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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Replica Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase

Order Replica Large Mercury Glass Vases
The Replica Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase is a reproduction of the classic mercury glass process popularized in the middle 1800's in England by way of Bohemia. Contrary to its name mercury was never used in the making of this glass, and is not used today to replicate its look. Glass Artisans would create a double walled form such as a bowl, a vase, a glass and fill the center with a silvering solution. Original Mercury Glass was one of the first art glass, collected and displayed for is beauty rather than used for everyday dining and drinking. The mirrored effect of mercury glass creations projected an heir of wealth and elegance. Popular among the British Aristocracy, Mercury Glass became a collectible favorite in the United States with multiple companies, the more well known of which were based in New England, producing Mercury Glass Art. 

The  Replica Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase is finished with a special antiquing paint technique, that gives these made today reproductions look as if you had uncovered a rare Mercury Glass Vase. With its silver finish and the painting technique that makes it look as if the silvering solution is breaking down with age, the Replica Large Mercury Glass Vase projects an heirloom quality. The special antiquing progress adds some gold aging tones to this silver bodied vase. For elegant dinner parties, engagement parties, dinner dances and weddings, The Replica Large Mercury Glass Vase will add an touch of elegance to any dinning table with the addition of fresh florist quality flowers. The Mercury Glass effect of this vase is ready for any color theme throughout the season. With all White Hydrangeas and Lily Grass, the Replica Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase will project a Victorian Era look. For Fall events or weddings, fresh Autumn colored flowers in a mixed arrangement will create a colonial American Look. red and White Carnations with fresh pine for winter weddings will recall the magic of holiday dazzle. For Spring Weddings and Events, Peach Flowers, Pink Flowers, Lavender Flowers, or mixed colored spring flowers each give this Replica Large Mercury Glass Vase a different and unique look.

The Replica Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase measures 7 inches high by 4.5 inches wide with a 3 inch opening on a clear glass pedestal. Manufactured in India for the Teleflora Corporation, this Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase is an elegant way to present a plant or flowers. The Replica Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase IS NOT FDA approved for food use and is NOT dishwasher safe. The Large Mercury Glass Antique Vase does not contain mercury and is a replication of  Mercury Glass Folk Art.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spode Ceramic Pitcher

Order a Spode Pitcher on Sale
Hot! Cool down and think Christmas. Spode Collector? Here is a stoneware pitcher featuring the famous Spode Christmas Tree. This Spode Pitcher was  produced by Teleflora under license from Spode. It is a festive stoneware pitcher featuring the famous Spode Christmas Tree pattern. This large decorative Spode Pitcher stands seven inches high by 6.25 inches wide with the handle. It has a over a 2.5 inch opening with a pouring spout. The Spode Pitcher holds almost three cups of liquid and is FDA approved. This Spode Pitcher is a limited production and is no longer produced, the existing stock is your last chance to buy a Spode Pitcher produced by Teleflora under a license from Spode.

Use the Spode Pitcher as a vase for fresh Pine and flowers during the Christmas Season, or  as a gravy pitcher during the Holiday Meals. The Spode Pitcher is large enough to fill will holiday candy, wrap it in cellophane top it with a festive bow and use it as a gift for friends, teachers, co-workers and neighbors during the Holiday Season. As a stand alone piece in a curio, breakfront or on a mantle, The Spode Pitcher is a decorative holiday item that will bring visions of Christmas all year round. This is a thick heavy well made picture with an Spode approved graphic of the famous Spode Christmas Tree. LAROSE.COM has placed this Spode Pitcher on sale from now until Christmas 2011 or until the remaining stock is depleted whichever comes first. Now is your chance to buy these Spode Pitchers not only at a quantity discount, but at an on sale quantity discount. Buy Three Spode Pitchers for only $32.00, the original retail was $15.00 each. During the heat wave of the century in July, it's a great time to do Christmas Shopping. When you order a Spode Pitcher through LAROSE.COM, it is shipped to you via UPS throughout the USA and Canada directly to you from the Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the headquarters of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thomas Kinkade Country Cottage Teacup Display

Order a Thomas Kinkade Country Cottage Teacup Display
The original Thomas Kinkade Piece Produced by Teleflora under the Thomas Kinkade License was the Country Cottage Teacup Display over ten years ago. The Thomas Kinkade License requires manufactures to produce a quality product if it is going to have the Thomas Kinkade Name on it. As this was the first Thomas Kinkade Product produced by Teleflora under the Thomas Kinkade Media Arts License, it was thoroughly scrutinized by the licensee and passed with rave reviews, so much so that Teleflora had the license renewed for over ten years in a row. This Thomas Kinkade Teacup depicts the Thomas Knikade Painting entitled, "Moonlight Cottage" on both sides of the cup and on the saucer.

