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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Easter Orchid Corsage

Order An Easter Corsage
The Cymbidium Orchid Corsage is a classic Easter Corsage. Used for decades for Easter Sunday, the Cymbidium  Orchid Easter Corsage is a durable long lasting flower as a corsage. Few flowers can outlast a Cymbidium Orchid in a corsage.Traditionally the Easter Cymbidium Orchid Corsage is white, today Cymbidium Orchids come in a variety of colors including, yellow, and green, perfect colors for Easter. Cymbidium Orchids have color variations in their throat, adding to their unique look. Even the White Cymbidium Orchids have throats that feature, pink, lavender and purple tone. The Cymbidium Orchid became a favorite corsage flower because it is a hard petal flower that seals in its water, preventing premature wilting when out of water, as it is in a corsage.

Every local florist has their own style and special touch when using Cymbidium Orchids to create an Easter Corsage. Some floral designers feel that the Cymbidium Orchid is too elegant a flower to accent it with babies breath and will use a similar accent such as Wax Flower or Heather. In decades past the classic Easter look was White Orchid, white netting and white bow, today floral designing has many more color choices in orchids, accents, netting colors and ribbon colors allowing floral designers to add their personal touch to every Easter Corsage that they create. 

You can send an Easter Corsage throughout the USA and Canada  by ordering online free of extra charges. Surprise, Mom, Grandma, Aunts and Friends with the gift of an Easter Corsage. An Easter Corsage made from Cymbidium Orchids can be delivered days ahead of Easter and kept in the refrigerator till it is worn Easter Sunday. The Cymbidium Orchid is a corsage that can be stored in a refrigerator for days without losing its fresh look, 

When you order an Easter Corsage, hand delivered with your free enclosure card to wish a Happy Easter, remember that it is a religious holiday and many locally owned and operated florists throughout the USA and Canada will not be delivering on Easter Sunday. A Cymbidium Orchid Corsage can be delivered on the Friday or Saturday before Easter and will remain fresh when stored in the refrigerator. Even during Easter, Cymbidium Orchid Corsages should be ordered early to insure that the local florist has time to restock if need be to fill your Easter Corsage order. Most local florists purchase Cymbidium Orchids as needed to avoid spoilage of this pricey flower. To be sure that the florist who will deliver your Easter Corsage will have an orchid for you, it is advisable to order early, and choose your delivery date.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Send Get Well Flowers

Send the Teleflora Bee Well Bouquet
Send Get Well Flowers with the Bee Well Bouquet. This hand delivered bouquet of freshly designed flowers includes a stuffed bee in nurse's outfit with wide eyes and a smiley face. Designed around the stuffed bee is and arrangement of bright cheery get well flowers in yellow and white. Long after they are well and the flowers are a memory, your get well flower recipient will have the gift of a stuffed bee to remember your thoughtfulness. 

The Bee Well Bouquet can be sent throughout the USA free of extra service charges when you order get well flowers through the florist at LAROSE.COM, serving the internet customer since 1995. The Teleflora Bee Well Bouquet is hand delivered through a network of independently owned local florists. When you send Get Well Flowers through LAROSE.COM with the Teleflora Bee Well Bouquet, a Floral Designer will check your order and route it appropriately. If you order Get Well Flowers to be delivered to Jersey City, NJ or the surrounding Communities of New Jersey your Get Well Flowers will be designed and delivered by La Rose Florist, the retail florist home of LAROSE.COM. When you send Get Well Flowers for delivery outside of the immediate delivery area of La Rose Florist, a designer will transmit your order to a hand selected member of the Teleflora Network. 

The Teleflora Bee Well Bouquet is a whimsical way to send Get Well Wishes at an affordable price.Whether your get flowers are being delivered locally by La Rose Florist, or sent across the country, the price is always the same at LAROSE.COM, the cost of the flowers plus the local delivery charge. Unlike other 800 flowers numbers and internet sites that are housed in offices there is never an extra charge to send get well flowers at LAROSE.COM. Other flowers by wire services charge you up to $14.99 to send get well flowers no matter where your get well flowers are being delivered. Don't be fooled by $100 off coupons at other flowers by wire services, even after you take off the $10.00 coupon you are still paying up to $4.99 more than you would pay at LAROSE.COM to send get well flowers. At other Flowers by Wire Internet Sites a person never looks at your order, at LAROSE.COM, every order is handled by a person to insure that the order is sent to a reputable locally owned florist. When you send the Teleflora Bee Well Bouquet at LAROSE.COM you get personalized service free of any extra fees.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eagle Banner Flag

American Eagle Banner Flag
The featured Banner Flag in the Flag Section of LAROSE.COM is an American Themed Banner with an American Flag being carried by an American Bald Eagle by his claws across a cloud filled sky. Sewn around the edges and made of polyester for long outdoor wear, The American Eagle Banner Flag measures 42 inches by 28 inches. The banner pole slips through a white stripe on the banner and has a yellow stripe featuring three bronze stars. 

