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Friday, July 29, 2011

Send Holiday Flowers

Send Holiday Flowers
The Online Florist of LAROSE.COM features a Holiday Flower Section where you can find choices for all the major Holidays that are special additions to the everyday flower and plants choices. The Holiday Flower Section of the Online Florist features over twenty choices that are specific to each of the twelve main flower giving holidays throughout the year. Each Holiday Section spotlights special flower arrangements and gifts that are most appropriate for each particular holiday.

Each of the following Holidays have a special selections of flowers and gifts, Grandparents, Day, Sweetest Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Secretaries Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. The Holiday Flower Section for Christmas features over seventy-five Christmas Selections, in three separate Christmas subsections, Christmas Flowers, Christmas Decorations and Christmas Gifts. 
Send Holiday Flowers
As each Holiday approaches that holiday's section is moved to the front of the line so that you can easily find the specials for that holiday. Each Holiday Section features the advertised Teleflora Keepsake Holiday Flower Arrangements for that holiday along with other special choices for sending holiday flowers and gifts. Previews of upcoming special Holiday Flower Arrangements are often highlighted in these sections months before the Holiday arrives so that you can see and think about the Holiday Flowers and Gifts that you want to send. As with all the Fresh Flower Selections on LAROSE.COM, when you send Holiday Flowers throughout the USA and Canada there is never a service fee. 
Send Holiday Flowers
Remember when you send Holiday Flowers to place your order as early as possible as most Holiday Keepsake Flower Arrangements sell out during Holidays.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Send Roses Online Free of Fees

Order Roses Online Free of Service Charges saving up to $14.99 per order
You can send roses online and save up to $14.99 per order when you order roses through LAROSE.COM, the online florist that has been sending roses for internet customers free of extra fees since 1995. LAROSE.COM offers the old fashioned service of your neighborhood florist with a secure online ordering system. When you send roses online through LAROSE.COM your credit card is encrypted and sent directly to a major credit card clearing company, not even the owners or floral designers who fill your online order can see your credit card information. If you prefer to use PayPal, LAROSE.COM was one of the first online florists to accept Paypal and still allows you to order using the security of Paypal. 

You can send roses online for hand delivery throughout the USA and Canada and save on every order over using any other online flowers by wire web site. Other online flower ordering web sites charge you up to $14.99 per order for the privilege of using their Web Site and placing your own order. LAROSE.COM realizes that you are doing all the work by placing your order for roses online, why should we charge you a fee do our work. Once you complete your rose order at other national flowers by wire web sites, your order is submitted by computer through their preferential network to evenly distribute the order to shops that pay them fees to fill their orders. At LAROSE.COM after you complete your order a floral designer reads your order and decides who will best fill your rose order.

When you send roses online or through 800 flowers numbers, your order is handled by telemarketers who are sitting in a cubicle in an office where the only flowers that are seen are the flowers delivered to workers, and samples from growers who want to ship flowers in boxes for them. At LAROSE.COM your order is handled by a floral designer that is surrounded by flowers, works with flowers every day and actually knows how to arrange a dozen roses in a vase. If you send roses out of our immediate delivery area, the LAROSE.COM floral designer sends your order to a hand selected local florist that has proved their ability to service our customers in hand delivering your roses. Why pay an extra $14.99 to send roses throughout the USA or Canada, when you can send roses free of service charges everyday when you order roses online at LAROSE.COM and have them hand delivered to your gift recipient.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Send a Spray of Sympathy Flowers

Send a Sympathy Spray of Flowers
Sending Sympathy Flowers expresses to the family that you share their sorrow. The beauty and fragrance of Sympathy Flowers is also a comfort to the family and shows the family your concern. The design concept of Sympathy Flowers keeps evolving to reflect the diversity of available flowers. A Standing Spray has been a traditional Sympathy design for many decades but it has evolved to be more reflective and colorful. In decades past the Sympathy Spray was composed almost entirely of three basic flowers with a set pattern, gladioli, carnations and mums. Also, the colors were basic, for a man's services, red and white were the predominate colors while the services for a female often saw pink and white Sympathy Sprays.

Today your professional floral designer has access to hundreds of varieties of flowers and colors on a daily basis and as the available selection has changed so has the style of the Sympathy Spray. A new Sympathy Spray design, The Farewell Spray of Sympathy Flowers. This sympathy Spray is still designed as an upright sympathy arrangement, however the traditional gladioli, carnations and mums in pink, white and red have been replaced with a selection of flowers in soft pastels, including pinks and lavenders with such flowers as roses,delphinium, and alstromeria in a garden sheaf style. When you send the Farewell Spray of Sympathy Flowers, this delicate design not only pays tribute to the life of the departed, it also adds a soft enderaing reminder to the family of the beauty and diversity of life.

The only "ground"rules for send Sympathy Flowers are that the Bleeding Heart, Casket Spray and interior Casket Flowers are sent by the immediate family. Anyone can send any other sympathy floral design that you feel reflects your emotions to the family. A large sympathy spray will show extend your condolences while honoring the person. The colors, size and kind of sympathy floral arrangement are all personal choices that you decide based on your relationship to the deceased or to the family members. Even obituaries that say "in Lieu of Flowers please make a donation to......", does not mean that the family will not appreciate your flowers, it only means that if you can afford to make a donation and send flowers, please do , if you can only afford one or the other, please consider making a donation in the name of the deceased.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Large Ceramic Duck Planters

