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Friday, June 17, 2011

M&M Ceramic Bat Mug

Order an M&M Halloween Bat Mug

This unique M&M Special Edition Halloween Mug is richly painted in deep orange and jet black. This M&M Ceramic Bat Mug is an over sized deep orange ceramic mug with a bat motif and bat-wing shaped handle. The M&M Ceramic Bat Mug is FDA approved for liquids. The M&M Ceramic Bat Mug is 4 inches wide and has a 3.5 inch opening, including the handle the M&M Ceramic Bat Mug is 7 inches wide. A special gift for Halloween Lovers and or M&M lovers, this unique M&M Halloween Themed Mug is out of production and will soon no longer be available. This well painted special Halloween M&M Mug was produced under license from M&M. 

Fill this unique M&M Ceramic Bat Mug with candy for a special Halloween treat. The Bat Mug is shipped via UPS from the Florist in New Jersey. Please check the UPS Map below for an estimated time in transit when you order, this spooky Bat Mug

The M&M Ceramic Bat Mug is on sale now while supplies last. Prepare for a special Halloween Treat now with this M&M Halloween collectors mug. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Autumn Art Glass Bowl

The Autumn Art Glass Bowl combines a deep dark rich chocolate brown with a deep rich orange in a hand blown thick glass bowl. The depth of this Autumn Bowl provides plenty of space for creating fresh flower arrangements with wet floral foam. The extra room in this bowl's reservoir provides plenty of room for extra water to keep the foam well saturated and the flowers living longer.
Order Autumn Art Glass Bowls
As a table serving bowl, this richly colored bowl is perfect for serving candy, fruit, or nuts. The rich color pattern makes the Autumn Art Glass Bowl a dynamic accent with earth tone color schemes or a Fall addition to any decor. Fill it with colorful gourds, mini pumpkins are scented pine cones as a decorative accent piece for coffee tables, dinning tables or end tables. For silk flower arrangements the Autumn Glass Bowl provides a large working area allowing for modern or traditional flower designs. 

The Autumn Art Glass Bowl, a two toned autumnal hand blown glass bowl, measures seven inches high with an eight inch diameter. The fine glass workmanship is evident on this Autumn Glass Bowl inside and out. The clear glass base of this trumpet shaped autumn glass bowl reflects the brown and orange of the body of the bowl. The Autumn Glass Bowl is currently out of production, once the remaining inventory is sold, it will no longer be available.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Send Flowers

Send Flowers Online Free of Service Fees
Send Flowers online through the online florist of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts, serving the internet customer for over fifteen years free of extra wire service charges. The online florist of LAROSE.COM features over twenty seven different sections of flower arrangement choices that you can chose from to send a gift of flowers throughout the USA and Canada free from extra fees. With over six hundred choices of flower designs to select from, there is a flower arrangement for every and all occasions.

When you send flowers online through other flowers by wire services, most of which are NOT florists at all, in fact the big five are not florists, they are telemarketer centers, they charge you a service fee of up to $14.99 per order to send flowers. This is how it works, they advertise a bouquet for $49.99, when you check out there is a mystery line that says, "Service Fee $14.99", for a total of $64.99. They then send the order through a computer to a local florist for a total of $49.99. The local florist must take his delivery costs out of the $49.99 they receive leaving them a total of $40.00 to actually create your flower arrangement, so for your $64.99, your flower recipient receives a $40.99 flower arrangement. Where did the $14.99 go to, some of it goes to pay the telemarketers that man their Web Site and 800 Flower Numbers, but mostly it turns into pure profit for them.

When you send flowers through LAROSE.COM you see the prices before you check out. When you place a Flower Arrangement Order online at LAROSE.COM you will see $40.00 for the Arrangement plus $9.00 Local Delivery Charge, you pay $49.00 in total. When a LAROSE.COM Floral Designer determines that where your order needs to go, they select a local florist who has shown consistent quality and exceptional customer service in the past, the order is then sent to the local florist as a $40 Arrangement plus a $9.00 Delivery Fee. The Local Florist then knows they have $9.00 to cover their delivery charge and $0.00 to create your flower arrangement to be hand delivered to your gift recient, your flower recieient gets an arrangement that is a $40 fresh flower arrangement and you have not paid $14.99 to maintain the LAROSE.COM Web Site.

The newest trick with the big five telemarketer flower Web Sites is to offer you a $10.00 off coupon, take the $10.00 off the $14.99 Fee and you have still paid $4.99 more than if you send flowers online at LAROSE.COM. Most times, the $10.00 off that they give you does not even come out of the service fee, rather they transmit the order to the local florist for $10 less, so now your flower gift recipient receives a flower arrangement that is $30.00 instead of the $40 arrangement you thought you were buying. LAROSE.COM is a based at a working florist where fresh flowers arrive daily, are cleaned, arranged and delivered, it is not housed on the third floor of an office building, where your "Floral Consultant" will be with you shorty, which is the typical phone message that you hear when you call one of the service fee flowers by wire services. Send Flowers Online and Save at LAROSE.COM, where your order is handled by real working florists from beginning till delivery.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wholesale Blue Glass Cubes

