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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Order a Funeral Basket to Express Sympathy

Send A Funeral Basket of Flowers
Sending flowers is a traditional way to express your sympathy to the family of a deceased. Choosing the right sympathy flowers to send depends on the kind of services, where the services will be and if you find out in time for the services. If the wake and funeral are being held at a church, a Funeral Basket would be appropriate flowers to send to express sympathy. You can order a Funeral Basket in many colors, shapes and sizes. Funeral Baskets are freshly arranged by a floral designer then hand delivered along with your sympathy message. It is appropriate for family, friends, co-workers and neighbors of the deceased or members of the family of the deceased to send a funeral basket when the wake and funeral services are occurring together at a Church. Sending a Funeral Basket to the Church will express your sympathy to the family, then can be donated to the Church by the family in memory of the deceased. 

Friends, co-workers and neighbors can send a Funeral Basket when the viewing or wake is being held at a Funeral Home with Church Services to follow. The Funeral Basket will bring comfort and express your sympathy during the viewing, the family may then choose to bring the Funeral Basket that you sent to the Church as an altar offering during the funeral services. Funeral Baskets are often donated to local chapels and Churches by Families who receive more Funeral Baskets than they can bring to the altar of the Funeral Service. Funeral Baskets can be sent in all white flowers to connote the sanctity and purity of Christian beliefs of salvation. Funeral Baskets in spring colors to celebrate the vibrancy of life, reminding families of the memories that they will always treasure. Funeral Baskets can be sent in red and white, pink and white and seasonal colors. 

The colors of the Funeral Basket you send are a matter of personal preference, you may choose to order Funeral Flowers in the colors that you know where a favorite of the person being laid to rest, or colors that you know the family will appreciate. Although the practice of of sending Funeral Flowers is a long standing tradition, the types and colors constantly evolve according to cultural changes, religious beliefs and type of service that will be held. Order a Funeral Basket to express your sympathy to be delivered to Memorial Services being held in memorandum.

You should order a Funeral Basket far enough in advance to have your funeral basket designed and delivered in time for the service. Florists don't stock funeral Baskets, when an order is received for a Funeral Basket, the floral designer creates a hand made floral design to fulfill your order with fresh flowers, then it is hand delivered to the services, funeral home or church. The average funeral basket takes about forty five minutes for a floral designer to set up, design,  add your message and send out for delivery. Although the floral designer is always creating Funeral Baskets and other floral arrangements under time constraints, it is important to order Funeral Baskets as soon as you aware of the service time so that it can be created and delivered on time.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Centerpiece for Passover

In 2011 Passover begins on April 19th and continues through April 25th. Passover commemorates the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, and celebrates the freedom from slavery. The Celebration of Passover occurs during the spring of each year, thus celebrating the rebirth associated with Spring. The Seder Table is filled with specific traditional food that are consumed in a particular order, each of which symbolizes a different part of the journey out of Egypt. Seder means order in Hebrew.The rituals and food have a very specific order that must be followed to celebrate Passover. As joyous Holiday which also coincides with Spring, the season of rebirth, flowers are also a part of the celebration of Passover.

To celebrate the season of rebirth and commemorate the freedom from slavery of those who participated in the Exodus from Egypt, the joy of fresh flowers can be a part of the Passover Celebration Traditional Passover Flowers were the flowers of spring, hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and lilies. How you can send Passover Flowers to the Seder Tables that you can't be at for Passover. Send Passover Flowers throughout the USA and Canada free from extra service fees for Passover. The Teleflora Beauty in Bloom is a beautiful centerpiece for Passover. A centerpiece designed with lilies and roses featured in a Replica Mercury Glass Bowl, that is a keepsake gift when Passover is finished and the flowers have faded.
Send Passover Flowers in a Spring Centerpiece
To send the gift of spring flowers for Passover, send The Purple Perfection Vase of Flowers, a mixture of spring flowers in shades of purple including lilies, tulips and orchids, a rich mixture of premier spring flowers artfully arranged in a vase by a local florist then hand delivered to your Passover recipient with your Passover Message on a free enclosure card. The gift of flowers and plants are a joyous way to send your Passover greetings to family and friends that cannot share your Seder Table. 

