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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Send A Birthday Cake of Flowers

Send A Birthday Cake of Flowers
We can't send a Birthday Cake with icing across the USA and Canada, but we can send a unique Birthday Cake made of Flowers. Send Birthday Flowers with the "Your Special Day Birthday Cake of Flowers". This Birthday Cake created by using fresh flowers such as lavender mums, hydrangea buds, wax flower and topped with a rose measures approximately ten inches high by ten inches wide. When you order the Your Special Day Birthday Cake of Flowers to be sent across the USA and Canada, your special bouquet for a birthday is hand created by a local professional floral designer at a local independently owned and operated florist that is part of the Teleflora Network of Professional Florists throughout the USA and Canada.

Send a Birthday Surprise to wish someone a Happy Birthday on their special day with a unique floral arrangement created just for them and hand delivered with your birthday wishes expressed on a free enclosure card. The Your Special Day Birthday Cake Bouquet comes complete with birthday candles. Made in wet floral foam this birthday cake will last on the table for days when properly watered. Place the birthday cake of flowers in a sink or a pan to catch the run off water, pour water directly into the center of the cake until the water starts coming out, allow time for all the excess water to drain, and the birthday cake of flowers is ready for another day of celebrating a birthday. 

The Your Special Day Bouquet, Birthday Cake of Flowers, is made in pinks and lavenders, if you would like to customize the cake of flowers with a different color combination such as red and white or purple and white just let us know in the special instructions field of the order form when you order birthday flowers by sending the Your Special Day Birthday Cake Bouquet. Unlike other national flowers by wire services and 800 flowers numbers, every order placed at LAROSE.COM is reviewed by a Floral Designer and sent through hand selected member florists who have a track record of exceptional customer service. Ordering from LAROSE.COM is free of service charges. Other flowers by wire services charge you up to $14.99 in service fees to order birthday flowers, at LAROSE.COM there has never been a service fee, and every order is handled by a person not by computer algorithm.

The person who reviews your order at LAROSE.COM is a floral designer who creates flower arrangements everyday, not a telemarketer in a cubicle who never touches a flower. Order Birthday Flowers online free of service charges everyday without and coupon and have your Birthday Flowers sent throughout the USA and Canada free of extra service charges.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Three Weeks till Palm Sunday

Order a Traditional Plain Palm Cross
The way this winter has gone it is lucky that Easter falls so late in the spring this year. With only three weeks from Sunday till Palm Sunday cemeteries in the New England States, the Upper Midwest and even New York State are not only still blanketed in snow but most received a fresh blanket in the last few days.  Palm Sunday is still three weeks which will give the snow a chance to melt as the temperatures begin to climb to normal spring time highs. There is still plenty of time to purchase a Palm Cross and have it delivered in time for Palm Sunday.
Order a Palm Cross with two lilies
Placing a Palm Cross on a grave is said to be an Italian tradition to commemorate the return of Jesus to Jerusalem and the preparation for the Resurrection on Easter. Many cultures have Palm Sunday Traditions, some weave the palm into crosses to be hung in the home, others create smaller lapel crosses of palm to be worn throughout Holy Week, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. Some European Christian create elaborate Palm Decorations for the Church to commemorate palm Sunday. Placing a Palm Cross on the grave of a loved one is a Christian Symbol that demonstrates belief in The Resurrection.

Palm Crosses are still made by hand the old fashion way in New Jersey and then shipped throughout the USA., Palm Crosses, once only used by Catholics are now shipped throughout the USA for all denominations of Christians. In 2010 LAROSE.COM shipped Palm Crosses to Churches in Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida Ohio and even Texas. Many Churches used the Palm Crosses inside the Churches to commemorate Palm Sunday.

Hand Made Palm Crosses made by hand in New Jersey are shipped fresh throughout the Lenten Season from Ash Wednesday through Easter Sunday. To accommodate the Orthodox who commemorate Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday on different dates then other Christian sects ,Palm Crosses are still made and shipped up to two weeks after Easter if they are ordered online. Palm is a perishable product and is not stocked throughout the year.
Palm Crosses for Palm Sunday

LAROSE.COM offers Palm Crosses in two different sizes and three different styles. For Retail establishments and Fund Raising LAROSE.COM offers all the styles of Palm Crosses at quantity discounts. Choose from the traditional plain Palm Cross or Decorated Palm Cross. Please be aware of time in transit when you order a Palm Cross and remember that UPS does not deliver Ground Packages on the weekend. When you order a Palm Cross before 200 PM Monday through Friday it is shipped the same day, Palm Cross Orders received after 2:00 PM Monday Through Friday or Palm Cross Orders received on Weekends are shipped the next business day. You an order Palm Crosses online, including Wholesale Palm Crosses for Fund Raisers or Retail.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play Ball!! Send A Baseball Mug

Order a Ceramic Baseball Coffee Mug
With great fanfare the 2011 Baseball season is under way. In a season that lasts for more than half the year, the boys of summer are back even though most of the Midwest and East in the USA are still experiencing winter weather. In a lot of stadiums opening day was not exactly a day for cold drinks. What many baseball fans needed this opening day was a hot coffee or tea. Of course most of the season will be hot, but a baseball coffee mug is always in season no matter what the weather. 

