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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Send Sympathy Flowers to a Home

Send Sympathy Flowers to a Home

Today it is easy to not hear of someone's passing before the services have occurred. Customers often ask if it is appropriate to send sympathy flowers after a burial has occurred. It is appropriate to send sympathy flowers to a home to express your condolences, however, the choice of floral arrangements should be different when you are sending flowers to a home to express your sympathy. A Funeral Basket of flowers such as would be sent to a Funeral Home, Mortuary, Chapel or Church is not the right kind of sympathy floral arrangement to send to a home. 

To send sympathy flowers to a home after the burial, consider the circumstances, the receiver and their tastes. You might want to select a vase arrangement of assorted flowers in bright mixed spring colors, or a vase of all white flowers. A Dozen Roses arranged in a vase is a simple elegant way to send sympathy flowers to a home. A dish garden or an indoor plant is another way to send an expression of sympathy to someone's home after the passing of a loved one. A Dish Garden which is an arrangement of indoor tropical plants simulating a garden in a ceramic bowl can be a living memorial to the memory of the person who has passed as well as treasured gift to the loved one. The same for an indoor plant, which can last for many years when cared for properly. Remember to consider the circumstances of the passing and the life style of the person you are sending condolences to when you send a Sympathy Plant or Dish Garden. Some people may just not have the time to care for a plant or dish garden, in which case, a Table Floral Arrangement or Vase of Flowers would be more appropriate.

It is never too late to express your sympathy and there are many choices of flower arrangements and plants that can express your condolences. You can choose a flower type or color that you know the recipient likes, or a vase or arrangement of all white flowers to express the sanctity of the occasion. It is a matter of personal choice as to which kind of home floral arrangement to send to express your sympathy.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Pothos, the Near Perfect Houseplant

Send a Pothos Plant

Epipremnum aureum, or more commonly called, the Pothos Plant, may just be one of the most welcome houseplant in any home. This colorful variegated tropical indoor houseplant is sometimes mistaken for a Philodendron, it is not related. The Pothos Plant is a very durable plant which tolerates low light very well and thrives in medium indirect light, for this reason the Pothos Plant is a hearty easy to care for houseplant. One of the common killers of the Pothos Plant is over watering. Pothos Plants should only be watered when the soil is dry. Because the Pothos Plant is best suitable for indirect and low light situations, it is a near perfect houseplant, it is also because of this reason that too much water is its enemy. Any Plant, including the pothos, uses its water supply according to how much light it receives, therefore, in a low light environment, it will take the Pothos Plant longer to use up its water supply. It is not uncommon for a Pothos Plant to only require water once a week, however there is no set number of days between watering.

For the beginner, the Pothos Plant offers an easy lesson in how to care for houseplants and it will forgive most mistakes with time. When watering a Pothos, it should be watered thoroughly until the water comes out the drainage holes, once the water is drained from the plant, the drainage tray should be emptied, do not allow the plant to sit in a puddle of water in the drainage tray, this could and often does lead to root rot. When watering a Pothos and most other Houseplants do not tease them with a sip of water each day, it will not reach the root ball making the plant show signs of under-watering. Under watering manifests itself in leaves turning yellow, while over-watering is is signified by dark brown, tips or spots on the leaves, especially on younger leaves. Until you learn the needs of your new Pothos Plant it is better to underwater than to over water. If you are a day or two late in watering your Pothos Plant you will get yellow leaves which can easily be removed, however if the plant is over watered the black and dark brown tips and spots appear, you can not remove every leave, so you will have a plant that looks like it is dying.The Pothos Plant has natural variagtions in its leaves, depending on the variety of Pothos, it will range from a dark yellow to a white, which gives it a unique and interesting appeal over a solid green leaf houseplant.