Send Passover Flowers

A dish garden of indoor tropical plants is another way to send a Passover gift that represents the rebirth symbolized by Spring and commemorates the Holiday of Freedom from the slavery. When you send a Dish Garden for Passover, you a sending a long lasting gift of green indoor plants arranged in a ceramic bowl that will remind your Passover Gift recipient of your thoughtfulness for years.
Send A Plant for Passover

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Garden Wedding Centerpiece Container

Ceramic Floral Containers
Spring, Summer and Fall are the Garden Party Wedding Season. To follow through on the Garden Wedding Theme, The Ceramic Watering Can is the perfect centerpiece floral container. The Ceramic Watering Can Floral Container measures just shy of five inches, it is nine inches wide from spout to handle and has a five inch working space for floral arranging. today's economy is dictating that many Weddings this season will be the old fashioned backyard Wedding. For the do it yourself decorator for a backyard home wedding, the Ceramic Watering Can Floral Container makes it easy to plan table centerpieces.

Fill the Ceramic Watering Can Floral Container with a four inch blooming plant and you create an instant keepsake centerpiece. With a third of a block of wet floral foam, the Ceramic Watering Can Floral Container becomes your canvas to create a wedding table centerpiece If you are doing it yourself you can afford to visit your local florist and pre-order the flowers and colors that you'll need to create hand made wedding floral centerpieces.

The Ceramic Watering Can Floral Container is currently available in a dark Terra Cotta or Lavender finish. The Terra Cotta Ceramic Watering Can Floral Container will compliment many color schemes, especially for Autumn Weddings in the colors of the season. The Terra Cotta Color has a natural look that can go with any color scheme, don't limit your imagination, the Terra Cotta Ceramic Watering Can looks dynamic with lavender color scheme flower arrangement, or a red, yellow,pink, purple, or mixed colored flower arrangement.

The Lavender Ceramic Watering Can is a bit more limited with the colors that can be used in it to create a wedding centerpiece. A Wedding Centerpiece in purples and or lavenders will certainly be a match for the Lavender Watering Can, so will pink, yellow and mixed spring centerpieces. Not just with the Lavender Ceramic Watering Can but with any floral container, personal taste will decide if the colors you want are complimentary to the lavender finish on the floral container base. No matter which color you chose, lavender or terra cotta,, the Ceramic Watering Can is the perfect fit for at home Garden Wedding Centerpieces.
Garden Party Ceramic Floral Container

Editors Note: 6/30/13 - Since the Publication of this Blog Post, the Terra Cotta Ceramic Watering Can has Sold Out and is no longer in production. As of this note, the Lavender Ceramic Watering Can is still available, but in limited quantities, and it is no longer in production. Check the Ceramic Container Section of LAROSE.COM for other unique Ceramic Containers for Floral Arrangements and Gifts. .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sell Palm Crosses to Raise Funds

Sell Palm Crosses to Raise Funds

Palm Sunday is April 17, 2011. LAROSE.COM offers Wholesale Palm Crosses to Churches, Holy Name Societies, Mother's Clubs, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and any non-profit group looking to raise funds for their organization by selling Palm Crosses. Fresh Hand Made Palm Crosses are available in two sizes and three styles. These hand made Palm Crosses are made fresh throughout the Lenten Season until Palm Sunday. There is a Palm Cross made on an 18 inch wooden frame and one made on a 28 inch wooden frame. After the Palm is added to the frame, the Palm crosses are slightly larger than the frame on three sides.

The 18 Inch Palm Cross is available decorated with two plastic Easter Lilies or with two Plastic Easter Lilies with a bow. The Easter Lilies and the Bow are both weather resistant for a longer outdoor durability. The wooden frames are hand cut and put together using triple air gun staples for strength when pushing them into the ground, each palm frond is stapled into the solid wood frame with a one inch air gun staple. Every handmade Palm Cross is individually bagged for retail selling, making them the perfect fund raising opportunity. Many Church Groups sell the Wholesale Palm Crosses that they buy from LAROSE after Sunday Masses beginning a month before Palm Sunday. Remember that Wholesale Palm Crosses are shipped directly to you Via UPS from the Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the home of LAROSE.COM. Check the UPS Map on each order Page of Wholesale Palm Crosses to see an estaimated time in transit when you order Wholesale Palm Crooses.

