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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Serenity Wreath for Sympathy

Send A Sympathy Wreath of White Flowers with the Teleflora Serenity Wreath
The Sympathy Wreath is a symbol of the circle of life, from birth to death is a complete circle. The Sympathy Wreath has been used to express sympathy to the family and to honor the person for whom the services are being held. In the past the traditional wreath was made of a tight pack of carnations or mums, today with the wide variety of flowers available to professional floral designers, the Sympathy Wreath has evolved into a work of floral art with a mixture of flower types, colors and textures that are reflective of the symbolism of the Sympathy Wreath.

A new 2011 Sympathy Wreath Design has been introduced by Teleflora and is replicated through the independent professional florists of the Teleflora Network throughout the USA and Canada. White has been the color that represents the purity of life and sanctity of death. The Teleflora Serenity Sympathy Wreath is designed using a mixture of white flowers including roses, lilies, mums, carnations and the freshest white flowers available to the floral designer creating your Sympathy Flowers. 

The Teleflora Serenity Sympathy Wreath of White Flowers expresses your condolences to the family and honors the purity of the life that they are morning. The pure white wreath is sure to offer solace and serenity throughout the services and is a fitting tribute to the person being honored.Order your Teleflora Serenity Wreath to be hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada online and save up to $14.99 in service fees that other online services charge you to order Sympathy Flowers.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Wholesale Replica Fire Engines

Buy Wholesale Replica Fire Engines
This Floral Container is a Replica of the old fashioned metal petal fire engine truck that was  poplar in the 1950's - 1960's. This Replica Fire Engine can be used as the base for a floral arrangement, as a planter or as a stand alone decorative accent. The Replica Fire Engine Planter is an exclusive product of the Teleflora Corporation and is brought to the online wholesale market through LAROSE.COM. This Replica Fire Engine Truck measures eleven inches long by 6 inches high and is five inches wide. 

These Wholesale Replica Fire Engines feature all the details of the petal fire engines that were a popular children toy, complete with rolling wheels, bell, and ladders. With a bright red paint job and the Fire Chief Logo painted on, all the detail is built into these Wholesale Replica Fire Engines . These Replica Fire Engine Planters offers you many choices to create unique gifts, filled with flower arrangements, it can become a unique centerpiece for Fire Department Events. Fill these Wholesale Replica Fire Engines with Candy, Cookies, or other treats for any occasion. Use these Wholesale Replica Fire Engines as the centerpiece at Fire Department Retirement Parties or Annual Dinners. These Wholesale Replica Fire Engines come complete with plastic liners for plants or flower arrangements.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Burgundy Oversized Cappuccino Mug

Buy Burgundy Oversized Cappuccino Mug
Turn your kitchen or office coffee room into the corner Cappuccino Shop with a selection of these Burgundy Over Sized Cappuccino Mug. These are the same size mugs that you are served at the coffee shop when you order a Cappuccino or similar drink made famous by the neighborhood Cappuccino Shops of Little Italy in New York City, these mugs are now used everywhere. These Burgundy Over-sized Cappuccino Mugs weigh 1.5 pounds and are four inches wide and three inches tall with a seven inch span including the handle.

The Burgundy Over Sized Cappuccino Mug  is a perfect vessel for a steaming soup on a cold winter day. For the person who can't get enough coffee or tea in the morning, here is a mug that will fill their desires. They won't be asking for a second cup after you serve them their favorite morning beverage in this burgundy oversize mug.  After a day of playing in the snow, children will relish an extra large cup of hot chocolate or a mug of chicken noddle soup. 

These sturdy large mugs can also be used as containers for fresh flower arrangements or as a planter for an indoor plant. Fill these over sized Burgundy Cappuccino Mug with nuts, cookies, candy or personal sized coffee to create a gift for any occasion. Arrange your goodies in these mugs, wrap them in cellophane, topped with a bow and have a hand crafted gift that comes with a keepsake container. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Butterfly Vase

Buy a Butterfly Vase
The Butterfly Vase is a graceful clear vase with a weighted base decorated with a 3-dimensional pink butterfly. The Butterfly Vase has an elegant tear drop shape and stand nine inches high. With a three and a half inch opening, the Butterfly Vase is perfect for dainty spring flowers from your garden or a love bunch from your local florist. 

The acrylic pink butterfly attached to the teardrop shaped glass vase reflects the light when full of flowers or when empty. There is no need to put the Butterfly Vase away when you don't have flowers to display. The Butterfly Vase is a stand alone decorative piece in any room. 

The Butterfly Vase is shipped direct via insured UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist. The Butterfly Vase is a vase that be sent as a gift, filled with flowers from your local florist as a complete gift or purchased for someone who loves everything butterflies. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Send Flowers for a Baby Girl

Order Flowers for Baby Girl
The birth of a Baby Girl is cause to celebrate. Send Flowers for a Baby Girl to congratulate the parents on the birth of their new child and to welcome the baby girl into the world. A modern take on a classic Welcome Baby Girl Arrangement is the Teleflora Baby Girl Crystal Block Bouquet. The traditional Baby Girl container has been the ceramic painted alphabet block for decades, the Teleflora Baby Girl Crystal Block Bouquet, takes this concept to the next level with a solid crystal alphabet block. Part of the flowers in a gift selection, the Baby Girl Crystal Block Bouquet says congratulations when delivered with fresh flowers hand designed by a local professional floral designer, then hand delivered to welcome a baby girl into the world.

