you order Thanksgiving Flowers at the online florist of LAROSE.COM,

Whether you'll  be traveling home for the Holiday or be home far away, you can send your Thanksgiving Wishes with the Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece. If you are traveling home order your Thanksgiving Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece before you begin your journey, it will be one less thing to worry about. If you are staying home and will be far away for the Thanksgiving Holiday, you can still send your thoughts with the Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece for Thanksgiving and have a part of you at the Thanksgiving Table. Either way order your Thanksgiving Flowers online at LAROSE.COM and save up to $14.99 in service fees for each order. Other telemarketing flower web sites and 800 flower numbers charge you up to $14.99 per order to pay for the telemarketers that enter your order. At LAROSE.COM, the same floral designers who create flower arrangements all day long handle your Thanksgiving Flower Order free of service fees. Whether your order is created and hand delivered at the florist of LAROSE.COM or transferred to a trusted independently owned local florist near your Thanksgiving Flower Recipient, your Thanksgiving Flowers will be created by a professional floral designer and hand delivered for you free of Service Fees.

Editor's Note 8-7-13: Since this Blog Post was published, the Teleflora Amber Waves Centerpiece has been discontinued. You can always view the current featured Thanksgiving Flowers in the Thanksgiving Flowers Section of LAROSE.COM

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Send Thanksgiving Flowers Online

Order Thanksgiving Flowers Online
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October and in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, in 2011 Thanksgiving in Canada will be October 10th, while in the USA it will be November 24th. The original origins of Thanksgiving are a mixture of Native Indian and European Customs, each however was some form of feast after the Harvest to give thanks to the gods for a good growing season. In the United States the celebration of Thanksgiving became intertwined with the story of the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving celebrated at Plymouth. While in Canada the celebration of Thanksgiving became intermingled with  the home coming of Explorer Martin Frobisher upon his return from searching for the northern passage to the Pacific Ocean. Throughout the years the customs and reasons for the celebration of Thanksgiving have changed but the Feast of Thanksgiving has remained the same.

Although most of us are not farmers and are not aware of the Harvest, Thanksgiving is still a celebration centered around a large dinner. Throughout the years the Thanksgiving Table has always included not only the foods of the Harvest, it also included the flowers, berries, nuts and leaves of the Autumn Season. Today it is customary for the Thanksgiving Table to include a centerpiece of flowers in the colors of Autumn. Autumn Table Flowers are as much a part of the Thanksgiving Table as the Turkey, potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and bread. Thanksgiving Flowers add to the festive atmosphere of the Thanksgiving Dinner, making the dinner table special for this special day. Members of Families often lived in close proximity to each other and the bringing the Thanksgiving Centerpiece was a tradition when going to Grandma's or Mom's House for Thanksgiving dinner. Today, as family members move around the globe more than ever before the Thanksgiving Holiday is not as large a family gathering. There is always someone who can't be there because of time and distance, but they can still bring the Thanksgiving Flowers. Ordering Thanksgiving Flowers has never been easier than it is today..

You can send Thanksgiving Flowers online with a few clicks, A credit Card, Debit Card or your PayPal Account and have a Thanksgiving Centerpiece delivered throughout the USA and Canada for the Thanksgiving Dinner, even if you can't attend. You can send a Thanksgiving Centerpiece that will be custom =made by a local professional floral designer and hand delivered with a free florist card with your Thanksgiving Wishes. When you send Thanksgiving Flowers Online at LAROSE.COM, you don't even pay a service fee that other flowers by wire telemarketing companies and 800 flowers numbers charge you to order Thanksgiving Flowers. Order Thanksgiving Flowers online through LAROSE.COM where every order is handled by a floral designer who actually sees and works with flowers all day long free of extra fees which will save you up to $14.99 per order, enough money saved to order multiple Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Visit the Online Florist where customers have ordered Thanksgiving Flowers since 1995 free of any extra Service Fee and have a happier Thanksgiving with the money you save while making Thanksgiving a happier day for others.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salt-Glaze Pitcher

Buy a Salt-Glaze Pitcher
Licensed by Colonial Williamsburg, the Salt-Glaze Pitcher is a ceramic reproduction of a 17th and 18th Century style of pottery making. Common salt was introduced into the kiln during the firing process to give the pottery a texture look and hardened surface. Using their Colonial Williamsburg license, the Teleflora Flowers by Wire Corporation selected colonial inspired pitcher to be recreated in the style used by the Colonists. Measuring almost six inches high by 6.75 inches wide, including the handle,  this replica Salt-Glaze Pitcher features a rustic leaf design with striping on top and bottom. 

For restaurants and taverns with a colonial theme The Salt-Glaze Pitcher is a perfect decorative fit, made to look like the real Salt-Glaze Pitchers of the 1700's, it is an affordable replica, so breakage won't hurt as much. The Salt-Glaze Pitcher inspired by pieces found at Colonial Williamsburg is a decorative and useable accent for home with Colonial Decor or 1700's to early 1800's period homes. 