The American Eagle Banner Flag can be purchased individually at $8.00 plus shipping via UPS, or in multiple quantities at discounted pricing.When purchased in multiples of twelve, The American Eagle Banner Flag comes to less than $6.25 per unit, plus shipping. The American Eagle Banner Flag is shipped directly to you or a gift recipient via UPS throughout the USA and Canada from the Florist Home of LAROSE.COM located in Jersey City, NJ. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

La Rose Florist, Jersey City, NJ

Send Flowers to Bayonne NJ,Order Flowers for Jersey City NJ

La Rose Florist, at 218 Old Bergen Road, Jersey City, New Jersey first opened its doors to the retail customer on June 24, 1981. The store front that is the home to La Rose Florist has an extended history as a florist. It is unclear exactly when the building that house La Rose Florist was completed, but all records indicate 1865. First opened as a Cafe, the commercial space became a florist in 1944 under the name Holly Hock Florist. Two unrelated families were the proprietors of Holly Hock Florist with the first family selling after approximately twenty years. The second family to run Holly Hock Florist relinquished ownership in the early 1970's. The new owners which was a partnership reopened under the name Your Garden State Florist, taking from the nick name of New Jersey which is The Garden State. Failing health forced the partnership that ran Your Garden State Florist to dissolve. In May of 1981 the remaining equipment and  supplies were purchased by the partnership of Barry Muster and Daniel Dachille, who after renovating the existing space oped a full service custom florist under the name of La Rose Florist on June 24, 1981.

In the beginning La Rose Florist delivered flowers to Jersey City, NJ and Bayonne, NJ and soon expanded to include all of Hudson County, NJ, Southern Bergen County, NJ and Essex County, NJ. Quickly gaining a reputation for quality flower arrangements la Rose Florist was accepted to the flowers by wire services of Florafax, Teleflora, FTD, AFS, Redbook, Interlink and 800 Flowers, some of which no longer exist and some of which became corporations that were no longer concerned with delivering quality flowers at reasonable prices. After thirty years La Rose Florist still maintains its membership in Teleflora, a Network of independently owned and operated florists who service each others orders when they are out of their immediate delivery area. In 1988 as La Rose Florist was still growing a tragic accident befell Barry Muster and Daniel Dachille became the sole proprietor of La Rose Florist

Continuing its growth, La Rose Florist added Plant Maintenance to its list of services, installing and caring for tropical plants in offices, lobbies, restaurants and even the Officers Club on the Navy Base in Bayonne, NJ. In 2011, La Rose Florist still services plant maintenance clients  throughout Secaucus, Hoboken and Jersey City.

Throughout the almost thirty year history of La Rose Florist, it has served everyone from the local walk in customer to Corporate Clients that have included, Exxon Bayonne, American Presidents Line, LTD, Shipco Transport, Langer Transport, Distribution Auto Services, Cory Home Delivery Service, The Applied Companies and many more. La Rose Florist has been decorating the largest Church in Jersey City, St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church since its inception and has since decorated Jersey City, NJ Churches that include Our Lady of Sorrows RC Church, Our Lady of Victories RC Church, Our Lady of Mercy RC Church, St. Nicholas RC Church and many others, providing Christmas and Easter Flowers as well as Church Altar Baskets fort special occasions. La Rose Florist also counts among its long time clients over fifty Baptist Churches located throughout Jersey City and Bayonne, NJ, that include Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Mount Zion Church of God in Christ, Beulah Gospel Tabernacle, Trinity Faith Church and Lutheran Churches that include one of the oldest in Jersey City, Redeemer Lutheran Church. 

La Rose Florist has provided the Graduation Flowers including Corsages and Stage Floral Decorations for numerous Public and Parochial Schools throughout Jersey City and Bayonne, NJ,  which include over two dozen school graduation per year.