The Thomas Kinkade Country Cottage Teacup Display comes complete with teacup, saucer and display stand. The teacup is rimmed in real gold with a gold painted handle. Teleflora stopped manufacturing these original teacups years ago, once the inventory at LAROSE.COM is depleted, they will not be available again. recent inventory reveals that the LAROSE.COM stock of these original Teleflora Kinkade Teacups is now below two cases. Rather than raise the price, LAROSE.COM has put these remaining Kinkade Teacups on sale, so that you may complete your Thomas Kinkade Collection.  Since they were introduced these Thomas Kinkade Teacups have sold for $15.00 each, until they are out of stock, they are on sale at $11.25 each.

The Thomas Kinkade Country Cottage Teacup based on the Kinkade Painting, Moonlight Cottage, are three inches high by five inches wide with a three and a half inch opening. The Saucer for the Kinkade Teacup measures six inches in diameter. The display modular for the Teacup and Saucer holds each piece in with a hook and spring for easy display in a curio, on a mantle or table. You can buy the Thomas Kinkade Country Cottage Teacup and Saucer through the Cups and Mugs Section of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts. LAROSE.COM accepts all major credit cards. Gift items such as the Thomas Kinkade Country Cottage Teacup are shipped via UPS throughout the USA from the Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the home of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wholesale Ceramic Ford Pickup Trucks

Wholesale Ceramic Ford Pickup Trucks
The Teleflora Ceramic 1948 Ford Pickup Truck is produced under license from Ford. In a rich deep blue with a large bed for plants or flowers, the Ceramic Ford Pickup Truck is the base for themed party centerpieces, gifts or giveaways. Every Ford Dealer should have a case of these Wholesale  Teleflora Ford Pickup Trucks on hand to give away when you make a sale. A free truck, replica Ceramic Truck that is, with every purchase will go a long way with customer relations. Buy one for each of your sales desks to hold hard candies, lollipops for the kids, or plant green plants in the bed to add a welcoming feeling to each sales person's desk. Now offered at the lowest price since their introduction over ten years ago, the Teleflora Ceramic 1948 Ford Pickup Truck is the perfect accent to a Ford Dealers Showroom.

As a Table Centerpiece for Weddings, Parties or Fundraisers, the Wholesale Ceramic Ford Pickup lends itself to floral arrangements in bright summer colors, deep blues, reds and even earth tone flower arrangements to complete a Truck Theme. As a giveaway at Fundraisers, Chinese Auctions, Carnival Prizes, or Church Feast prizes, The Ceramic Ford Pickup Truck will attract much attention. Create a larger gift using the Wholesale Ceramic Ford Pickup Truck by filling the bed with screwdrivers, spark plugs, gas cards or candy wrapped in cellophane with a bow and use it as a raffle prize to raise money for a charity event. 

The Ceramic Ford Pickup Truck can be filled with plants for desktops, tables, offices or car dealers desks. When looking to send a gift to a Ford Lover or Truck Lover, the Ceramic Ford Pickup Truck is an unusual, classy gift that will be appreciated. Wholesale Ford Pickup Trucks offer Auto Part Stores and other Stores the opportunity to stock a unique gift that will be an extra impulse purchase. Wholesale Ceramic Ford Pickup Trucks are now offered at their lowest price ever, with a retail price point of $16.50 - $19.95 per truck. When Purchased in quantity your wholesale cost can be less than $10 per truck. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Order White Lilies in a Vase

Order White Lilies in a Vase

Along with the red rose, the White lily enjoys a long history as being an honored flower throughout human history and has held a special place in many cultures. The Purity of the White Lily was in some cultures the flower of the gods, in others it represented royal, wealth, status and in yet others it became a religions symbol of the afterlife. Like roses, lilies give the immediate impression of stately beauty, majesty and nobility. The symbol of the lily can be found in the art work of ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome and Greece. One variety of the White Lily continues to be used by Christians during the Easter Celebration to signify the Resurrection to heaven.

