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Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Week to Send Easter Flowers

Easter is April 24, 2011, which leaves just one week left to send your Easter Flowers and have them hand delivered by Saturday April 23, 2011. Because Easter is a religious day, most areas of the USA and Canada do not have delivery service on Easter Sunday, send your Easter Flowers for delivery before Easter Sunday from Thursday through Saturday so that your Easter Flower Gift Recipient can enjoy their Easter Flowers throughout Easter Weekend and for the entire Easter Day and beyond. This year the special Easter Features include secular themed floral arrangements as well as religious themed floral arrangements.
Send Easter Flowers Online

The secular themed Easter Arrangement includes the Easter Bunny Bouquet by Teleflora, along with the Lavender Plaid Vase Arrangement for Easter, and the Spring Pitcher Bouquet, all from the flowers in a gift collection by Teleflora. The Easter Bunny Bouquet features fresh flowers hand designed in a detailed ceramic bunny. The Lavender Plaid Vase Arrangement for Easter is hand painted glass vase filled with a fresh arrangement featuring white daisies for a festive spring look. The Spring Pitcher Bouquet is a wonderfully colored pitcher reminiscent of a 1940's floral pattern filled with a hand designed complimentary arrangement of fresh spring flowers.

The religious themed Easter Flower Arrangements for 2011 are the Teleflora Crystal Cross Bouquet and the Divine Peace Easter Bouquet. Both of these regilious themed Easter Flower Arrangements feature a modern cut 24% lead crystal cross that will be a treasured heirloom. The Teleflora Crystal Cross Bouquet features bright spring colors surrounding the modern crystal cross, while the Divine Easter Bouquet is designed using the pure white flowers that represent the sanctity of Easter. No matter which of these religious themed Easter Flowers you send, your Easter Flower recipient will receive a crystal cross that will become a treasured keepsake and will be displayed throughout the year.
Order Easter Flowers and Save
Order your Easter Flowers online at the online florist of  LAROSE.COM, which has been sending Easter Flowers free of service fees since Easter 1995, save up to $14.99 in service fees that other flowers by wire services and 800 numbers change you to order Easter Flowers.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Butterfly Cemetery Memorial

Order a Pink Butterfly made from weather resistant faux flowers
For Easter, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Birthday or just because it's spring, the Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial is a beautiful unique tribute for a grave site or memorial. This large weather resistant cemetery design measures twenty six inches across from from large wing tip to large wing tip, and is sixteen inches from top to bottom. Beginning with a Styrofoam substitute butterfly frame, weather resistant large faux carnations in bright pink are used to outline the wings of this Butterfly Cemetery Memorial. The body of the wing of the carnation butterfly are filled in with large bright white faux carnations with a pink centered oriental lily used for the markings. Completed with plastic lily grass as the antenna,  a bow and a plastic pink orchid, the Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial comes with a wire easel for display and stability.

Without a doubt the Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial will be the most beautiful flower memorial that you have ever placed on a grave site or at a memorial. With perfect color blending, shape and size, the Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial is a beautiful tribute for any season, but especially throughout the spring adding to the vibrant colors of the season. The Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial is securely packaged and is sent via insured shipping. You should only order the Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial to be delivered directly to a cemetery only if you have checked with the cemetery office and confirm that they will accept your UPS delivery, unpack, setup and place your Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial at the grave site for you. LAROSE.COM does not place cemetery memorial flowers at the grave. They are shipped via UPS directly to you or your designated receiver.

The Butterfly Flower Memorial comes complete and ready to set up. Carefully remove thee large copper colored staples that secure the Butterfly Flower Arrangement to the box. When you remove the flower butterfly from the box, the wire easel is behind it. Extend the legs of the wire easel to stand stable on the ground. Attach the butterfly t the easel point, and push the legs of the easel into the ground firmly. For added security you can use weather resistant tape to tape the easel to the back of the butterfly flower display.

The Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial comes complete and ready to set up and display, shipped via UPS from the LAROSE.COM Florist  in Jersey City, NJ throughout the USA. Because of the large size of the Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial, shipping internationally is prohibitive. LAROSE.COM does not ship the Pink Silk Flower Butterfly Cemetery Memorial internationally. Within the USA order the Pink Flower Butterfly Arrangement to be shipped to you for placement at a grave site or memorial. Please be aware of time in transit when you order this cemetery memorial, it is shipped Monday - Friday on orders received by 12:00 PM Eastern Time. Orders For Cemetery Memorial Flowers received after 12:00 PM Eastern Time are shipped the next business day. The UPS estimated time in transit is businesses days, they do not count Saturday and Sunday, nor do they deliver on those days for the normal rate.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Send An Easter Lily

Send an Easter Lily
The tradition of the Easter Lily dates back to Biblical Times. Mentioned throughout the Bible they are especially associated with the Agony of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane. Churches continue to adorn their altars on Easter Week with the traditional, majestic lily based on the lore that where every drop of sweat that fell from Jesus during the Agony in the Garden, a Lily grew. The Easter Lily is a pure white trumpet like flower that produces multiple blooms at the top of each plant. The botanical name for the Easter Lily is Lilium Longiforum and is a native plant of Southern Japan. 

Before World War II almost all Easter Lily bulbs were imported from Japan, since then the Easter Lily Bulb has become an American Crop with over 90% of Easter Lilies sold in America during Easter are produced in America. Although a short lived flower, the Easter lily is still one of the most fragrant and majestic flowers available as a potted plant. The fragrance and purity of its white blooms produces memories and feelings of Easter. With an Easter Heritage dating back to the time of Christ, it is a traditional plant that can still be sent as an Easter Gift. 

With its religious overtones and American Production an Easter Lily is still a great choice to send as an Easter Gift. You can order an Easter Lily to be sent throughout the USA and Canada at the online Florist of LAROSE.COM and have your Easter Lily Plant hand delivered to your Easter flower gift recipient along with with Easter message free from any extra fees. When your send an Easter Lily you are sending a potted flowering plant steeped in a rich Biblical Tradition and grows the American Economy from the Easter bulb producers to the local growers to the florists. Send an Easter Lily as a symbol of hope, and the promise of Easter to your Easter Gift recipient and you are also stimulating the American Economy. You can send an Easter Lily online from LAROSE.COM and save up to $14.99 in service fees that other flowers by wire services and 800 flower number charge you to order an Easter Lily. Send an Easter Lily, save money, and still stimulate the American Economy by sending the potted Easter Lily Plant, a symbol of Hope and Easter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

White Lily Memorial Cross

Order a White Lily Cross for a Grave Site or Memorial Tribute
The White Lily Memorial Cross is made on a Styrofoam substitute that is less pollutant when made and more easily degradable. Measuring 24 inches high by 16 inches wide the White Lily Memorial Cross has two rows of faux white lilies and is finished with backing greens a bow in the center with an orchid. The White Lily Memorial Cross is a weather resistant memorial tribute for gravesides, monuments or memorials to commemorate and honor. Complete with a wire easel, the White Lily Cross is easy to set up and anchor into the ground at a cemetery or at the base of a monument or memorial. You can expect the White Lily Memorial Cross to withstand the spring time elements for weeks, keeping its fresh natural look.

The White Lily Memorial Cross is shipped throughout the Continental USA from the Jersey City NJ Florist that is the home to LAROSE.COM. Because of the size of the shipping box, shipping costs are too high to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or other International destinations. When you order a White Lily Cross for placement at a cemetery remember that the cross is shipped via UPS and should not be shipped directly to cemeteries unless you have made arrangements with the cemetery caretakers to accept your delivery, unpack your cross, set it up and place it at the specified grave site. Send the White Lily Cross to your home or the home of a relative or friend that will visit at place your White Lily Cross on the grave for you. Smaller cemeteries are more willing to accept your UPS delivery and place the cross at the grave site for you, but you should not take that for granted, you must contact the office of the caretaker first and be sure they will accept delivery of your White Lily Cross and place it accordingly. 

