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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Replica Small Mercury Glass Antique Vase

Order ASmall Mercury Glass Replica Antique Vases
This replica Small Mercury Glass Antique Vase is a reproduction of the Mercury Glass Technique first used in the 1840's in England. Creating a mirror like surface, a double glass was hand blown and a silvering solution was sealed in between the two walls, which created this look. The Small Mercury Glass Antique Vase is manufactured to resemble an original antique Mercury Glass Vase, with a special painting technique to accomplish the look of an unearthed treasure. 

The Small Mercury Glass Replica Antique Vase measures 4.5 inches high by 3 inches wide with a 2.75 inch opening on a clear glass pedestal. Manufactured in India for the Teleflora Corporation, this Small Mercury Glass Antique Vase is an elegant way to present a plant or flowers. The Small Mercury Glass Antique Vase IS NOT FDA approved for food use and is NOT dishwasher safe. The Small Mercury Glass Antique Vase does not contain mercury and is a replication of  Mercury Glass Folk Art. 

The Small Mercury Glass Antique Replica Vase is ideal for cafe tables, wedding cocktail party tables or any table where just a small dainty, elegant vase of flowers is needed to complete the theme. Because of its silver body and antiquing painting technique, the Small Mercury Replica Vase is a match with any color scheme, giving even the most inexpensive flowers a high style look. Perfect for restaurants or taverns with an Americana theme, as Mercury Glass became a favorite to American Collectors through the 1930's. Quantity discounts are available when you purchase multiple Small Mercury Glass Vases on the same order.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Moulin Rouge Hand Blown Vase

Order The Moulin Rouge Hand Blown Vase

Order a truly romantic vase that turn everyday into Valentine's Day. The hand blown Moulin Rouge Vase recalls the days in Paris when the can can dance was the seductive dance of the day. The Mouiln Rouge Vase in bright red has an hour glass shape with an expandable band of clear rhinestones and a detailed red heart molded after the garter worn by the can can dancers of the Moulin Rouge Cabaret built in 1889. The Moulin Rouge Cabaret offered sensuality and fun in an era that became known as the Gay '90's. 

The Moulin Rouge Vase was inspired by the vivid red of the Cabaret, the hour glass shape of the dancers and the seductive garters that they wore. Order this hand blown Moulin Rouge Vase to bring back the essence of Paris in the 1890's to your home. Once you own the Moulin Rouge Vase, turn any evening into a romantic evening by filling it with fresh quality flowers purchased from your local professional florist. This hand blown red glass Moulin Rouge Vase stands 9 inches tall. Produced by Teleflora under license from Moulin Rouge this heart red vase can make any day a Valentine Day. 

Order  Moulin Rouge Vases at a discounted price and save on shipping. Six red roses with babies breath in each of the two Moulin Rouge Vases you purchase can be placed on both night tables to give the bedroom a Moulin Rouge feel. For Birthdays, Anniversaries or a gift of love, the Moulin Rouge Vase is a gift in itself, order it and have it filled with fresh flowers by your local professional florist and you will have a complete gift for any occasion. A keepsake romantic vase, and the romanticism of flowers will turn any special day more special, and any ordinary day into a special day.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lena Liu Topiary

Order A Lena Liu Ivy Topiary
 Lena Liu is a contemporary American Artist who hails from Twain. Since her paintings hit the market in the 1970's her work has been a favorite with collectors. Lena's art work has been licensed for decorative rugs, pillows, posters, tea cup, teapots and so much more. Lena Liu paintings feature such subjects as flowers, birds hummingbirds and their interaction with each other blending soft colors to present a captivating depiction of the beauty of nature.

This faux ivy Topiary is inspired by the art of this best selling artist. The Lena Liu Topiary is a  luxurious permanent botanical of ivy and purple clematis in a gilded ceramic container adorned with a golden hummingbird. This exotic Lena Liu Topiary comes completely pre-assembled and features a lovely image by Lena Liu. A unique gift for any occasion for those who love the hummingbird art of Lena Liu. The Faux Ivy Topiary is perfect for those who don't want live plants but need the accent of greenery to complete their decor. The Lena Liu Topiary is a limited production item and will not be available when the supply runs out.

This Permanent Topiary is shipped directly to you or your recipient from Jersey City, NJ via UPS, please be aware of time in transit when ordering as a gift. This Topiary The Lena Liu Topiary was produced by Teleflora under license by Lena Lui. This unique ivy topiary interpretation of the art of Lena Liu is a decorative limited production piece that is already out of production, the reaming stock is the last in the primary market, once it is deplted, the Lena Liu Topiary will only be available on the secondary market.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Order a Festive Tartan Bowl

Order a Festive Tartan Bowl
The classic pattern of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands is the motif of this Festive Tartan Bowl. Most associated with Scotland, the Tartan pattern has also come to be used as a Christmas Holiday Pattern. This tartan plaid bowl features a golden colored pedestal and a gold trimmed edge around the top providing a contrasting accent to the classic plaid pattern. The Ceramic Festive Tartan Pedestal Bowl measures five and a half inches high. Over seven inches wide the Ceramic Festive Tartan Pedestal Bowl provides enough room for a creative centerpiece for the winter season. The Ceramic Festive Tartan Pedestal Bowl has a scalloped edge adding to its use as a fruit bowl or candy bowl. 

