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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Send Flowers with a Smile

Send Flowers with The Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet

One of the most enduring Flower Arrangements in a Keepsake is the Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet. Throughout the years this Keepsake Flower Arrangement in a ceramic smiley face mug continues to grow in popularity. Originally introduced as a Get Well Arrangement, the Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet became the star of every occasion. With a bright sunshiny appeal, The Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet is appealing for any occasion or no occasion at all. Hand designed with white and  yellow daisies around two yellow roses in an oversize bright yellow smiley face mug, the Teleflora Happy Face Bouquet is truly the flower delivery that comes with a smile. 

The Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet is the affordable way to send flowers and a smile for any reason. Know someone who is down in the dumps, sick, recovering from an accident, having a birthday, celebrating a special day, or just needs to be tickled, the Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet is the flower arrangement for them. Image the surprise when the Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet is hand delivered to them, a bright cheerful arrangement of fresh bright yellow and white flowers in an equally bright yellow mug with a big smiley face. The fresh yellow and white daisies are long lasting and the roses add a beautiful fragrance, with the keepsake smiley face mug, your thoughtfulness will be remembered long after the flowers are gone.

The standard Be Happy Bouquet is a one sided arrangement that measures approximately ten and a half inches wide by ten and a half inches high. It is also available with more flowers and in a round design with the Deluxe and Premium Be Happy Bouquets. The Keepsake Smiley Face Mug measures seven inches across with the handle, by four inches high with a four inch opening. It can be used as a beverage cup or soup cup and will always remind them of the flowers you sent. You can send the Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet throughout the USA and Canada by placing your order at the online florist of LAROSE.COM, where sending flowers has always been free of extra charges. Other flowers by wire services charge you up to $14.95 to order flowers online, even after their $10 off coupon, you can send flowers for less at LAROSE.COM when you order flowers online.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Break the Heat with Cool Flowers

Break the Heat with Cool Flowers
With the summer heat keeping people indoors it's hard to enjoy the flowers of summer gardens. Summer flowers can still be enjoyed indoors when you send flowers for no reason at all. Local Florists have cool summer flowers ready to be hand arranged and delivered throughout the USA and Canada free of extra service fees when you order through LAROSE.COM. A surprise delivery of flowers will make any one's day a cool day. You can choose a variety of price points when you send flowers from the online florist of LAROSE.COM and send your flowers free of extra service fees. Since 1995 LAROSE.COM has been sending flowers for the internet customer free of service fees saving customer up to $14.99 in service fees that other internet flower services charge to send flowers online.

Send Summer Flowers to say, "thinking of you", "miss you", "love you", "just because", or for any reason. Don't wait for an occasion to send the colors of summer flowers. Send flowers online at LAROSE.COM and have your flowers locally arranged and delivered with a free enclosure card to express your wishes. It will change someones day when they receive a professional arrangement of fresh flowers for their desk or at home. Flowers are really the inexpensive way to let someone know that they are on your mind and will remind them for days that you thought of them.

The fresh vibrant colors of flowers turns a ho hum day into an exciting day, adding a cool touch to a hot day. The colors, fragrance and beauty of fresh cut flowers is a wondrous mood changer. Just image your flower recipient arriving at work tired and annoyed from the heat of the morning commute, dragging through their day, when suddenly a hand delivery of fresh cut colorful professionally arranged flowers arrive. Suddenly, the mood of a long boring hot summer day turns to surprise, then as they read the free message card and realize that the flowers are for you, the heat of a summer day turns to a warm feeling inside. For the rest of the day, they are captivated by the fragrance and beauty of their fresh colorful flowers. The magic of sending flowers for no reason at all is a magic that cannot be duplicated by any other hand delivered gift. Take the heat out of a summer day, send flowers and turn a hot, long summer day, into a day of beauty.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Peek-A-Bird Teapot

Ceramic Peek-A-Bird-Teapot
A new addition to the Floral Container Section of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts is the Peek-A-Bird Ceramic Teapot. The Peek-A-Bird Birdhouse Teapot is a ceramic interpretation of a uniquely designed birdhouse. It is an amazingly detailed decorative ceramic teapot that is FDA approved for serving hot or cold liquids. Designed with a variety of textures, The Peek-A-Bird Birdhouse Teapot has a light pink roof, a dark brown handle and a white body, accented with a mother bluebird feeding her baby bluebird. The white body of the Peek-A-Bird Birdhouse Teapot has a lattice texture reminiscent of a garden lattice, the pink roof topped with a single pink rose bud is textured to replicate a European stone roof. The handle of the Peek-A-Bird House Teapot is twisted like a branch and painted in a rich brown.

The Peek-A-Bird Birdhouse Teapot measures 7 inches high with the lid, is 8.5 inches wide from handle to spout and has an almost four inch opening. The Peek-A-Bird Birdhouse Teapot features a Mother Bluebird feeding her young through the opening of the bird house. The Peek-A-Bird Birdhouse Teapot can be used as a decoration, a floral container, a planter or a tea server. Perfect for Garden Party Centerpieces, The Peek-Bird Birdhouse Teapot filled with fresh flowers makes a charming table centerpiece for outdoor weddings, garden parties and other events, parties and celebrations with a spring theme.