Simple basic care is all the Pothos Plants requires to be a thriving addition to any home or apartment. Medium to low light will suit the Pothos Plant well, too much direct sunshine will burn the leaves, which is damage that only time and new growth will correct. The more light your Pothos Plant receives, the more often it will have to be watered, but again, it does not want or need water everyday. Because the Pothos Plant is easy to care for, iyt makes a great gift to send for any occasion. Send a Pothos Plant for a Birthday, Get Well, Anniversary or a Just Because Gift, and send the gift of a living green plant that will clean the air and add the comfort of living greens to anyone's home. Anyone can care for a Pothos, and have a plant that will last for years and years.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Tenth Anniversary of 9-11-01

9-11-01 T-Shirt
September 11, 2011 will be the tenth Anniversary of the tragic events of 9-11-01, a day that both shocked and galvanized The Nation. and The International Community. It is hard to believe that ten years have gone past since that unforgettable day. New York City was shattered on 9-11-01, but the citizenry of The City came together and dealt with the catastrophe. Thousands of volunteers poured out to pick through the rumble of the fallen buildings in hopes of rescuing the injured.  The same was true in Shanksville, PA and Washington D.C., who were also directly affected by the events of 9-11-01. Although thousands of towns, cities and communities throughout the USA were not directly affected, the whole Nation felt the aftermath of the tragedies. The carrion call throughout the USA was, "We will Survive".

Within days of 9-11-01, "We Will Survive" took on new meaning as the devastation was cleaned, the victims treated and memorialized a the rebuilding was begun. Throughout New York City and the Nation, American Flags, T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, buttons and Billboards declared that the USA would not be defeated by the actions of 9/11. One of the more popular T-Shirts worn by many throughout the New York Metropolitan Area was one that expressed the sentiment of regrouping and rebuilding. The T-Shirt pictured an American Flag waving in the breeze, with a badge containing a picture of the burning twin towers and the words of of city, "We Will Survive" in red, white and blue.

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11/01 approaches the finishing touches are being put on the 9/11/01 Memorial built on the footprints of The World Trade Center Towers and replacement buildings are steadily rising from the rumble. As each Anniversary of 9/11/01 passes, the wounds begin to heal, with such a significant anniversary approaching, those scars will be reopened for many. As the T-Shirt of September 2011 forecast "We Will Survive", New York City and The Nation has survived, a little scarred, a little battered, without some Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Relatives, Friends and Neighbors, but it has survived none the less. As we remember the tragedy of 9/11/01 on the tenth Anniversary, it is also a time to remember the promise and recommit to it, "We Will Survive".

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Lost Art of Flower Meanings

The Meaning of Flowers

The meanings of flowers can be traced throughout recorded history. Flowers, herbs and foliage throughout time and cultures were used in religious services, secular celebrations and as offerings of prayer and hope. As time passed cultures adapted different herbs, foliage and blossoms to symbolize everything from a promise  to desire, and groupings of flowers took on special meanings, combining all the meanings of the individual blossoms. The language of flowers, known as floriography during the 1800's soon became a comprehensive language of its own. In order to begin a courtship or friendship, an appropriate flower was given to express interest, with the hidden meaning or code understood by all. 

Flowers still hold the mystique of meaning, although today with the abundance of colors, flowers and foliage available, the traditional meanings have changed over time. Flower meanings that have survived the test of time include the meanings of the traditional colors of roses. A Red Rose still signifies true love, while a white rose implies purity, and a yellow rose friendship. With the introduction and availability of colors new meanings have been applied and old meanings adapted. A Lavender Rose is said to mean, Love at First Sight, an implication that a thorn less rose once signified. A pink rose was said to imply grace while today, pink roses come in hues that were never seen in the past, meanings have been assigned to them. A dark pink rose now means gratitude, while light pink says desire.

The language of flowers has not kept pace with the fast paced science of genetic engineering that creates new colored roses on almost a monthly basis. Only a few decades ago a retail florist has access to only seven rose colors, today in 2011, with flowers being imported from around the world and new colors being constantly added to the commercial stock of roses, a local florist can chose from hundreds of rose colors. The same holds true for other flower varieties.

Only fifty years ago a local retail florist in the USA could be assured of having carnations in red, pink, and white, which were soon joined by yellow, white with colored edges and shades of the traditional colors. In 2011, a local retail florist has access to carnations in dozens of colors, with each color being offered in a hand full of shades. The traditional meaning of a carnation is fascination, with red signifying "my heart Aches for you", a white implying that the recipient was lovely, while a pink carnation stood for, "I'll never forget you". Carnation colors today range from a dark rich purple to a soft mint green, which shades hues and variations that number in the dozens.

