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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes

Order Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes
If you are looking for the ideal floral glass cube to create your own flower arrangements for an engagement party, wedding, birthday or other event in a lavender color scheme, the Lavender Glass Cube might be for you. These are the same Lavender Glass Cubes used by Professional Florists when creating flower arrangements for cocktail tables, party centerpieces and weddings. These are not cheap glass dollar store cubes, each Lavender Glass Cube has a solid glass footing, thick sides and perfect coloration throughout. Weighing in at over two pounds each, these Lavender Glass Cubes are quality floral containers. Each Lavender Glass Cube holds almost three cups of water which provides an ample water supply for fresh cut flowers throughout an event or party that lasts for hours. 

These Professional Lavender Glass Cubes are available to you at a quantity discounted wholesale price to enable you to purchase enough for your event.These four inch by four inch Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes are the ideal size for cocktail tables, cafe tables or tables for two. With only a four inch square footprint, the Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes will add a beautiful accompaniment to a table when filled with quality fresh flowers from your local florist. The heavy duty, thick walled, solid glass base of the professional Lavender Glass Cubes allows it to double as a candle holder. For a romantic look, place a tea light candle in each Lavender Glass Cube for a special night time glow at evening parties.

The Wholesale Lavender Glass Cubes, the same ones used by Professional Florists in their party work, offers countless possibilities for your table decorations at any number of events where the color scheme incorporates lavender. Filled with water, a single orchid blossom can be floated to create a simple modern look. The Lavender glass cube can be filled half way with water, then use a floating candle for night time and evening parties, the glow of the candle light through the lavender glass creates a delicate light. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Order A Garden of Memories for a Funeral

Order Funeral Flowers with The Teleflora Garden of Memories

Today most Funeral Services have been one day viewings or wakes with the burial services the following day. In recognition of the shorter funeral traditions, the Floral Industry has responded with a wider selection of Funeral Flower Arrangement Choices that are appropriate to send to the viewing and be taken home by the family after the services. One of the newest introductions in Funeral Flower Designs is the Teleflora Garden of Memories Sympathy Arrangement of Flowers.  

Order Flowers for a Funeral or Memorial with the Teleflora Garden of Memories. Express your sympathy with the beauty of hand designed flowers in an assortment of roses, lilies and garden flowers made by a professional floral designer using hand selected flowers. The Teleflora Garden of Memories Sympathy Arrangement of Flowers adds a touch natural beauty to the solemnity of a wake, viewing or memorial. The Teleflora Garden of Memories measures approximately nineteen inches wide by eighteen inches high and is appropriate to send to the family at home or to the services at the Funeral Home, Mortuary or Chapel.

This pastel arrangement of flowers is large enough for the services, yet not an overwhelming flower arrangement to be taken home, when well watered the family should have the flowers for approximately ten days of comfort.  

The Teleflora Garden of Memories is created fresh when you order funeral flowers to be sent throughout the USA or Canada and is hand delivered by a local independently owned florist of the Teleflora Network. The Teleflora Garden of Memories is delivered with your message of condolences and will evoke the memories a life.When you order funeral flowers online at LAROSE.COM there is never an extra service. Other internet flowers by wire services and 800 flowers phone numbers charge you up to $14.99 to order funeral flowers, save the $14.99 and order funeral flowers online at LAROSE.COM.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barbeque Floral Arrangement Container

Editor's Note: Since this Post was published the Replica Weber Grill has sold out and is no longer produced. Check the LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts Floral Container Section for other unique Themed Floral Containers.
Order a Replca Weber Grill Floral Container
Community Fundraising Barbeques and at Home Backyard Barbeque Parties can be jazzed up with table centerpieces in the perfect barbeque floral container. Re manufactured and redistributed after an almost ten year hiatus, The Replica Weber Grill is back. Produced under a Weber license to the Teleflora Corporation, the detailed Replica Metal Weber Grill is back for 2011. Used by the Professional Member Florists of the Teleflora Network, you can now purchase the Replica Metal Grill to create your own pool party or barbeque centerpieces. The Replica Weber Grill is perfect for creating centerpieces for backyard barbeques, pool parties or even garden weddings. The Replica Weber Grill offers all the details of the classic Weber Grill that it is modeled after, removable lid, rolling wheels, grilling grate, smoke vent that opens and the trademark Weber name on the handle and wheels. If you missed it last decade, be sure to order your Replica Weber Grill before it is sold out and discontinued again.