Along with Corporate, Church and School Flowers customers from down the block to around the world have called upon La Rose Florist to send flowers to Jersey City, Bayonne, Hoboken, North Bergen, Union City, West New York, Kearny, Harrison, North Arlington and a host of other towns throughout New Jersey. Taking the same dedication and service to the Internet, La Rose Florist developed LAROSE.COM in 1995 to make it easier for customer around the world to send flowers to Jersey City, Bayonne and the rest of the local coverage area. By a twist of fate, in 1995 soon after LAROSE.COM went live, Eduardo Lopez became acquainted with La Rose Florist and envisioned LAROSE.COM as a fully functional e-commerce web site that could service the rest of the USA and Canada. Writing the code from scratch, Mr. Lopez took LAROSE.COM to the next level with one of the original online purchase engines. Now entering its sixteen year on the Internet LAROSE.COM has processed tens of thousands of online flower orders free of extra service fees because the purchase engine developed by Mr. Lopez cut the labor time involved in sending flower orders throughout the USA and Canada enabling LAROSE.COM to send flowers free of fees, saving online flower ordering customers money every time they order flowers online.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Send A Plant to Welcome Spring

Send a Plant
The winter of 2010-2011 has been one of the most brutal winter's in memory.Believe or not, we have survived and Spring is only days away. It may take some time for the crocus to start blooming, the trees to start budding and the tulips to start popping, but Spring is really coming. To send a touch of Spring to someone, send a green indoor houseplants. Green Indoor Houseplants are tropical plants that have been acclimated to life indoors. Adding living green plants to the indoors brings a natural tranquility to a home, office, nursing home room or hospital room. Green Indoor Plants provide a therapeutic balance, bringing out the nurturing qualities of almost anyone.

Send the warmth and peace of spring with a living green plant just to say. "It's Spring", or for any occasion. A Green Houseplant makes a great Birthday Gift, Get Well Soon Wish and even an Anniversary Congratulations. When you send a green plant as a gift, you are sending a breath of fresh air, as green indoor plants provides oxygen to the indoor environment. The color green is associated with the rebirth of spring and puts people in a better mood, soothing and calming. Studies have shown that green plants in the work environment such as offices are beneficial to worker productivity. It could be the lively feeling they get from having a living green plant near them, or it could be the pure fresh oxygen that the plant is producing, no matter why this occurs, it is certainly welcome by both the workers who feel better and by the management that sees better work productivity from happier workers.

Send a Green Plant to a Nursing Home to add the soothing relaxing effects of a living plant to an otherwise plain environment. Not only will the nursing home patient feel better knowing that you are thinking of them, they will feel better because their new living friend brings them a sense of calm and responsibility. It is amazing to watch people who have never toiled in a garden suddenly become enamored with their plant, nurturing it, caring for it and relating to it. 

The variety of living green plants stocked by florists and available to sent as gifts are chosen for their easy care, medium light needs. Most people who receive the gift of a green plant assume that they have to water it daily, this is not the case at all. Plants need water, but they don't want to be drowned. Water and light are the life source of plants, when contained indoors as houseplants, the environment is limited to the pot in which they are planted. The plant must use up the water it has before it needs water again. Over watering Houseplants is the biggest killer of green tropical indoor houseplants. In their natural habitat most plants are not going to be rained on everyday, and even when they are, there is a large amount of soil to absorb the water. If you water a containerized plant daily, you will soon create a flood environment and drown the roots, killing the plant in no time. Every plant has specific water and light needs, in general however, a potted indoor houseplant should be watered thoroughly until the water comes out the drainage holes, the drainage tray should be emptied, never allowing the plant to sit in water. After a thorough watering it will be days, even weeks before the plant needs to be watered. Again, each variety of plant is different but as a general rule, soft leaf plants require water after a few days of drying out, while hard leaf plants and those with trucks or bark may go weeks in between watering. Part of the joy of owning a receiving a plant is to learn the care routine required and to watch in grow and prosper under the appropriate care. Send a Plant today and send the gift of life.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Send a Be Happy Bouquet of Flowers

Send a Be Happy Bouquet of Flowers for many occasions, there are no restrictions on this cheerful bouquet of fresh yellow and white flowers in an over-sized smiley face mug. Freshly designed and hand delivered by a professional local florist in the area of your flower delivery, The Be Happy Bouquet by Teleflora is a favorite bouquet for any occasion. As a Get Well Arrangement, the vibrant yellow Happy Face Mug that is large enough to hold a bowl of chicken soup, is cheerfully welcomed by someone feeling down, sick in bed or spending time in the hospital. The pure white daisies, fragrant yellow roses and sunshine yellow daisies bring a splash of  brightness to any room. 

