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Saturday, May 7, 2011

If It's Too Late To Send an Open Order For Mother's Day

Order Mother's Day Flowers

If you're reading this on May 7th, it's definitely too late to Order Mother's Day Flowers from those Web Sites and 800 Flower Numbers that ship flowers in boxes, but it might not be too late to send Mother's Day Flowers from a local florist. As everyone knows Florists receive more orders during Holidays than other days throughout the year. By the eve of a Holiday most of the staff of a local florist including floral designers and delivery personnel are exhausted and have put in many hours of over time throughout the week to insure that the Mother's Day Flowers that were order on time arrive to the Mother's Day Gift Recipients throughout their delivery area.  Unlike the supermarkets where you have been buying discount flowers, the local florist not only provides you with the highest quality flowers available hand designed and delivered, the local florist is a service business. 

For those who are late and you still want to try to have a Mother's Day Gift delivered, rather than place an order and have it refunded because the flowers or plants you selected are sold out or it is just impossible to make your order with such short notice you can try an open order. When you order Mother's Day Flowers online late, in the special instructions field of the order form just put the words "open order", this will leave the floral designers of LAROSE.COM more leeway in trying to fill your order in time for Mother's Day. What is an open order? An Open Order allows the local delivering florist the discretion to fill your order to value with what is available at the time of your late Mother's Day Order. If your Order arrives at 2:00 PM on Mother's Day for a specific arrangement that is sold out or can't be made before the delivery vehicle leaves for that neighborhood, the florist can another flower arrangement or plant that is appropriate for Mother's Day for the same value as your first choice. 

As an example if you select the Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet that costs $55 with delivery and it is sold out, rather than reject the order and your Mothers Day Gift recipient not receive a Mothers Day Gift, the Open Order designation allows the local florist to fill your Mothers Day Order with a plant or flowers that equal $55.00. Your Mothers Day Gift Recipient will receive a gift for Mothers Day at the price you wanted to spend and will never know that you forgot to order Mother's Day Flowers. When it is late in the Holiday, there are no guarantees that even an open order can be filled, but an open order has more chances of being filled than an order for a special product when you are late in ordering Mother's Day Flowers.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Order Mother's Day Roses

Order Mothers Day Roses

Most people who rarely order flowers think that Valentine's Day is the day to order roses, in reality, the amount of roses hand delivered by local florists for Mother's Day rivals the amount of roses that they deliver for Valentine's Day. With the wide variety of long stem colored roses available today, sending roses for Mother's Day doesn't mean just sending red roses, although red roses are still a majestic bouquet for Mother's Day as well as Valentine's Day. When you send Mother's Day Roses online free of extra service fees through the online florist of LAROSE.COM, not only do you save up to $14.99 for each order of Mother's Day Roses, your Mother's Day Recipient receives the high quality roses that only florists can hand deliver. 

Even if you don't need to send Mother's Day Roses because Mom lives close by and you can bring them yourself, the only place to buy high quality, long lasting roses are from a local professional florist. The supermarket price for a dozen roses might be tempting especially in these economic times, but what kind of Mother's Day Roses are you getting for $14.99 at a Supermarket? Supermarkets receive their Mother's Day Roses from a distribution warehouse that parses out the roses to their various stores. Supermarket Mother's Day Roses are purchased by price not quality. Growers of quality long stem roses sell their roses to wholesalers who distribute the roses directly to the local florist, whereas supermarket roses are purchased in bulk from growers whose roses aren't the right quality for local wholesalers to sell to the local florists. The supermarket roses are loaded on to trucks with the mayonnaise, coffee, apples and meat that are being delivered to each individual store, them unloaded on the loading dock where they sit until the stock people bring them to the floral section. Once there, the supermarket employee who works in the floral department takes the prepacked dozens from the boxes and drops them in buckets of water for sale. 

When a local florist receives roses from a local wholesaler who has purchased them from a quality rose farm, the employees of the local florist immediately unpack the roses, give them a fresh cut and put them in a clean bucket of water containing floral solution that inhibits bacterial growth which kills fresh cut roses. After allowing the roses to hydrate in water with floral solution for a couple of hours, the roses are then cleaned by hand, with the local florist employees removing the lower foliage, thorns, and outer petals that may have been damaged in transit. The roses are ten refrigerated until someone places an order for Mothers Day Roses, or until they receive an order for Mothers Day Roses from LAROSE.COM to fulfill a Mothers Day Order of Roses free of service fees. The floral designer then removes twelve hand selected roses from the refrigerated stock of long stem roses and hand designs them in a vase to be hand delivered with a free enclosure card to someone as a Mothers Day Gift.