The 28 Inch Wholesale Palm Crosses are made the same way as the 18 Inch Palm Cross, solid wood frame, fresh palm, and sturdy staples applied with an air gun. The 28 Inch Palm Cross comes in three styles, an undecorated version with just fresh palm, or decorated with two plastic Easter Lilies, or with two Plastic Easter Lilies and a Bow. All the Wholesale Palm Crosses are proven sellers for fund raisers during the Easter Season. Palm Crosses can be kept fresh in refrigeration or in a cool dry garage or basement.When ordering Fresh Wholesale Palm Crosses, remember that are are dealing with a product that must be kept fresh, if you are planning to sell for two or three weeks, order your fresh Wholesale Palm Crosses as needed, do not overstock without a cool place to store them. Palm Crosses are best stored in temperatures between 38 degrees and 45 degrees. If you are planning on selling Palm Crosses for multiple weeks it is best to order them as needed to receive fresh palm crosses when you are ready to sell.
Fund Raiser with Palm Crosses

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Secretaries Week is April 25-29,2011

Send Secretaries Day Flowers Online
This year we have a late Passover, Tuesday April 19, 2011, and a late Easter, Sunday April 24, 2011.With the attention focused on these Holidays, Secretary's Day may slip your mind till you hear it on the radio on your way to work. Secretaries Week is the week of Easter, April 25-29, 2011, with Secretaries Day falling on Wednesday,April 27, 2011. You can online now for hand delivery during Secretaries Week. Order now while you are thinking about it, or it will slip your mind amid the Holiday bustle of the Passover and Easter Season, when you are sure to be busy with family and friends.

The 2011 Secretaries Day Flower and {Plant features are online and ready to order free of extra service charges at the LAROSE.COM  Florist. This year's featured flower arrangement selections for Secretaries Week that come in a keepsake gift vase are, The Teleflora Thank You Vase Bouquet, The Teleflora Pitcher Perfect Bouquet of Tulips, and The Teleflora Garden Bright Bouquet. Along with these Fresh Flower Arrangements which feature a keepsake vase, you can chose an arrangement of fresh flowers designed in a basket, a mug or a clear glass vase. 

For a Secretaries Day Appreciation Gift that will add serenity to the work place, the Secretaries Day featured selections include live potted green indoor plants and dish gardens that will thrive under florescent lighting when cared for properly. Plants are the Secretaries Thank You gift that will remind them all year long that you appreciate what they do for you throughout the year. Don't let Secretaries Day slip your mind, order early so that you don't forget as Spring Weather, Baseball Season, Passover and Easter take over your attention. You don't want to be the boss that forgot Secretaries Day on April 27, 2011.

Editor's Note - 7-20-13: Since this Blog Post was published, the featured bouquets mentioned in this post have sold out and are no longer available. You can always see and order the current featured Secretaries Day Flowers in the Secretaries Day Flowers Section of the LAROSE.COM Floriist.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wholesale Glass Cubes

The Glass Cube is the hot trend in floral centerpiece containers for wedding and party tables. With their low profile and modern cut the glass cube replaces the low traditional round table centerpiece. Glass cubes lend themselves to linear or round designs of flowers. With today's new colors in Glass Cubes, there is a match for any color theme. Late in 2010 the four inch by four inch glass cube became available in black and a deep blue, joining the clear glass cube, orange glass cube, plum glass cube, lavender glass cube and green glass cube.
Buy Wholesale Glass Cubes

The four by four inch Glass Cube fits well on wedding and party tables that seat guests from four to twelve. With a Glass Cube Vase you can create an elegant centerpiece that doesn't take over the table, because of its low footprint and profile, the four by four Glass Cube Centerpiece allows guests to socialize with the whole table without stretching to see around a large table centerpiece, and without taking up a lot of space on the table. The new dark Blue Glass Cube will match many graduation party color schemes, while the Black Glass Cube is a classy addition to elegant weddings, black and white parties and weddings. 

