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Saturday, April 23, 2011

White Porcelain Jesus Statue

Order a White Porcelain Jesus Statue Online at LAROSE.COM

The White Porcelain Jesus Statue of the Resurrected Christ portrays Jesus with outstretched arms rising on a cloud as he fulfills the promise of Salvation in the Christian Faith. With just enough detail to represent the risen Savior, this ten inch high statue in white represents the purity of the Resurrection. With his outstretched hands this representation of Jesus ascending into heaven is six inches from hand to hand. The White Porcelain Jesus Statue is not only an Easter Gift but a gift for any Christian Religious Celebration and is available year to purchase online year round from LAROSE.COM.

For the new Communicate, or recently Confirmed, the White Porcelain Jesus Statue is the perfect gift for the occasion. For all denominations of the Christian Faith, the White Porcelain Jesus Statue represents the promise of Salvation and is a simple yet meaningfully pure representation of the Resurrection, the fulfillment of the life of Jesus on earth. As a gift to those recently converted or those that are fervently immersed in the Faith, the White Porcelain Jesus Statue is a depiction that doesn't cross the line to a graven image. Detailed enough without personification, the White Porcelain Jesus Statue is a simple yet meaningful image of the risen Jesus. 

Order The White Porcelain Jesus Statue online at LAROSE.COM and it will be shipped to you or your gift recipient via UPS from zip code 07305. You can order the White Porcelain Jesus Statue individually or at quantity discounts for larger events where multiple religious gifts are needed.  Choose the shipping shipped you want from ground to overnight air and your White Porcelain Jesus Statue will be shipped to you insured via UPS. Orders received by 12:00 Eastern Time, on any business day will ship the same day, orders received after the cutoff time will ship the next business day. LAROSE.COM does not ship UPS on Saturdays or Sundays.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Make Pumpkin Centerpieces for an Autumn Wedding

Buy Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins

It use to be that the local florist would actually carve out the centers of real pumpkins then put a design bowl or plastic liner to create a pumpkin centerpiece for a fall wedding or party. Now the the realistic looking ceramic pumpkin, expertly painted to simulate a real pumpkin right down to the stem, creating a Pumpkin Centerpiece has become easier. The Ceramic Pumpkin makes a great keepsake gift after it serves its purpose as a centerpiece floral container. Large enough to be a cookie jar or candy dish, the ceramic pumpkin measures over six inches high and is seven and a half inches wide with a removable top that fits exactly on the base to create the perfect ceramic pumpkin. 

You can order these pumpkins at a wholesale price for Autumn weddings, parties, dinner dances or other fall events when a thematic table centerpiece will add the perfect touch. These Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins are the perfect size for tables of 6 -12 people. Filled with the vibrant colors of Autumn Flowers these Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins will bring Autumn indoors to the banquet room. In the old days, florists had to try their best to get twelve to twenty pumpkins that were as close in size as they could find with their stems intact so that the tables had a uniform sized centerpiece, that problem is solved with these matte finish pumpkins with perfectly painted stems

Everything about these Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins make it easy for anyone to create a banquet centerpiece, deep enough to hold flowers in just water or a large block of floral foam to create a large floral arrangement using sunflowers and other large stem autumn colored flowers. Create your own floral centerpieces with these Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins, the perfect beginning to an elegant table arrangement.

Using black pipe cleaners and the new adhesives that easily peel off you can turn these Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins into a Jack-O-Lateran by adding eyes and mouths with pipe cleaners, put some spider webs and bare sticks in the flower arrangement for a scary Halloween look. These Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins are versatile, even fill them with goodies, cookies, candies, or gourmet items cover in cellophane, top with a bow and create a gift in a keepsake reusable container. 

You can buy an individual Ceramic Pumpkin in the Floral Container Section or discounted Wholesale Ceramic Pumpkins in the Wholesale Florist Section online through LAROSE.COM Flowers and Gift Shop, and have them shipped to you via UPS from the New Jersey Florist of LAROSE.COM.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More of the Faith Hill Flowers for Mother's Day

Order The Faith Hill Breathless Bouquet for Mother's Day

Grammy Award Winning Singer faith Hill made her debut as the spokesperson for Teleflora with a Television Commercial that aired during the broadcast of Super Bowl XLV which introduced the public to the Teleflora Faith Hill Flowers in a Gift Collection  for Valentine's Day. Faith Hill continues to lend her name to Teleflora Flowers in a Gift Collection for Mother's Day. Each of the Faith Hill Mother's Day Flower Arrangements can be ordered online through LAROSE.COM free of extra fees and are created by local floral designers, then hand delivered to the recipients across the Country who will receive one of these special Faith Hill Mother's Day Flower Arrangements. Each if the Faith Hill Mother's Day Flowers Arrangements are reflective of Ms. Hill's charm and style.

