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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers Ceramic Mug

Order Vincent Van Gogh Mugs of the Sunflower Paintings
Vincent Van Gogh painted a series of Sunflower paintings during a two year period of his career. Each a study in the different stages of the Sunflower, it is a matter of personal choice which is the most appealing. The entire series of Sunflower Paintings is considered one of Mr. Van Gogh's major interpretations in still life paintings. Fans of the Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Series can now awaken to two of his Sunflower Paintings on a ceramic mug with their morning beverage. 

The Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers Ceramic Mug is a heavy, one pound ceramic mug. This Ceramic Art Mug has a copy of two different classic Vincent Van Gogh painting of Sunflowers around the mug and handle. Vibrant colors applied to a sturdy ceramic glazed mug makes this Vincent Van Gogh Art Mug reproduction a part of your everyday life. Enjoy your favorite morning beverage in this 14 ounce mug that measures 4 inches high with a 3.5 inch opening with two classic Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Paintings.

A sturdy well made mug, originally produced for museum gift shops, these Vincent Van Gogh Mugs can now be purchased online without going to the museum. As a gift for a Vincent Van Gogh Fan, An Art Fan or for yourself, these high quality museum mugs are shipped directly to you or your gift recipient via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist home of LAROSE.COM.

Friday, July 8, 2011

A Cinderella Wedding Centerpiece Pumpkin

Create a Cinderella Wedding Centerpiece with these Golden Bronze Ceramic Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece Containers

Create a Table Centerpiece for a Cinderella Wedding in these exquisite Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkins. An incredibly unique ceramic pumpkin measures over six inches high, is seven and a half inches wide and has a five inch opening, large enough to create an elegant centerpiece. The golden bronze metallic finish of these ceramic pumpkins will compliment the colors of any wedding, whether filled with all white with golden accents, a pastel mix of spring flowers, a vibrant autumn color scheme or a holiday red and white color combination, these Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkins are the perfect size for wedding dinner tables. Carry the Cinderella Theme with these Ceramic Metallic Pumpkins. 

This vacuum-metalized Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkin was produced for the Teleflora Corporation and is FDA approved for serving food. This stylish container has many after uses. It is perfect for serving candy, or cookies, or it can be used as a planter or a home decoration by itself. You can either create Cinderella Wedding Centerpieces with quality fresh flowers ordered through your local florist or bring the Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkins to your professional florist and have them create stunning Wedding Centerpieces.

These Ceramic Metallic Finished Bronze Pumpkins are no longer in production, once the remaining stock of these unique floral containers is depleted, they may never be available again unless they are put back into production. So if you are planning a Cinderella Wedding and this is exactly what you have been looking for, order these Ceramic Metallic Bronze Pumpkins now to make sure you have them when your wedding date comes around.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ceramic Shades of Autumn Vase

Order a Shades of Autumn Ceramic Vase
The ceramic Shades of Autumn Vase can be used either as a floral container with wet floral foam or as a vase with just water. Made in a glazed ceramic with rich autumnal colors in a shading effect, The Shades of Autumn Vase measures five inches high by five inches wide. As a table centerpiece for an Autumn Function the Shades of Autumn Vase is the right height for a flower arrangement that won't block the view of guests seated across from each other. 

To instantly turn your backyard fall flowers into an Autumn Masterpiece, the rich browns and burnt orange colors of the Shades of Autumn Vase will enhance the floral colors. Even with a bunch of fall leaves placed in water in the Shades of Autumn Vase, you can bring the colors of fall inside. As a stand alone home decor accent, the Shades of Autumn Vase presents deep, rich colors to add an accent of Autumn shades to any room.

The Shades of Autumn Vase is heavy and can support a full arrangement of fresh flowers in water or in floral foam, it can even be used as a base for silk flower arrangements or as a planter for indoor fall plants. The Shades of Autumn Vase makes a great gift in itself, to make it special give it with a small bouquet of fresh picked garden flowers or with a fresh bouquet of quality flowers from your local florist. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

POW/ MIA House Flag

Order A POW/MIA Flag
The shadow of the nameless service man against the back drop of a guard tower is the emblematic symbol that America will not forget the servicemen who were or still may be prisoners of war, and those that are unaccounted for from various military engagements throughout the years. The jet black POW/MIA House Flag is representative of the unknown fate of those whose fate is unknown. It is a symbol that America wants every serviceman accounted for, no matter how long it takes. 