For Spring theme parties or weddings with a lavender or pink color scheme, the lightly tinted Glass Cubes in Lavender and Pink are a delicate base color for the table centerpiece. The 2011 hot wedding color is green, the Green Glass Cube is a complimentary base for green hydrangeas, green cala lilies, green roses and the new hybrid mint green carnation. 

For those already thinking ahead to an Autumn Wedding, The Plum Glass Cube and Orange Glass Cube are a natural match for Autumn Color centerpieces. All of the four by four Glass Cubes are available to the public  at quantity discount prices when ordered online through LAROSE.COM.

New Glass Cubes will be available online in the coming months including the newest in glass cube floral containers, the Mirrored Glass Cube. In a take off of the Glass Cube that has gained in popularity over the last couple of years there is now a selection of floral container cubes made from bamboo, a natural sustainable ecologically responsible resource source for producing floral containers. The Bamboo Cube is currently available in a natural light beige shade and a darker richer dark brown. Still four by four inches, the new Bamboo Cubes makes it easier to use floral foam without it being seen through the glass when creating flower centerpieces for parties and weddings.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Easter Cemetery Flowers

Easter Bunny Cemetery Memorial Flowers
Featured in the LAROSE.COM Easter Section is a selection of Memorial Cemetery Flower displays created just for Easter. All of the Cemetery Flowers featured on LAROSE.COM whether everyday Cemetery and Memorial Flowers or Holiday Specific Cemetery Flowers are made to withstand the rigors of outdoor display. All of the Cemetery Flower, Memorial Flowers and Holiday Cemetery Flowers are made with weather resistant artificial flowers and bows.

Cemetery Flowers that are featured for Easter include a large Silk Flower Bunny Cemetery Memorial that comes with a wire easel that can be pushed into the ground. The Easter Bunny Cemetery Memorial Flower Display measures twenty-six inches tall by sixteen inches wide without the easel that comes with it. Made on a weather resistant foam frame, the Easter Bunny Cemetery Flower Memorial is made in white and accented with pastel artificial flowers.Other featured Easter Cemetery Flowers include the Cemetery Flower Easter Egg which comes in shades of pink or shades of lavender. Each color Cemetery Flower Easter Egg is fifteen inches high by thirteen inches wide excluding the easel. that comes with them.The Cemetery Flower Easter Egg is made with  layered look of carnations and finished with a plastic Easter Orchid and bow in the center. The Easter Bunny Cemetery Flower Memorial and the Easter Egg Cemetery Memorial Flowers are featured for Easter but are available throughout the year.

Other Cemetery and Memorial Flowers that are available throughout the year are also appropriate to place at the Cemetery or Memorial during the Easter Season. The Butterfly Cemetery Memorial Flowers is large and beautifully composed in either a pink or lavender color scheme. Both the Pink Butterfly Memorial Flowers and the Lavender Cemetery Memorial Flowers measure twenty-six inches wide by sixteen inches high excluding the display easel which is included with any of the large Cemetery Memorial Flowers.

The White Lily Memorial Cross which is made using artificial white lilies to create a memorial cross that is twenty-two inches tall by sixteen inches wide excluding the free easel that is included with each cross. This is a new look that replaces the old plastic Easter Lily Crosses of the past. Each White Easter Lily Cross is finished with a weather resistant bow and plastic orchid. 

All Cemetery Memorial Flowers including Easter Cemetery Memorial Flowers are shipped throughout the USA via  UPS from The Jersey City, NJ Florist that is the home of LAROSE.COM. There is an estimated time in transit map at the bottom of each Cemetery Memorial Flower Page that can be checked for the estimated time in transit from zip code 07305  Cemetery Memorial Flowers should not be addressed directly to the Cemetery unless you have contacted the Cemetery Office and have made arrangements for them to receive your Cemetery Memorial Flowers and place them on the grave. Cemetery Memorial Flowers are available throughout the year for direct shipping from the florist to you.

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