Although the colors and numbers of available flowers is constantly changing, with the traditional meanings being reapplied, flowers will always say it best. Send Flowers to say, I Love You, Thinking of You, I Miss You, With Deepest Sympathy, Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Congratulations or for any occasion or no occasion at all. Flowers speak a language of their own. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Order a Father's Day Fruit Basket

Order a Father's Day Fruit Basket
Forget the tie, slippers or shaving set, this Father's Day order Dada a freshly made, locally delivered Fruit Basket. Order a Father's Day Fruit Basket through LAROSE.COM and save on service fees. Other National Flowers by Wire Services offer you the choice of ordering a Father's Day Fruit Basket, but they charge you up to $14.99 in service fees even when you do all the work yourself and order online. At LAROSE.COM when you do all the work by placing your Father's Day Fruit Basket Order Online, the service fee is zero. LAROSE.COM has been serving the Internet Customer since 1995 and has never charged a service fee for ordering online. 

Order a Father's Day Gift that Dad will appreciate, a basket of fresh local fruit, designed and delivered locally along with your free enclosure card expressing your Father's Day Wishes. Father's Day Fruit Baskets are offered in four sizes on LAROSE.COM each with a $9.00 local delivery fee, no service charges. The Small Father's Day Fruit Basket is $45, the medium Father's Day Fruit Basket is $65, the Large Father's Day Fruit Basket is $85.00 and the Extra Large Father's Day Fruit Basket is $105. No matter which Father's Day Fruit Basket you order online, you pay only the price of the Fruit Basket and a $9.00 delivery fee, there is no extra service fee for ordering Father's Day Fruit Baskets online. 

Don't be fooled by $10 off or 20% off coupons offered by other Internet Florists and 800 Flower Numbers, after you subtract their coupon and add their $14,99 service fee you are paying more to order a Father's Day Fruit Basket than if you order a Father's Day Fruit Basket online at LAROSE.COM, serving the Internet Customer since 1995 free of service fees. 

With each Father's Day Fruit Basket being created and delivered when ordered, the varieties of fruit and goodies in each fruit basket will vary by region. The local delivering florist relies on the fresh fruit available at the market to create your Father's Day Fruit Basket for you. Freshly made and hand delivered, a Father's day Fruit Basket is a healthy treat for Dad on Father's Day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Order Memorial Day Flowers for the Cemetery

Red White and Blue Cemetery Cone

Order Memorial Day Flowers for the Cemetery with this weather resistant Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone. Featuring Red, White and Blue material flowers that can withstand even the harshest of weather, the American Cemetery Cone is designed in a plastic cemetery cone with an attached spike for securing into the ground. Acceptable at most Military Cemeteries, The Red White and Blue Cemetery Cone measures approximately twenty inches high by twelve inches wide and comes to you complete and ready to display.

Featured in the Cemetery Flower Section of LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts, The American Cemetery Cone is available throughout the year for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day to commemorate those who served in the Military. The Red White and Blue Cemetery Cone is designed with weather resistant fabric carnations in red, white and blue and with some that combine all three colors in the same flower. Finished with a plastic weather proof American Flag, the America Cemetery Cone is a complete memorial commemoration cemetery flower display for any Military Grave Site or Memorial.

When you order the American Cemetery Cone, please remember that this Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone is shipped to you via UPS, and should not be sent to a Cemetery unless you have made arrangements with the cemetery caretakers to accept your UPS delivery, unpack it and place it on the specified grave. The American Cemetery Cone is appropriate for display at Monuments, Memorial Site or Graves. With a six inch attached metal spike, The America Cemetery Cone is made to securely be displayed and remain in place. For any patriotic holiday memorial or grave, this Red, White and Blue Cemetery Cone is a long lasting tribute.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from LAROSE.COM

LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gifts wish all Mother's a happy peaceful, healthy Mother's Day filled with the thanks and love that you deserve. 

Happy Mother's day from LAROSE.COM

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