Even in a tough economy Mothers Day Roses should be the best, only a local florist can provide you with the best roses available on the market. Even if you budget won't allow you to send Mother's Day  Roses arranged in a vase, many local florists have shorter version of the same quality roses that they use to create a Dozen Long Stem Roses in a Vase, at discounted prices that often match the so called discount prices of Supermarket roses. For instance if you live near the Florist Home of LAROSE.COM, located at 218 Old Bergen Road, Jersey City, NJ, you can get a dozen florist quality roses for $14.99. Even if your local florist doesn't offer a cash and carry dozen rose special, you can buy the amount of roses that your budget will allow, and give quality Mother's Day Roses.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Flowering Plant

Send a Mothers Day Azalea Plant
Mother's Day and the Azalea Plant have become a traditional combination throughout the years. The bright pink, red or white blossoms of the flowering Azalea Plant make a beautiful presentation that are reminders of the spring season as well as a celebration of Mother's Day. After your Mothers Day Gift of a potted Azalea Plant has been enjoyed in the house until the blooms are finished, the azalea plant makes a perfect garden plant in most US climates that will grow and re-bloom year after year during the spring.

When planted in the garden the azalea plant grows into a stunning bush that adds a burst of color to the garden in early spring. Hardy Azalea plants are for replanting outdoors. Some Florist variety Azaleas has been specially cultivated for indoor living. You can usually tell a cultivated Azalea that is meant for indoor or very temperate climates by the softness of its leaf. Indoor cultivated Azalea Plants have a deep green, larger leaf while their outdoor hardy counterparts have a smaller leaf that is harder. A cultivated Azalea Plant will only last one season in the garden and will not recover after a frost. If you are unsure of which variety you have received, you can call the delivering florist to see which Azaleas they had in stock for Mother's Day.

Except for large Cities such as Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angles and the like, most florists throughout the USA will stock the Hardy Variety of the Azalea Plant for Mothers Day. Florists in larger metropolitan areas are more likely to stock the indoor cultivated Azalea because of the larger number of apartment dwellers that they service. 

No matter which Azalea Plant you receive for Mother's Day, the indoor care is the same. Azaleas prefer indirect sun, a moderate temperature, between the high 50's to the high 60's and while in bloom like to be kept moist. Do not drown your Mothers Day Potted Azalea, but do keep the soil evenly moist while in bloom. If the Azalea Plant is allowed to dry out while in bloom, most of the blooms will be lost. This is a common rule for all plants that are in bloom, while they are producing flowers, the majority of plants prefer to be evenly moist without being saturated. As plants like the Azalea Plant loose their blooms and only have their foliage remaining, a drying out period is preferable. 

Send a Mother's Day Potted Azalea for a Mothers Day Gift that will last year after year when they are able to be planted in a garden in moderate climates throughout the USA. Garden Azaleas begin to bloom in early spring and usually closely follow flowering trees such as cherry blossoms, peach trees and pear trees providing the early spring garden with a burst of color.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Order a Dish Garden For Mother's Day

Order a Dish Garden For Mother's Day

A Dish Garden is a great green plant gift for Mother's Day. Dish Garden is the common term used by Florists to describe an arrangement of tropical plants in a ceramic container, wicker basket or the new sustainable Bamboo Design Dishes. Small tropical plants that have similar care requirements are grouped together to create a miniature indoor garden. When hand delivered by a local florist, the Dish Garden is decorated for the occasion with a bow and most often with fresh flowers in water tubes along with your free enclosure card to express your sentiments on the occasion. The tropical indoor plants selected by the local floral designer to create a dish garden often include plants that require low to medium light and water about once every seven to ten days which makes a Dish Garden an ideal indoor plant for displaying in the middle of a bright room, on a table, desk or stand. 

Dish Gardens created by local florists often incorporate tropical plants such as snake plants, prayer plants, philodendron, photos, silver queen and spot of gold, giving the Dish Garden a variety that includes both vine and spike plants. Each local florist has their own preference for ceramic dishes that they use as the base for a dish garden, usually ranging from six inch bowls up to twenty two inch bowls for the extra large dish gardens. Creating a garden in a wicker basket and the new Bamboo Design Bowls, cubes and rectangles are a new twist on the decades old tradition of the ceramic dish garden. 