Not restricted to  the Christmas Season, this Festive Tartan Bowl makes a perfect setting for Scottish Association Dinner Dance Centerpieces or Gaelic Themed Weddings or parties. For a Christmas Season Wedding, The Festive Tartan Bowl can be filled with fresh pine, red, white and green flowers, accented with golden colored pine cones and silver millimeter balls with Tartan patterned bow to create a unique Christmas Wedding Centerpiece. The unique shiny gold bottom will add the just the touch of elegance that a Christmas Wedding Centerpiece needs. Place the Festive Tartan Bowl Wedding Centerpiece on a round mirror in the center of the table with three votive candles surrounding it for an amazingly festive wedding centerpiece. The Festive Tartan Bowls are out of production, all that remains of these fabulous Festive Tartan Bowls is the current inventory which is running thin. If you want the Festive Tartan Bowl, now is the time to order before they are sold out.

Editor's Note: 7/18/13- Since this Blog Post was Published the Festive Tartan Bowls have sold out and are no longer in production. You can find other unique floral containers in the Floral Container Section of LAROSE.COM. 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buy the 2010 Thomas Kinkade Santa's Workshop

Order the 2010 Thomas Kinkade Santa's Workshop
In only a couple of months the newest addition to the Thomas Kinkade Collection by Teleflora will be introduced for Christmas 2011. The 2011 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade feature is entitled, Christmas Carolers. The 2011 Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers will take these collectible pieces to the next level, it will be the first to play music. The 2011 Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers will play Deck the Halls and will have two on/off switches to control the lights and the music separately. Before the new addition is introduced in October 2011, use the next couple of months to fill in your Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Collection with the still available 2010 Thomas Kinkade Santa's Workshop.

It's not too early to start Christmas Shopping for yourself or for others. If you are a collector of the Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Cottages and missed the adorable 2010 Santa's Workshop or know someone who did, here is another chance to get one before they are gone. As a large seller of Teleflora Thomas Kinkade Collectible Cottages, LAROSE.COM bus extra inventory so that our customers have the chance to buy these limited edition collectible cottages long after others are sold out. You can still treat yourself or surprise someone at Christmas with the 2010 Thomas Kinkade Santa's Workshop Cottage by Teleflora

Although LAROSE.COM always stocks extras of these Thomas Kinkade Collectiable Cottages by Teleflora they are ordered throughout the year even during the summer and the supply of 2010 Thomas Kinkade Santa's Workshop are beginning to run thin. Before the new 2011 Thomas Kinkade Christmas Carolers is introduced in October, you have a final chance to buy the 2010 Thomas Kinkade Santa's Workshop today at the same price they were offered for since their introduction.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Order Cemetery Flowers

Order Cemetery Flowers
A variety of weather resistant material flowers are designed for cemetery memorials. You can order cemetery flowers to place at a grave site or memorial marker pre-arranged in spiked cones. To securely anchor these cemetery flowers in cones, the plastic cone has an attached metal spike to easily push into the ground and hold your cemetery flower cone in place. These Cemetery Cones are available in a variety of colors including monochromatic rose arrangement.s. The Rose Cemetery cones for memorial tributes are usually available and ready to ship to you via UPS in red, blue, lavender,and  pink. Roses and Carnations with white lilies are available in the same colors. These Cemetery Cones and all the Cemetery Flowers from LAROSE.COM are shipped via UPS directly to you. When you order Cemetery Flowers from LAROSE.COM you should not order them to be shipped directly to the cemetery unless you have contacted the Cemetery Office and have made arrangements to accept your Cemetery Flower delivery and place it in the grave for you. If you have been assured by the Cemetery Personnel that they are willing to accept your Cemetery Flowers and place them on the grave for you, be sure that the ship to address is the  name and grave number care of the name of the cemetery, adresss of cemetert and the name of the contact at the cemetery office..

It is best to have your Cemetery Flower tribute shipped to you, a relative or friend for placing on the grave. All the Cemetery Flowers offered by LAROSE.COM in the Cemetery Flower Section and  Memorial Flowers are arranged with weather resistant flowers and bows for long lasting display time on the grave or outdoor memorial site.

Cemetery Flowers and Memorial Flowers are designed in cones, name plaques, hearts, and crosses. Crosses for displaying on easels at a grave or memorial are made on a imitation Styrofoam frame that attaches to a wire easel that is pushed into the ground. Wooden and Cedar crosses are also designed with flower swags. These Wooden and Cedar Crosses are made with pointed bottoms that are to be pushed directly into the ground.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers

Order the Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers
A new addition to the birthday flower section is the Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers. This simple yellow plastic vase is filled with pink, yellow and lavender fresh flowers Each Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers is hand designed when ordered. A Local Professional Floral Designer will hand arrange the fresh flowers of the day to replicate the Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers. Using flowers such as daisies,lilies and roses in shades of pink yellow and lavender the local professional florist in the area of your delivery will create a Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers Vase for your birthday recipient.

Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers are hand delivered along with a free floristl card to express your birthday wishes. This Birthday vase of flowers s presented a plastic yellow vase so that more value can be put into the flowers. Whether as an additional gift or to wish someone a Happy Birthday anywhere in the USA and Canada. 

When you order the Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers online at LAROSE.COM, your total price is $40.00 USD. LAROSE.COM Flowers and gifts was the first online florist to offer internet customers the ability to order flowers online free of extra wire service charges. Order from other online flowers by wire services who never even touch flowers and you will pay a service charge that ranges up to $14.99 per order. If you order birthday flowers like the Teleflora Simply Sweet Birthday Flowers for $40.00. with their $14.99 Service Fee your total is $54.99. Even when they offer you a $10 off coupon, your total is $44.99, $4.99 more than if you order birthday flowers online at LAROSE.COM.

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