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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Golden Morning Glass Vase

Golden Glass Retro Vase

The Golden Morning Glass Vase was originally produced in the 1990's for the FTD Corporation. These extremely heavy golden glass vases are designed in the style of the late 1940's to early 1950's, the kind of vase that you would see in the "I Love Lucy Show", or if your old enough on top of your console television when you were growing up. This heavy Golden Glass Floral Vase measures ten inches long and is made of a golden two toned colored thick glass. Weighing in at almost four pounds the Golden Glass Vase can be used as a stand alone decorative piece, a candy dish or a vase to display short stemmed flowers from your local florist. 

This Golden Morning Glass Vase is an excellent fit to a retro 1940's to 1950's decor for homes, offices or stage sets. The Golden Glass Floral Vase is in very limited supply and will not be restocked, originally  produced for FTD in the 1990's this is the remaining stock of these heavy 1940's style glass containers. As a stand alone piece, the Golden Morning Glass Vase reflects light and casts it on the table or mantle that it is sitting on creating intriguing patterns. Used as a vase to display short stem flowers from your garden or local florist, The Golden Glass Vase will provide a radiant vessel for showing off the rich colors of autumn flowers or the pastel colors of spring flowers. 

In the past set directors have ordered these Golden Glass Vases as props for the stage productions of plays set in the 1940's and 1950's. Be sure to order two if you are ordering as a stage prop, if you ever need a replacement they may be sold out. LAROSE.COM is now down to less than a half of dozen of these golden morning glass vases.

Editor's Note - 7/1/13 - Since the Publications of this Blag Post, The Golden Morning Vase has sold out and is no longer in production. Check the LAROSE.COM Decorative Vase Section for other unique Vases.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Order Funeral Flowers

Order Funeral Flowers
Near or far, you can express your sympathy with flowers. When you order Funeral Flowers to express your condolences, you are carrying on an age old tradition of memorializing the decedent and bringing comfort to the their family. When a wake or viewing is filled with flowers surrounding the casket the mood of the solemn gathering is lightened. The beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers at a funeral is reflective of the life being honored.  At one time Funeral Flowers had a distinctive look, with sober colors in a  solemn presentation. Today you can order Funeral Flowers in a plethora of colors and styles. Today's Funeral Flowers have kept pace with modern funeral practices and offer funeral flower arrangements is bright mixed color baskets, table arrangements and even vase arrangements of flowers for the family to take home.

When you order Funeral Flowers in 2011 you can choose from a selection of traditional funeral designs in new and vibrant colors, or modern funeral basket designs in soft delicate shades. When you need to offer condolences whether you are across the country or attending the service, the funeral flowers you order will add to the services and remind the family that you are there for them. The rules of ordering funeral flowers are dew, Bleeding Hearts are usually from the spouse or closes loved one, while Casket Covers, Casket Sprays and interior casket are sent by the children or grandchildren.

Anyone can order Funeral Flowers by selecting a Funeral Basket, Funeral Spray, Sympathy Heart, Sympathy Wreath or Standing Cross. Relatives, Friends, Colleagues, Co-Workers and Neighbors can all order Funeral Flowers in any design that they believe is a fitting way to express condolences, and offer sympathy and comfort to the family.. To Order Funeral Flowers to be hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada free from extra charges, order funeral flowers online at the Online Florist of LAROSE.COM, serving the internet customer for over fifteen years free of extra service charges that other internet florists and 800flowers numbers charge you to send sympathy flowers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ceramic Happy Chick Planter

Order Ceramic Baby Chick Planters

One of the new additions to the keepsake floral containers offered by Teleflora is the Happy Chick Planter. The Ceramic Baby Chick Planter features a baby chick hugging a cracked egg, detailed down to the feet, the baby chick has an adorable face with wide eyes. The uses for this Ceramic Baby Chick Planter is limited only by your imagination. Fill the Ceramic Baby Chick Planter with jelly beans for Easter, a Plant for Mother's Day, Flowers for Baby Shower Centerpiece or to welcome the birth of a Baby.

This Ceramic Baby Chick Planter measures five inches high by six inches wide and has a three inch opening to hold flowers a plant or gift items. The Ceramic Baby Chick Planter is a versatile keepsake that can be used as the base for table centerpieces at Baby Showers, Spring Events and gift giving for any occasion.

The detailed hand painting of the eyes and the beak of the ceramic baby chick planter accents the pure yellow of the piece and creates a neutral base for many flower color combinations. Centerpieces for a baby Girl Shower can be created with fresh white and pink flowers purchased from your local professional florist, for a baby boy shower fill the Ceramic Baby Chick Planter with blue and white flowers. For a neutral look for a baby shower or any event, the Baby Chick Planter highlights a mixed colorful spring arrangement or a autumn colored earth tone arrangement.

You can use the same florist quality Ceramic Baby Chick Planters used by Professional Florists, when you order Ceramic baby Chick Planters. You can order Ceramic Baby Chick Planters at quantity discounts through LAROSE.COM. Your Ceramic Baby Chick Planters are shipped to you directly from the Jersey City, NJ Florist via insured UPS.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Send Anniversary Roses Online

Send Anniversary Roses Online

It's your Anniversary, you bought a gift, card and made dinner reservations, did you order roses? There are no more excuses for not sending Anniversary Roses. You can order Anniversary Roses Online free of extra charges at the online florist of LAROSE.COM, serving the internet customer free of extra charges since 1995. Even with a gift card and dinner, a Dozen Anniversary Roses arranged in a vase makes an Anniversary celebration complete. You can begin the day with the gift and the card, have a Dozen Anniversary Roses hand delivered during the day, and complete the celebration with dinner. No matter where your Anniversary Partner will be during the day, you can have a dozen fresh florist quality hand selected and arranged Anniversary Roses delivered at work or to home on your Anniversary Day.