Add a couple of Happy Birthday Balloons to the Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet and it instantly becomes a cheerful birthday wish in a gift. When you send a Be Happy Bouquet for a Birthday, you are sending the gift of fresh flowers in a keepsake gift that will remind your recipient of your birthday present every time they use their Happy Face Mug.  You can send the Be Happy Bouquet of fresh flowers throughout the USA and Canada free of extra wire service fees by ordering at LAROSE.COM online florist. 

Send Flowers with the Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet
The Teleflora Be Happy Bouquet can be sent to wish someone congratulations on a promotion, a new home, and even to welcome the birth of a baby. The yellow and white theme of the Be Happy Bouquet lends itself to any occasion. Can't be at their opening night on the stage, at a dance recital or their graduation, the Be Happy Bouquet can express your wishes with a bright Happy Face Mug filled with cheerful fresh flowers. During graduation season, add a Graduation Balloon to a Be Well Bouquet and create an perfect Graduation Bouquet of flowers to wish them the best while showing your smiling approval.

Send Flowers for Secretaries Day, Nurses Day, Mother's Day or any day with a bright cheerful Be Happy Bouquet that makes everyone smile when they receive their delivery of fresh flowers. The Be Happy Bouquet is a favorite of those sending flowers just to say I'm Thinking of You. Flowers say it best and the Be Happy Bouquet says it with a smile for lots of different occasions.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Send Flowers Online

Send Flowers Online Free of Fees
Sending Flowers online for any occasion is quick and easy. From the comfort of your own home or office you can leisurely browse the selections at the Online Florist and chose flowers for the occasion. Many online flower sending sites are run from offices, staffed by telemarketers who never touch a flower throughout the day. Most local florists now have template web site from the larger flowers by wire services in hopes of capturing a couple of local orders. Whether a large national flowers by wire service or a local florist with a template web site, most of them charge you a fee to order flowers online. LAROSE.COM online florist went live in 1995 and has continuously enabled flower buying customer the opportunity to send flowers throughout the USA and Canada free of any extra fees. Most internet flower web sites and 800 flower numbers charge you up to $14.99 in service fees to send flowers. Where does all the money they collect on fees go to? It goes to them, not the local florist filling your order. So when you pay $40.00 plus $14.99 service fee at another online florist don't expect your recipient to receive $59.99 worth of flowers, the local florist will fill the order for $40 minus their delivery charge which is between $8- $10.  For your $59.99, your flower recipient will receive a $30- $32 flower arrangement.

When you order flowers online at LAROSE.COM, it is all clear, you pay for the flowers, $40 and a $9.00 local delivery charge for a total of $49.00. When the floral designers who work with flowers everyday at LAROSE transmit your order to a local florist to be delivered, the local florist gets an order total of $49.00 which means your recipient will receive a $40 flower arrangement.

The pictured flower arrangements on all Web Sites including LAROSE.COM are representative of the flower arrangement your recipient will receive, flowers are a live perishable product and every florist will not have every flower represented in the picture every day. The designing local florist will recreate the pictured flower arrangement in the color and theme represented with the freshest flowers available to them on the day of your delivery filling your order to the value received for the order. The stock of specialty containers throughout the Network of independently owned and operated florists fluctuates daily, if the container that your arrangement is pictured in is not in stock the florist delivering your flowers will use one that is as close as possible and to the value and style of the pictured arrangement that you have selected. At LAROSE.COM if you only want the exact container that is pictured, just tell us in the special instructions field of the online order form, if we can't fill your order precisely, we will let you know and refund your money rather than let an order that you don't want be sent.

Although your order is placed electronically by you, every order received by LAROSE.COM is reviewed and routed by a Floral Designer, who creates flower arrangements everyday and understands your order. The Floral Designer will review your order, read your special instructions and send your order to a hand selected trusted member of the local florist network who hand deliver your flower order throughout the USA and Canada. IF you send Flowers to Jersey City, NJ, Bayonne, NJ, Hoboken NJ, or the surrounding New Jersey Communities served directly by the working Florist Home of LAROSE.COM, the Floral Designer handling your order will create it and have your flowers delivered by the drivers at LAROSE.COM who deliver flowers throughout the Hudson Count, NJ area. There is a difference on how to send flowers online, you pay an extra fee and have a telemarketer decide where your flower order goes, or can order at the online florist of LAROSE.COM and have a floral designer determine how and who will fill your flower order free of extra fees.

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