The White Lily Cross is an especially popular grave side memorial tribute during the spring months, but it is available all year round from the Memorial Flower Selections of LAROSE.COM. The White Lily Cross is appropriate for a woman, man or child with the white lilies representing purity. Throughout the years the white lily has come to represent Easter, Spring and the Sanctity of Memorial Flowers. There is not a particular day or season to place your White Lily Cross in memorial or tribute. For time sensitive deliveries please check the UPS Map for estimated time in transit from zip code 07305 to your destination before you place your order for the White Lily Cross. When you order a White Lily Cross before noon eastern time Monday through Friday, your order is shipped the same day. Orders placed after noon or on weekends are shipped the next business day. UPS does not deliver ground transportation shipments on Saturdays or Sundays.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Faith Hill's Favorite Mother's Day Flowers

Order The Faith Hill Fire and Pink Bouquet by Teleflora for Mothers Day
Beginning with Valentine's Day 2011, Faith Hill has become the face of Teleflora, the flowers by wire service that is a Network of Independently Owned Local Florists. In her role of spokesperson for Teleflora Faith Hill lends her name to a special collection of Mothers Day Flowers. The Faith Hill Collection of Mother's Day Flowers by Teleflora incorporates the Teleflora Keepsake Vases with new floral arrangements for Mothers Day. In the coming weeks you will see Faith Hill in commercials promoting the Mothers Day Flowers of her Teleflora Collection. Mother's Day is May 8, 2011 and should order your Mothers Day Flowers soon to have them scheduled for delivery on May, 6th, and 7th, so that your Mothers Day Flower Recipient can enjoy her flowers for the entire Mother's Day.

One selection from the Faith Hill Mothers Day Flower Collection by Teleflora is the Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet for Mother's Day. The Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet for Mothers Day begins with a hand blown light pink glass vase and is filled by a professional floral designer with light pink spray roses and alstroemeria. Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet for Mothers Day is made to order then hand delivered with your Mothers Day Wishes on a free enclosure card. The Faith Hill Fire Bouquet for Mothers Day can be ordered now free from service fees when you order at the online florist of LAROSE.COM

The Faith Hill Magnificent Mom Bouquet for Mothers Day is designed using fresh hand selected flowers such as roses, lilies, miniature carnations, mums and waxflower in shades of lavender and pink. The Faith Hill Magnificent Mom Bouquet begins with the same soft pink hand blown glass vase as the Faith Hill Pink Fire Bouquet for Mothers Day and is then designed by a local professional floral designer using lilies, roses,mums and wax flower in a traditional vase arrangement style which compliments the shape of the contemporary curved shape of the hand blown pink glass vase, that can be displayed while empty and waiting to host the next bouquet of fresh cut flowers that you get from your garden or local florist. 
Mother's Day Flowers

Order Faith Hill Mothers Day Flowers by Teleflora free of fees at LAROSE.COM now and save up to $14.99 in service fees that other flowers by wire services and 800 flower numbers charge you to order flowers. When you order online at LAROSE.COM, you fill out the form, you save the fee, while others charge you a fee to order your mothers day flowers online.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Remember Mother's Day is May 8, 2011

Order Mother's Day Flowers online free of service fees
Before it creeps up on you with Easter and Secretaries Week in the same week, just a reminder that Mother's Day is May 8 this year. With Passover on April 19th, Easter Sunday on April 24th, Secretaries Day on April 27th, and Mother's Day on May 8th it is the perfect time to save money when you send flowers. In a three week period there are four flower sending occasions, if you order from the usual flowers online services or 800 flowers phone numbers you will pay close to $60 just in service fees for ordering flowers. At the LAROSE.COM Online Florist you can order flowers for all four occasions and pay $0 in fees to order flowers. With the money you save by sending flowers online at LAROSE.COM one of your flowering occasions will pay for itself.