The Ceramic Baseball Mug is the perfect mug for baseball fans all season long. It is sure to become the favorite mug of baseball fans throughout the country. This detailed Ceramic Baseball Mug is FDA approved for liquids, dishwasher safe and over sized to hold a beverage large enough to last a couple of innings. The Ceramic Baseball Coffee Mug features realistic looking stitching accomplished with the ceramic and the painting. 

The Ceramic Baseball Coffee Mug makes a great birthday or Father's Day Gift, fill it with a baseball fan's favorite snacks and create a gift that will be treasured. As a decoration for a desk or table, fill this Ceramic Baseball Mug with a four inch indoor plant to create a planter that will add the baseball feeling all year long. 

For Little League Award Dinners or any Baseball themed dinners or parties, the Ceramic Baseball Mug makes the perfect centerpiece container for the table flowers arrangements. Use the Ceramic Baseball Mug for any Baseball Decorating Theme. For a Baseball Party, fill the Ceramic baseball Mug with packs of baseball cards to give as a party favor or as a prize for party games. The Ceramic Baseball Mug has so many uses throughout the Baseball Season and can be purchased in quantity at special discounted prices, or individually as a gift.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Surprise Someone, Send Birthday Flowers

Send Birthday Flowers with the Teleflora Fly Away Birthday Flowers in a Vase
Surprise someone when you send hand delivered birthday flowers with a Happy Birthday Balloon. The Teleflora Fly Away Birthday Flowers says it all, celebrate, happy birthday, and best wishes. Colorful flowers, hand selected by a professional floral designer arranged in a vase and topped with a Happy Birthday Mylar Balloon are hand delivered to surprise someone on their birthday. Send Birthday Flowers to their work or home throughout the USA and Canada with this florist created Teleflora Fly Away Bouquet. Turn a birthday into a special day when you order birthday flowers as a surprise.

Nothing can match the joy and surprise as when the flower delivery person rings the bell or walks into their workplace carrying a fresh colorful birthday arrangement with a Happy Birthday Balloon. The bright fresh flowers arranged in a vase are sure to make their day extra special. The Teleflora Fly Away Bouquet is the one of  the newest birthday flower arrangements recently introduced by the independently owned florists of the Teleflora Network. There is a local Teleflora Florist in the arae of your birthday recipient just waiting to receive your order and create a fresh birthday flower arrangement just for you to wish someone a Happy Birthday with the surprise gift of flowers.

Send Birthday Flowers Online at the Florist of LAROSE.COM where people have been ordering surprise birthday flowers since 1995 without service fees. Other flowers by wire internet services and 800 flowers numbers charge you up to $14.99 to order birthday flowers. LAROSE.COM fills your birthday flower order free when you order online, there are no hidden  charges when you order birthday flowers, the price is the price of the birthday flowers plus $9.00 for the delivery. (New Jersey Residents pay 7% NJ Sales Tax when they order Birthday Flowers). Unlike other flower services who charge you for the flowers, the delivery and an extra $9.99 to $14.99 for the privilege of ordering flowers on their Web Site. Most of these services are staffed by telephone operators who never see a flower, every Birthday Flower Order at LAROSE.COM is handled by a Floral Designer, who actually designs arrangements every day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Send Anniversary Flowers

Send Anniversary Roses Online and Save
Wishing someone a Happy Anniversary is easy when you send anniversary flowers online free of service fees at LAROSE.COM. You can send your Anniversary Wishes by selecting from Anniversary Flowers, Anniversary Roses, or the gift of an Anniversary Plant. No matter which gift you select, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated by the Anniversary Couple. An Anniversary marks a milestone, help celebrate with a surprise gift of flowers or a plant. To send anniversary flowers to your spouse, the traditional gift of Red Anniversary Roses is always appreciated, the red rose represents passion, a dozen red roses shows your love.

Send a dozen Multi-Colored Roses to congratulate a couple on their Anniversary, the colorful dozen roses represent the fullness of their life together filled with all the emotions that go along with being a couple. Spouses can also send a dozen Multi-Colored Roses to celebrate the fullness of their relationship, with the colors of the majestic rose representing the all the aspects of the relationship that the Anniversary celebrates.  

For special Anniversaries, send Two Dozen Roses arranged in a vase and hand delivered to your spouse. Order Roses online free of service charges at the online florist of LAROSE.COM, where Internet Customers have been saving money since 1995, and your roses will be arranged by a local Professional Floral Designer then hand delivered to your recipient with a free enclosure card that expresses your Anniversary Wishes.