Dish Gardens mimic self contained ecosystems with containers that do not have drainage holes, when a basket or the new Bamboo containers are used as the base for an indoor garden a plastic liner is used to hold the water. Keeping in mind that there is no drainage in a dish garden, your watering habits must be restrained. Be sure that the Dish Garden is completely dry before adding water. When you do water a dish garden remember that the roots of the plants have grown down to the bottom of the bowl, basket or container and just wetting the top of the soil is not enough to thoroughly feed the roots. You do not want to over water a Dish Garden because there is no drainage, however, you do want to provide enough water to thoroughly saturate the entire root system. Once the Dish garden is thoroughly watered, it will take days for the plants to use up the water, a little tease of water each day is definitely the wrong way to care for a Dish Garden. The biggest killer of indoor tropical plants is over watering, especially those that are in containers that do not have drainage. Think of your Dish garden as you would a garden, brighter days and hotter days mean that the plants will use more water, cloudy days, cooler days mean that the plants will use less water. You don't want plant roots sitting in water, the best way to see if the Dish Garden is thoroughly dry and ready for a good watering in to stick your finger or a stick into the soil in a couple of places, being sure to reach down to the bottom of the container. If no moisture is felt or is evident on the stick, it is time for a good watering.

A Dish Garden is a live Mother's Day complete gift and will last for years when cared for properly. Send a Mothers Day Dish Garden for a long lasting gift that will provide the serenity of green living plants. Indoor Green Plant Dish Gardens for Mother's Day are natural air purifiers , providing oxygen and filtering indoor air. For the Mother who loves plants a Dish Garden is a Mother's Day Gift that should be considered. You can Send a Mother's Day Dish Garden free of service fees at the Florist of LAROSE.COM and have it hand delivered for your Mother's Day Gift by a local professional florist.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don't Forget to Order Flowers For Mom

Send Mother's Day Flowers Hand Delivered Free of Service Charges

There is only five days left till Mother's Day, May 8th, 2011, which means that today is almost your last day to order Mother's Day Flowers online and have them hand delivered in time for Mother's Day free of extra service fees when you send Mother's Day Mother's Day Flowers online at the Florist of LAROSE.COM. Mother's Day 2011 was preceded by disastrous weather throughout most of the USA, especially in the South, please be aware of the conditions in these areas and the ability of vans to deliver Mother's Day Flowers throughout these area. Even if you know the home of your Mother's Day Flower Gift recipient is untouched by the natural disasters, the flower wholesalers, floral designers, flowers shops, and  flower delivery personnel may be affected as well as the areas that they have to travel through to make a hand delivery to your Mother's Day Flower Delivery.

Not only is the USA being affected by diverse bad weather this Mother's Day Season, South American Countries where flowers are grown have been suffering through crop damaging weather for weeks. All of the adverse weather will be affecting Mother's Day Flower Deliveries throughout portions of the USA and Canada. The most prevalent affect on Mother's Day Flowers that can be delivered will be flower and color substitutions. Fighting bad weather from the fields where Mother's Day Flowers are grown to the roads on which they are delivered, growers, wholesalers and local florists are still trying to deliver the specific flowers and colors of the 2011 Mother's Day flower Collection, Mother Nature has other ideas. 

When colors and types of flowers have to be substituted in order to hand deliver fresh flowers for Mother's Day, the total value of the flowers used in creating a Mother's Day Flower Arrangement will meet or exceed the price paid for the flower arrangement when you order Mother's Day Flowers online free of service fees at the online florist of LAROSE.COM. When you order Mother's Day Flowers online at the florist of LAROSE.COM, your Mother's Day Flower order is handled by floral designers from the time your order arrives in the order list  until it it placed on the delivery truck for delivery from a local independently owned florist, most of which are family owned and operated businesses. 

With Mother's Day being the busiest week of the year for hand created and hand delivered Mother's Day Flowers, and the natural disasters intent on putting obstacles in the way of having Mother's Day Flowers delivered throughout the USA and Canada, it is not going to be a perfect Mother's Day for delivering flowers to Moms, but the dedicated floral designers and delivery personnel, from the local florists who have sent Mother's Day Flowers throughout the decades will put an all out effort into having fresh flowers delivered in time for Mother's Day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ordering a Corsage

Ordering a Corsage

Corsages are made from a variety of flowers including carnations, roses and orchids. The occasion for the corsage and when it will be worn may dictate the kind of flower you should get for your corsage. The carnation corsage is a traditional corsage and originally a white carnation  was used for Mother's Day Corsages. The white carnation corsage became a Mother's Day symbol of the purity of Motherhood, however in later years the colors of Mother's Day Carnation Corsages took on other meanings that are still prevalent today. A White Carnation Corsage came to symbolize that the wearer's Mother was deceased and a red Carnation Corsage symbolized that the wearer's Mother was alive. Over the year's carnations have been cultivated in a variety of colors, with new colors coming out nearly every year. As more colors were available the symbol for a living Mother has become any color but white, with the white carnation corsage still symbolizing a deceased mother. 