When you order Anniversary Roses Online through LAROSE.COM, your roses will be hand delivered from a selected local professional florist designed in a glass vase and delivered with your Anniversary Message on a free enclosure card. Ordering Anniversary Roses couldn't be any easier, you can no longer use the excuse that you couldn't get to the florist shop, or didn't call in time. You can order your Anniversary Roses online free of extra charges, select your Anniversary Date, fill in your card message and have a Dozen Anniversary Roses hand delivered on your Anniversary throughout the USA and Canada.

Send the traditional Red Dozen Anniversary Roses for true romance, a Dozen Sweet Pink Anniversary Roses or a Dozen White Anniversary Roses to Wedding Day. No matter what color Anniversary Roses you select, your Dozen Anniversary Roses will be created from hand selected long stem roses, expertly arranged in a glass and hand delivered to celebrate your Anniversary. Don't be fooled by coupons that offer you $10.00 off or 20% off for ordering online from other internet florists or 800 flower numbers, check the prices, include the $14.99 fee that they charge you to order flowers online or on the phone, and you will see that the only way to order Anniversary Roses is online at the florist of LAROSE.COM, where ordering flowers online has been an easy money saving experience since 1995. Use their $10.00 off coupon and you are sill paying $4.99 more than if you order your Anniversary Roses online when you include their service fee. Use their $20% off coupon and you are still paying more than if you order your Anniversary Roses at the online florist that has never charged a service fee to order Anniversary Flowers online.

Monday, May 16, 2011

When To Order a Sympathy Cross

Send Sympathy Flowers with the Divine Light Cross by Teleflora
At a time of mourning in the Christian Faith, it is traditional to have a viewing for family and friends before the burial service. Viewings are often held at Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, Chapels and Churches and offer an opportunity for family and friends to reflect on their relationship and life with the deceased. At a time of mourning Sympathy Flowers are often sent to honor the deceased, bring comfort to the family and symbolize the faith of the deceased. It is traditional for the spouse to send a heart of flowers made of red carnations often referred to as a bleeding heart, or made from white flowers referred to as a broken heart. The Casket Spray is traditionally sent from close family, such as the children, grandchildren or great grandchildren.

Relatives and friends may wish to send a cross of flowers symbolizing the Christian belief of eternal life. The Divine Light Cross by Teleflora is the newest interpretation of the traditional sympathy cross. Each Divine Light Cross is hand made by a local professional floral designer using the fresh white flowers of the day that will include, lilies, roses, orchids, mums, and carnations to create a modern Sympathy Cross of white flowers. The Divine Light Cross is designed in a variety of white flowers reflecting the purity of the promise of the resurrection, adding comfort to the family and reinforcing the belief in the Christian Promise of Salvation.

The Divine Light Cross of Flowers is displayed on an easel or hung on the wall based on regional customs, and should be ordered in time to be delivered to the viewing. Remember that the Divine Light Cross of Flowers for a Sympathy is a hand made display requiring time to be made an delivered. You can Send Sympathy Flowers Online to be delivered throughout the USA and Canada through the Florist of LAROSE.COM free of any fees that other internet florists and 800 flower numbers charge you to send sympathy flowers. The Divine Light Cross of Flowers is an expression of sympathy, a memorial to the person and a comfort to the family.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wholesale Bamboo Cubes

Order Wholesale Bamboo Cubes for Flower Arrangements

The selection of floral design cubes continues to grow in colors, sizes and material. Joining the ever growing colors of glass cubes is the new Bamboo Cubes, currently available in a light wood tone or a dark wood tone. The benefits of the new Bamboo Cubes are that they are made from a sustainable wood, bamboo, which is a quick hardy grower and can be harvested and used ecologically. With their wood tone colors, the Bamboo Floral Cubes can be used with a variety of color schemes. Especially appropriate is earth tones, greens, and autumn arrangements, but they are not limited to those color combinations when creating fresh floral arrangements in these classic wood tone finished cubes.

With a plastic liner, the Bamboo Wood Tone Cubes make great decorative planters for a variety of plants. To make an elegant cocktail table decoration using the Bamboo Wood tone Cubes, put an Orchid Plant in the Bamboo Cube, cover the top with sheet moss and have a classically looking beautiful Orchid Planter for Cocktail Tables or Dinner Tables. The Bamboo Cubes are perfect for plants in four inch grower containers and will properly accent plants in all shades of green and variations. Colorful Foliage such as Crotons have a dynamic look when planted in these Bamboo Cubes. For Outdoor Fall Weddings, four inch earth tone mums placed in the Bamboo Cube create an rich looking fall table decoration.

To create your own table centerpieces in the Bamboo Cubes, place a wet floral foam cut to size, add quality flowers from a local florist, and you can have fresh flower centerpieces at a reasonable price for any event. A Wedding, Cocktail Party or Dinner party will all be enhanced by Plants or Flowers in these new Bamboo Cubes. For Larger Dinner Tables, make a grouping of three to five separate arrangements in Bamboo Cubes at different angles or featuring different flowers to create a total look for your table. Mix and Match Plants and flowers in Bamboo Cubes to create a natural garden look. The colors of autumn, the new greens in flowers and reds and burgundy color presentations are especially highlighted by the wood tone color of these Bamboo Cubes.

Purchase Wholesale Bamboo Cubes in quantities of twelve or twenty four to begin creating your fresh table decorations for your event. Wholesale Bamboo Cubes are shipped via UPS directly to you or your recipient from the Jersey City, NJ Florist 07305. Please check estimated shipping time when you order Wholesale Bamboo Cubes.

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