The Salt-Glaze Pitcher can be used for the base of a floral arrangement, as a kitchen utensil holder, a rustic indoor planter or as a display piece to compliment a rustic decor. Weighing just over a pound, the Salt-Glaze Pitcher has the look and feel of an original colonial creation. The Salt-Glaze Pitcher adds the right touch to a bouquet of earth toned flowers.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher

Buy a Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher
The Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher has so many uses. It is FDA approved for food use making the Butterfly Pitcher a usable pitcher for morning syrup, cream or evening gravy.With a body that is finished in a pink that shades to lavender with lavender butterflies all around, this Ceramic Butterfly Vase has detailed edging in a a wave pattern on top and bottom. The classic handle shape evokes an old fashion kitchen from the 1940's adding an esteemed shape to the Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher. 

The Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher makes an interest table vase for your garden blooms or fresh quality flowers from your local florist. The Butterfly Pitcher can also be used as a floral container for more formal table flower arrangements for cafe tables,wedding cocktail tables,and decorative flower arrangements for buffet tables and outdoor spring events. For weddings and other events in a pink and lavender color scheme, the Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher is a perfect floral container for arrangements. The Butterfly Pitcher is sold in quantity discounts for your wedding or event. 

As a ceramic plant container the Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher can be used to highlight indoor houseplants in the kitchen, bathroom or any room with a butterfly them or where pink and lavender will fit. This Ceramic Butterfly Pitcher measures slightly over six inches high by six inches wide with a two and and a half inch opening which makes it an ideal plant container for indoor houseplants being transplanted from two or three inch pots into the Butterfly Pitcher. Plants that will find a happy home because of their shape and growing pattern would be plants that grow upright such as a starter Dracenea Marginta, and other members of the Dracena family in small starter pots.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet

The Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet is the co-feature bouquet for Halloween 2011. Send Halloween flowers with this bight Halloween flower arrangement in a beautiful faceted orange glass votive candle holder.The Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet is designed in a keepsake fall orange glass votive bowl. The new brilliant orange glass votive bowl made of hand cut glass with light captivating dimples. For the Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet, the orange glass votive bowl is filled with daisies, button mums and spray roses by a local professional floral designer creating a bright Halloween Flower Arrangement in a stunning translucent orange bowl. Black stick on decals which are easily removed are applied as the finishing touch before your card message is added and your Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet is hand delivered to wish someone a Happy Halloween throughout the USA and Canada.

The Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet is two gifts in one, the gift of fresh hand designed and delivered flowers for Halloween in a keepsake votive bowl. The Keepsake Votive bowl measures five and a half inches high by six inches wide and has a three inch opening. It holds four cups of water, providing an ample reservoir for fresh flower arrangement. With a votive or tea light candle the hand cut facets of the glass give a reflective orange glow throughout the room. The Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet is a Halloween gift of flowers as well as a gift that will be used throughout the years.

 Remember going "Trick or Treat" with your friends, even if now they are far away, you can still send them a Halloween Treat when you send the Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet. Fresh Flowers with a Halloween theme in a keepsake glass candle holder that will remind them of your Halloween wishes many years from now. Send the Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet free of any service fees when you order Halloween Flowers online at LAROSE.COM, where sending flowers has never meant paying a fee. When you send Halloween Flowers from other online flower service and 800 flowers numbers, the trick is on you. These telemarketing services charge you a service fee of up to $14.99 to send your Halloween Flowers. Turn the trick into a treat, order Halloween Flowers from the Online Florist of LAROSE.COM free of any service fees on Halloween and everyday.

Editor's Note 8-7-13: Since the publication of this Blog Post, the Teleflora Glass-O'-Lantern Bouquet has been discontinued. You can always view the current featured Halloween Flowers in the Halloween Flowers Section of LAROSE.COM

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Hand of Horror Candleholder

Buy The Hand of Horror Candleholder
The Hand of Horror Candle Holder is the perfect accessory to a Halloween Table. Dinner by Candlelight on Halloween will be extra spooky with this large nine inch tall Hand of Horror Candle Holder. This intricately detailed Monster Hand Candle Holder, which is six inches wide at its widest part, holds a tea light candle or votive candle. Made of poly resin and painted with precision, this Monster Hand Candle Holder has realistic black fingernails. The Hand of Horror Candle Holder is a perfectly monstrous shade of green which shows off the black finger nails. On a dark Halloween night with the lights out and a tea light candle burning in the center it won't be long before the Hand of Horror begins to look real. 

The candle held by the Hand of Horror Candle Holder is also well sculpted, right down to the  same dripping wax seen on old horror movie candles. The Hand of Horror Candle Holder is a very unique addition to your Halloween Table. Use it to light the hallway or porch when you give out treats for trick or treat adding authenticity to the Halloween Experience. 

At Halloween Parties, the Hand of Horror Candle Holder can be the welcoming light for your guests. It looks especially spooky on a dark fireplace mantle. For restaurants or taverns hosting a Halloween Buffet, The Hand of Horror Candle Holder is the perfect decoration for your buffet tables. Even finer restaurants can use the Hand of Horror Candle Holders on Halloween Night Tables for a touch of scary. The Hand of Horror Candle Holder can be used in many ways throughout the Halloween Festivities. It is a well detailed, well crafted monster hand holding a candle that hols a tea light or votive candle, a functional piece that adds to the horror of Halloween. It is not too early to order The Hand of Horror Candle Holder, it is down to very limited supplies, it is no longer produced and once we are sold out, they will not be restocked.

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