In today's fast paced world of stress and economic upheaval Anniversaries are a milestone that  deserves recognition. Celebrate an Anniversary with the gift of fresh flowers, arranged and hand delivered. Your Anniversary Gift recipient just has to add water and enjoy the beauty of their Anniversary Flowers.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome a Baby Girl with a Just Ducky Arrangement

Send Baby Girl Congratualtion Flowers in a Ceramic Duck with the Teleflora Just Ducky Bouquet
The birth of a Baby Girl is cause for celebration and congratulations. Welcome the birth of a Baby Girl by sending the Just Ducky Bouquet. Send Flowers to congratulate the parents of a baby girl in a ceramic duck filled with fresh flower and topped off with a pink sailor hat. The Just Ducky Bouquet for a Baby Girl by Teleflora can be sent throughout the USA through LAROSE.COM free from service charges. This unique replica of the classic rubber ducky is a large hand painted glazed ceramic with a rich orange beak and big bright eyes. The Just Ducky ceramic container measures eight inches high by send inches long. When you send the Baby Girl Just Ducky Bouquet by Teleflora free of service charges at LAROSE.COM you are sending two gifts in one, the surprise gift of fresh flowers in a keepsake ceramic duck that will find many uses in the nursery The Just Ducky Bouquet is large enough to hold baby wipes, a wash cloth, Q-Tips, pins and other baby essentials.

Send The Just Ducky Bouquet to the hospital or home to welcome a new baby girl and congratulate the parents with a fresh cut flower arrangement created in the area of your recipient by a local professional florist. The Just Ducky Bouquet is a modern twist on the traditional ceramic baby booties or cradle, with no practical after use. The Just Ducky Ceramic Floral Container has many after uses, as a nursery accessory , decoration or planter.

When planning a Baby Shower or Christening for a bay girl, you can create your own unique table centerpiece by starting with the Just Ducky Floral Container, available at quantity discounted pricing  from the LAROSE.COM Floral Container Section. The Just Ducky Ceramic Floral Container has ample space for a flower arrangement or plant, create your own table centerpieces or planters with these large floral containers. The pink sailor hat on the Just Ducky Floral Container is a removable replica of a sailor hat with material of the same texture in miniature.

Whether you need to send flowers to welcome a baby girl, plan a party to congratulate the expectant mother of a baby girl, or decorate the tables of a Christening Party for a Baby Girl, the Just Ducky Bouquet and Floral Container are available to you at LAROSE.COM. The Just Ducky Baby Girl Floral Arrangement is featured in the Flowers in a Gift section of the LAROSE.COM Online Florist. The Just Ducky Floral Container is available individually or in quantity discounts  through the LAROSE.COM Floral Container Section. Orders for the Just Ducky Floral Container are shipped via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ home of LAROSE.COM.
Order a Just Ducky Ceramic Floral Container

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just In, Ceramic Tulip Pitcher

Order a Ceramic Tulip Pitcher
The newest addition to the Decorative Vase Section of LAROSE.COM, if The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher. This ceramic smooth glazed pitcher that is FDA approved for food use features a tulip motif on a background that features shades of green reminiscent of the colors of the late 1940's to early 1950's. Everything about this Ceramic Tulip Pitcher from the colors to the shape and sizes of the tulip motif brings back memories of 1950's home decor. At seven inches high with a 2.5 inch opening, this ceramic pitcher makes a perfect vessel for for fresh cut tulips from your local florist or garden. With its pink tulip motif and green background, The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher will highlight and enhance your display of pastel fresh cut tulips. 

For spring dinners or weddings, the Ceramic Tulip Pitcher and a bunch of fresh cut tulips make an elegant and simple table centerpiece that anyone can create with fresh cut tulips from your local florist. As a base for a mixed arrangement of flowers, the Ceramic Tulip Pitcher can be used as a vase with just water or as a floral container with a block of wet floral foam. The color scheme and style of the Ceramic Tulip Vase make it a natural floral container, FDA approved for food use, it is also a dinner table pitcher for serving cold beverages.

When the Ceramic Tulip Pitcher is used as a floral vase at weddings, parties and social events it becomes a keepsake gift along with a container for the table centerpiece. As a memory from a special event or wedding, the beautifully appointed Ceramic Tulip Pitcher will be treasured and proudly displayed. Well made and evenly glazed with a tulip pattern that is reflective of the Eisenhower Years, The Ceramic Tulip Pitcher can be a home decoration, a floral vase, or a stand alone accent decoration.
Glazed Ceramic Pitcher witha Tulip Motif
Editor's Note 7-20-13: Since this Blog Post was published the Ceramic Tulip Pitcher has sold out and is no longer available. Current Ceramic Vases and Floral Containers are available in the  Decorative Vase Section and Floral Container Section of LAROSE.COM

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