As a bridal flower, the white lily signifies the purity of the bride and the sanctity of marriage. Historically, The White Lily as a Bridal Flower can be seen in the art of the Greeks, where brides are pictured with wreaths of white lilies on their heads. Through the ages the White Lily has been esteemed as a flower that is almost other worldly. Perfectly white, fragrant and with a stately appearance the White Lily has for too long been relegated to Weddings and Funerals. 

Today, White Lilies are produced all over the world and imported into the USA and Canada for everyday use. The White Lily has become a staple in high end flower arrangements created by florists for all occasions. Although a Dozen Red Roses arranged in a Vase is still considered by many to be the most impressive flower arrangement to send, a Vase of White Lilies is just as regal and breath taking. The next time you want to send flowers to impress, consider a Vase of White Lilies. You can order a Vase of White Lilies and have them hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada through LAROSE.COM Online Florist free of extra service charges that other flower services and 800flower numbers charge you to send flowers online.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Stunning Autumn Vase

Buy an Autumn Vase
From the early Autumn flowers of yellows, bronzes and coppers, to the late Autumn blooms of reds, browns, and purple, the Amber Glow Vase is an ideal vessel to display autumn flowers in your home. Order your Amber Glow Vase now and be prepared for the flowers of Autumn whether from your garden or your local florist it is only months before the colors of Autumn begin to show. Create spectacular Autumn Flower Arrangements for your home in this hand blown richly colored hand blown vase. The Amber Glow Vase is a two toned hand blown art glass vase produced for Teleflora for the Autumn Season. This high end orange and brown hand blown glass vase is 7.5" high by 5.25" wide with a 4.25" opening and has a black glass stripe swirled around the lower body of the vase. The Amber Glow Vase is the perfect accent to a bouquet of cut autumn flowers from your garden or local florist. From the bottom up the Amber Glow Vase moves from a speckled orange and brown color combination to a deep rich speckled milk chocolate shade. 

The Amber Glow Vase is a limited production vase. You can order an Amber Glow Vase now through the Decorative Vase Section of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts and have it shipped directly to you via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist. The Amber Glow Vase also makes a great gift for August and September Birthdays and can be shipped directly to your gift recipient via UPS along with a free florist gift card. When you order an Amber Glow Vase as a gift you can check the estimated time in transit on the order page by checking the estimated delivery days from zip code 07305 to the zip code of your recipient. 

The Amber Glow Vase can also be purchased through LAROSE.COM at quantity discounts to use at Autumn parties and events, or weddings with earth tone and autumn color schemes. The Amber Glow Vase is in limited supply and will soon sell out. Order an Amber Glow Vase today to treat your beautiful Autumn Flowers to a display vase that is just as dynamically colored.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Birthdays and Flowers

Send Birthday Flowers and Save all Summer

Chances are you know someone about to celebrate a birthday because in the US and Canada late summer and early fall have the most birthdays. Although birthday are pretty evenly distributed among the twelve a statistical breakdown of birthdays by month shows that August, September and July have an edge in the most births per month.  According to the United States Federal Statistics encompassing the years 1995-2002 August leads the months  in the most births followed by July, then September, so late summer early fall can be considered the birthday season. These months also happen to be the months when most people take a vacation and are away from, this missing many birthday celebrations. You can still send birthday greetings no matter where you are in the world by ordering hand delivered birthday flowers online.

One of the benefits of worldwide web access is that you can log on to LAROSE.COM  from anywhere in the world and send birthday flowers to someone whose birthday you cannot celebrate in person. No matter where you place your online birthday flower order from, you will always save the service fee when you order birthday flowers online at LAROSE.COM. For over fifteen years LAROSE.COM has enabled customers to order birthday flowers online free of any extra wire services, unlike other national flowers by wire services that charge you up to $14.99 to order flowers online or through an 800flowers phone number. 

On vacation or at home, you can order fresh, hand designed and delivered birthday flowers to wish someone a Happy Birthday throughout the USA and Canada. With a 2011 updated Birthday Flower Section, there are Birthday Flower choices in all price ranges, each uniquely hand designed and hand delivered ready to water and enjoy. Whether you are in the Caribbean, exploring Alaska or at home you can surprise someone on their birthday no matter where you are by logging on to LAROSE.COM and ordering fresh florist birthday flowers while saving money. LAROSE.COM was also one of the first online florists to accept Paypal, giving you the options of how you wish to pay when you order birthday flowers online.

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