This POW/MIA House Flag measures three feet by five feet, it has reinforced eyelets for hanging from a banner pole, hose flag pole or rope flag pole. The all weather poly-cotton material helps it maintain its color through long periods of weather changes when displayed outside. Double hemmed to resist shredding and wind damage, this POW/MIA Flag can be displayed outdoors to show your concern and passion for those that are unaccounted for and may still be prisoners of war. 

The POW/MIA House Flag in Black and White has the words, You are Not Forgotten" under the center image of the nameless soldier in the foreground of a prison camp guard tower. Flying the POW/MIA Flag shows your commitment to the American ideal that all servicemen who are not accounted for will always be remembered and that America will never stop searching for them.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teleflora Reflections of Glory Sympathy Wreath

 Teleflora Reflections of Glory Sympathy Wreath
Order a Teleflora Reflections of Glory Wreath to honor the service of a deceased at the wake. viewing or memorial service. This fresh flower sympathy wreath is hand designed when your order is received, then hand delivered with your message of sympathy, condolence or remembrance. The Teleflora Reflections of Glory Wreath is a modern interpretation of the traditional red, white and blue wreath for those who have served in the military, as a police officer, fire fighter, emergency service worker or in any capacity of service to the country. 

The sympathy wreath symbolizes the completeness of the circle of life and is sent to honor, a relative, friend, colleague, neighbor or co-worker while extending your condolences and sympathy to the family in their time of sorrow. It is appropriate to send the Teleflora Reflections of Glory Sympathy Wreath to the wake, viewing or memorial service. Combining the red, white and blue of patriotism with the symbol of a completed life, the Teleflora Reflections of Glory Wreath is a reflection of the life being memorialized. 

With clean, sharp design the Teleflora Reflections of Glory Wreath is a large, simple elegant fresh flower expression of sympathy and comfort to the family while it is a fitting tribute to the life that is being honored. Each Teleflora Reflections of Glory Wreath is hand designed using the freshest red, white and blue flowers available on the day of your sympathy flower delivery by a professional floral designer in the area of your delivery. It is then hand delivered to the funeral home, mortuary chapel or church with your message of sympathy, condolences or memory attached. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg Lantern

Order a Replica Colonial Williamsburg Lantern
Originally sponsored by by John D. Rockerfeller, Jr.Colonial Williamsburg is the oldest and largest outdoor living museum. In an ever expanding renovation and restoration the preservation of Colonial Wiliiamsburg began in 1926 thanks to the philanthropy of Mr. Rockefeller. Colonial Williamsburg is administered by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation which continues to restore and renovate the town named after King William III of England, which was the Capital of the Virginia Colony from 1699 to 1780. As the colonial cultural and political center of the colonies, the streets of Williamsburg were very familiar to George Washington and Patrick Henry and its taverns were the meeting places for what would become the revolutionaries who would declare Independence from Great Britain. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation awards licenses to raise money for the foundation in its quest to continue the work of restoring, renovating, and preserving this important American Town. Teleflora has been awarded a Colonial Williamsburg License which allows them to replicate period pieces and market them.

The Colonial Williamsburg Lantern is licensed by The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. This decorative replica Colonial Williamsburg Lantern is painted with an antique finish over colonial red to give it an authentic appearance. The replica Colonial Williamsburg Lantern measures 10.25 inches high by 4 inches wide, the center circle candle holder can accommodate tea lights, votives or small pillar candles. Selected  from the antique treasures contained in the Colonial Williamsburg Collection, the colonial style lantern was used as indoor light sources by the residents of Williamsburg during Colonial Times. 

The Colonial Willaimsburg Lantern can be used as a candle holder to achieve a quaint rustic look in your home or as a decorative addition to rooms with colonial motifs. For Restaurants and taverns with a colonial decor, The Williamsburg Lantern is a perfect addition to each dinners table or as decorations through the establishment. For the home buyer you can order a single Colonial Lantern or two at a discounted price. For Commercial Buyers you can order the replica Colonial Williamsburg Lantern at quantity discounts. All Colonial Williamsburg Lanterns are shipped throughout the USA from the Jersey City, NJ Florist via insured UPS directly to you. These lanterns are a unique affordable replica of the Colonial Lantern that will lend an authenticity to any colonial decor.

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