Delicate pink and white flowers will be an instant reminder of your expressions when they are hand delivered to the new parents and the hospital or at home. As a Keepsake, the crystal alphabet can be used in the nursery to hold lotions, pins, q-tips or any number of little essentials for the baby girl. As the baby gets older, the Crystal Alphabet Block can be used as planter for a live fresh green plant to accent the room.  When you send flowers to welcome a baby girl with the Teleflora Baby Girl Crystal Block Bouquet, your gift does more than double duty. When first delivered your fresh flowers in the crystal alphabet block brings smiles to the new parents faces, at home it serves as a convenient holder for baby essentials after the flowers are finished and later can be used as a decorative planter.

When you send flowers with the Teleflora Baby Girl Crystal Block Bouquet, your gift will be graciously received and long remembered as the keepsake block becomes an everyday part of the baby girl's nursery and room. When you order flowers for a Baby Girl with the Teleflora Baby Girl Crystal Block Bouquet through the online florist at LAROSE.COM you save up to $14.99 in service fees that other online flowers by wire services and 800flowers numbers charge you to send flowers to welcome a baby girl. Not only will you bring smiles to the faces of the new parents with your gift of flowers in a keepsake crystal block, you'll be smiling too as you save up to $14.99 when you order congratulations on your baby girl flowers online at LAROSE.COM. Why pay someone $14.99 to type your order, when you can do it yourself for free at LAROSE.COM.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Red Satin Ceramic Floral Container

Order A Red Satin Matte Finished Ceramic Floral Cylinder Container for Wedding Centerpieces
This Red Satin Ceramic Cylinder Floral Container is an elegant beginning to a creative centerpiece. With a Matte Satin Red Finish this ceramic multipurpose container is ideal for floral arrangements, as a planter or the base of a gift presentation. Fill this Red Satin Ceramic Cylinder Floral Container with candy, cookies or any small gift items, wrap it in cellophane, top it with a bow and have a complete elegant gift. The Red Satin Ceramic Cylinder Floral Container is 5.5 inches high, 5.5 inches wide and has a 5.5 inch opening. 

A picture can not do justice to the stunning matte red of this ceramic cylinder floral container. For a wedding or other event with a red color theme, this Red Satin Ceramic Cylinder Floral Container can't be beat. With its depth and large working opening, it is the perfect container for arranging high style floral design because it provides plenty of room for a large section of wet floral foam and holds a enough water even for roses and hydrangea. To create Wedding Reception Centerpieces in this Red Satin Ceramic Cylinder Floral Container  visit your local florist to buy quality fresh flowers and greens and create a stunning wedding table centerpiece, or bring these containers to your local florist and have a professional floral designer create a masterpiece of flowers for your wedding centerpieces. The satin red and size of this container allows for all styles of flower arrangements, from a full large Victorian, arrangement to a modern line arrangement. Set you wedding centerpieces created in the Red Satin Ceramic Cylinder Floral Container on a round mirror surrounded by three to five votive candle holders and create an awesome centerpiece for weddings or other formal events that have a red color theme.

This is the perfect floral container for a Valentine's Dinner Dance centerpiece, it can be created with a dozen red carnations and babies breath, or a dozen red roses with babies breath for a perfect Valentine's Day Dinner Table. With two Long Stem Red Taper Candles on either side of the Red Satin Ceramic Cylinder Floral Container with your Valentine Centerpiece, your table will have a romantic elegance.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ceramic Gold Have a Ball Ornament Jar

Gold Ceramic Ornament Jar for Holiday Centerpieces
Need a unique floral container for the Holiday Ball, the Gold Have a Ball Ceramic Ornament Jar fits the bill. The Gold Have a Ball Ceramic Ornament Jar is a gleaming, festive Holiday Accent. designed to replicate a Christmas Tree Ornament, this Gold Have a Ball Ceramic Ornament Jar has faceted details that capture the light. Measuring seven and a half inches high by five and three quarters inches wide this ceramic ornament jar makes a perfect holiday candy bowl, planter or stand alone decoration. The Gold Have a Ball Ceramic Ornament Jar  can be used as a centerpiece floral bowl for Christmas Parties, Christmas Weddings or Christmas dinner.For a simple holiday centerpiece, plant 3-4" potted poinsettia plants, decorate with a bow and red and green millimeter balls and create instant holiday centerpieces for holiday party tables.

Go to your local florist and buy quality fresh pine, red carnations and white or green mums to create a festive holiday centerpiece. For larger parties you can bring the Gold Ceramic Have a Ball Ornament Jar to your local florist and have them create holiday party centerpieces for you in these dazzling, light captivating golden floral containers.

The Ceramic Gold Ornament Jar has many after uses  including a holiday candy bowl, planter or stand alone Holiday Season decoration. 

Editors Note - 7/18/13 - Since this Blog Post was published, the Ceramic Gold Ornament Jar has sold out and is no longer in production. You can find other unique Christmas Floral Containers in the Christmas Gift Section of LAROSE.COM

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