Buy Wholesale Blue Glass Cubes
If you are looking for the ideal floral glass cube to create your own flower arrangements for an engagement party, wedding, birthday or other event in a Blue color scheme, the Blue Glass Cube might be for you. These are the same Blue Glass Cubes used by Professional Florists when creating flower arrangements for cocktail tables, party centerpieces and weddings. These are not cheap glass dollar store cubes; each Blue Glass Cube has a solid glass footing, thick sides and perfect coloration throughout. Weighing in at over two pounds each, these Blue Glass Cubes are quality floral containers. Each Blue Glass Cube holds almost three cups of water which provides an ample water supply for fresh cut flowers throughout an event or party that lasts for hours.These Professional Blue Glass Cubes are available to you at a quantity discounted wholesale price to enable you to purchase enough for your event. These four inch by four inch Wholesale Blue Glass Cubes are the ideal size for cocktail tables, cafe tables or tables for two. 

With only a four inch square footprint, the Wholesale Blue Glass Cubes will add a beautiful accompaniment to a table when filled with quality fresh flowers from your local florist. The heavy duty, thick walled, solid glass base of the professional Blue Glass Cubes allows it to double as a candle holder. For a romantic look, place a tea light candle in each Blue Glass Cube for a special night time glow at evening parties. 

The Wholesale Blue Glass Cubes, the same ones used by Professional Florists in their party work, offers countless possibilities for your table decorations at any number of events where the color scheme incorporates Blue. Filled with water, a single orchid blossom can be floated to create a simple modern look. The blue glass cube can be filled half way with water, then use a floating candle for night time and evening parties, the glow of the candle light through the blue glass creates a midnight blue light. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Order Flowers Online and Save

Order Flowers Online Free of Fees
You can order flowers online everyday and save when you place your flower order online. LAROSE.COM online florist has been serving the internet flower buyer since 1995 free of extra fees. Other flowers by wire services charge you to use their web site and order flowers, fees of up to $14.99 on every flower delivery you send. When you order from other online flower services and 800 flower numbers, which are staffed by telemarketers who never see flowers, they charge you up to $14.99 to place your order. This fee does not go towards filling your order, it goes to their bottom line. So when you spend $40.00 for your flowers, and $14.99 to place your order, the local florist who actually fills your order gets $40.00, so he must take his delivery fee out of the $40.00, then your flower recipient gets a $31.00 Flower Arrangement. When you order flowers online at LAROSE.COM and spend $40 for your flowers and $9.00 Delivery Charge, the local florist filling your order gets $49.00, $9.00 for his delivery charge and $40.00 for the flower arrangement, your flower recipient gets a $40 flower arrangement.

When you order flowers online, you fill out the form, the computer sends out the order, why pay a $14.99 fee to a service? When you order flowers online at the florist of LAROSE.COM, you fill out the form, the order comes to the Florist, and a floral designer decides who will fill your order best and sends it to a trusted local florist without a fee. 

Then there are the flower services that send your flowers via FedEx. You order flowers online, your order is routed to a regional Warehouse when prepackaged flowers are boxed waiting for labels. Your Label is put on one of the boxes, which is then placed on an outgoing pallet. The Pallet is loaded on a truck, sent to either a Fedex distribution warehouse, or an airport, transported by truck or plane to the local distribution center, then placed on a local delivery vehicle, which is not air conditioned, and your flowers are eventually brought to your flower gift recipient. If your gift recipient is not home, your box of flowers are left on the porch or in the hall until they arrive. By the time your flower gift recipient opens their box of flowers, those flowers have traveled enough miles to earn frequent flyer miles, and have been in a dark box without air and water for days. If you were those flowers you wouldn't feel or look so well, and neither do they. 

When you need to buy flowers locally, the best place to buy them is your local professional florist. When you need to order flowers online, the best place to order them is at LAROSE.COM, a real florist, that sends your order to a real florist free of extra fees.At LAROSE.COM.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Support America Bow

These handmade bows are weather resistant for display on doors, trees, mailbox posts and fence posts. Made with a two inch wide red white and blue ribbon with a one inch wide yellow ribbon bow in the center. Use these bows to welcome home a returning veteran or as a symbol of one who is currently serving. The Support America Bows measure approximately 10 inches around. The yellow ribbon is 1 1/2 inches wide and the red, white and blue ribbon is two inches wide. 

Decorate the whole house or even the whole neighborhood with these Support America Bows that are available in quantity discounts. These Red, White and Blue Bows with Yellow Centers are handmade at the Jersey City, NJ Florist and shipped to you via UPS throughout the USA. The quantity discounts allow groups or organizations the opportunity to sell them as a fund raiser or to decorate the town on National Holidays or when a service-person is retuning from a foreign theater. 

Show returning veterans that you are glad they are home by decorating the home, block or neighborhood with these Support America Bows. Each Bow has a wire that can be taped or wrapped for attachment to outdoor objects. To Tie these Red, White and Blue Bows with Yellow Bow Centers onto larger objects use yellow curling ribbon or twine to wrap through the center of the bow and tie it from behind. These are not the bows you buy in Walmart, they are all handmade for your order.

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Order Flowers FREE of Service Charges

Order Flowers FREE of Service Charges
Order Flowers Online and save

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