Even if you are only going to order Mother's Day Flowers at the Online Florist of LAROSE.COM, you will save up to $14.99 in service fees that other online flower services and 800 flower numbers charge you to order Mother's Day Flowers. A holiday trick that these other services like to use is to offer you a $10 coupon on holidays for ordering online. With your $10 coupon subtracted from the $14.99 service fee that you pay to order flowers online at the other flowers by wire web sites, you are still paying a $4.99 service fee to order flowers online or through an 800 flower number. Order Mother's Day Flowers online at LAROSE.COM where you never need a coupon and your service fee to order flowers for Mother's Day is $0.

Start shopping for your Mother's Day Flowers online now at LAROSE.COM, where the 2011 lineup of featured Mother's Day Flowers is being updated daily. The 2011 Mother's Day Flower choices will include Mother's Day Flowers in Keepsake Ceramic Containers and Art Glass Vases, along with Mother's Day Corsages and Mother's Day Plants. Aside from a large selection of fresh Mother's Day Flowers and Plants, LAROSE.COM offers you the choice of Decorative Vases, and Ceramic Containers  sent directly via UPS from the Jersey City Florist Home of LAROSE.COM.

Order Flowers for Mother's Day or any day free of service fees everyday of the year without a coupon when you place your order online at LAROSE.COM, serving the Internet Customer since 1995 with a secure e-commerce purchasing solution. LAROSE.COM was one of the first Online Florist and Gift Web Site to accept Paypal, and you can still still order with your Paypal account for Mother's Day, Secretaries Day, Passover, Easter or any occasion.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to Send Mom Flowers Online

Send Mothers Day Flowers free of extra fees

Two decades ago when you needed to send Mother's Day Flowers to your Mom in Kansas and you lived in New York, you went to a local New York florist placed your order paid the New York Florist and your local New York Florist called a florist near your Mom and had them deliver the flowers to your Mom. Each of the florists belonged to a Network of independently owned and operated florists who expected each to do the quality work that they would do for their own customer. Today, you don't ever have to leave your home to send Mother's Day Flowers anywhere. The big difference today is that you don't know who is handling your Mother's Day Flower order. Florist Transworld Delivery (FTD), once an Association of locally owned and operated florists were long ago bought out by a Merchant Bank who sold it to an internet maven who owns social networking sites because it fit well in his marketing assets. many locally owned professional florists have quit FTD since it became a corporation instead of an Association feeling that the FTD Corporation was only looking to make money off the florists while lowering the standards of the floral arrangements that the customers received. From the beginning the goal of 800 flowers was to become a flower order processor who relied on the locally owned florists to fill the orders while they trimmed a fee from each order. As more and more locally owned florists decided that filling orders for corporate order gathers was not in their best interest, the corporate order gathers began shipping flowers in boxes. Even though these corporations have telemarketers who never see flowers and the floral designers have been for the most part cut out of the process, these corporate web sites charge you a fee of up to $14.99 to send flowers.

Before these corporations figured out that they could gather flower orders with expensive ad campaigns and people would pay an extra $14.99 to send flowers not realizing that they weren't getting any flowers for the $14.99 and that the delivering florist wasn't getting the $14.99, LAROSE.COM was sending Mother's Flowers for Internet Customers FREE of extra fees. LAROSE.COM is located in a working florist, that really has flowers, really creates flower arrangements every day and really delivers flowers. Every order processed by LAROSE.COM is read and processed by a floral designer who determines if the order is within the local delivery area of :La Rose Florist or if it needs to be sent to a trusted local independently owned florist who is a member of the Teleflora Network of 19,000 florists who employ professional floral designers. 

When you need to send Mother's Day Flowers online, the choice is clear, you can chose a corporate order gatherer to send your Mothers Day Flowers and pay a fee for the privilege of using their Web Site or calling their 800 flower number or you can go online and send Mother's Day Flowers FREE of fees at the online florist of LAROSE.COM who has been serving Internet customers since 1995 and serving local customers since 1981. LAROSE.COM offers you the same service as the local flower shop did twenty years ago and is committed to sending flowers through quality florists throughout the USA and Canada.

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