When you want to create your own unique flower arrangements in professional keepsake floral containers for your parties or events, they are available to you through the Floral Container Section of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts. The Professional Floral Containers from LAROSE.COM are shipped directly to you via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the home to LAROSE.COM. Competitely priced and offering quantity discounts, you can find a floral container that will compliment the theme of your event. The Keepsake Floral Containers offered by LAROSE.COM are also perfect for gifts. The Peek-A-Bird Birdhouse Teapot is only one of dozens of Floral Container choices at the Floral Container Section of LAROSE.COM.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Casket Cover of Love

A Casket Cover of Love
Any time of the year the sorrow of death can strike. Whether unexpectedly, accidentally or the result of a long illness, the death of loved ones, friends, neighbors, colleagues and co-workers is an inevitable part of life. Unfortunately,  death does not plan around our everyday life and may occur when we are on vacation or living far from home. When the unexpected happens and you need to make arrangements and send sympathy flowers on the run, you can quickly and easily order funeral flowers online. Your relationship to the deceased and family of the deceased  should be your guide in selecting the appropriate Sympathy Flowers.

The Casket Spray, also referred to as a Casket Cover or Casket Blanket is most appropriately sent from the immediate family, traditionally from the spouse, children or grandchildren of the deceased. If after checking with the family, anyone can send a casket spray if one has not been ordered. At most wakes, viewings, and funeral services, the casket is open at the top and remains closed at the bottom. When a half open casket is being used, the Casket Flowers are placed on the top of the closed half of the lid. When the casket is a fully closed casket, the Casket Spray is placed in the center of the lid equidistant from each end. 

Casket Sprays are designed using a variety of flowers, some are all roses, some are all carnations and others are a variety of mixed flowers. Casket Sprays are designed in many colors, some are all one color, some are two and some are a multitude of colors, it is all a matter of personal choice and what the sender wishes to express. You can chose to send Sympathy Flowers arranged in a casket cover to express your emotions, offer your sympathy of honor the person with their favorite flower. 

The newest addition to the selection of Casket Sprays offered by LAROSE.COM to be hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada is The Greatest Love Casket Spray. This large casket spray is designed with all pure red roses symbolizes deep love, devotion and respect. The Greatest Love Casket Spray can be sent for either a fully closed or half open casket cover. The majesty of the red roses designed in a traditional casket blanket shape not only offers condolences to the family, it also expresses a deep love, respect and or devotion. The Greatest Love Casket Spray is an ideal choice for the spouse, life partner, children or grandchildren to send to the services of a loved one. 

Friends, Neighbors, Congregation Members, Colleagues and co-workers should only order The Greatest Love Casket Cover after checking with the immediate family to be sure that another casket cover has not been ordered. The Greatest Love Casket Spray is an ultimate sympathy expression of love offered in memory of deceased or as an expression of deep condolences to the family. A rose casket cover, once the choice of the rich and famous can now be sent throughout the USA and Canada online through LAROSE.COM.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Wholesale Green Glass Cubes

Order Wholesale Green Glass Cubes
If you are looking for the ideal floral glass cube to create your own flower arrangements for an engagement party, wedding, birthday or other event in a green color scheme, the Green Glass Cube might be for you. These are the same Green Glass Cubes used by Professional Florists when creating flower arrangements for cocktail tables, party centerpieces and weddings. These are not cheap glass dollar store cubes; each Green Glass Cube has a solid glass footing, thick sides and perfect coloration throughout. Weighing in at over two pounds each, these Green Glass Cubes are quality floral containers. Each Green Glass Cube holds almost three cups of water which provides an ample water supply for fresh cut flowers throughout an event or party that lasts for hours.

These Professional Green Glass Cubes are available to you at a quantity discounted wholesale price to enable you to purchase enough for your event. These four inch by four inch Wholesale Green Glass Cubes are the ideal size for cocktail tables, cafe tables or tables for two. With only a four inch square footprint, the Wholesale Green Glass Cubes will add a beautiful accompaniment to a table when filled with quality fresh flowers from your local florist. The heavy duty, thick walled, solid glass base of the professional Green Glass Cubes allows it to double as a candle holder. For a romantic look, place a tea light candle in each Green Glass Cube for a special night time glow at evening parties. 

The Wholesale Green Glass Cubes, the same ones used by Professional Florists in their party work, offers countless possibilities for your table decorations at any number of events where the color scheme incorporates Green. Filled with water, a single orchid blossom can be floated to create a simple modern look. The green glass cube can be filled half way with water, then use a floating candle for night time and evening parties, the glow of the candle light through the green glass creates an exciting light. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar

Order Christmas Ceramic Containers
The Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar is the 2010 Christmas Ornament Jar Keepsake from Teleflora. This Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar is a ceramic replica of the famous Radko Christmas Tree Ornament. The Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar measures almost seven inches high by five and a half inches wide with a four inch opening, this sparkling showpiece doubles as a candy jar, potpourri holder, poinsettia pot or floral arrangement base.

The Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar has a detachable lid with a bright red finish, accented with large swatches of silver glitter. The luster of the Christmas season is reflected in this unique Christmas Gift by Teleflora. This is the 2010 version of a long line of Christmas Ornament Jars produced throughout the years by Teleflora as part of their keepsake ceramic collection. The Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar is a vibrant, shiny red, accented with silver glitter and has a white glazed interior. Year after Year the Ornament Jars by Teleflora sell out across the country, this year should be a repeat with the unique Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar

The Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar is a collectible Holiday Season jar that can be used as a candy bowl, planter, or Floral Container. For Holiday Season parties, weddings or other events, the Radko Ornament jar will add an elegant floral container as a table centerpiece. You can create a table centerpiece with this Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar as easily as putting a 3" potted poinsettia decorated with a bow and red and silver millimeter balls, or with a fresh seasonal floral arrangement created with pine, and fresh flowers from your local florist.

Editors Note 6/30/13: Since this Blog Post was Published the Celebrations by Radko Ornament Jar 
has sold out and is no longer in production. Check the Christmas Gift Section of LAROSE.COM for current Ornament Jar Selections and other unique Christmas Themed Ceramic Containers.

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