The Mother's Day Flower Arrangement Stars of the the Faith Hill Flower Collection are The Faith Hill Magnificent Mom Bouquet, and The Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet, each made in a keepsake hand blown pink vase with graceful curves and a scalloped top. The keepsake hand blown pink glass vase used in creating the Faith Hill Flower Bouquets for Mother's Day are nine inches high by almost five inches wide and hold three cups of water. The Faith Hill Magnificent Mom Bouquet features pink, lavender and light peach flowers to compliment the delicate pink of the vase. The designing local florist will hand select the freshest blooms on the day of your delivery to replicate the feeling and theme of the Faith Hill Magnificent Mom Bouquet for Mother's Day. The Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet is a modern version of an old style floral designing pattern,  that was often used in wedding bouquets, in which the flowers are tightly displayed together in concentric circles called a biedermeier bouquet. The Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet uses a similar circular floral design in hot pink Peruvian lilies with a center of light pink spray roses creating a circular floral design in the keepsake hand blown pink vase. 

Co-stars of the Faith Hill Mother's Day Flower Collection are The Faith Hill Breathless Bouquet and Faith Hill So Pretty Bouquet, each of which features dynamically different floral arrangements for Mother's Day in a Reflections Vase. The Reflections Vase is a ceramic vase produced by Teleflora for the their Network of independently owned and operated local florists that features unique metalized finish, which reflects the surrounding light. The Faith Hill Breathless Bouquet begins with this eight inch high Reflections Vase that is almost five inch wide and holds three cups of water. The local floral designer creating the Faith Hill Breathless Bouquet for your Mother's Day gift of flowers chooses white and lavender flowers using tulips, stock rosebuds and an orchid in a modem flower arrangement. Using the same vase and hand selecting flowers such as roses, hydrangea and alstroemeria in yellows and white creates a totally different arrangement of flowers for Mother's Day, The Faith Hill So Pretty Bouquet. The Mother's Day Flower Arrangement, The Faith Hill So Pretty Bouquet, takes elements of the old style biedermeier bouquet and tuns it into a bright, sunny Mother's Day Flower Arrangement. 

The Faith Hill Magnificent Mom Bouquet, The Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet, The Faith Hill Breathless Bouquet and the Faith Hill So Pretty Bouquet are only four of the choices from the Faith Hill Mother's Dy Flowers that you can send throughout the USA free of extra fees when you order Mother's Day Flowers online at The Florist of LAROSE.COM, serving the Internet Customer since 1995. There is no need to search for a coupon code, you save even more than the $10 coupon that other flower web sites offer you, with their $14.99 fee for ordering Mother's Day Flowers you still pay $4.99 to order your Mother's Day Flowers even with their coupon. When you order Mother's Day Flowers including the Faith Hill Mother's Day Flowers online at LAROSE.COM you never pay a service fee, without their coupon you save $14.99 on every Mother's Day Flower Order you place online at The Florist of LAROSE.COM. With their $10 Coupon you save $4.99 for each Mother's Day Flower Order you place online at the Florist of LAROSE.COM. Don't be tricked into ordering your Mother's Day Flowers with a coupon from other internet flower services or 800 flower numbers, you never pay a service fee to order flowers online at LAROSE.COM, ask the thousands of people who have been using The Online Florist at LAROSE.COM to send their flowers free of fees since 1995.
Send Faith Hill Mother's Day Flowers Free of charges, save $14.99

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Send Easter Flowers in A Gift

Order Easter Flowers in a Gift
Send Easter Flowers in a keepsake gift with the Teleflora Spring Pitcher Bouquet. The Teleflora Spring Pitcher Bouquet by Teleflora is hand delivered to your Easter Flowers recipient by a local delivering florist when you order Easter Flowers online free of fees at LAROSE.COM. The Teleflora Spring Pitcher begins with a retro style ceramic pitcher with a motif reminiscent of decorative floral patterns and colors of the late 1940's and 1950's. Approved for food use by the FDA, this ceramic pitcher has a base in shades of greens shading from dark to light with a pink tulip pattern When the Easter Season is over, your Easter Flower Gift recipient will have a beautiful, useful decorative pitcher that can be used to serve beverages throughout the year, or as a floral vase in any room of the house. 