No matter which flower is used in making a corsage, it is a flower without a water source, therefore it will wilt. The carnation proved to be a durable flower for a corsage because it took a longer time to wilt out of water than a daisy or rose. You can expect a Mother's Day Corsage to be worn throughout the day which makes a carnation corsage a more practical choice than a rose corsage. Roses like and need water to keep their appearance more so than a carnation. Although a rose corsage has a more sophisticated look than a carnation corsage it is not a practical choice of flower for a corsage that will be worn throughout an entire day, like Mother's Day or Easter. For weddings, proms, and graduations, a rose corsage is appropriate for the occasion, with a shorter wearing time during these occasions a rose corsage will hold up.

The most durable flower for a corsage is a cymbidium orchid, which has a protected petal that seals its water in, thus enabling it to last out of water for prolonged periods of time. Some may feel that a cymbidium orchid is an old fashion style of corsage, it is however the longest lasting corsage and will last throughout Mother's Day, Easter and more. A fresh cymbidium corsage can be worn for an entire day, put in the refrigerator and worn again on another day. It is not unheard of to be able to wear a cymbidium orchid two Sundays in a row when refrigerated between uses.

Every Floral Designer adds their own style when making a corsage, some prefer real leaves as backing, while other use artificial leaves. Live soft greenery will wilt quickly out of water and will make even the long lasting cymbidium corsage lose its fresh look. When ordering a corsage to send as a gift, it is advisable to stay with a neutral color unless you are choosing a recipient's favorite color and know that it will not clash with their clothing color. When you need a prom corsage, which often involves complimenting a dress color it is advisable to visit a local florist with a sample of the color to create a prom corsage that will accent and compliment the dress. Your local professional floral designer is an expert in helping you choose the color and kind of flower for your prom.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Week Till Mother's Day 2011

Order Mother's Day Flowers

Mother's Day is May 8, 2011, which leaves you less than a week to order Mother's Day Flowers. You can still send Mother's Day Flowers for delivery throughout the week across the USA and Canada if you visit the Mother's Day Flower Section at the online Florist of LAROSE.COM. Send your Mother's Day Flowers today by ordering online free of extra fees at the Online Florist that has been sending Mother's Day Flowers free of extra charges since 1995.

The 2011 Mother's Day Flower choices for 2011 include the new Faith Hill Mother's Day Flower Collection from the Teleflora Line of Flowers in a Gift. Included in the 2011 Mother's Day Flowers by Faith Hill as part of the Teleflora Flowers in a Gift Collection are the Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet, The Faith Hill Magnificent Mom Bouquet, Faith Hill Roses and Moonlight Bouquet, The Faith Hill So Pretty Bouquet, The Faith Hill Breathless Bouquet, The Faith Hill Be Sweet Bouquet and The Faith Hill Sweetest Sunrise Bouquet.

Among the other Mother's Day Flower Choices for 2011 are The Teleflora Bluebird Blush Bouquet, The Teleflora Indulge Her Bouquet, and The Teleflora Sweet Violet Bouquet. You can also send Mom Roses from The LAROSE.COM Online Rose Section or a Plant from the Green Plant Section. Whatever you decide to send for Mother's Day, the time to order your Mother's Day Flowers is now. People who don't send flowers all year round, send Mother's Day Flowers, which creates a delivery crunch for the locally owned and operated florists who deliver your Mother's Day Flowers when you order flowers online free from service fees at LAROSE.COM. The best advice we can give you after thirty years in the flower business is to order your Mother's Day Flowers to be delivered from Wednesday to Friday to avoid the crunch of Saturday deliveries that Florists are sure to have on the peak delivery day. Moms who receive their flowers early are able to enjoy their Mother's Day Flowers before, during and after Mother's Day and most of all they have them to enjoy from the minute they wake on Mother's Day till the minute that Mother's Day is over.

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