Easily create your own distinctive barbeque floral arrangement with this professional floral container. Add a third of a block of wet floral foam, insert the grill that comes with the Replica Weber Grill so that it sticks out past the flowers, hang the lid off the side and cut and insert your fresh flowers that you purchased from your local florist or cut from your own backyard garden. For parties with multiple tables, The Weber Grill is available at quantity discounts at the LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts Floral Container Section. These Replica Weber Grills, finely detailed, are shipped directly to you from the Jersey City, NJ Florist of LAROSE.COM.

The Replica Weber Grill is a unique floral container that can be used as a gift by itself, filled with flowers or planted with small plants. Measuring eight inches high by six and a quarter inches wide with an opening of five and and a half inches, the metal Replica Weber Grill has ample room for a fresh or silk flower arrangement or an indoor plant.After creating a fresh flower arrangement in your Replica Weber Grill be sure to keep the wet floral foam watered so your flowers will last longer, especially when used for outdoor, barbeques, parties or weddings.

Editor's Note: Since this Post was published the Replica Weber Grill has sold out and is no longer produced. Check the  LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts Floral Container Section for other unique Novelty Floral Containers.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Christian Sympathy Flowers

Order Christian Sympathy Flowers

Express your sympathy at a Christian Funeral with the Teleflora Sacred Grace Bouquet. This all white flower arrangement surrounds a sculpture of Jesus designed by famed sculptor Stuart Mark Feldman in a depiction of the Resurrection. The Sacred Grace Bouquet is appropriate to send to the home of a grieving family, or to the wake. The Sacred Grace Bouquet is a table size arrangement that measures approximately fifteen inches high by twelve inches long. The porcelain statue of the risen Jesus is a removable free standing statue which makes the Teleflora Sacred Grace Bouquet a long lasting expression of condolence.

The hand designed flower arrangement begins with a White Porcelain Jesus Statue that is a depiction of the risen Christ standing on a cloud as he ascends to heaven. With outstretched arms and detailed robes this White Porcelain Jesus Statue stands almost ten inches tall and six inches wide from hand to hand. This White Porcelain Jesus Statue represents the promise of the resurrection in the Christian Faith and is a common depiction of Jesus Christ rising from the tomb on Easter Sunday. The Floral designer then adds fresh greens and pure white flowers to complete this keepsake sympathy flower arrangement.

The Teleflora Sacred Grace Sympathy Flower Arrangement is available in three different sizes, all containing the statue of Jesus.  You can send this Keepsake Sympathy Flower Arrangement to the home or to the services. The Teleflora Sacred Grace Sympathy Flower Arrangement adds the comfort of flowers, which the promise of the Christian Faith and offers the family a keepsake statue.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finish the Date with Flowers

Send Four Roses in A Bud Vase

Put the finishing touches on a first date by sending flowers. After a first date, you might want to send something as simple as four roses in a bud vase. You can send four roses in a bud vase in either red, white, pink or yellow. Using the traditional meaning of flowers, red equals love and romance, white, innocence and serenity, yellow, friendship and pink, grace and joy. A surprise delivery of four roses in a bud vase after a date is a sign that you enjoyed the other person's company and expresses your interest in another date. The simplicity of four roses in a bud vase shows you are thinking about the person without being overbearing. Even if you feel like sending one dozen roses in a vase after a first date, it just might be too much and actually make the person wary of you instead of taking it as a gesture of interest. If the relationship flourishes and the dates continue, you can send six roses in a vase, and later a dozen roses in a vase.