At seven inches high, six inches wide and with a two and a half inch opening, the Teleflora Spring Pitcher is the perfect container for displaying garden flowers or cut tulips from a local florist. Even alone, The colors, motif and style of the Teleflora Spring Pitcher Keepsake makes it a ceramic that can be displayed as a decorative accent. The retro 1940's to 1950's look of the ceramic Teleflora Spring Pitcher lends itself to both retro decor and as an a stand out decorative accent in more modern decoration schemes. The colors and shape of the Teleflora Spring Pitcher allows it to transition from kitchen to bedroom or even bathroom as a decorative accent that compliments rooms throughout the house.

You can buy this decorative, ceramic retro Spring Pitcher by itself, or order Easter Flowers hand delivered in this stand out keepsake floral container. A professional local floral designer will hand select fresh tulips and roses to create your arrangement when you order Easter Flowers free of extra fees at the online florist of LAROSE.COM to be hand delivered throughout the USA and Canada with your free enclosure card expressing you Easter Message. The Teleflora Spring Pitcher Bouquet is the perfect way to send Easter flowers in a Gift. Your Easter Gift recipient will receive the gift of fresh, fragrant, spring flowers in a Ceramic Pitcher that will be used for years afterward. The Teleflora Spring Pitcher Bouquet is the easy way to send Easter Flowers and a Gift to extend your Easter wishes to someone near or far during this Holiday Season. When you order Easter Flowers in a Gift, remember that Easter Sunday is a religious holiday and most regions of the USA and Canada will not be delivering on Easter Sunday, have your Easter Flowers in a Gift delivered from April 21 - April 24, to assure that your Easter Flower Gift arrives before the Easter Sunday.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Passover

To all our friends, customers, growers, suppliers, and tech support staff, LAROSE.COM wishes all you celebrtae the Passover Hoilday, a Happy, and Healthy Passover

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Time to Send Tulips

Send Tulips
Tulips are available throughout most of the year because of of importing cycles from countries around the world. Holland has always been considered the home of the best tulips, but today tulip growers in the USA challenge that assumption with strong, long lasting tulips in a variety of colors and sizes. The United States Tulip season has begun, with greenhouse grown tulips from Washington State leading the way into the spring Tulip Season. When you send tulips for Spring from a florist, most florists stock greenhouse grown tulips, long straight, large heads that last for over a week when you care for them properly.Tulips purchased by the bunch at supermarkets and large box store retailers are cheaper field grown tulips, harvested in mass, exposed to the elements and sprayed heavily with pesticides and fertilized to produce a larger yield. When harvested field grown tulips are cut in mass, ready or not and packed in ten stem bunches for retailing by mass marketers, supermarkets and hardware stores. Greenhouse grown tulips are hand selected for cutting, packed in ten stem bunches for sale at local florists.

As with anything, price and quality goes hand and hand. Mass marketers, supermarkets and box stores always advertise their flowers including tulips as "florist quality", it is simply not true. The majority of independently owned and operated florists throughout the USA and Canada purchase their fresh flowers from local wholesalers, usually family owned businesses that have relationships with growers that have been nourished for years. The relationship between grower, wholesaler and local florist is a relationship that assures a higher quality flower. Tulips grown under glass in the USA and Canada are most often grown by family growers who have been growing tulips for generations and have maintained a relationship with Wholesale Florists for decades. This relationship between grower and wholesaler extends to the local florist. You local florist will always have a higher quality cut tulip than any other retailer because they are carefully grown and harvested by growers whose lives revolve around growing tulips for the cut flower market of local florists.