Order Large Ceramic Duck Planters
Everything is Just Ducky with these large ceramic Duck Planters that replicate the classic rubber ducky.  These large Ceramic Duck Planters are brightly painted in a rich yellow on a glazed ceramic finish, Large Blue eyes and an orange beak complete the look of these adorable Ceramic Duck Planters. These Ceramic Ducks come with a cotton sailor hat in either pink, blue or white making them a great floral container for baby shower or christening flower centerpieces. The Ceramic Ducks measure ten inches high and are ten inches wide with a deep body cavity for creating fresh flower centerpieces with plenty of room for a large slice of wet floral foam. The deep body cavity also makes these Ceramic Ducks perfect as a planter for indoor houseplants and silk flower arrangements. 
Order a Ceramic Duck Planter

Available at quantity discounts when you order these Ceramic Ducks Floral Containers online through LAROSE.COM, you can use these Ceramic Ducks with Cotton Sailor Hats as a base for gift items. Our customers have filled them with soaps and lotions, candy, cookies, and even baby accessories wrapped in cellophane with a bow and used as gifts to welcome a new baby, congratulations on a new home and other occasions. 

You can chose these Ceramic Ducks with a Pink, Blue or White Sailor Hat and buy them either individually or in quantities of six or twelve at a discount. These Ceramic Ducks are shipped to you via insured UPS throughout the Continental USA. You can create fresh flower centerpieces with these Ceramic Duck Containers with wet floral foam and fresh quality flowers from your local florist for any event.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Order Flowers with a Vase of Daisies

Send Flowers with a Vase of Daisies
Order Flowers with a Vase of Daisies, cheerful, long lasting flowers that brighten a room. The daisy has been ignored in this age of exotic flowers and colors, it is however, one of the truly enduring flowers. Traditionally the meaning of the Daisy is purity and innocence, with the meaning of childhood innocence applied to it. Because it is an inexpensive flower, some tend to look down on it as a gift when sending flowers, even though it is a flower that is favored by many and brings joy to all. In the English Lexicon, Daisy is everywhere, Pushing up the Daisy, As Fresh As A Daisy, and Upsy Daisy are all common phrases that evoke this lively flower. 

If you are a certain age, you remember the prime time Television Show, "Please Don't Eat The Daisies" which was based on the Book of the same title by Jean Kerr and the 1960 full length motion picture starring David Niven and Doris Day. All were endearing wholesome comedies loosely based on families moving from the city to a big country home, with the daisies symbolizing the innocence of the setting.

At La Rose Florist, Jersey City, NJ hardly a week has gone by in the last thirty years without a customer saying, "She doesn't even like Roses, she would rather have daisies". When you are ready to send flowers, try a Vase of White Daisies and watch the reaction. Whether you send a vase of White Daisies to home or work, it is a flower that will invoke innocent memories, give a sweet fragrance that is never overpowering and will last for over a week when well watered and kept out of direct sunlight. The yellow center of the white petaled daisy almost seems to smile, when arranged in a vase and hand delivered it is like receiving a vase of little smiles. When you Order Flowers with a Vase of White Daisies not you are sending a simple, pleasant flower that invokes so many memories for an affordable price. 

The affordable Vase of White Daisies is a bargain when you see the happiness this little cheerful flower will bring t your flower recipient. When you order flowers online at the florist of LAROSE.COM, you don't even pay a service fee like other internet flower services and 800flower number charge you for ordering flowers. Save up to $14.99 in service fees every time you order flowers online at the online florist that has never charged a fee to send flowers online.You can send a Vase of White Daisies four times for less the price it will cost you to send a Vase of White Daisies three times from the online florists that charge you a fee to use their web sites and call their 800 Flowers numbers. Wouldn't you rather make someone happy with a hand delivered vase of White Daisies four times than pay more and only make them happy three times. 

Send Flowers with a Vase of White Daisies just because it's Monday, or the the 10th of the month, or because you were thinking about them. Send an Affordable Vase of White daisies for any reason, quickly and easily at the online florist of LAROSE.COM, where old fashion service and modern technology saves you money every time you order flowers online.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Send Flowers to Celebrate the End of the Heat Wave

Send Flowers to Start the Week
The gardens are parched, everyone is exhausted in over thirty States across the US from a record breaking heat wave that was relentless. Start someone's week off right when you send flowers to celebrate the end of the Heat Wave. everyone can use some cheering up after last week, start their Monday with the Teleflora Oh Happy Day Bouquet, an affordable way to bring a smile to someone at the start of the new workweek and to celebrate the end of a grueling hot week. Designed in a modern glass geometric vase, the Teleflora Oh Happy Days Bouquet brings the bright summer colors into focus with flowers such as lilies, carnations, and mums. This bouquet is just the right size for someone's desk and will bring the refreshing glow and fragrance of fresh flowers to their week. 

Send Flowers online with the Teleflora Oh Happy Day Bouquet and save up to $14.99 in service fees that other internet flowers by wire charge you. Order through the online florist of LAROSE.COM, serving the internet customer free of extra service charges since 1995. Why pay extra to send flowers when you are doing the work by filling out the form online. When the floral designers of LAROSE.COM receive your flower order, it is sent through a hand selected member of the Teleflora Network to be created by a professional floral designer in the region of your flower delivery. After the floral designer creates an Oh Happy Day Bouquet especially for flower recipient, your message is attached on a free enclosure card, then it is hand delivered to the person whose day you want to brighten. 

You credit or debit card is totally encrypted and cleared by a top internet credit card processor, even the employees of LAROSE.COM can't see or access your credit card information. Send Flowers online for any occasion, the safe, secure, affordable way by placing your order online twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at the online florist of LAROSE.COM, where old fashion customer service and modern technology combine to bring you the least expensive way to send flowers that are hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada.

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Order Flowers FREE of Service Charges
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