Small mixed flower arrangements are also a wonderful way to say thank you for a nice date. Again, keep your flower gift in perspective, larger isn't always better. A simple sweet colorful gift of a small flower arrangement will be perceived as sweet, while a large overbearing flower arrangement may be perceived as over bearing and too forceful. Send Flowers after a date to say, thanks for a great time, hope to see you again. A message sent with four roses in a bud vase is a great way to finish a date.

You can even send flowers to ask someone out on a date. Again, don't send flowers that are overwhelming, save that for when the relationship becomes serious. A simple vase of three yellow roses, or a small teacup arrangement of fresh delicate flowers are just the right touch when attaching a card asking someone out for the first time. A Dozen Roses is beautiful and classic, however, they are not the best choice for every flower giving occasion. Start out with something simple and beautiful hand delivered with a personal message, if the relationship continues, there will be plenty of time to send one, two and three dozen roses at a time. There will be birthdays and anniversaries, and days to say, I love You, when you can send larger flower arrangements and dozens of roses.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Order Cemetery Flowers For Father's Day

Silk Flower Dad Heart for the Cemetery

Order a Silk Cemetery Heart for Father's Day. This Dad Cemetery Heart is designed on a twenty-four inch frame using weather resistant fabric flowers for a long lasting display.  The Silk Flower Cemetery Heart for Father's Day comes in light blue and white, red and white and dark blue and white. Consider time in transit when you order a Silk Cemetery Day Heart for Father's Day. The center of each Dad Cemetery Heart features a matching plaque and is completed with a bow. 

When you order a Cemetery Dad Heart it comes complete with easel, ready to display. Carefully remove the large staple that holds the heart in the box. The Wire Easel is packed behind the Dad Heart in the Box, after removing the Cemetery Heart from the shipping box, bend the easel into a tripod, place the Memorial Cemetery Dad Heart on the easel hook and push the three legs of the easel into the ground. You can adjust the height and the angle of the Dad Heart on the easel depending on where you place the hook. 

Remember that Cemetery Memorial Flowers are shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist, that is the home to LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts Online. Please be aware of time in transit when you order a Memorial Dad Heart for Father's Day. At the bottom of each order page you can check the estimated time in transit by clicking on the "Display Map" Button, which will open a UPS Map of estimated time in transit from Zip Code 07305 to your zip code. 

You can order the Silk Cemetery Dad Memorial Heart to be sent to you or someone who will place it on the grave site for you. LAROSE.COM ships these hearts through UPS. If you want to ship it to a cemetery, you must contact the Cemetery Office and be sure that they will accept your UPS delivery, unpack it and set it up on the grave for you. Do not assume that the Cemetery will automatically accept, unpack and display the Silk Cemetery Dad Heart on the appropriate grave. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Framed First Family Photo

Order Obama Family Photos
In the 1960's almost every house you entered had a photo of President Kennedy hanging on the wall, displayed on the TV or on the refrigerator. No matter what political affiliation, the classic John F. Kennedy photo was ever present especially in Catholic Households. Because John Kennedy was the first Catholic President of the United States of America, Catholics took great pride in President Kennedy. Today, the same is true for the Presidency of Barack Obama. President Obama broke a barrier by being the first man of African American descent to hold the office of President of the United States, and it will always be seen in American History as a milestone.

Like the people who took pride in John F. Kennedy and displayed his picture in lobbies, offices, classrooms and homes throughout America, these framed color 8" x10" Photos of President Obama and The First Family are ready to be hung on a wall or displayed on dressers, tables or refrigerators. These glass covered photos are framed in your choice of Red, White or Blue photo frames. This Obama First Family Photo quality print is a collage of the First Family with the Presidential Seal. 

This Obama First Family Photo is printed on high gloss photo quality paper with photo ink. Shipping is included within the USA or Canada. We can not ship these these First Family Photos internationally because of the high shipping costs and country tariffs. Order your Obama First Family Photos with FREE shipping. (Image intentionally blurred on Web Site and Blog to prevent copying). Even after the Obama Presidency, like the JFK photos of the 1960's these First Family Photos will be enduring mementos of this milestone Presidency. 

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