When you send tulips to be hand delivered to as a Birthday Surprise or Spring Holiday Gift, you expect to get a higher quality tulip. Local Florists have a higher quality cut tulip because of the tulip's origins, from a family owned greenhouse, to a family owned wholesaler to your locally owned florist is all the traveling a tulip does before it it in your home. Tulips sold by mass marketers, supermarkets and big box stores, do so much traveling before they reach your home that they earn frequent flier miles.  Field grown tulips are scorched by the sun, blown by the wind and mass harvested. Thrown into bins, sorted, packaged , then trucked to a distribution center. After sitting in trucks waiting to be unloaded, the tulips are split up in the warehouse and shipped to the individual stores of the national chains,which could mean days on the road again. When they arrive at the store where they will be sold, they are unloaded with the can goods, soda, bread, and seafood, left in the stock room until they are put out on display in the floral aisle. These tulips are dropped into buckets of water uncut with a sign in the middle that says, "florist quality tulips".

Tulips that are in the cooler of your local florist are hand selected and cut, flown to a local wholesaler and delivered by vans to your local florist, who then cuts them and puts them water with floral preservative, hydrates them then refrigerates them until you come in to buy them. When you buy or send tulips from a local florist, you are getting a cut tulip that has been pampered throughout its travels, one that has gone first class not cargo class. You can expect tulips from a local florist to be more vibrant, open larger and last longer. Why buy tulips that are compared to "florist quality tulips", when you can buy real florist quality tulips at your local florist. Next time you reach for supermarket tulips ask yourself, does a tulip that costs .70 and lasts three to four days have more value than a tulip that cost $1.00 and lasts for seven to ten days in your vase. When you need to send tulips, send real florist quality tulips.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Order Flowers for Administrative Professionals Day

Send Flowers For Administrative Professionals Week
There is only ten more days till Secretary's Day which is April 27th this year. Order flowers this week for Secretary's Day. Throughout the years Secretaries Day has undergone many name changes, originally conceived by the National Secretaries Association in 1952 to encourage people to consider careers in the secretarial field, Secretaries Day became a day to thank secretaries for their work throughout the year. In 1952 Secretaries Day was celebrated on the first week of June, in 1955 The observance of National Secretaries Week was moved to the last full week of April. Although still observed in the last full week of April National Secretaries Week has undergone a name change. In 1981 the name was changed to Professional Secretaries Week, and in 2000 it became Administrative Professionals Week, to make it a more encompassing, recognizing the efforts of office support staff  who perform many functions.

Administrative Professionals Week is now celebrated throughout the world, it is common practice to give a small gift, a luncheon or to send flowers or plants to thank the Administrative Professionals who make the office run smoothly. Getting people to recognize the week as Administrative Professional Week has been hard, it is still considered by many to be Secretaries Week. People still say, I need to send Secretaries Day flowers, or I need to send a a Secretaries Week plant, but in reality it is over a decade since the name was changed top Administrative Professionals Week. It is just not as easy on the tongue to say I need to send Administrative Professionals Week Flowers, or I need to send a plant for Administrative Professionals Day, and it doesn't help that national advertising changes the name from Secretaries Day, to Secretaries Week to Administrative Professional Week and Administrative Professionals Day, with some even calling it Secretary's Day, and Secretary's Week. 

Since 2000, it is officially the last full week of April is National Administrative Professionals Week, with the Wednesday of the week, National Administrative Professionals Day. Whatever you want to call it, now is the time to order flowers for Secretary's Day, send flowers for Secretary's Week, Order Flowers for Secretaries Day or send flowers for Secretaries Day. Really though it is time to send flowers for National Administrative Professionals Week which is April 25-29 in 2011. It is a week to celebrate the work that the office staff does day in and day out to keep your company moving efficiently throughout the year. It is the Administrative Professional Staff that gets you your reservations on time, assures you that transportation to and from the airport will be for you, makes your appointments, reminds you of your appointments, screens your calls, answer your mail and performs all the tasks that it takes to run an office on a daily basis. You no longer even have to make a phone call to order flowers for Administrative Professionals Week. Order flowers for Administrative Professional Week online at the Florist or LAROSE.COM and save up to $14.99 in service fees that other online services and 800 flower numbers charge you to order flowers. If you send flowers to five Administrative Professionals in your office you will save almost $75 by placing your Administrative Professional Flower orders online at The Florist of LAROSE.COM, it like only paying for four orders and receiving five. Order Administrative Professionals Week Plants now, so you don't forget that April 27, 2011 is Administrative Professionals Day or you just might not have transportation from the airport waiting for you the next time you land.

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